Classy Porcelain Pitcher with Screen Infuser and Strainer

Product ID: TN8628 .


This beautiful porcelain pitcher is perfect for guests or a special occasion. And nothing looks classier than the translucent look of porcelain.

This is a striking, interesting pitcher. The beautiful, high-gloss finish makes a great presentation. You’ll be proud to put this on the table.

Would you like to add a little lemon or mint to your water or tea? You can do so with this infuser. You can also strain out pulp or seeds.

There are four parts to this set:

The white porcelain pitcher holds 1 1/4 quarts (20 ounces)
The black pour spout fits snuggly into the neck of the pitcher and seals the container. You can pour with the black pour spout in or out.
The removable infuser snaps to the bottom of the pour spout.
The removable strainer interchanges with the infuser.

You will enjoy this beautiful pitcher.


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