Best Coffee Makers That Make the Best Coffee!


Coffee makers make the best coffee – Grind and brew coffee makers are a wise investment if you are the kind of person who wakes up every morning hankering for a strong cup of COOOFFFEEE!

Once you have had a cup of freshly brewed coffee made in this manner in a grind and brew coffee maker, you will never go back to drinking anything else and you most definitely will not ever drink instant!

Grind and brew coffee makers are very easy to use and make better coffee than you get at breakfast cafes and you can drink fresh coffee in the comfort of your own home without having to pay a bomb.

You only have to fill the reservoir of the grind and brew coffee maker with water, fill the grinder basket with the best coffee beans that you can buy and after you have made a choice of your settings, you press the start button.

In a few minutes a cup of freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee is ready.

coffee makers that make the best coffee

When you invest in one, do a thorough research of the grind and brew coffee makers that are available in the market and choose the one that suits you best.

Remember to choose one that has an easy process of grinding and brewing as well as cleaning up because if you choose one which has many fussy parts then cleaning up and storing will be a hassle.

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Grind and brew coffee makers that make the best coffee!

Grind and brew coffee makers generally come equipped with burr grinders and blade grinders.

Conical burr grinders, especially, are considered to be the ideal kind if you are considering investing in one of the many varieties of grind and brew coffee makers available in stores.

This is because they grind the beans into an even powder, make less noise during the grinding and also do not clog as frequently as other grinders.

Try and avoid blade grinders because even though they are priced better and cheaper they do not grind the beans very evenly and many people complain that the coffee powder tends to taste burned.

This can be because the blades generate a lot of heat during the grinding.

Blade grinders also tend to make a lot of noise and are not a good choice if you are buying any of the brands of grind and brew coffee makers on offer.

grind and brew coffee makers 2

Remember, the more expensive kinds of grind and brew coffee makers produce finer blends and do not make a racket when they grind beans.

Also, of course, ensure that you pick the right sized grinder – depending on what brew you want.

Grind and brew coffee makers also come equipped with programming features which you can set at your convenience.

Once you program the coffee maker as per your liking, you can simply wake up in the morning and press a button and have your coffee ready in seconds.

This is helpful when you are bleary eyed and groggy!

grind and brew coffee makers 1

Expensive brands of grind and brew coffee makers come with parts that might be more pricey, but they are easily replaced or serviced.

Do not go for cheap plastic, that might not be very healthful in the long run, and might need to be replaced quickly.

Stainless steel parts are obviously better quality and are durable as compared to plastic.

Also, choose grind and brew coffee makers that are sleek and minimalist – which most are.

This helps you to store them easily and you do not need a lot of space for them.

And last but not the least, grind and brew coffee makers should be treated well, which means only buy the best coffee beans you can afford and try not to buy pre ground coffee powder as it not only defeats the purpose of grind and brew coffee makers but and also, you do not know how fresh it is.

You might find it convenient to use pre ground coffee and just brew it in the machine but your cuppa will definitely lose out on flavor.

Buy Grind and Brew Coffee Maker Are Great Gift for Friends

If you gift a grind and brew coffee maker to anyone who is remotely a coffee connoisseur then rest assured that you and your gift will be much appreciated. DIY Kitchen Design Guide

A cup of coffee helps to form an instant  bond between strangers and brings existing friendships even closer.

So if you want to connect with your friends in a way that you have never before done, buy yourself, or them, a grind and brew coffee maker.

What are the advantages and why should you not use simple instant coffee or buy them a cup at a cafe?

There is nothing quite like the fragrance and taste of a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

buy grind and brew coffee maker

Buy Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

With a grind and brew coffee maker, you can grind your beans to fine or coarse – as is your preference and then you can brew the ground beans according to your liking by adding specific amounts of water.

These coffee makers will allow you to get the choicest cup of coffee at a mere press of a button.

What is even more wonderful is that you can pre-set whatever settings appeal to you best – and all you have to do when you wake up early in the morning, bleary eyed and foggy minded, is to press a button and wait for a few minutes for a steaming hot cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Bought coffee or instant really does not match up and when you think about the long term costs, a personal grind and brew coffee maker makes far more sense because it saves you your hard earned money.

grind and brew coffee maker 1

Buy a grind and brew coffee maker from a reputed brand of course, if you want something that is durable and stable and can withstand wear and tear.

Most good brands sell coffee makers that are easy to store, durable and can be easily taken apart and cleaned.

Why a good brand is recommended, is that if you need to replace any of the parts then you can easily do so – with the company’s help.

Never invest in cheap machinery as they will not be able to withstand daily use and as is with anything electric – it will not be very safe to use either.

Buy grind and brew coffee makers that are dishwasher safe for convenience and choose one that you can store easily.

grind and brew coffee maker 2

You can look online for great deals on coffee makers and the best part is you can also compare the prices and varieties available.

You can compare the different companies accordingly and then opt for one, and chances are that if you are buying on online, you will probably get great deals and discounts as well.

Else you can go to stores which sell electronics and home products.

Take recommendations from your friends or family and then invest so that you buy a tried and tested brand.

Once you have bought a grind and brew coffee maker and have tasted the coffee it produces, it is guaranteed that you will not go back to drinking instant or bought coffee!

Get yourself a stovetop coffee maker

Are you a fan of espresso coffee?

If so, buy yourself a stove top coffee maker or moka pots as they are also known as.

Instead of going into the expense and the trouble of a grind and brew coffee maker or buying a steaming cup of espresso coffee at your local cafe, it is a good idea to buy a stove top coffee maker as it is a very affordable way to brew a hot cup of espresso coffee, sitting in the comfort of your home.

Even if you travel, and cannot be away from your coffee you should buy a stovetop coffee maker as they are easily portable.

stovetop coffee maker

Stove top coffee maker

How does it work?

Well, a stovetop coffee maker is a small little pot which uses the pressure given off by the steam and this method adds a lot of flavor to the resultant espresso coffee.

Essentially, pressurized hot water is passed through freshly ground coffee.

They are traditionally made of aluminium , though some companies manufacture them in stainless steel as well, and come in different sizes.

These are also a great way to enjoy your espresso at home without going into the considerable expense of a proper espresso machine and they do not take up as much space either.

A stove top coffee maker is usually characterized by its eight sides, which allows the hot steam inside to diffuse evenly and perfectly, thus giving your espresso a rich texture which further enhances the aroma of your coffee.

Be careful while using a stovetop coffee maker because you don’t want the water to spill or leak and therefore, it is a wise idea to follow the instructions with regard to water level and level of ground coffee properly.

stove top coffee maker1

Where maintaining a stovetop coffee maker is concerned, you will have to probably replace the rubber seal and the filters regularly because they tend to suffer wear and tear – thanks to the intensely hot steam that such a pot produces.

Make sure that the safety valve is in good working order as well to prevent accidents in the kitchen – hot steam can cause terrible burns.

stove top coffee maker 2

When washing your stovetop coffee maker, you might notice an oily residue left inside after usage – do not scrub too vigorously, a simple wash through  with mild detergent will do.

This residue forms a protective layer between the coffee and the aluminium of the pot and prevents the coffee from tasting strange in subsequent uses.

When you are brewing a cuppa in your moka pot, listen for the tell tale gurgle that will tell you your espresso is ready – this should not take more than 5 minutes.

Do not make the mistake of washing your stovetop coffee maker in a dishwasher and always dry it thoroughly after using it.

To clean it well simply take it apart carefully and clean the top part of the pot, the underside of the top pot and the filter.

Some people suggest that one should give a stovetop coffee maker a vinegar wash so that any mineral deposits that are left behind ( if you are using hard water) are dissolved.

Braun Coffee Maker – Great Gift Idea

The good thing about a Braun coffee maker is that it is an absolute must have if you love your coffee and will not settle for sub standard brew.

Once you have made coffee in a Braun coffee maker, it is certain that you will not look at your existing coffee maker twice.

And if you have not invested in a coffee maker yet, it is a good idea to buy a Braun coffee maker simply because of its amazing designs, the easy availability of spare parts and of course, for the intensely and impressive, superior quality coffee that it is capable of making.

braun coffee maker

Where can you buy a Braun coffee maker?

Well you can order them online, after perusing the number of websites which offer home and kitchen accessories and utility items.

These coffee makers were elusive for a while and many complained that they were not easily available but if you are lucky, you can buy one now online for a great price.

The Braun website has a lot of coffee makers on display in the gallery and you can choose one depending on which style and make is your preference.

It is advisable that you buy from the company’s website simply because you can easily get them to help you with looking for spare parts, frequently asked questions and service centers near your location.

braun coffee maker 1

Otherwise you can also look for a Braun coffee maker in local stores which sell kitchen items – and you can even place orders for them if that is a possible scheme.

A Braun coffee maker is a stylish addition to your kitchen accessories as well since they come in sleek styles in either black or white.

Some variants also come in colors, but that is rare – mostly popular and readily available are the monochrome ones.

They come fitted with a grinder and water dispenser.

A thermal carafe as well as a water filter.

The easy mechanism of automatic switch off and the facility of being able to tweak settings according to preference is another plus point of a Braun coffee maker.

These coffee makers are for those gourmets who are not ready to compromise on their morning cuppa and only enjoy and prefer the freshly brewed fragrance of good, aromatic, freshly ground, brewed coffee.

braun coffee maker 2

A Braun coffee maker can easily handle making 8-10 cups of coffee and they are very easy to store and clean.

Some models also come with a mechanism which helps stop any overflow automatically.

All the designs are faultlessly modern and will fit right into the clean and minimalist lines of a contemporary kitchen.

Most of the models come with an easy serve system which makes it that much more simple to get your morning cuppa when you are bleary eyed.

If you want your work to be further simplified, choose one which allows you to check the water level easily to prevent any spillage.

Choosing a Braun coffee maker is not difficult at all – you do not need to compare them with anything else in the market if you are a die-hard fan of coffee – you can simply go ahead and buy one!

Coffee Vending Machine: The Night Worker’s Best Friend

Any person who works better at night when street noise is minimal and everyone else is soundly asleep knows how to appreciate a coffee vending machine.

In a regular home, a vending machine may a little bit too extravagant, a coffeemaker will do just fine but in an office that works unholy hours, a coffee dispenser may be the next best thing to have just in case sleep comes knocking.

Back in the day, most offices operated on an 8 to 5 time schedule.

However with companies aiming to increase production and cater to international customers, we’re seeing more and more companies operating on a 24-hour time frame.

Services that involve health care, security and customer service are the usual night owls in the industry.

They cater to continuous customers or clients no matter what time it is and although proper shifting is provided to the workers, it doesn’t ensure night workers to be as alert as those working the day shifts.

Coffee Vending Machine

It’s difficult to adjust your body clock.

Even if an employee slept through the whole afternoon, it’s an automatic response for the body to feel sleepy when it’s dark.

Because of the body’s natural response, people working at night tend to use more energy to stay awake than those working the day shifts.

The most difficult time to say awake is between 2am to 5am.

It’s when the body starts telling your mind that you’ve gone way passed bed time.

Having a coffee dispensing machine handy can help an employee perform his job well.

Between performing your duties and staying awake, the latter is the more challenging task.

The perks of having a coffee vending machine in your workplace

Having a coffee dispensing machine is crucial in places like offices, airports and hospitals.

In airports and hospitals, waiting can be very tiresome and having a cup of coffee can be very handy.

More establishments have come to realize the benefits of having a coffee dispensing machine present.

It saves time. It takes an average of 7 to 10 minutes for one employee to prepare refreshments for himself.

In the duration of an 8 hour work shift, the average number of times an employee gets refreshment is three.

With a machine, it takes 20 seconds to dispense a beverage.

Now you’ll only have to factor in the time it takes the employee to get to the machine and go back to his work station.

It provides a variety of hot beverages.

A lot of machines dispense different flavors of coffee.

It caters to different tastes and for the non-caffeine drinker, hot chocolate is also available or tea in some machines.

It is cost-efficient. Compared to having a coffee percolator, nothing is wasted when using a coffee dispensing machine.

Coffee Vending Machine

It only dispenses the required amount for the moment.

Also, there’s no need to provide milk, creamer, sugar, etc.

There’s no need for mugs and teaspoons so it doesn’t require washing.

There’s also no need for stirrers so it’s a good cost-cutting solution when looking at it in a long-term basis.

It is low-maintenance.

If you have a contract with a company, maintenance will be done by the company.

Servicing and stocking will be their responsibility and because it is easy to use without any assistance, employees can serve themselves easily without hired help by simply using the coffee vending machine.

Quick Guide to Using a Commercial Espresso Machine

The commercial espresso machine sold in the market is capable of creating a variety of coffee drinks.

It uses steam to make espresso shots, cappuccinos and lattes.

These machines are seen in cafés and restaurants.

They’re also the coffee machine recommended for a busy environment such as a retail store, office lunch room, teacher’s lounge or any place that serves a lot of coffee drinkers continuously.

These machines make coffee fast which is suitable for people on the go or have more tasks at hand.

It also keeps coffee warm which is why coffee still tastes great even if the next drink was served an hour later from the first coffee dispensed.

Commercial grade coffee machines cost several thousands of dollars.

Also, unlike a personal coffee maker, it requires a person with the right expertise to operate properly.

commercial coffee machine

Commercial espresso machine: Steps to making your coffee drink

Espresso shots are the purest coffee drink you can make from the machine.

You need to remove the filter from the group head first.

Place the espresso grounds into the filter, pressing it and tamping twice to ensure that it’s packed.

After you’ve ensured the grounds are firmly packed, replace the filter into the head and then turn the hot water knob on slightly for a few seconds before turning the hot water on full.

Wait until the shot is poured into the cup and then shut the water off.

The base ingredient for all coffee drinks is the espresso shot.

To make lattes, pour milk into a pitcher until almost half full.

Place it under the steam wand at approximately 45 degrees angle to the surface of the milk.

Once you’ve positioned it properly, turn on the steam.

The steam will make the milk swirl around the pitcher.

You will know when to stop when the milk gets a consistency like house paint.

Let the milk settle through tapping the pitcher and then pour it over the espresso shot.

commercial coffee machine gaggia

To make a cappuccino, prepare the espresso shot.

It’s also a combination of steamed milk and espresso like a latte.

However with the cappuccino, you steam the milk until it becomes a solid foamy texture.

Tap the pitcher to let the air escape and stop only when the pitcher makes a hollow sound.

Pour it on top the espresso shot and you get a cappuccino.

Another drink is the Café Americano.

It is made by simply pouring an espresso shot in a glass of hot water.

Most well-known coffee shops also serve cold coffee drinks.

As for the Café Americano, ice is simply added.

The latte is usually blended with shaved ice and is one of the most popular drinks bought by younger people.

They are made in different flavors by mixing syrup to the drink.

You will find lattes in almond, mint, mocha and other flavors.

Other drinks that can also be made by a commercial espresso machine includes hot chocolate, chai lattes and ciders.
commercial espresso machine stainless

The Revolution Made by Gaggia Coffee Machines to Coffee Making

Coffee lovers owe a lot to the man behind Gaggia coffee machines.

Gaggia, an iconic brand originating from Italy was started by Giovanni Achille Gaggia.

It wasn’t him who invented the espresso machine as the espresso machine was already in use some time in 1822 and Gaggia has not been born yet at that time.

In 1933, the first automatic espresso machine was invented by Dr. Ernest Illy.

During that time, Gaggia was 38 years old and working as a coffee bartender.

Five years later, he was then 43 years old when he filed a patent for his steam-free espresso machine.

When the patent was granted, he started producing coffee machines.

These were sold in bars and it was named the Classic.

The espresso produced from the Classic was unique and became very popular among coffee drinkers.

The sales of the coffee machine were so good that ten years later, Gaggia founded the Gaggia Company in Milan, Italy.

In just a few years after, Gaggia became an international exporter for coffee machines to different countries including America, Africa and United Kingdom.

Gaggia Coffee Machines

His inspiration for Gaggia coffee machines

As a coffee bartender, he understands that coffee making is not as simple as most people believe it to be.

To capture the sweet and bitter taste of the coffee beans, there’s a proper way to prepare them.

It’s not enough that the coffee beans are high quality.

The roasting and brewing of the beans will also put a very large effect on your drink.

In the early 1800’s, people already put coffee on one of the most flavored drinks.

However, when people go to a coffee shop, they’re mostly in a rush and have no time to wait for the coffee to brew.

This is where espresso comes in.

This was the reason behind the invention of espresso machines in the first place.

Gaggia’s design was said to be inspired by the hydraulic system of an army jeep.

When he saw this, he used the piston mechanism in the jeep and put it into the coffee machine.

A hydraulic system is a very simple system.

When force is applied at one point, it is transmitted to another point.

His idea was to push hot water across a filter that has coffee grounds in it.

The unique mechanism creates a very strong pressure that produces cream or foam on the surface of the coffee.

Gaggia Coffee Machines espresso

It was a first in the history of coffee making.

The cream on top was actually a layer of coffee oil which made the coffee more flavorful.

The aroma was stronger and the espresso was more intense.

This was what popularized espresso shots.

Today, Gaggia’s espresso machines are widely used all over the world.

They supplied coffee machines for cafés and bars.

Mainly their products were made for commercial use and not for personal or home use.

It was only in the late 1970’s that Gaggia coffee machines were made in smaller sized and meant for home use in regular kitchens.
Gaggia Coffee Machines automatic

Buy Your Own Gaggia Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Coffee Machine is a product of a well-established name when it comes to coffee makers.

Giovanni Achille Gaggia is one of the most spoken names in the history of coffee making.

His steam-free espresso machine revolutionized the way we make our coffee drinks.

Through his new coffee machine, he was able to make a name for himself in the world of coffee drinkers.

His coffee maker was bought and used in a lot of cafés and restaurants back in late 30’s and early 40’s.

Cafés who used his machine put up signs outside that they serve Crema di caffe natural.

Gaggia Coffee Machine red

The coffee produced by his machine was an espresso drink topped with foam from the coffee oils.

It was very popular and well enjoyed.

Although not everyone immediately fell in love with it, the foamed espresso enticed a lot of coffee drinkers to switch from their usual coffee drinks.

The Italian brand is now owned by Philips but the quality of Gaggia coffee machines still remain to be very high.

Gaggia Coffee Machine reviews

Coffee machines from Gaggia typically costs somewhere between $500 to $3000 depending on the size and model.

For personal home use, coffee machines from Gaggia will not cost more than $2000.

So finding a Gaggia model that will suit your budget is won’t be as hard as you think.

Of course you will have to consider the differences of the coffee machines.

Some machines can be used with coffee pods or ground coffee while there are models that can only be used with coffee beans.

You will also find models that only work with coffee capsules.

All models have a removable water tank and have a steam pipe for heating or frothing milk.

Some may have a cup warmer while others have a water filter.

Each model has different specifications.

Gaggia Coffee Machine black

If you’re worried about handling the machines, most Gaggia products weigh from 3.5 kilograms to roughly 10.3 kilograms.

The lighter ones will be easy to stow away when not in use but the heavier ones will have to be settled permanently on a particular spot in your home kitchen so you don’t have to keep moving it.

The weight of each machine is indicated on the specifications of the manual so make sure you check it before buying one.

This way you get to choose a Gaggia coffee machine that is light enough to lift easily.
Gaggia Coffee Machine silver

Make Life Easier with a Built In Coffee Machine

A built in coffee machine is just one of the modern conveniences a lot of people enjoy today.

Coffee is the most popular drink if you cross out water from the list.

It’s been around for centuries and it’s one of those things that people just can’t leave behind no matter how advanced technology has moved forward.

Built In Coffee Machine

It’s part-of-the-old-that-fits-in-with-the-new or part-of-the-old-that-never-gets-old kind of thing, whichever applies best for you.

A lot of working people start their day with a cup of coffee.

It’s like a magic beverage that jumps start a person’s brain and conditions it for the long day of work ahead.

Some cartoon shows illustrate the exact transformation of people after coffee is drunk.

You see a mom and a dad walking out of their bedrooms looking groggy, unshaven and sleepy.

After a cup of coffee, they transform wearing a clean set of office clothes, fully alert and ready to leave for work.

In real life, the transformation is not as fast but it does get the gist of what coffee does to people.

Two unique samples of a built in coffee machine

There are numerous incredible coffee maker designs available in the market.

There’s an hourglass coffeemaker, IMO has a design that looks like a robot and other brands have stranger-looking coffee machines.

Why companies go through a lot of trouble to create unique designs and functions for a coffeemaker is mainly because working people respond to these creations.

Coffee-lovers not only love their coffee but also love their coffee makers.

A built-in coffee maker is one of the innovations for coffee making.

For commercial use, it’s nothing new but for personal use, now that’s something fresh.

It’s like having a coffee vending machine at the tip of your fingers.

Two unique built-in coffee makers available in the market are the following:

Miele has released their version of a built-in coffee maker.

Their design comes with a storage drawer that holds your grounds and mugs.

This design allows you to prepare a cup, night and day, without having to ever go for a fresh cup.

While you will need to refill it once in a while, it doesn’t need to be as often as in a regular coffee maker.

No more cleaning pots every day but what Miele boasts in their design is their cappuccino jug.

It froths milk and pours it right into the mug any time you want.

Built In Coffee Machine

Fiat 500L, a new automobile model released late 2012 comes with a built-in coffee maker situated next to the gear-stick.

That’s the most convenient you can get when you’re travelling long hours and need a cup of coffee to stay awake.

There’s no need to stop by a gas station or diner just to get your dose of caffeine.

It saves you time and allows you to prepare your coffee the exact way you want it.

Even better, when travelling in a remote road, you can pull over, grab some fresh air, drink your coffee and be on your way.

This model is one of the most innovative creations where a built in coffee machine is concerned.

Built In Coffee Machine

Keeping it Simple with a Stove Top Espresso

The stove top espresso maker is the cheaper version of an espresso machine.

For those at home who want to have their regular dose of espresso without having to walk to the nearest café, having an espresso pot is the most practical solution.

The stove-top espresso maker is also called moka pots.

It was patented in 1933 under the name moka espresso.

Stove Top Espresso

The mechanism used is almost similar to that of an espresso machine.

Same as espresso machines, steam pressure is used to create espresso in the moka pot.

Steam created in the lowest chamber is pushed upwards into the upper chamber.

The steam passes through a metal filter with coffee grounds which results to the concentrated espresso collecting in the upper chamber of the pot.

Because of the size of a moka pot, it’s very convenient for personal use and easy to carry with you when you travel.

It is also cheaper and occupies less space than a genuine espresso machine.

There are versions of moka pots that can brew one cup to five cups.

You might even find bigger versions in the market but basically, moka pots or stove-top coffee makers were made for personal use and not meant for serving large groups.

Stove Top Espresso

How to brew stove top espresso

Pre-heating cups is not really part of the process of brewing espresso but when you’re preparing one cup for yourself, the liquid cools quickly.

If you want to retain heat, pre-heat your cup or mug so you can enjoy a hot cup of espresso longer.

Fill the lower chamber with water.

Make sure to fill it just below the level of the safety valve.

Most models have a line indicating the correct level.

You can use tap water or distilled water.

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If you live in an area with hard water, it’s best to use purified or distilled water because alkaline in the water can alter the taste of the coffee.

Place coffee grounds in the filter funnel.

Put the filter above the water tank and fill it with ground coffee of your choice.

There’s also a level indicator for the grounds.

Also, for the moka pot to produce good espresso, ensure that the coffee is grounded medium-fine and not larger than 1mm.

You need to make sure the grounds don’t go through the holes in the filter basket.

Check for coffee grounds stuck in the rim of the water tank to make sure it can be sealed properly.

Lastly, unlike with an espresso machine where you need to tamp and pack the grounds, do not press the grounds when using a moka pot.

Space is needed because the coffee expands during the process.

Stove Top Espresso

Reassemble the stove-top espresso maker.

Screw the upper chamber to the water tank tightly so the pressure builds up properly inside.

Place on top of the stove.

It takes 3-4 minutes before coffee fills up into the upper chamber.

When the brewing is done, a gurgling sound is heard.

This is made by the steam bubbles mixing with the upstream water.

Remove from the heat and serve immediately.

If you’re making stove top espresso for two, make sure to stir before pouring.