Krona Multi Pot (without lid) (3 quart)

Product ID: TN630 .


Now you can buy quality steel clad Kitchen Products->Cookware with a ton of great features.
With this versatile twelve-cup multi-pot, you will mix and pour omelets and batters, measure liquids, heat soup, milk, and sauces. Ideal for vegetables and one pot meals.

We use Krona Kitchen Products->Cookware in our test kitchen and at home. It has the best, most even heat conductivity of any Kitchen Products->Cookware we have used. (Set your heat lower than what you are used tothese pans heat up super fast.) And we love the features.

The Krona line of Kitchen Products->Cookware is made with the finest quality stainless steel with a superior cladding technology. The tri-ply encapsulated cladding ensures superb heat conductivity for rapid, even cooking. Its unique construction sandwiches a layer of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel.

* Attractive, rugged construction with an attractive mirror finish. These are beautiful pans that will last a lifetime.
* Tri-ply encapsulated cladding disperses heat quickly and evenly. No more hot spots. Near “instant heat”.
* Large “stay cool” handles for easy and safe handling of hot foods without using hot pads.
* Measurement marks are etched on the inside of the pot so that you can measure soups and batters accurately.
* Convenient, attractive pour spouts for no mess serving without spoons or ladles.


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