Deluxe Marble Rolling Pin with Hardwood Base

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This marble rolling pin is the best for making pies and pastries!
If you are serious about making pies and pastries this marble rolling pin is for you.

When you make pies, pastries, and scones, you must keep the dough cold–cold enough that the butter in the dough does not melt and make things soggy. Butter is 15% water and when those nuggets of butter hit the hot oven, the water turns to steam creating the flakey, crumbly texture that makes pies and pastries memorable.

A cold rolling pin helps. Marble is naturally cool. This is a big chunk of marble. (This assembly weighs nearly five pounds.) Put your rolling pin in the refrigerator to chill 30 minutes before beginning and it will remain cool for a long time. You’ll have much longer to work with your dough before the butter melts and the dough becomes soggy.

* Cool marble surface keeps your dough cool for better pastries and pies.
* This rolling pin weighs almost five pounds. The heavy weight makes rolling the dough easier and quicker.
* Marble will not absorb fat, moisture, or odors.
* 18″ over-all length.
* Nylon bearings for smooth rolling.


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