Classy Blue Silicone Spatulas: A Set of Four

Product ID: TN3132-3-4-5C .


These will be your favorite spatulas!
Save 20% when you buy the set of four silicone spatulas.

Silicone spatulas are all the rage–and there is a reason why. They are easy to work with, more stain resistant than rubber, and have a practical, slick finish.

We’ve tried lots of spatulas in our test kitchen and these are our favorites–and we think they will be yours. They’re classy, they’re flexible enough to clean a bowl, and dough tends not to stick to them. You can never have too many spatulas.

You will get:

A thin icing spatula (perfect for removing baked goods from nonstick pans)
A small spatula
A medium spatula
A large scoop spatula


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