Deluxe Stainless Mr. Mister Spray Genie

Product ID: TN790 .


Do away with aerosol cans! Now get Mr. Mister in stainless steel.

We’ve sold a ton of Mr. Misters and use them ourselves. But now we’ve discovered a deluxe stainless model. You’ll want this.
Vegetable oil in an aerosol can is a wonderful invention. You use it all the time to spray baking pans, cooking pans, and more. Mr. Mister is an even better invention. Use this spray genie just as you do your aerosol cans. Just fill Mr. Mister with your favorite vegetable oil and pump the cap to pressurize. You have your own aerosol can without the propellants, alcohol, or additives.

Refill Mr. Mister as needed. You’ll never have to buy another.

You’ll save time and money and never run out of spray with this environmentally friendly spray genie.


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