toaster oven accessory listed below provides another option for
toaster oven cooking. Cookies, toast and pizza are only the tip
of the iceberg, though. A toaster oven chef can make casseroles,
kabobs and buttery scones, and still not exhaust the possibilities;
all that’s needed is the right tool for the job. Here are some suggestions
for your toolbox.

  • Toaster
    Oven Crumb Tray:
    a standard extra; reflective trays aid
    in cooking.
  • Toaster
    Oven Liner:
    liners protect the interior and make cleaning
  • Toaster
    Oven Sandwich Cage:
    sandwiches can be held in these while
  • Toaster
    Oven Baking Pan:
    a small, nonstick pan for the toaster
  • Toaster
    Oven Pizza Stone:
    helps bake the pizza evenly, with a
    crisp crust.
  • Toaster
    Oven Cookie Sheet:
    a small, nonstick cookie sheet for
    the toaster oven.
  • Hanging
    Toaster Mount:
    attaches the oven under cabinet to save
  • Rotisserie
    forks,a turning spit and drip-tray that fit inside
    a toaster oven.