Dutch Crunch Bread Mixes (Two mixes to make four loaves)

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Even if you are a beginning bread baker, you can bake this bread.

Our easy instructions will show how. Mix all ingredients in your mixer. Form round loaves and place them on a baking sheet. Spread the topping on, let rise, and bake.

You’ll have fun with this impressive bread. This is such a fun bread and so impressive. Dutch Crunch Bread is a lean, white bread with a crisp, crunchy crust. It makes an interesting and exceptional bread for meals or sandwiches and yet is very easy to make.

Easy to follow instructions.
Make free-standing hearth loaves or bake your bread in standard loaf pans.
Use your stand-type mixer, make it on the counter, or use your bread machine set on the dough setting.
Separate topping packets. To make the topping, just add water. Spread the topping on the loaves before baking.
Each package contains two double mixes. Each mix makes two large loaves.

The baker’s notes: Dutch crunch is usually made with rice flour or potato starch to make a slightly sweet, crackly topping. We used a combination with rice flour. Made into a thick slurry, it spreads easily with a pastry brush on the tops of the loaves before baking.

As with any crusty bread, the bread should be used right away or stored in breathable paper bags. In plastic bags, the crust becomes soft and loses its crispness.


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