Everyone loves a taste of the great outdoors and the memories that are associated with the great taste of Smores. Well, now you can them indoors with your toaster oven, quick and easy.For the Smores recipe for your toaster oven, you will the following:

  • 1 box graham crackers
  • 1 large bag marshmallows
  • 12 Hershey’s chocolate bars
  • 1 jar creamy peanut butter preferably Jiffy
  • 1 toaster oven
  • 1 plastic knife

Preheat your toaster oven to 350º Fahrenheit. Spread each graham cracker with creamy peanut butter. Next, place two squares of the Hershey’s chocolate bar on top of the peanut butter. Put two of the marshmallows on top of the chocolate. Top it with another graham cracker. Place the smores on a tray and slide into the toaster oven. Heat for around 1 minute or until the marshmallow begins to melt. Remove, let cool for a second or two. Enjoy! Be very careful, marshmallow will be hot.