Lean Meat Loaf Pan

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We have one of these pans at home and consider it a MUST for anyone who cooks meat loaf! It’s amazing to see how much grease actually drips through the holes to collect in the bottom of the pan. With less grease in the meat loaf, it’s healthier. And it tastes a lot better.

Double pan construction. The fat drains from the upper pan to the lower for a leaner meat loaf.
Xylan® durable nonstick finish
Heavy duty metal to last a lifetime
The lower pan can be used as a quality 9 x 5-inch bread pan

Baker’s note: There really is a significant difference in the taste of the meat loaf when cooked in this pan without all the grease but you may find it a bit drier. To compensate, try adding a bit of low-fat sour cream, non-fat yogurt, or an extra egg to your meat loaf recipe.

This healthy meat loaf recipe is perfect for this pan. With less fat–it uses low fat sour cream–rolled oats and veggies, it is a healthy choice and is still great tasting.


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