Best Kitchen Table


Best Kitchen Table – It saves you time and effort to know your kitchen table dimensions.

When shopping for a dining table, you will find numerous designs, styles and sizes in furniture stores and department stores.

When you’re window shopping and simply checking dining sets for sale, it’s simple to point to a table and say this is it.

However, when you’re on a mission to buy your dining table, it gets more complicated.

You want to fit the right table in your kitchen.

It should be something that matches your interior design and liking, cater to your family’s needs and purpose and of course, fit right in with your budget.

Not to mention the space you have in the kitchen, the size of the table you buy should leave enough space around it to allow people to move in and out of their chairs.

Best Kitchen Table
Best Kitchen Table

Preparing your Best Kitchen Table dimensions

To save time and effort, when you’re all set to buy your kitchen dining set or dining table, prepare a copy of the measurements you want to satisfy.

The most important dimensions you need to have are the one for the space available in the kitchen where the dining table will be placed.

Having this information will give you a viewpoint on the type of table you can purchase.

A moving space of at least 2.5 feet on all sides of the table is standard.

You will also need to consider the number of people it can accommodate.

Take into account the people who will regularly share the dining table.

Will you need a four-seater, six-seater or more?

Naturally, with more family members, you will need a larger dining table.

Another consideration is the purpose of the table.

Will the dining table double as a working or study table?

Will it be used by children or just adults?

These questions will help you contemplate on the type of material your table will be made of.

Glass is not a safe option with children or pets around.

Lastly, your sense of style will be a major factor in choosing the dining table.

There are different types of dining sets.

You will find dining tables in different shapes; round, square and the traditional rectangular tables.

Round and square tables are great for even-spaced rooms.

The choice of material is also of importance.

There’s the table made from old-fashioned hardwood and then there’s the more modern materials like glass, plastic, aluminium and other metals.

Of course, there are also dining table sets made to cater to unusual spaces.

There are long tables for narrow spaces and tall kitchen tables for smaller spaces.

You will find dining sets that are space-saving or modular dining tables which can be folded or re-arranged.

There are dining sets with regular chairs or bench seats or a combination of both.

The options are endless but in the end, to complete your kitchen with the right furniture, it all comes down to having the right kitchen table dimensions.

Butcher Block Table Top is Perfect For Your Kitchen

If you love a rustic look then a butcher block table top is the perfect addition to your kitchen. DIY Kitchen Design Guide

What is a butcher block?

Well as the name implied, it was originally the term used for a hunk of solid wood that butchers would use to chop meat before packing and selling.

Usually made from assembled pieces of wood, a butcher block table top is a popular sight in many kitchens for its ability to withstand daily use and wear and tear.

Many people all over the world prefer it to granite or laminated counter and table tops because of its durability.

Another reason behind the rise in popularity behind the butcher block table top is that furniture makers and carpenters can easily use wood that is left over from making other furniture in their workshop.

butcher block table top

DIY butcher block table tops are also a rage nowadays, with people setting about customizing their own table tops after checking out suitable designs and tutorials online.

If you are handy with a toolbox then a butcher block table top is not a hard project at all, in fact, what can be more satisfying than making your own kitchen accessories and then proudly displaying them to your guests who are sure to be amazed.

You can even buy a pre-made butcher block and then trim it to size to fit your kitchen, thereafter adding the legs etc to it to make it a table or a kitchen island.

This is a better option as compared to trying to construct an entire butcher block by yourself.

Buy the counter top and then make the rest to save time and effort.

butcher block table top 1

Hardwoods such as maple, birch, oak and beech can be used to make these butcher block table tops and you can also look for those that are made from strips of wood joined together.

The latter kind especially, adds to the rustic appeal of a kitchen and indeed, all butcher block tables bring a bit of the country into your urban home.

butcher block table top 2

Where can you buy a butcher block table top?

Well you can look online, where you are sure to get great deals and discounts.

Many websites are exclusively designed to sell kitchenware, kitchen accessories and other kitchen related items and these would probably have a butcher block table top for sale too.

You can also look for online stores which sell DIY items where you can buy a butcher block table top for cheap, trim it to suit your needs and then construct the legs or whatever else you need to make a full kitchen island or table out of it.

Antique stores, yard sales etc. will be a good place to look for a vintage butcher block table top.

Because they are made of solid wood and the grain and polish will only look more rich and burnished with age.

Any dents or scratches will also lend it a shabby chic flair which will blend well into your kitchen decor especially if you have gone for cottage style interior decor.

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Buy a maple butcher block for your kitchen

A maple butcher block is a necessary item of practical use and should be present in every kitchen worth its salt.

A maple butcher block is a great item as it is durable and strong enough to withstand daily exposure to knives and what is more, it looks very beautiful as a kitchen accessory.

It is always a better idea that you buy a butcher block that is made out of a solid chunk of maple wood because these will not warp or disintegrate.

Maple Butcher Block

Sometimes, counter tops and cheaper quality butcher blocks are made of strips of wood which are glued together and such blocks will not really serve the purpose well.

Buy  a maple butcher block that has a trough cut into the side so that the juices that run from the meat and vegetables that are cut on it are collected and can be used to make stock etc.

Such a maple butcher block is reminiscent of the ancient and traditional kitchen tools and give your kitchen a shabby chic and country rustic look.

Rubbed to a gleaming finish with olive oil and well sanded to ensure no chips or shards stick out, these butcher blocks are certainly popular and much sought after.

You can also use your maple butcher block for purposes other than chopping and cutting.

Use it to serve food as well in an innovative and creative manner.

It can double up as a great platter for wine and cheese and you can also serve her bed roast meat on it.

This manner of serving is rustic and appealing and is sure to be a hit with all guests and members of the family alike.

The durable nature of a maple butcher block also makes it a good investment even if you have to pay a slightly higher price for it.

Quality after all, comes with a price.

The long life of this variety of  butcher blocks also makes it a worthy item for gifting purposes.

It is a handy and attractive addition to every kitchen.

The wood also ensures that not only does the block not suffer deep scratches etc., but it also protects the sharpness of the knives that are used.

A wooden block is a great idea for this very reason,  they are easy to clean.

Wooden butcher blocks, especially those made out of durable and fungus resistant maple,  do not let germs breath in the cracks and they eventually die thanks to the natural fungus and insect repellent properties that most wood varieties have.

Use a gentle  detergent to wash it and then use a soft cloth to wipe the moisture off afterwards; you will find that this is enough to clean a maple butcher block.

Any other items that are used for chopping and cutting such as plastic  cutting boards will not be able to be cleaned thoroughly as they become a breeding place for germs no matter how hard you wash it or rub it with detergent.

How to make a butcher block

Before we start a discussion on how to make a butcher block let us try and understand what exactly a butcher block is.

As the name suggests, it was a great hunk of wood, used by butchers to chop meat on.

The wood was durable and sturdy and withstood all attacks with the knife during chopping or cutting and therefore slowly entered into households as effective kitchen and even dining furniture.

Nowadays, butcher blocks have many avatars.

They can be used as a counter top, as a cutting board and as a dining table.

Either separately, or the same one can be used for all three purposes, depending on the size of your kitchen, your dining space or your needs.

You can also make yourself a butcher block kitchen island, an end table or a work bench.

Whereas you can easily buy a butcher block from stores or online, a great way to put your skills as a carpenter or a craftsman is to make your own.

You do not have to take an enormous piece of wood (Oak Tables) and hack away at it, you can start small by making yourself a butcher block cutting board.

This is a small scale bit of work and the result will be very handy in the kitchen.

Look up internet suggestions of how to make a butcher block table or cutting board and such like and ask your friends and relatives for tips.

It is suggested for beginners that they buy a pre-existing butcher block and then trim it down to size depending on the kitchen or dining room space.

Once you have done this relatively easy task, you can go on to adding legs to it etc.

without coherent instructions it will be very difficult to make your butcher block furniture and it is best to seek help on how to make a butcher block table or cutting board etc.

From those who have experience, or from skilled carpenters because the gluing and clamping exercises that are required can be tedious and tiring.

The best place to buy butcher blocks from would be to go to thrift stores.

Ask the retailers how to make a butcher block table or counter top for better understanding.

This saves you a lot of money in the long run because the advanced bits of carpentry are already done and any carpenter worth his salt will for sure have the tools that are required for trimming a butcher block down and adding the extra bits.

Go to thrift stores, retailers and look in your own shed for old wood that you can reuse and make a butcher block item from.

Be systematic in your research on how to make a butcher block table or counter top  and you will see the piece take shape in no time, adding durability, strength and beauty to your existing kitchen space.

The burnished grain of the butcher block wood toning down the harsh and cold tone of metal and steel furniture and fixtures.

How to Bring Out the Beauty of an Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

An oak kitchen table and chairs will look its best when paired with colors such as light yellow, cream or dark brown.

It is not an absolute rule in interior designing that when there is oak furniture present, it must be matched with such colors.

However, if you intend for an oak table to be the focal point in a room, you will need to play with the right colors.

The flooring is one of the most obvious parts in a room where majority of the spotlighting work can be done.

If you have yellow Birch hardwood floors in the dining room and your table is mad from oak wood, the floor works like a frame to a wonderful painting.

The light colors boost the beauty of your oak dining table.

Another option is to put the light colors on the wall to allow lighting to do the enhancing to the oak table.

Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

It doesn’t matter if you decide to use the wall or the floor to do the framing of your oak furniture.

Either of both can accomplish the enhancement of the oak table and chairs.

The last option to go for if you have other plans for the walls or floors is to make sure the room is accessorize with decorations that are close to the colors listed below.

Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

Dark Brown Goes With an Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

This color when matched with a light shade of oak furniture will make an extreme contrasting effect.

The dark brown color naturally complements the hints of light brown on oak furniture.

And while the oak furniture is taking the spotlight, the contrast of the oak wood also puts attention to the dark floor or wall.

Both colors complement each other just because they are so extremely different.

The overall look it accomplishes when the shades are extremely far from other on the color palette is that of a Tudor’s style.

Light Yellow Goes With an Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

For most designers, they would agree that the lightness of this shade brings out the best aspects of oak furniture.

Being relatively similar to the shade of sunlight, it makes a very similar effect of when sunlight hits finished oak wood.

It makes the room sun-filled and brighter.

In effect, it creates a cheerful and fun place to be in.

Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

Cream Goes With an Oak Kitchen Table and Chairs

Same as how light yellow highlight the natural finish of oak furniture, cream also does the same thing.

With shade however, since it is lighter than yellow and closer to white, it only works well with neutral tones of oak furniture.

Darker finishes will have to go for the light yellow instead of cream.

Cream flooring or walls can help create an air of freshness in the room, very different from the serious and grave atmosphere that a room filled with oak furniture has.

Also, this color can be used in a very versatile way.

With an oak kitchen table and chairs, one can get away with any décor style whether it’s country style or modern minimalist kitchen.

Oak Kitchen Table

Having an oak kitchen table is a luxury in its own kind.

It is antique and highly appreciated for its unique quality and designs.

It is, not to mention is highly expensive too which means that it is an infestation for your lifetime.

Despite the luxury and gorgeous quality it possesses, an oak kitchen tables, as the other expensive wooden furniture, needs extra care and maintenance.

A single spot will ruin the luxury as well as the economic value of it.

If you still don’t know about how to keep your oak kitchen table’s beauty, here are some oak kitchen table tips for you.

When putting your precious oak kitchen table, location is very important since it cannot stand harsh weather as other precious wooden materials.

Choose the right placement.

Do not put it directly under the sunlight, or moist places.

Overheat of sunlight will ruin the finish of your table and it will make your table cracks.

You can avoid it by waxing it with proper wax to shield it from the sun.

When you do the waxing, remember to work along the grain for a smoother and thorough waxing.

This will give your table a complete protection against the sun and moist.

If your children accidentally stain your precious oak kitchen table, you can use a bit of margarine or butter on the dirty area and use a damp cloth to wipe it.

Then, polish the surface to restore the shine of your oak table.

You can also use mixture of cigarette ash and olive oil for stronger stains.

Run the mixture on the surface and let it for one night.

Wipe and polish it afterwards carefully to revive the beauty of your oak kitchen table.

If burnt marks are your problem, you can use toothpaste on the burnt area then polish it.

For a severe burn marks use mixture of powdered pursuance and vegetable oil, apply it on your oak kitchen table and massage along the grain.

Wait for a while, and then wipe it and polish it again to return the luxury of your table.

You can remove dents by soaking the dent area with water for one minute for it to absorb into the wood.

If not, you can use a pin and pierce the wood so the water can go through.

Place a cotton cloth over the damp area and iron it with a regular iron.

It will level the surface of your kitchen table.

Act fast when your oak kitchen table is dented or stained to prolong the life of your wood.

Prolonging your maintenance will worsen the damage.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables New Hacks and Concepts

In this modern era, it is not only shoes, clothes or hair that has the latest designs but also stainless steel kitchen tables.

Design of houses such also has some new concepts, such as the modern minimalist house, other than in terms of shape and painting of the house that supports it all, and also it is also needed the furniture household simple, lightweight, and durable, but it also must be multi-functional.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables
The meaning is in addition to having a major benefit; furniture must also have other advantages, such as the use of materials that smelled stainless steel tables or anti-rust.

Stainless steel dining tables material is often used by many people for their home furnishings.

In the kitchen, there should be stainless steel kitchen tables.

As it is considered very good, in addition to having their light weight, anti-rust and termites while also reserve the very modern concept.

The kitchen is the room that is used to make the dish, definitely a lot to deal with oil and dirt after cooking.

Therefore, it should be used for more efficient we are Stainless steel kitchen table.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Tips

Some kitchen table has some interesting shapes of stainless steel kitchen tables, but it can be matched to the room of the house which has a kitchen that is small or large.

Kitchens that have a size of a small space normally use patterned round or round table, with the design of the legs of the table is rather small, the sides are also placed four chairs Stainless steel uniform, so it will look elegant.

In decorating the table, we can put fresh flowers in order to enhance the display table.

In the setting material, we can choose Stainless steel iron mild, mild as it could or if we move the furniture.

Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables

For those who have a large kitchen we can also apply this Stainless steel concepts, with concepts such as the palace kitchen tables.

Oval sideways is aiming to host many family members or friends who are at home.

We choose stainless steel, so the stainless table for this square footage of material used slightly heavier than stainless table has small size, as it serves to sustain a lot of pressure on the top that will be in place the dish ready to eat.

Moreover, stainless steel kitchen tables will last longer that will benefit you.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Ideas

Stainless Steel Kitchen Doors: the Excess and Insufficiency

So many kinds of kitchen doors, one of them are stainless steel kitchen doors.

It is one of the best and preferred doors for your kitchen.

The stainless steel kitchen doors made from the highest gauge stainless steel.

It looks cleaner and more sterile than traditional core wood doors.

Usually, people do not have partition between kitchen and the other rooms.

So, they do not need a door to go to the kitchen.

Or maybe, when they have an outside kitchen that separate from the house, of course they need a door.

There are outdoor kitchen steel stainless steel doors that available in a furniture shop to create a stunning visual impression.

You can choose stainless steel kitchen doors that suitable with your needs.

Usually, kitchen doors are used by restaurant, cafe, or commercial kitchen.

So, why they prefer use stainless steel kitchen doors than use a traditional wood kitchen doors?

It is because stainless steel doors is durable, it does not affect by the temperature or climate exchange.

Stainless steel doors are weather beaten.

It looks modern and stylish.

It is easy to clean and hygienic.

You can combine your wooden kitchen set with a stylish stainless steel kitchen door.

You can combine an old style with a modern style.

It will look very nice.

That’s why the restaurant kitchen door uses stainless steel.

The Insufficiency using Stainless Steel Kitchen Doors

As the stainless steel doors quality that durable and unbroken, the price is really down alley.

It is more expensive than wood kitchen doors.

The stainless steel doors are heavier than the wood one and not easy to install it.

We need special equipment and special skill, but we can ask the furniture shop man to install it.

There are little bit producer that produce stainless steel doors in a many colors.

It has selfsame color, metallic.

That makes us really have no choice.

Maybe that thing should be develop in the industry of stainless steel kitchen doors.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Design

Round Glass Dining Table Hacks Brings Family Together

Round glass dining table are perfect for those families who believe in the saying – a family who eats together, stays together.

Meals are a great time for family bonding and it is a well known truth that no matter how busy life gets, if every member of the family makes it a point to make it home for one square meal then it is enough.

And what better way to eat together than to sit at a dining table that is round!

A circle is always a symbol of closeness and trust, of bringing together and bonding and a round glass dining table is perfect for all those things.

A round dining table is a symbol of a circle of trust, you can say.

Anyway, gone are the days when large families used to sit together at a long, rectangular table with the patriarch sitting at the head and the matron of the family presiding over multiple course meals from the foot of the table.

Now families are smaller, more nuclear and hardly have the physical space to maintain an old fashioned large dining table and there is hardly any need for one.

round glass dining table

Nowadays, kitchens and dining spaces are all modular, compact and well accessorized and a round glass dining table will fit right into it.

Round tables offer an ergonomic advantage to eating a meal.

You can easily reach for all the condiments that are placed in the middle and you can easily speak to the people sitting with you while you are eating instead of craning your neck to look at a person sitting far apart and therefore is one of the best dining table designs.

round glass dining table 1

The design of a round glass dining table is always a more efficient one for a contemporary kitchen or a dining room and therefore the best choice for a modern day home.

A round glass dining table can be laid with a rectangular runner across the middle, where you can keep your dishes of food.

A flower vase in crystal looks better in the middle of a round table simply because of its efficient and simple design.

A round crystal bowl of fruit would also not be amiss on a round glass dining table top.

These are also more durable and do not have sharp edges and therefore are more child friendly than rectangular dining tables.

round glass dining table 2

What is unique about these tables is that they give an effect of more space in the room simply because they are transparent!

Thus, they are the best choices for those homes that are cramped for space.

Glossy, glass topped, round dining table is an elegant and and sophisticated addition to a home.

You can choose one with wrought iron legs, a cast iron base, wooden base or a base made with environmentally sustainable items.

The legs can be trestle style, paneled or in other interesting designs and since the top is transparent, you can also think about having a small, circular space built just below the table top where you can keep shells, books or other interesting bric-a-brac for a unique look.

So choose a round glass dining table for your dining room or kitchen and remember it brings a family or a group of friends together in the best possible manner – over good food.

Sharing Meals on Large Dining Tables

Large dining tables are a must-have for large families living together or for those who regularly have guests.

The kitchen is said to be the heart of a home as it is the room where a family shares their meal before leaving for work and it is the same room where they dine and share how their days went.

It is indeed a room that holds a lot of intimate moments in a family’s life.

As for guests, the kitchen is the room they stay the longest, where they dine and have a few drinks or so.

It’s an important part of any home which is why it needs a lot of attention to the furniture, design and accessories.

Types of large dining tables

When looking for the suitable dining table for your kitchen, you will have to consider the number of diners you will regularly have.

If you have a wide space available for the dining table, you might as well find a bigger table where you can entertain guests as well as accommodate all your family members.

So, keeping the space you have in mind, consider the design you want and the overall theme of your kitchen.

Here are the three types of dining tables you will find in stores.

Rectangular dining tables

It is the most popular type of dining table and also the most traditional.

It is the perfect table for a kitchen with a long and narrow dining area and it is a good choice for large families.

Basically, this is a space saving table for kitchens that doesn’t have wide spaces as it can be put in narrow areas.

However, there’s a drawback to this type of table.

Due to the length of the table, guests or diners may be separated from each other.

It encourages conversation among those close to your seat.

Round dining tables

If you have an even spaced area in the kitchen, a round table can be a good option.

It allows everyone on the table to converse with each other freely.

The disadvantage of this type of table is that if the table is designed other than a pedestal table, leg room can be a problem.

Square dining tables

The more modern type of dining table, it’s very non-traditional.

It allows closer proximity than rectangular tables but same as the round tables, it will require an even spaced area.

Also, with equal sides, limited leg room can be a problem due to the four legs supporting the table.

Dining tables are sold in different designs.

You’ll find modern-minimalist, country, antique, luxurious or contemporary styles and so much more.

The sizes also differ.

You’ll find tables that can accommodate four diners to as much as ten or twelve.

A dining table is an essential part of the kitchen and will be used regularly over a long period of time.

Which is why it’s important that when buying large dining tables for your home, stick to a good-looking and high-quality table.

When Buying Dining Sets Cheap Picks are Not Always Bad

When you’re working on a tight budget, there’s not much you can do about buying dining sets cheap from local furniture stores.

While a lot of things sold cheaply are expected to have lower quality, it’s not always the case when you’re a smart shopper who simply knows how to get the most out of your money.

When we’re talking about “cheap” it doesn’t mean top dollar, but it doesn’t also mean trash-worthy items.

Of course, you don’t expect to pay $2 for a functional dining set in good condition.

It’s just not realistic. When we say cheap, we’re talking about affordable dining table sets that average-earning citizens can afford.

A family working on a budget has to allocate their funds wisely.

Construction or renovation of a kitchen will need basic things first.

Appliances are important but when caught in a situation where you had to choose what to spend on first; you’ll have to consider the purpose of the room.

The kitchen is a place meant for preparing and sharing meals.

To perform the latter, you need to have a dining table.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a makeshift table, a wooden plank on top of boxes.

The point is that a table is an integral part of the kitchen.

Appliances like microwave, freezer, refrigerator and others come second.

In everything we do, the basics always come first.

You can’t start filling your kitchen with accessories, coffee maker, mixer, and toaster and so on when you don’t have a dining table yet.

Begin bringing your kitchen to life by making sure you have a kitchen table before anything else.

Defining dining sets cheap choices

Being stingy on the allocation of funds is understandable.

You have to consider the total costs for the whole kitchen construction or renovation.

Contrary to popular belief, cheap does not always mean second-rate products.

A reasonable amount to spend on a dining table ranges between $300 and $700.

This will vary among families in terms of the size of the table they need to cater to the number of family members, the style they want to have and the choice of material for the table.

Plastic, stainless steel are somewhere in the lower price range while hardwood and glass will be a bit pricier.

The design will also affect the price of the dining table.

Simple tables will be sold cheaper compared to tables with elaborate and intricate designs.

When you know how to find a good bargain, you can get the most out of your money.

Most of the time, the question people begin with is where to start looking.

Going for second-hand dining tables can be an option but another good opportunity to get a quality table for less is to scour for display kitchens for sale.

It’s like buying old stock products, sold for a cheaper price but still with a good quality.

They sell dining sets cheap compared to buying display sets in stores.

Chandeliers for Dining Room Accessories

There is no room in the house that describes your togetherness in the house except the dining room; a nice ambient dining room usually has Chandeliers for dining room since the dining room is a multi-functional space or room that has many functions.

Dining room is used to spend time with the family as well as a place to relax with someone we care about.

To support the comfort of the dining room in addition to chairs, tables, flower vases, wall hangings we also need to add some furniture or home furnishings which is simple but useful, such as Chandeliers for dining room because it is not only to pose together during the day, we need also to light the night.

The lighting of your dining room must be beautiful and functional, so it must consider the right mix so that people’s moods or residents who were there, have a good mood as the theme of activities, such as cooking with another child or romantic activities with loved ones.

The Lighting of Chandeliers for Dining Room

Here, there are two lighting models on Chandeliers for dining room, the first is with system settings dim lighting or bright lights can vary as desired.

It requires lighting uniformly over the whole room, but if the room is not being used, lighting should be dimmed.

For a single lamp for dining room, it is more efficient due to the type of lighting can have 2 functions, the bright and dim to layout types.

This light can be installed by hanging in the middle of the living room.

For the other types are actually the same function, namely for lighting the entire room, but here save a few lights, such as regular chandelier that has function turns on and off, and a wall lamp or standing lamp.

The conclusion is at least use 2 types of lighting in the living room, which is as uniform lighting and local lighting, so if the room is not used, turn the float hanging off, then you can turn on the lights or chandeliers to wall layout.

These lights are usually put on the seat next to the couch or at the table.

One of the best Chandeliers for dining room is mini Crystal chandeliers.

Round Table and Chairs Work Well for Parties

A round table and chairs are a common choice for dining table sets.

It’s a traditional design although different styles are up for sale in the market.

You will easily find a variety of it to match your interior design or overall theme.

The materials used range from wood of different kinds, metal, plastic and glass.

Opting for the round table doesn’t limit your choices since you’ll find traditional round tables and contemporary round tables fairly showcased in department stores or furniture shops.

As a dining table, it provides better communication among all the diners equally.

Everyone is evenly spaced and can talk to one another.

It’s an advantage for families who get the chance to see each other only during dinner time.

Since meal time is an important part of a family’s activity, it’s great to get the best out of the time available.

The round table allows communication and bonding. Also, it impresses equality among diners.

This works well if you have children in the family.

This makes parents see and hear all their kids equally while dining.

When it comes to parties, the round table allows better communication.

All the diners can hear the topic and contribute to the discussion correspondingly.

Also, it allows everyone to have a clear view of each diner.

This makes the conversation more intimate and sincere since you can look at the person you are addressing.

Better seating arrangements with a round table and chairs

Whether it’s a casual party or a formal party, the round table works great for both.

Most round tables are pedestal tables so it allows leg room for every guest.

You’ll rarely find a round table with four legs unless the table is actually square with wings that can be folded when not in use.

But definitely, the pedestal design is more common in round tables.

When making a seating arrangement for your guests, it’s more complicated to do it on a rectangular table.

Remember in a rectangular table there are two sides that are far from each other.

This means that a few guests will have a hard time talking to those at the other end.

With that in mind, you’ll have to arrange seats according to those people who you think will likely be talking to each other the most.

Otherwise you’ll have a loud buzz of conversation during the party.

A rectangular table only allows an intimate conversation between seatmates or with the person directly in front of you.

A few homes have a dining table and a separate table to entertain guests.

These homes have a small dining table for their family and a large dining table for parties and other gatherings.

This kind of setup is great if you’re hosting a party that doesn’t require everyone to share the table since other guests can take a seat in the living room, garden, etc.

But if you’re going for a formal dinner or meeting and want all the guests seated, a round table and chairs will be the better option.

Achieve Asymmetrical Balance with a Round Glass Kitchen Table

A round glass kitchen table is not to be considered modern furniture since pedestal tables have been present as early as the 1600s.

The basic built is a classic design.

The square kitchen table falls more on the modern side.

However, with the new designs made out of the round table, you will easily find your share of modern-day designed round tables.

A glass table can give off a modern feel to a room.

Seeing as glass was used as a material to make furniture later than wood and metal, it looks more contemporary.

People who pick glass as their kitchen tables often have to consider the safety concerns.

Glass is a fragile material and can cause injury when broken.

Homes where kids or pets are present should not use glass tables.

Although it’s not a rule, it’s best to keep every member of the family safe.

Of course some still use a glass table despite the hazards it may pose.

It’s a great piece in the kitchen and if made with intricate design and a unique style, it can be the focal point of the kitchen.

How does a round glass kitchen table achieve asymmetrical balance?

Asymmetrical balance is one of the principles in interior designing.

Traditional interior designs of homes are usually completed with the principle of symmetrical balance.

This means that one side mirrors the other.

This can be seen in old homes.

Notice that rooms in old homes have walls that mirror the other wall.

This effect makes the overall look balanced or in a sense, equal.

As for the asymmetrical principle, the balance is met by mixing dissimilar object with equal eye attraction.

This style of designing is quite popular these days and goes well with modern homes.

The balance achieved by this principle is more casual and laid back.

It gives off a look that is effortless when in fact achieving this state is difficult.

You have to be careful that one component does not overshadow the beauty of another.

Most kitchen spaces are made with a square or rectangular area.

Rarely do you see kitchens occupying a circular space or triangular because with these odd shapes, a lot of space will be wasted.

With that in mind, a round table will do well to contradict the straight lines that the walls create in a square or rectangular room.

The difference between the rectangular floor space and the round table makes the contrast complement each other.

If it were the traditional rectangular table, the interior would fall under the symmetrical principle.

But with the round table, you achieve an asymmetrical balance.

It’s different from each other but still makes the overall look of the kitchen coherent and unified.

When attempting to achieve a contrasting style in interior designing, it’s difficult to balance everything.

Even decorations or small furniture and appliances should be included or considered in the overall theme.

The round glass kitchen table helps you achieve the balance and modern feel to a kitchen design.

Where to fit your round pedestal kitchen table

The round pedestal kitchen table takes its inspiration from the pedestal tables of the 1700’s.

During that period, the tables were smaller help up by a thin stand with three legs.

It served as a centerpiece in rooms, halls, lobbies or parlors. It was used to serve tea or hold vases or candle stands.

Due to the size, it was treated only as a side table.

This design evolved later in the 19th century where pedestal tables were a made in larger sizes and were supported by a thick base with three short legs.

It was then called a tripod table because of the three legs on its feet.

During this time, the pedestal table was not only made in round but also in hexagon shapes to accommodate dining.

The pedestal table has the antique feel to it due to its design.

While it may be a simple round table, it’s the base that makes it unique.

Tables were traditionally made with a rectangular or square surface supported by four legs on each corner.

The pedestal table is unique and comes from a different time.

It’s been adopted generation after generation and improved only in terms of decoration but not design.

The basic design stays the same, round surface with a large base in the middle for support.

And because it has been around since the 1700, it can be considered a timeless table.

In fact, it’s not difficult to integrate the round pedestal table in any interior designs that we have today.

Modern as it may be, interior designers have learned to blend the new and the old.

Whether you’re aiming for the Victorian-look, country style, modern or contemporary, the pedestal table can be very flexible.

There are a lot of pedestal tables sold in the market that can match any type of style in interior designing.

Antique pedestal tables made from oak or any other hardwood which has a thick and heavy surface put on top a solid base would definitely meet the Victorian-themed interior design, especially if intricate patterns were carved on the wood or surface.

For modern interior designs which aim to have a simple yet traditional feel, the market is filled with pedestal tables made from natural timber.

It impresses a clean finish that complements the simplicity that modern designs go for.

Modern interior designing is focused on making things look very minimal yet complete.

A few modifications can be found in terms of the number of legs but the round table is still supported by a single base.

In terms of mixing the round pedestal table in a contemporary design, you won’t find any difficulties.

One could easily find tables made uniquely to match the trendy interior design.

An example would be what Eero Saarinen made, a Finnish American designer that used sculptural curves to make the pedestal table and chairs.

His design was taken by Knoll and is manufactured in quantity.

The round pedestal kitchen table has a base that was designed to look like water dropping and is very complementary to a contemporary theme.

Pub Style Kitchen Table: Fun Easy-going Dining Experience

A pub style kitchen table is similar to a bistro table.

It was meant for small seating; usually two or four.

However, manufacturers are catering to customers with different needs which is why you’ll find a variety of these tables made for a larger number of diners as well.

How this type of table differs from any regular table is mostly based on the height.

Pub is a term that originated in England.

They had public houses which is simply what we know as bars.

It doesn’t necessarily equate to a drinking place but it is associated to a place of unwinding with a little recreation.

Most bars have a billiard table, dart place, jukebox, television and other things that can help a person unwind.

Pubs are places where people meet to grab a drink and share stories.

Pub Style Kitchen Table

In France, the more familiar term would be bistro.

Bistros however were small restaurants or cafés.

It is also a place for unwinding and aside from drinks, they also serve food.

What pub, bar and bistros have in common is that it usually occupies a small space, thus the reason for small tables.

Most bars are known to use high tables to maximize space which is also the case in bistros.

Unlike regular restaurant, the space occupied by a bar, bistro or pub is usually smaller.

This is why all three venues utilize the vertical space by using taller tables and chairs.

Putting a pub style kitchen table in regular homes

Pub tables with lazy susan are small not only because of the limited space.

It’s small because it was meant for intimate conversations.

Bars, pubs and bistros are meeting places for a small number of people.

No one books a reservation for ten in these places.

In fact, reservations are rarely taken out because the place is an informal and casual place to hang out in.

Using a pub-style dining table at home is not a bad idea.

It works well especially when you have a small number of household members.

It’s also very suitable for couples still beginning their life together.

The small size of the table promotes intimate conversation and a more casual atmosphere.

The unusual height and size can be taken advantage by people living in a small space.

Not only do they get a stylish and unique dining table, they’re also able to save space.

Another advantage of using this kind of table at home is that it can easily double as a game table.

Card games and board games fit in these types of tables easily.

Pub Style Kitchen Table

For larger families, there are also family-size pub-tables.

While the essence of the space-saving concept is gone in larger tables, the additional height of the tables is maintained.

Also, some styles come with a bar stool instead of traditional chairs.

This helps provide the “bar-feel” even when the table has the same length with regular dining tables.

So, no matter how big the dining table is, with the added height of a pub style kitchen table, you can promote a laid-back dining experience; cozy yet fun.

Pub Style Kitchen Table

Built In Kitchen Table Ideas to Save Space

A built in kitchen table is a table that is permanently fixed or attached to the floor or wall.

Some are connected with bolts and screws while others are glued using a special glue to make a strong and firm fitting.

Transferring or moving it means having to do a bit of carpentry work.

It’s a good choice for someone who wants things to be stable but not such a good idea for homeowners who like to redecorate every once in a while.

You see some people, once they’ve found a good placement for furniture is content to have it there for a long time.

A few, however, like to move things around every now and then.

If your personality is the latter then built-in furniture may not be the best for your home.

Built In Kitchen Table

The reason behind choosing built-in tables can depend on a lot of things.

You will notice that some built-in dining areas are made in irregular spaces.

This can be a narrow corner near the window, a curved area in the kitchen or a space that could not fit conventional kitchen appliances.

The idea is to maximize the space available and when an irregularly shaped corner is available, a built-in dining area is a good way to fill it without affecting the main theme of the room.

You’ll also find that some homeowners who opt for built-in dining areas simply want a steady dining table.

It’s something that doesn’t get in the way when moving around and it’s a dining table meant for personal or family use only.

It’s not a great table to entertain guests for a formal dinner because you have to consider that built-in tables would mean less moving around since the table can not be transferred, relocated or pushed for your comfort.

It’s the diner that will have to adjust the way he or she is seated.

With a table like that, you’ll have difficulty entertaining a large number of guests.

Built In Kitchen Table

Built in kitchen table designs and styles

A built in table can be made in different styles.

You’ll easily find French country style, modern, contemporary, traditional, Victorian, eclectic, industrial and so much more.

But when looking for a design that can help you maximize storage space in the kitchen, you’ll have to find the right chair to pair the table with.

The common design for built in tables are made in the design of a booth dining table.

This has built in chairs usually against a wall.

Since the chairs are also built in, you’ll have a perfectly usable space just underneath it.

This can be converted into drawers and be used for kids’ art materials, storage space for kitchen accessories that are rarely used and others.

Doing this design provides an extra storage space and helps you maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

Another common design that can help maximize the space is having a table with wings.

This means that you can fold a portion of the table to make it smaller and spread it out when there are more diners.

A built in kitchen table like this can occupy only a small space when the wings are not spread out.

Built In Kitchen Table

Benefits of Bench Style Kitchen Tables

Bench style kitchen tables are not a traditional dining set.

However, they’re getting quite the attention nowadays.

Every home owner wants to have a unified or coherent design or theme in the house.

Interior designing is about balancing all the different components of a room.

This includes the colors, decorations, furniture and how they’re placed or arranged.

Aside from the paint job on walls and the getting the right flooring, choosing the right furniture makes a lot of difference.

Since chairs and tables take a large space in the room, they’re bound to attract most of the attention as well.

In a kitchen, dining tables are an integral part to complete the room.

There are a lot of designs for kitchen dining sets available and when choosing one for your family, the decision is usually based on your sense of style and needs.

In our times today, space is very costly.

While old homes are built in spacious lots, newer homes sold in the market occupy a smaller land area.

With that in mind, every home owner’s goal when designing homes is to maximize the space they have.

Bench Style Kitchen Tables

As for the kitchen, it’s traditionally used for preparing meals and for dining.

But with the lack of space, most homes find multiple uses for their kitchens.

Some people use their dining tables as work tables or study tables for children.

Some homes with a small living room entertain guests in the kitchen as well.

In a home where parties or small gatherings are held on a regular basis, a bench style dining set can provide a few benefits.

Bench style kitchen tables accommodates more people

There’s a large variety of different styles for bench style dining sets.

It’s easy to find a set that will match the space you have.

Whether it’s a long table with a long bench for large family gatherings or a simple table that can fit your family members, your options are limitless.

You will also find dining sets that have a bench for one side and chairs for the other side.

It’s a great space saving dining table.

When you have guests, you can pull out the bench and use it to accommodate more diners.

However, when it’s just you and your household members, you can push the table against the wall and have the bench kept underneath.

The presence of the bench maximizes the potential guests you can have in your kitchen.

Compared to having a number of chairs alongside the table that won’t be used when you don’t have guests, the bench is a great space saving furniture.

Bench Style Kitchen Tables
The bench style seating allows more diners to fit in the dining table.

Of course, there’s the concern about having no support or back rest but bench seating should not be used for people with back problems, young children and the elderly.

Bench style kitchen tables are a great way to accommodate more guests but it’s only safe for adults and children who can sit unsupported.
Bench Style Kitchen Tables

Cheap Bar Tables

Cheap bar tables are great for people who love to entertain guests.

If you love playing host to parties and social gatherings, it’s nice if you can invest in a few bar tables.

It’s not a common furniture you will find in every home.

But if you’re a very sociable person and known to hold parties regularly, it’s a great table to accommodate your guests.

It provides a space for your guests to congregate and mingle.

Bar tables regularly go as high as 40 to 42 inches.

The reason for it being a better table to entertain people with is that it allows conversation to ensue even when not everyone is seated.

With a regular height table, when you have guests seated and a few standing up, the line of vision for the seated guests goes directly to the crotch area of the person standing up.

It makes conversation among seated and standing guests very uncomfortable.

Also, hosts going around the tables will have to stoop or bend to meet the eyes of his guests.

With a bar height table, this doesn’t happen.

Seated guests can comfortable mingle with those standing up.

The level of chairs allows seated guests to meet the eyes of those standing up making conversation better despite the lack of seats.

In any case, should you run out of seats for a few guests, they’ll still be able to talk among those that are seated without feeling like an intruder to the table.

Cheap Bar Tables

This is the reason why most bars and clubs opt for this type of table.

It promotes mingling and better conversation.

Without chairs, it allows more people to share the table for their drinks or snacks.

Also, without the chairs, it encourages every guest to go around and meet other people.

Cheap Bar Tables

Where should you look and buy cheap bar tables?

Going through garage sales, thrift shops and flee markets is a good place to start.

If you know a bar that recently closed, you can give it a shot.

It’s not a table you will be regularly using for dining with your family so there’s no reason you can’t go for second- hand tables.

Searching online is also a great idea.

A lot of online marketplace like eBay and Amazon will give you a lot of information on sellers who are trying to sell used items.

Craigslist is also a good site to search for used bar tables.

However, with online shopping, there’s the risk of not knowing the exact state of the product.

So, it’s best to find a seller close to your home so you can arrange to have a look at it first.

These options can help you buy bar tables cheaply.

Cheap Bar Tables

However, if you’re looking for a unique design or a particular style, it may be more difficult to find in second-hand items.

If you want something to match your interior design or the style of party you regularly hold, buying cheap bar tables just might not do for your cause.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets in Small Kitchen Spaces

When you’re working with a small kitchen space, high top kitchen table sets can help you play with the dimensional element.

In a limited space, you’ll need to compromise on other parts of the kitchen.

If you need a large dining table, you might have to give up on having a kitchen island.

Another option is to go for a kitchen island that doubles as the dining table.

Either way, you lose one thing or the other when space is inadequate.

Careful adjustments are needed when you’re trying to make everything fit in a small space.

With a larger space, your problem is finding a way to make the room look occupied and not leaving a corner without purpose.

In smaller rooms, your goal is to put everything in while providing enough space for people to move around.

You don’t want it to look cluttered and crowded, so a lot of strategic planning is required.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

Particularly in a kitchen, a lot of good space-saving storage system should be used.

Every space is important whether it’s the back of a cabinet door or a plain wall on one side, utilizing it properly will help you maximize the available space.

There’s not much you can do about the wideness of the kitchen. You can only put so much on the floor.

However, you can take advantage of the room’s height.

Instead of putting cabinets or shelves on the floor, you can go for wall cabinets instead.

Put it as high as possible and use it to store rarely-used kitchenware and other kitchen accessories.

A mirror can help you make an illusion of a wider space as well.

You can apply this to one side of the wall or if you’re on a budget, a large mirror from a flea market will do.

You don’t need to cover an entire wall to get the desired effect.

As for colors that can help make the room look wider, light colors contribute a more breezy and airy feel so it deceivingly makes one sense that he or she is in a wide open space instead of in your little kitchen.

Another option is to use double-purpose things in the kitchen like a kitchen island that serves as your dining table or have built-in storage spaces under the table, chairs, etc.

Going for tall tables and chairs can also help you achieve an illusion of a larger space.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

Use high top kitchen table sets to add height in the room

Using high tables and chairs provide the contrast to the small horizontal space.

The space between the table and the floor tricks the eyes into interpreting that the room is spacious.

Our minds have come to associate floor space to size of the room, the more floor space our eyes see, the larger the space we can move around.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

Using a high top dining table also as a kitchen island is one of the best space-saving strategy you can do in a small kitchen.

It uses the same space while providing two different functions and with a lot of designs and styles for high top kitchen tables, you don’t need to settle with a crummy looking kitchen just because you have a small space.

Adding Diversity with Kitchen Table Benches

Kitchen table benches are far from the traditional dining sets most homes have.

Dining tables are customarily paired with chairs that have a back rest for better dining experience but it it’s not a new sight to see benches paired with dining tables.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

During the middle ages, trestle tables used by farmers and servants were paired with bench seats to accommodate more diners at the same time while the upper-class used cushioned spindle chairs.

A bench chair has been around longer than most chairs.

Similar to a trestle table, it doesn’t require a lot of craftsmanship.

Find a plank of wood and make attach two legs on each side, you get an instant chair.

It’s a primitive design but one that has lived up to its purpose for so many years.

Despite its primitive design, benches can be found in a lot of our modern kitchens and in other parts of a house.

It’s part of home furniture as much as a table or a couch is and has been very low maintenance.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

Advantages of choosing kitchen table benches

It’s a break from traditional dining sets.

A non-traditional kitchen set can be a refreshing sight in the dining room.

It can serve as a topic for discussion when entertaining guests because it draws curiosity and interest.

It can provide more seating.

Spindle chairs or most chairs can only accommodate one person.

Especially when the chair has arm rests, squeezing two persons is only possible if you’re trying to fit children and it can be very uncomfortable.

While chairs without arm rests can accommodate two persons, it’ll be a very uncomfortable experience because they’ll need to balance their weight which will not allow them to relax.

With a bench, you can always pull it out when you need more seats and because of the design, it can accommodate more people.

It can be used in other parts of the house.

It’s easy to transfer a bench where seating is needed.

If you have people waiting in the garden, you can easily take the bench from the kitchen to accommodate people in the garden or any other room in the house.

Kitchen Table Benches

It can be stored easily. Dining sets that have both chairs and benches are easy to fix.

When only a few diners are present, you can store the bench against a wall or under the dining table and just pull it out when you need to accommodate more people.

If you’re not anticipating guests for a long time, you can put it up against a wall and store it in a closet or attic.

Its slender design makes it occupy very little space when put up.

It saves space. When you have a small space for your dining room, a bench chair occupies less space than traditional chairs.

Chairs with back rests are pushed under the table but have the back rest sticking out while benches are completely under the table when not in use.

This provides a wider space around the table when the benches are not in use.

The space-saving advantage of kitchen table benches is the most common people go for this kind of design.

Kitchen Table with Bench Seating: A Child-Friendly Dining Set

A kitchen table with bench seating is also called booth seats.

Bench seats found in cars, well most of the old ones anyway, are comfortable and cozy chairs.

It’s basically a continuous pad that runs across the width of the cabin.

For comfort, it can score 10 in a scale of 1 to 10 but due to safety purposes, bucket seats are used for most automobiles today because it can hold a person in place better when the car is moving.

Bench seats in old cars allowed three people in front and three at the back; almost similar to the seating capacity of an SUV.

This concept applied to dining seats makes it possible to accommodate more diners in a dining table usually meant for four or six people.

Booth seating was popularized by diners during the 50’s.

The popularity of the 50’s diners were due to their unique interior design, good food, great music and partly to the style of seating they’ve provided.

Because of the cozy and warm atmosphere it made, a lot of diners today try to replicate those from the iconic 50’s diners.

Kitchen Table Benches

The 50’s diners were child-friendly places.

It was a place where adults, teens and children can comfortable dine and hang out.

It was a wholesome and safe environment where they served food enjoyed by both adults and children.

With the kind of atmosphere it created, it’s not surprising to know that a lot of families with children use bench seating or booth style dining tables in their homes.

It can easily be built in irregular spaces or corners in the kitchen which is why it can be used as a space-saving solution for homes with a small space.

Also, because of the continuity of the seats; it causes fewer hazards for younger children.

There’s no risk of having a child fall backwards from the chair or falling forward as well.

Also, it makes a very comfortable and intimate dining place for a family with kids.

Kitchen Table Benches

Maximizing storage space with a kitchen table with bench seating

Aside from the comfortable and intimate atmosphere this type of seating provides, it’s also used as a space-saving solution.

Most booth seats are built-in and are made higher than regular-height tables.

The kitchen needs as much storage space possible and with a bench seating design, you may just create additional space for storing things.

Wooden Kitchen Tables with Benches

The space underneath the chair is commonly converted into a drawer which is why it is made higher than regular-height tables.

It can store kitchen accessories, kitchen tools or other things in the kitchen.

It can also be used to store your children’s things.

Kids need help when it comes to tidying and organizing their stuff so providing easy ways to do this will make the task of tidying up more enjoyable.

Making storage space under their beds is one of the easiest ways to help them but when allowing them to do homework in the kitchen, making a storage space under the seats for their art materials or other things can be very handy.

A kitchen table with bench seating can help your kids organize and tidy up easily while providing a safe seating design as well.

Kitchen Tables with Benches

Information needed for a vintage kitchen table

Selling a vintage kitchen table online can be difficult if you don’t provide right and sufficient information about the product.

Online selling can be a challenge especially because you’re dealing with very cautious buyers.

It’s important for online sellers to provide important points about the product.

It should be described as thoroughly as possible so that potential buyers get a good grasp about what they’re buying.

Proper product description is not only used in online selling but also in products sold in brick-and-mortar stores.

Customers are more likely to buy a box of cereal with nutritional value information than a box with just the brand name and flavor.

Where commerce is concerned, information can determine how successful you can be.

The more information you provide for your customers, the more trust they put on you.

Online shopping can be risky for customers.

Aside from personal information theft and credit card fraud, buyers are taking a risk by buying from someone they don’t know or haven’t seen in person.

So every seller should take extra effort to provide a safe environment for online shoppers.

When selling a vintage table, potential buyers will take a second look on your product if you provide the basic information they’re most likely to look for.

Rustic Kitchen Tables with Benches

Making sure you list the following details will increase the possibility of getting a buyer soon.

Material: The most basic information for furniture is the material it is made from. Is it iron, glass, tin, wood or others?

If it is wood, try to be more specific by including the wood species.

If it’s glass, determine if it’s regular glass or tempered.

Maker: If the table is made by a local carpenter or a well-known craftsman, every buyer would want to know.

If the information is unavailable, you can include who you attribute it to and why.

You can provide a guess but make sure you indicate that it is just your opinion.

It was made by someone, if you can put a name to that someone, your buyers will be more interested in buying it.

Origin: Know where the table came from.

If it’s from Europe shipped to the US or if it’s from a local furniture shop, collectors of vintage furniture will want to know where it’s from.

Country Kitchen Tables with Benches

Construction: Describe how the table is constructed.

It is connected by nails or is it glued?

Are the nails round or square?

Was it carved or cast?

Age: If you’re not sure, make your best guess.

Explain how long you’ve had the table and provide additional close up photos to show places of wear or lack of any damages to the table.

Size: This is very important.

Tables, no matter how small are still bulkier than regular items like picture frames or bottle openers.

Provide specific dimensions for length, width and height.

Determine the weight of the table as well so buyers can factor in the shipping costs they’ll be handling.

It’s great if you can take a photo of the table with another object like an orange to give a better scale for the buyers.

Markings and condition: If the table has a signature or manufacturer’s marking, make sure to include that in the description.

Give information about the level of condition, wear or damage and provide clear and accurate photos of the vintage kitchen table you’re trying to sell.

Corner Kitchen Tables with Benches

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Mixed in a Traditional Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen tables are not so popular in households.

Industrial-style kitchens are not as easily welcomed as modern-style kitchens.

Because of its industrial-look, a lot of homeowners think it would be difficult to make it look cozy and welcoming.

The fear of ending up with a cold and dispassionate kitchen stops people from taking a second look on stainless steel as kitchen tables or counter tops.

Gold Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables

It’s a common material used in industrial areas because it is easy to clean and maintain.

For strict hygiene conditions, stainless steel is the best material that can be used.

More often than not, it is the first choice for places like hospitals, kitchens and other food processing factories or plants.

It’s also the least expensive material choice when you factor in its overall product life.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

For kitchens at home, a lot of designers have successfully mixed stainless steel materials easily with other materials.

They look cool and slick but they need a little creativity to make it work in a home kitchen.

This material is bright and provides a very modern and contemporary look.

Also, it has a very attractive appearance and can be eye-catching once you’ve managed to incorporate stainless steel in a home kitchen.

Mixing a steel table with brick walls, wood beams, rails and other things made out of metal works well.

Putting in retro-looking appliances creates a good contrast of old and new.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Islands

Combine modern cabinets with it and you can get an eclectic look in the kitchen.

Interior designing doesn’t have rules that can’t be broken.

A lot of designing concepts emerge from combining the most unlikely elements and if you do it right, you end up with a well-designed room.

You’re successful if you end up creating a cozy and “lived” look.

The goal in designing your home is to make it comfortable for you.

It needs to feel like a haven from the outside world.

It is, after all, where you retreat at the end of each day.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

How to care for stainless steel kitchen tables

It’s great for homes because stainless steel is a material that is impossible to wear out by excessive cleaning.

To preserve the integrity of stainless steel tables, regular cleaning is the key.

It prolongs the life and preserves the appearance of the table.

If you want a steel table, it’s important to have an aggressive attitude towards cleaning it.

When the table gets dirty, don’t wait to clean it out.

The longer the table is exposed to dirt or stains, the more likely it will cause permanent damage.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

Cleaning stainless steel is easy and can be done soap and warm water. Using mild detergents also works fine.

A wash cloth will do for easily cleaned out stains and a fine wire mesh for tougher stains.

It’s low-maintenance and more likely to stay with you for years.

It comes in various designs and height.

This way, you don’t have to get stuck with dull-looking stainless steel kitchen tables.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

Glass Top Kitchen Tables: A Few Shopping Tips

Glass top kitchen tables contribute a very sophisticated look in a home kitchen.

Glass is one of the unusual materials used for interior designing today.

Similar to chrome, stainless steel, mirrors, shiny fabrics and a lot more which have gained popularity among designers, glass has now become a major part of houses.

It is used for walls, doors, floors, furniture and so much more.

Glass is part of the non-traditional materials we’ve come to know.

This is why a home with glass accents can look very modern.

The option to use unusual materials for home decorating is influenced mainly by the industrial power.

It’s been used to create different styles and mostly, it is done to reflect the period of time we live in.

We are living in the Information age where stainless steel, glass, plastic and other materials represent the period appropriately.

Glass Top Kitchen Tables

The look we’re going for is slick, like mobile phones and laptops.

Also, a lot of people choose low-maintenance things due to their style of living.

We live in a time where people are constantly on-the-go.

Most working people would more like purchase things that require less cleaning, less taking care of.

This habit is clearly reflected on the way we use our phones.

You rarely know a person who has managed to keep his mobile phone working for more than 5 years.

The rare population who can do this are most likely age 50 and above.

However, disposable furniture is not yet in the market.

Frankly, it’s too costly to keep throwing furniture away.

Also, it will take a lot of time and effort to shop for new ones.

So, the next best thing to disposable furniture is going for those made from materials that represent our contemporary style of living.

Glass Top Kitchen Tables

Shopping for glass top kitchen tables

A glass table is a good piece to have in our homes.

It’s slick, modern and elegant at the same time.

It can impress a very upper-class character to a room.

Also, it doesn’t need a whole lot of complicated cleaning.

Glass tables pose the risk of breaking and causing injury.

However, this doesn’t stop a lot of families from owning a glass kitchen table.

The key lies in getting a table that was made with tempered glass.

This type of glass has undergone thermal treatment or sometimes, chemical treatment which makes it tougher than regular glass.

This would be best for homes with kids and pets.

Glass Top Kitchen Tables

Also, for safety purpose or if you’re a clumsy one, find a table that has a table edge guard.

This protects you from getting hurt when you hit the sides of the table.

However, you can find edge guards sold separately in stores if the table you want wasn’t made with an edge protector.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself from the designs you see in stores.

If you can’t find the style you want, search online as well.

Also, a lot of companies offer custom-made glass top kitchen tables to suit the space you have, your style and budget so there’s no reason not to find yourself with a great-looking table.

Trestle Dining Table in Our Modern Kitchens

Trestle dining table sold in markets today is based on the original design used during the middle ages.

The framework consists of a horizontal beam supported by a pair of sloping legs which supports a flat surface or table top.

In the middle ages, it was merely a makeshift table where a loose board is put on top of trestle legs.

With that design, it was easy to collapse and store when it’s not needed.

It remained to be the common table in the West until the 16th century.

Later, wood workers made trestle tables with a design that has a stronger frame and base similar to a refectory table.

Trestle Dining Table

It was a popular dining table during that time due to the placement of legs.

Contrary to tables with the usual arrangement of legs at each corner, the trestle table allows people seated around the table to have a wider leg space.

It was a suitable table for entertaining a large number of guests.

Comparable to the long tables we used today for large parties, the trestle table was the preferred table to accommodate more diners.

Due to its size, it’s an unusual dining table for average homes.

It’s meant for a larger number of diners and due to its length, it won’t fit in most kitchens.

But with modern designs, we can find trestle tables made in shorter designs to fit average kitchen spaces.

Trestle Dining Table

What Can You Match with a Trestle Dining Table?

In the middle ages, what was paired with the trestle table depended on your status in the society.

Richer families or noble families paired their table with spindle back chairs.

This indicated higher quality of materials and their tables were made of either oak or mahogany.

Diners were expected to be formal and proper.

For trestle tables used by farmers or lower class citizens, they were paired with bench style seats.

It served as a good and reliable table for a larger number of people.

Also, with the bench seats, it indicated a less formal atmosphere during dining.

Today however, different styles of chairs can be paired with the trestle table.

The design of the table is known to be part of the traditional American household furnishings although the origin is from Europe.

It has been adapted as a part of most households in the 17th century on wards that it remained to be a popular design.

Trestle Dining Table

The basic design of the table was kept but in more modern styles, you will find dining tables good for 8 or less made with the trestle design.

The trestle table is no longer limited for large parties or gatherings.

Designers have made a way to place this type of table inside average homes.

Knowing the kitchen space in most regular homes are limited and families today have an average of 4 to 7 children only, dining tables in the trestle design have been made in smaller sizes.

Paired to the trestle dining table, you will find bench chairs, klismos chairs, occasional chairs, slipper chairs and other designs and styles you can possibly think of.

Double Bar Height Kitchen Table as a Kitchen Island

Bar height kitchen table normally measures up 40 – 42 inches high.

Stools or chairs paired with them are 30 inches high.

Bar height tables are just 4 – 6 inches taller than counter-height tables while the chairs paired to counter-height tables are 24 – 26 inches high.

They’re not so popular among home owners due to the discomfort that high chairs can give.

A lot would prefer regular height tables especially if most of the family members are short.

This will have people dangling their feet and after some time, it becomes uncomfortable to the legs.

Bar stools commonly partnered with bar height tables do not offer back support which seems to be the reason that people don’t sit long and linger on the table.

Bar Height Kitchen Table

If you intend to make your meals with family a time of sharing and animated stories, going for this table may not be the best option.

The discomfort experienced with it seems to push people away from sitting longer than necessary.

It also doesn’t seem like a good table to entertain guests in.

You’ll have guests saying their thank you’s and goodbyes as soon as possible.

Unless you want them out so soon, don’t hold a dinner in this table.

Of course other homeowners found use for this table.

With the height of the table, it can be used for food preparation without having to bend or sit down.

It’s also a good craft table but other than that, most people would opt for a regular height over this one.

It does work well to double as a kitchen island for small kitchens.

Bar Height Kitchen Table

Maximize your kitchen space with a bar height kitchen table

Not everyone’s kitchen is spacious enough to have a kitchen island plus a dining table.

For limited kitchen space, the bar height table can be used as an island.

Situate it in the middle of the kitchen and use it for food preparation.

Some use their kitchen island for extra storage or a place for their mixer or coffee maker.

Some kitchen islands have built in sinks and electric outlet but this won’t be possible with bar height tables.

The most you can use a bar height table as a kitchen island is for food prep, serving drinks as you would in a bar or using it as a work table or storage top when not in use for dining.

It’s a good place to entertain guests with a few drinks.

Casual encounters are advisable but formal dinners held in this table won’t look so good.

Bar Height Kitchen Table

First of all, the height of the chairs prevents your guests from moving demurely.

It’s difficult to get down and up looking like a prince or princess.

Also, guests wearing skirts won’t be too comfortable with the height of the chair.

While it works great as a kitchen island, it’s mainly a nice table for casual and spontaneous gatherings.

A bar height kitchen table is meant for less formal dining experience.

Predecessor of the Pedestal Kitchen Table

Pedestal kitchen table is a round table supported by one post or column in the middle.

At the end of the post, it has three legs.

Traditional designs had three legs but you will see varieties where the leg is concerned.

Also, oval pedestal tables are also made today.

Basically, the style of the pedestal changes from era to era but the basic design remained the same all throughout history.

The pedestal table began as a candle stand during the Colonial period.

This is somewhere between the 16th to the 17th century.

Finer homes during that time had small stands situated next to the bed or a chair.

They were meant to hold a candle or a book in bedrooms while if situated in the living area, for a cup or a small platter.

They were originally made in small proportions as they were used only as a side table.

It was only during the later portion of the 17th century that pedestal tables were used in the kitchen.

Even then, they were not made to accommodate large numbers of diners.

They were designed to easily fit in small dining rooms but the elegance of such tables was not set aside.

Pedestal Kitchen Table

During that same period, the pedestal tables were used as game tables in rich people’s homes that had parlors, while other more modest homes had tables as such simply as a side table or display table.

It was during the Victorian period that the pedestal tables were made with more lavish designs.

Intricate carvings became a measuring factor on how beautiful the table was.

At that time, a variety of design has come out and has become very popular among the rich.

It was very expensive which is why to own an intricately designed pedestal table became some sort of a declaration of stature.

Some examples of the variation that occurred in the manufacturing of pedestal tables can be seen when you compare a Renaissance style table which was made with casters to allow easy moving of the table to a Colonial candle stand of the early 1700’s.

There’s also the Eastlake style from the Aesthetic period where the top was made from marble and squared off while the Empire style boasts of simple lines carved in the base and the sides of the table.

Pedestal Kitchen Table

The pedestal kitchen table we use today

The kind of table you need to be able to cater to dining purposes should at least be 42 inches in diameter.

The Victorian design had leaves that can be lifted to accommodate more people.

However, in our more modern times, when you are looking for a pedestal table for your kitchen, find a design that complements your interior décor while provides a sturdy furniture.

Despite the design origination from an older period of time, it’s easy enough to find more modern designs for a pedestal kitchen table that will match your interior design, budget and sense of style.

Pedestal Kitchen Table

The Beginnings of Country Kitchen Tables

The story behind country kitchen tables is one of a very humble sort.

Before the fad for old country tables began, actual country tables were made for the purpose of work.

It wasn’t thought of as a place of dining. Instead, farmers built these tables as a work surface in the farms.

The design was of a simple rectangular plank of wood supported by four legs.

No apron on the sides or a skirt underneath, neither was it made with a stretcher in between the legs; just the top and the four legs.

It was called a harvest table because this is where produce was laid out and sorted after harvest.

Country Kitchen Tables

In the 19th century most homes had a table like this.

It was either in the farmhouse or in the dirty kitchen.

The design was plain and rustic as most tables were built by farmers using readily available materials from their homes.

Even before being used, the tables already had this rough and aged look due.

There were no artistic designs carved on them because it was not meant that visitors see it.

The table, despite its simple design, was made to be sturdy and durable.

While there were wood smiths back then, their services were not employed for the building of a simple table. In the long run, these tables doubled as dining tables in homes.

Country Kitchen Tables

The history embodied in country kitchen tables

The old ways of preparing and cooking meals were more complicated.

The food they ate was very simple but the preparation is tedious.

They didn’t have instant tendering powder for meat or instant powder mix for mashed potatoes.

Country Kitchen Tables 2012

Everything was done hours before the meal was to be served.

Their meals included coarse bread, boiled vegetables, cheese, stew and other plain foods.

However, despite the ordinary food they ate, they ate with purpose.

Their meals were filling to sustain their bodies of another hard day’s work.

In the summer, produce would be bottled and preserved to last them through winter.

You can imagine that during harvest season, despite the abundance, they are already preparing to weather the harsh winter conditions.

Every bit of food is important and never put to waste.

Country Kitchen Tables

This was a time when hard work was valued and no able body stood idle.

This was a time when life was hard but very simple.

This was a time when people are easily content with what they have and this is exactly the time which is embodied in the country tables.

This is the atmosphere that is being marketed to consumers when buying a table with a simple country design.

The selling point of such tables lies in the fact that people long for those simple times.

At the end of each day, despite all the success in the world, everyone wishes for a retreat from all stress that the modern world gives us.

The marketing idea of country kitchen tables is that while we can’t go back to those years, with it as a part of our kitchens, maybe we can be reminded of those better days.

Country Kitchen Tables

Get Artistic with Painted Kitchen Tables

Old wooden kitchen tables can be converted into beautifully painted kitchen tables.

With a lot of modern and contemporary kitchen dining sets for sale in the market, an old wooden kitchen table can be so out of place in our modern homes.

Bit by bit, we’re adding modern equipment and accessories in our kitchen and somehow, an old dining table becomes obsolete.

It’s tempting to replace old furniture with contemporary furniture but, there’s always the budget concern and for some, a sentimental value they can’t let go.

Painted Kitchen Tables

Our dining table has been around for as long as I can remember.

It is an old wooden table which has been in the family for over four decades.

The table itself has been chipped on all four sides and the top shows an obviously rough time for the past four decades.

Due to sentimental reasons, my mother refuses to let it go despite the battered-look of the dining table.

Instead, she had it sanded and applied a new sheet of Formica.

It doesn’t look brand new but it does look younger than four decades.

Also, it’s very sturdy and still works well as a family dining table.

Using Formica to cover up the beaten table is just an example to get creative and resourceful.

If the Formica doesn’t sound appealing, you can always choose to paint your table.

By doing so, you get an unlimited option for designs or styles.

Painted Kitchen Tables

Do-it-yourself painted kitchen tables

Painting your kitchen table can be a do-it-yourself project.

Sure, you can hire a professional to do the job but it beats the purpose of budgeting.

However, if the budget is not a concern and you intend for an intricate and difficult picture or design to be painted on the table, there’s no problem with hiring a professional artist.

For those who intend to make it their personal project, doing it yourself isn’t as difficult as it seems.

For those who have kids, you can make it a fun project by engaging your children to help out.

This way, the dining table becomes a shared project by the family.

It will increase the appreciation of each member for the dining table.

Also, as it is used on a daily basis, it can serve as a reminder on how your family can accomplish tasks as a team.

Painted Kitchen Tables

The materials you will need includes sand paper, steel wool, microfiber or tack cloth, oil-based paint and any choice of wax finish to protect the painted table.

Begin by cleaning the table thoroughly.

Sand the table down to make the edges smooth and then use a microfiber to clean all excess dirt and dust.

Paint the table with a primer and allow a day to let it dry.

When you’re ready, you can start painting the table with the design you want.

You have the option to paint it with just one color of have a work of art on the table.

If you have your children with you, you can ask them to come up with a design or assign a corner for each.

This way, you can come up with artistic painted kitchen tables.

Hosting Formal Dinners with Tall Kitchen Table Sets

Tall kitchen table sets are made with a height similar to kitchen counters.

This will be as tall as 28 to 30 inches.

If your table is higher than that, you already have a bar-height dining table.

A tall table is a good way to provide an illusion of a spacious dining area.

The vertical legs provide the contrast to the horizontally limited space.

The added height under makes a lot of room for leg space but it can be uncomfortable for people whose legs are not long enough to reach the floor.

The dangling legs will be numb after a long period of sitting.

This is why partnered with most tall tables are chairs made only 10 to 12 inches lower than the table and fixed with spindles.

Spindles are what you usually step on when seated.

This is actually the rod or pin attached horizontally on the legs of the chairs.

It is attached a few inches below the seat.

The person seated can raise his feet and rest it on the spindles for more comfort.

Tall Kitchen Table Sets

Tall dining sets are great in a cozy room.

Aesthetic value wise, it provides a sophisticated look due to its height.

With numerous designs and styles, tall dining sets are not hard to fall in love with.

However, it does pose a problem when you intend to hold a formal dinner.

The rules when it comes to table manners come down to “avoiding ugliness.”

You should not be seen eating with your mouth open, chewing noisily is unacceptable and making a mess is uncalled for.

Also, you need to maintain decency in attire and actions.

With tall chairs, getting in and out of your seat may be a problem.

Add to that, if the table is made with glass and everyone can see your legs, you will have to come up with a way to get down of the chair without exposing yourself.

Tall Kitchen Table Sets

Owners of tall kitchen table sets have responsibilities

The table is a minor thing to worry about since as the host you have a lot on your plate already, food preparations, wine, cleaning the house and what to wear.

But, as courtesy to your guests, you will have to do something.

Tall Kitchen Table Sets

You can’t control what your lady guests will wear, so the best solution if you have a glass table is put a table cloth.

It will hide your wonderful table but it saves your guests from feeling exposed.

To allow your guests leave their seat easily, spacing is important.

Overcrowding your guests on the dining table will make it more difficult to get on and out the seat gracefully.

Most regular dining tables are made for eight diners only.

If you are expecting more, don’t use your tall dining table.

If you can find a regular height table to use for the event, it is best to use it.

If there’s nothing but tall kitchen table sets available, just give your lady guests a heads up before the dinner party so they could dress appropriately.

Advantages of Using Solid Wood Kitchen Tables

Solid wood kitchen tables are popularly known to be more durable.

The most appreciated quality of furniture made from solid wood is that the wood is the same in all parts.

This makes repairing easier compared to when furniture is made from veneer or hollow wood.

Finding quality wooden furniture can be a challenge today.

Especially with the different wood options, solid wooden furniture can be hard to come by because of the alternatives for solid wood offered by different furniture manufacturers.

There are three wood options used for furnishings as of today and the three are differentiated here.

Solid Wood Kitchen Table

Solid wood means nothing else except that hardwood is used to create the product.

Hardwood veneer uses a thin slice of hardwood bonded on another material.

The external would look like it is made from hardwood but the internal materials are not.

Hardwood laminate is a material used to replicate how hardwood looks like.

It’s basically plastic or paper printed with the pattern of wood grain.

It is then bonded to another material to make it look thicker.

Hardwood veneer and laminate are cheaper compared to solid wood.

It’s the alternative that manufacturers offer to consumers in order to get the aesthetic contribution of hardwood in a room but for a cheaper price.

A lot of furniture is made from veneer or laminate and kitchen tables are one of the most commonly made with these two substitute materials.

Solid Wood Kitchen Table

Why you should stick to buying solid wood kitchen tables

If your budget allows, it’s best to go for solid wood.

It’s the most compatible to furniture applications and can last a very long time.

Antique furniture we find or see in homes is usually made from hardwood and it’s the very reason they’ve lasted for many years.

The quality of hardwood is unquestionable.

It has a longer wear-and-tear period than other materials used for furniture.

In terms of elegance, hardwood is very attractive.

The fine details of the wood grain can be beautiful on its own.

It shows off a natural look that a lot of people can appreciate.

Solid Wood Kitchen Table

Some manufacturers advertise furniture made from engineered wood which they sell for a cheaper price.

It’s similar to hollow wood or plywood.

They’re lighter than solid wood and sound travels through this type of furniture which is why it’s not a good sound absorbed.

So, if you’re buying a dining table that you want to last for a lifetime, choose only the best.

While substitutes can look similar, it will always be a notch below when you consider the durability.

Solid wood furniture can hold nails and screws longer than other materials.

It can handle more stress and load without breakage. It can also absorb shock and receive as much abrasions without affecting its functionality.

But the most important advantage when choosing solid wood for your furniture is that maintenance does not require any special skill.

It can be repaired easily and if you choose solid wood kitchen tables, you’re looking at dining tables that can be refinished multiple times without decreasing its value.

Do-It-Yourself Distressed Kitchen Table

For some reason, people find a distressed kitchen table more charming over one that is brand new.

Back in old days, when furniture is distressed, it means it needs repairing to make it look brand new or replacing.

But our days are quite the opposite; the more distressed the look, the better.

We buy new furniture or completely good-looking furniture and ruin it to get the aged look.

Well, of course, the limitation to the aged-look is the functionality.

The distressing is only on the surface and the goal is to have a table or chair that is in good condition to perform its function.

Distressed furniture, if done correctly, placed in the right place and matched with proper accessories in the room can be very chic.

There are different ways of getting the distressed finish.

It could either be rustic or shabby chic, both being very popular.

It basically comes down to how old you want it to look like.

Do it yourself distressed furniture are commonly done by regular homeowners.

It’s quite easy to achieve the look with just a few instructions.

DIstressed Kitchen Table 2

To begin this do-it-yourself project, you need to decide what furniture you want to distress.

For this purpose, instructions will be explained for a kitchen table.

If you don’t want to waste a brand new table, you can check out thrift shops, antique stores and flea markets for a table that will suit your needs for a cheaper price.

You can also buy an even cheaper table to practice on before the actual table you’ll be keeping.

Of course, if you’re confident enough, you can use the table from your current dining set.

Just keep in mind before buying a table, make sure it’s a wooden piece.

The distressing technique doesn’t work with plastic or metal tables.

Distressed Kitchen Table 3

Preparing materials for a distressed kitchen table

To begin with, a power sander or sandpaper is your best friend.

It helps you achieve the nicked effect on the edges and sides of the table.

Other materials are the following:

Steel wool

Tack cloth or microfiber – a cloth to clean up dust or dirt used before painting the table

Oil-based paint or latex based paint

Hide glue – this is optional, it gives a crackled finish

Wax finish – to protect the distressing design

Other materials to cause damage on the wood (wire brush, nuts and bolts, screws, etc.)

Getting started with the distressing of the table

Clean the furniture and sand it down. You will need to sand it down until all paint is removed.

A smooth table to begin with will result to a better finish so take your time in this step.

Use the microfiber or tack cloth to clean up any remaining dirt or dust.

Once you’re sure it’s clean enough, paint the table with your choice of color.

Apply at least three layers. If you want the cackled look, use the hide glue.

After it’s dried, you can start damaging the table on the sides.

Use the steel wool or sandpaper to get the right finish you want for your distressed kitchen table.

Distressed Kitchen Table

Take Advantage of Two Things from an Oval Kitchen Table

An oval kitchen table is something that can be compared to the exclusivity of the Oval Office.

The Oval office is made into such a shape because it was meant to allow people inside to hear one another.

The two points of an oval make it easier for sound to bounce off from one side to the other.

Unlike in a square room, having to bounce off sound to four sides can be more complicated.

As an important office where major political decisions are made, the oval design of the Oval Office allows people to communicate more effectively.

Oval Kitchens Table

The oval shape plays a big part in the overall room design but it can sometimes be mixed up with the oblong shape.

Comparing the oval shape to an oblong can be easily done.

To get the idea of an oblong, visualize a rectangle and make the two short sides rounded.

An oval on the other hand tapers to the end.

It’s like an elongated circle which is why the distance of one person from the one in front of him from any point of the oval table is almost similar to one another.

Similar to a round kitchen table, an oval table in the kitchen can provide a sense of equality among the diners.

It’s a good venue to share thoughts or open discussions.

Also, while it’s like a round table, the oval shape can contribute an elegant feel, a more high-society kind of aura to a room.

Especially when made from hardwood, a very Victorian-effect can happen in the kitchen.

It’s stylish but if you want to take the most advantage from an oval table, put it in your kitchen and have a more open atmosphere during dining.

Oval Kitchens Table

Use an oval kitchen table for open discussions

Have you ever heard of the Harkness table?

It’s basically an oval table used for a unique style of teaching.

The Harkness Method is a style developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, United States.

It’s a method of teaching wherein students and teachers sit around the table and have a conference-format interaction.

It promotes discursive lessons and encourages students to ask questions.

In effect, teaching becomes an interactive discussion between students and teachers.

Philip Exeter Academy is well-known because their method of teaching.

It’s been very effective that a lot of schools have replicated this style as well.

Oval Kitchen Tables

Does the oval table play a part in making a more open atmosphere?


The Harkness Table is the best example to support this.

Straight lines can represent control and limitation while smooth curving lines represent a more subtle and friendly feeling.

The same with tables, a person sitting around a square table may feel the need to maintain a formal decorum while those sitting around a round table or an oval one feel less inclined to be so formal, unless the event calls for it.

Bring an oval table in the kitchen with its smooth and curving edge and you’re sure to have a more relaxed environment.

Does it apply when dining?

It does and where better to talk to your family members than when sharing your meals.

It’s the most convenient and practical way to enjoy a conversation among those living under the same roof.

Promote communication and encourage your family to speak up while achieving a stylish dining room with an oval kitchen table.

Oval Kitchen Table

Bring a Country Kitchen Table into your Modern Home

The country kitchen table is usually a rustic memento people want to keep.

With the modern life we live, it’s not surprising to find that country-style hotels, inns, cafés or restaurants are very popular.

Putting up a business with a rustic theme attracts a lot of customers because of the warm and cozy atmosphere it produces.

It’s a refreshing change to the fast-paced lives we live today.

The countryside is a representation of the slower stride people take.

It is where the hustle of the city is no match to the serenity of modest living.

For most of us living in the city, the chance to reconnect with the countryside comes rarely.

The travel, the time and the effort involved is simply too much for us to compromise.

With that said, it is up to homeowners to bring the countryside into their homes, into their home kitchens.

country kitchen table

It has been known that incorporating the old and the new can be done harmoniously.

When it comes to interior designing, the combination of the old and the new can yield a very unique theme.

Bring this idea into the kitchen and you can focus on the table.

The table play a very important part in terms of designing a kitchen.

Whether you like it or not, the dining table receives a lot of attention even if you didn’t intend for it to be the center piece.

It’s simply too important to disregard.

So, if you’re aiming to incorporate something with a rustic personality to your modern kitchen, the dining table is a good choice to begin with.

Use a country-style table and you get a good welcoming appeal to people.

It can also unify the rest of the modern design in a kitchen by providing a little contrast.

designing you kitchen, there’s no need to overwhelm the room with different country accessories.

It will only achieve a crowded and cluttered look.

You can get a touch of simple rustic elegance by choosing a country-style table over a modern table.

Own a country kitchen table with modern twists

Some people hesitate to incorporate a country-style kitchen table in their homes.

Their thinking revolves around the fact that the country table may get in the way of the overall theme of the kitchen.

Some may think it’s something so out-of-place in a modern home while others feel uncertain about the whole idea.

With the right table, you can make this combination work.

A lot of modern country tables are sold in the market.

They are made with the same elegance and rustic-look similar to the tables you will find in any country home.

Country kitchens are no longer just for rural places.

They’re no longer confined to farmhouses in the midst of nowhere or a cabin in the deep forest.

By simply taking a vintage table or one that was made with a weathered appearance, you can get the same impression of warmth and love from any modern table.

Owning a cozy and welcoming table can be achieved in any modern home with a country kitchen table.

Space Saving Kitchen Tables: Another Space Saving Solution

Space saving kitchen tables can easily be appreciated by any person living in the metropolitan.

Space is a commodity and most apartments work with a space of 200 sq. feet or less, any bigger than that and you’re lucky to afford it without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Living in this kind of space is the price for choosing to live a fast-paced city life.

It’s a small compromise for people who simply need a bed and a bathroom but for city walkers who also have a care for domestic life, a great amount of creativity and resourcefulness is needed to acquire the complete amenities of a home in a limited space.

The design of the entire apartment should come down between maximizing space while maintaining a functional home.

For the kitchen, you’re looking to achieve an efficient food preparation and dining area.

This is where the dining table falls into place. In a limited space, cross out elegant banquet tables off your list.

You have an eat-in kitchen so you’ll have to settle for space-saving tables.

However, with a lot of innovative designs, you don’t have to sacrifice style and budget.

Space saving kitchen tables

Different styles of space saving kitchen tables

The most common space-saving solution used when it comes to interior designing is to make or use things that can perform double duty.

For regular houses, it’s common to find kitchens that use a kitchen island as the dining table.

For a small apartment, you rarely have the luxury to put an island.

But, you can have a dining table that can be pulled down from the wall.

The newest trend is to have an artwork on the wall that can be pulled down as a table.

Put it back up when not used and you have a wide moving space.

It’s very similar to those pull-down beds stocked in cabinets we’re very familiar with.

Another way to have a dual-function table is to use a table that can provide storage space.

This could either be a table that can be used for setting things or a table made with drawers for storage of files, towels or other kitchen accessories.

A built-in dining table can also be a space-saving solution.

If you have a quirky space in the kitchen, you can make use of a nook to situate a table.

This only works if you’re looking to share it with a person or two but not for a large number of diners.

For the possibility of entertaining more diners, a folding table can be your solution.

It can be very versatile, providing enough space for two in its folded state and enough space for more after the flaps are spread out.

A more modern version of a folding table is made attached to the wall.

When not in use, it can be folded down and flat, against the wall.

On a more modern note, modular furniture is made with the concept to save space.

This kind of tables can be attached, re-attached or fixed in certain positions to provide different functions.

It is also stacked or joined together to occupy less space when not in use.

Space saving kitchen tables come in different forms that can embody the different styles of people; it’s simply up to you to find the one that matches your sense of style and match your space and budget.

Different Advantages of Glass Kitchen Tables

Glass kitchen tables are popular furniture in modern homes.

The qualities of glass reflect our modern-day living; low maintenance and very slick.

It’s a fairly modern material but can be made into functional objects.

Glass can be very eye-catching so having a glass table easily improves a room and makes it look more attractive.

Similar to the effect of a mirror in a room, a glass table can make an illusion of a larger space.

Being able to see underneath the table makes it feel like the room is brighter and more spacious.

Most glass tables are easy to transport as well.

Compared to traditional wooden tables, glass tables can be disassembled and transported in pieces.

It can later be put back together.

This characteristic makes it easy to move around in your house should you require it in a different room.

Glass Kitchen Tables

There are a number of advantages of glass kitchen tables:

Versatility: The glass table easily suits in different environment or space.

It easily mixes with any style of interior design compared to a wooden or stone table.

It can provide more options when it comes to decorating the kitchen because it works well with any color and it easily matches with different kinds of chairs.

You will notice that glass tables can be paired with metal, wooden or plastic chairs.

Cost-effective:  High-quality glass tables are still less expensive when compared to a traditional wooden table with the same caliber.

Buying a mahogany or oak dining table will cost more than choosing a good-quality glass table.

Hardwood is very expensive and with most manufacturers focusing on green materials, natural wood is now a costly material to use.

Maintenance: Glass is easier to clean when compared to wooden tables.

It’s simple to clean with a wet cloth and it doesn’t need any other cleaning solutions.

While it easily shows dirt on the table, it’s also very easy to wipe it off.

It takes a long time to see any wear and tear contributed by stains or dirt unlike in wooden tables.

With glass tables, you don’t have to go the extra mile and use table linens.

Aesthetic Value: It contributes a very elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in the room.

With its see-through quality, it helps make the room seem more spacious, more airy.

It also allows people to see the floor.

This makes it easier for homeowners to see whether the floor needs to be mopped or swept and contributes to the overall cleanliness in the kitchen.

It is attractive and can easily catch your guests’ attention which is why it’s a good center piece in a kitchen.

Functionality: Like any other table, a glass table can perform its purpose well.

Although glass is a breakable material, tables are made with treated glass.

This means that they can not easily be broken unless a strong force is applied to it.

Glass kitchen tables can hold the same things and withstand the same weight as a regular wooden table can.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table for Regular Homes

Using a stainless steel kitchen table works well if you’re looking for something lightweight and durable.

Stainless kitchenware is gaining popularity like aluminium.

Both materials are easy to clean, maintain and move around.

These qualities make them very useful which is why it is gaining popularity among home cooks.

The material is very easy to work with and it’s not surprising to see furniture made from stainless steel or aluminium.

The kitchen table is one of the few furniture pieces that are made from stainless steel.

In most industrial kitchens, they’ve switched from wooden work tables to stainless steel kitchen work tables.

It’s great for food preparation and while a lot of bakers will still favor a wooden top for pressing dough, a lot would agree stainless steel is the best for any other kitchen work needed.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

Because it’s easier to clean and maintain, it makes it easier for industrial kitchens to stay at bay when it comes to hygienic requirements.

It provides the same purpose as a wooden table would but causes less disadvantages.

The contributions of a stainless steel table are not only used in industrial kitchen but also in regular homes.

The appeal of the stainless steel table has reached out to home cooks.

This is why we see tables made for a home dining area in stylish designs.

Stainless steel can impress a very modern and simple look; a style which is highly favored by a lot of homeowners.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables

Benefits of a stainless steel kitchen table at home

It is known that if wood is not treated properly, the decaying process is faster.

Also, wood is susceptible to molds which is unacceptable in a place used for handling and preparing food.

While corrosion and decay is also known to steel, the only part likely to be affected by this is the base of the table.

This is the place of contact with dirt, grass or other elements.

However, rusting is not an issue when it comes to stainless steel because it does not absorb oxygen.

When it comes to taking the heat in the kitchen, stainless steel is a good insulator of heat even if it’s metal.

This makes it a very suitable material for kitchen furnishings because it keeps people from getting burned.

In a home scenario, putting a hot pan on top a stainless steel table wouldn’t cause the table to heat up and burn people.

When it comes to appearance, while a lot may associate steel to cold and unwelcoming atmospheres, stainless dining tables or stainless steel cabinets can easily be transformed into a homey and warm table for a home kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Design

A lot of products sold in the market are molded in different shapes, style and design.

The modern-look makes it easy to connect to your interior design.

As mentioned earlier, favored by commercial and industrial cooking areas because it’s easy to clean and maintain; it is a good investment.

It needs less repairs and it has a long durability and functionality.

Because it is low-maintenance, no additional costs will incur over the years of using a stainless steel kitchen table.

Kitchen Work Tables: Double-Purpose Furniture for Families

Kitchen work tables make it convenient for people to do work in the dining room.

Because of the welcoming and cozy atmosphere present in the kitchen, it’s also conducive to finish work in the dining room.

The kitchen is as good as any room in the house to perform homework.

Proper lighting installed for food preparation works well for doing homework as well.

In a case of a busy family, it’s convenient to have kids doing their homework in the kitchen while the mother prepares their dinner.

It makes it easy to oversee their work while performing parent duties.

The room provides a fun and interactive atmosphere which helps kids enjoy homework better compared to being confined in a study room alone.

kitchen work tables

Making use of your dining table as a work table is not something new.

However, with modern designs being released on the market, you’ll easily find dining tables that can easily be used as a working table in modern styles.

Advantages of kitchen work tables

It saves space. For a house that has limited space, having a separate work table and a dining table can be a challenge.

If you have a kitchen work table, you occupy one space for furniture that can be used for different purposes.

Also, most of these tables are made with storage space like drawers or shelves underneath.

This can help keep your kitchen clutter-free and organized.

It contributes a country-style design.

Most of these tables are actual work tables converted into dining tables.

These tables are commonly wood and making it achieve a rustic look is the goal.

With a little work, you can transform a working table into a stylish and elegant table.

The wear on work tables is the best rustic touch to any table or furniture.

The more used it looks, the more country-style it is.

It’s a great center-piece.

If you have a beautifully crafted table, it can work as your kitchen’s focal point.

Being the gathering place of your family, it can provide an eye-catching design to your kitchen.

It’s is very modern.

The concept of multi-purpose products is one that is highly appreciated today.

A kitchen work table is not only confined to wooden tables.

You will also find tables like this made with stainless steel, once used only in industrial kitchens, it is now used in home kitchens as well.

For the most part, it’s the space-saving quality of this kind of table that is most sought-after.

With the limited space we have to work with, this is one of brilliant space-saving solutions designers have come up with.

Having a kitchen island work as a working table and a dining table as well is also common.

This is a fusion of a work table, dining table and a kitchen island.

It keeps your kitchen versatile and performs different purposes.

In kitchens that have limited space, having kitchen work tables to accomplish more tasks is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Pros and Cons of Glass Kitchen Table Sets

Glass kitchen table sets can make your kitchen look classy and sophisticated.

A glass table is a good piece to have if you’re going for a refined and stylish theme for the dining area.

It’s a good choice for people who intend to use the kitchen table strictly for dining or a few drinks.

It lets out an open yet formal atmosphere which makes the kitchen confined to dining, not lounging around or hanging out.

It’s similar to having something very beautiful and delicate wherein you take extra precaution and refuse to overuse and abuse it.

Glass Kitchen Table Sets

Glass tables are beautiful but on the other side of the coin, they can be very dangerous.

Glass as a material is very fragile which can be associated to the delicate look it adds to a room.

It’s a material rarely used for things that will be used heavily or be subject to pressure or weight.

But as people get creative and technology improves, fragile materials can be used for furniture as long as it is tempered or made to resist easy breakage.

There are three types of glass used for furniture; regular, annealed and tempered.

The latter is said to be the strongest and less prone to breakage due to the process of cooling that it has undergone.

Glass Kitchen Table Sets

Should you go for glass kitchen table sets?

Deciding to have a glass table in the kitchen will depend on who your household members are, the budget you have, the style you’re going for and so much more.

But the most important factor to consider when buying glass kitchen table sets is the safety of your children, if any.

Glass Kitchen Table Sets

Pros of glass kitchen tables

Glass kitchen tables add elegance to the room

Glass is the material for the refined and cultured. A glass kitchen table can make the atmosphere very formal, suitable for well-dressed diners.

Glass kitchen tables helps lighting in the kitchen

The transparent characteristic of glass makes the distribution of light better.

The same characteristics make the room seem airy and fresh.

Glass kitchen tables are easy to clean

Glass tables need only be wiped with a wet piece of cloth.

It does not require any other products to make it smoother or shinier like in wooden tables.

Glass kitchen tables enhances wooden furniture

Glass has a tendency to highlight the beauty of wooden furniture.

Set together with wooden furniture, glass works in the wood’s favor.

Glass kitchen tables adds illusion of a wider space

As counter-height tables’ added height provides an illusion of a wider space, glass tables do the same.

By being able to see through the floor, people get the impression that there is a wider floor space.

Glass Kitchen Tables Sets

Cons of glass kitchen tables

Glass kitchen tables needs constant cleaning.

As easy cleaning goes, glass tables are easily dirtied as well.

From fingerprints to dust, glass shows the dirt easily which require constant cleaning unlike in wooden tables.

Glass kitchen tables can be a safety hazard.

For households with kids or pets, a glass table is not a safe option.

With kids or pets around, clumsy movements can cause the table to break and hurt someone.

Glass kitchen tables can be expensive.

If you will be buying glass tables with tempered glass, expect it to be high in quality but more expensive.

Also, with contemporary designs or styles, glass tables are usually manufactured with less duplication.

Buy cheap table runners and spruce up your dining room

Looking for budget ways to improve your dining room decor?

Cheap table runners are the answer.

Improve the way your table looks instantly buy adding table runners to the usual table linen such as tablecloths and napkins and watch how it instantly looks better.

What are table runners?

They are conventional dining table decor which has gained prominence in the past few years.

Interior home decor being constantly on the rise and changing.

The beauty of table runners is undermined greatly.

The right kind can instantly make a table look brighter and the dining experience, more appealing.

What are table runners?

They are long lengths of cloth, generally rectangular, which “run” across the length of a table.

This serves as a focal point of the table and the cooked dishes may be displayed on this length of cloth.

Antique table runners were made of lace, damask and beautifully designed and etched and modern ones are also lovely.

Did you think they were going to be an unnecessary expense?

Well not if you choose them right.

Table runners come in a wide variety of colors, designs, fabrics and even prices to suit the needs of all home makers.

You can buy cheap table runners online.

Online stores are a boon where shopping is concerned because not only do you get a phenomenal range of options to choose from, you get brilliant deals and discounts, awesome bargains and you can order them from the comfort of your own home.

There are sites dedicated to home decor and even specified living room, dining room, bedroom etc.

Decor so all you have to do is to log onto one of them and look for what you want by browsing through an extensive range of items.

You can order whatever you want from home and from different locations and this is very convenient.

Look for cheap table runners in dining room decor sections.

You can also buy cheap table runners at thrift stores or in antique stores.

Many times, you will be able to source beautiful and old fabric runners from these places.

They might be a little yellowed with age, but their appeal is timeless and the yellowing will only add to the way the dining table looks.

Lace table runners with an edging of lace and self embroidered beautiful designs will add great elegance to your dining table and dining room.

And if you are thinking of being really economical and saving money as far as possible.

You can think about making your own table runners.

This is the cheapest option possible.

Cheap table runners can be fashioned from old fabrics which you might have lying around – old curtains, old bedspreads – they will be an interesting DIY project.

You can even make ornate looking table runners out of the Indian sari, if you have one or can source one from anywhere.

They will surely liven up a boring old tablecloth and add instant pizzazz to your dining table – in a budget and cost effective way.

Lace table runners

Lace table runners are a chic and classy replacement for regular table runners which serve a practical, utilitarian purpose and are aesthetically fulfilling as well.

What exactly are table runners?

Well essentially, they are lengths of cloth that “run” across a table and are used to dress up a dining table, especially during an occasion though many households use it on a daily regular basis as well.

Usually, the runner goes through the middle of the table and run the entire length.

Available in a wide range of designs, patterns and sizes, runners are an effective way to instantly improve the way a table looks.

You do not need to have a tablecloth on a table.

You can easily place a table runner on a bare table to improve its look.

Many people use the runner to place their pots of food on when dinner or lunch is served.

You can also buy coordinating place mats for these runners and add to the decor of your dining room.

While colored and patterned table runners are common and pretty, lace table runners set the bar slightly higher by adding a charming vintage appeal to the table and indeed the room.

Lace table runners add a feminine daintiness to a table and you must be very careful while using them as they are fragile and might stain and tear easily.

Of course, if you buy nylon lace table runners you will not run that risk, they are sturdy and durable bu vintage silk lace table runners need adequate care and gentle handling.

You can use a lace table runner with a contrasting table cloth and smaller runners can be used on coffee tables as well.

Lace table runners are a fantastic choice for weddings, where the color scheme can incorporate lace to reflect the brides choice of wedding theme or color.

Hand sewn lace and antique lace are perfect choices for such occasions.

You can even fashion your own table runner from left over or old lace if you are handy with a needle and this way, you can save your money on home decor.

You do not need to know very advanced sewing, if you can cut an equal length of cloth and then quickly hem a border of lace around it that is all that is required of you.

If you are not confident about it then you can get a local seamstress to do it for you, of course.

You can buy lace table runners at stores which sell table linen and they might be slightly more expensive given the nature of the material used.

You can also shop for them online where you will be able to avail of great discounts and deals.

Be a bit wary when choosing table runners online however and make sure the size and length is correct and according to your table.

In a bid to save money do not order something that you will eventually have no use for and remember, you cannot check quality online.

Damask table runners for your dining room

Damask table runners are heirloom items.

You can probably find it tucked away in a trunk in the attic, wrapped in muslin or in very fine cloth, with precautions taken to ensure that it cannot be eaten up by moths and fungus.

It will be sealed into water tight and air tight containers so that its delicate beauty remains untouched throughout the years and it will be protected lovingly throughout the decades this way, to be handed down to favorite family members.

What are table runners?

They are strips of cloth, broad lengths of beautifully embroidered or colorfully designed cloth that is laid out in the middle of a large table usually.

This does away with the requirement of having a tablecloth all together as many families use the table runner to place their pots and pans of food, carefully balanced on raised stands if the runner in question is of vintage and antique value.

Damask especially, is a favorite fabric when it comes to linen. And if  preserved carefully it will last for a very long time.

Damask is woven on what is known as a jacquard weave loom and it is usually heavily embroidered, though there are plain versions too.

The fabric is also usually reversible – which means it can be used on either side.

Damask table runners can be made of the following materials – linen, cotton, silk and wool and can also be created out of synthetic fibers. What is so unique about damask table runners?

That the weave of the fabric is such that it has long threads which catch the light.

Use damask table runners if your tables are made of polished wood as the burnished sheen of such tables go very well with the creamy whiteness of damask.

You can also use them as a complement to the table cloth that is on your table, only that you have to match the two carefully, which is not that great a problem as the creamy whiteness of damask will go with almost everything – of course a dark table cloth makes more sense here.

Once they have been used, wash them carefully before storing them away again, in a place where moisture and fungus won’t get to them.

Remember to use very mild detergent when you are washing your damask and ensure that you do not use a hot iron on them.

The best idea would be to wash them and let them drip dry in a shaded place.

Damask table runners that are made of silk or wool should be ideally dry cleaned and if you must iron them at home, then put them between two layers of cloth and then iron so that the hot surface of the iron does not touch the damask directly.

Where can you buy damask table runners?

Well almost all stores which sell quality interior products will sell these and you can also look online for plenty designs and bargain deals.

Try getting matching napkins and serviettes with your table runner as well as crockery to complement them and watch your dining table be instantly transformed.

Kitchen Table with Bench and Chairs

A kitchen table with bench and chairs is one of the ways of showing diversity.

Having two different type of seating is a show of variety.

It does not necessarily mean unorganized as most interior designers have been able to get away with mix-matching a lot of pieces that are not from the same period of time or genre.

It can be seen in contemporary art, fashions and so much more.

The mixing of two different elements usually yield to a great end-product if done with prudence or forethought.

In the kitchen, traditional seating is found in most households, however, with kitchens becoming host to a smorgasbord of different designs and styles, finding benches partnered with a dining table is not totally surprising.

Kitchen Table with Bench and Chairs

The bench type seating in kitchens are somehow similar with banquet style seating.

Banquet style seating is sometimes referred to as booth seats; we are talking about seats placed firmly on the floor with back rests.

Many of the homeowners who have this kind of seat converted the space below it as storage drawers.

It is similar to bench seats not in style or design but by the fact that it is both non-traditional yet very popular today.

It is used as space-savers in different ways and for those who have kids, booth seats and bench seats can accommodate more kids.

Kitchen Table with Bench and Chairs

A kitchen table with bench and chairs for your family

For a family with kids, the bench proves to be a good chair for kids to have wider space for sitting or can be used to accommodate more kids as they can squeeze into the chair.

It’s also applicable to adults but in a situation where you are having the best of both worlds, bench and chairs in your kitchen, it provides a few benefits.

Having a bench seat saves space when the dining table is not in use.

You can push it under the table compared to having traditional chairs sticking out even when not in use.

The bench seat can accommodate more people when additional guests come over.

Doesn’t encourage kids to swing the chairs and tipping backwards.

Less accidents.

Although bench seating is for older kids, not safe for toddlers or those who need support or assistance in sitting down.

It can be pulled closer or farther from the table for convenience.

It’s a fun style to incorporate in the kitchen.

Although it sounds great, having bench seats can also have its drawbacks.

It’s not suitable for people who have back problems and need a backrest to support their weight.

Kitchen Table with Bench and Chairs

The bench seats when occupied can make it difficult for the person in the middle to move around or get up without bothering other seated diners.

The arrangement of the table plus the traditional seats and the bench can be done easily.

If you’re really saving space, you can put one side of the table against the wall with the bench seat and have the traditional chairs stick out on the other side.

It’s a good way to position a table with bench and chairs.

Fall In Love with Kitchen Dinette Sets

Kitchen dinette sets encourage intimate dining experiences.

It occupies a small space in your home but contributes a great amount of charm in the room.

It is comparable to bistro tables as it takes up less space than regular dining tables and is a great venue for close and intimate conversations.

A dinette is used for casual dining.

It’s not meant to cater to formal dinners or accommodate a large number of diners; you will have to leave that to large dining tables.

This type of dining set can fit in a corner nook of the kitchen.

It serves well as an alternative dining table.

Kitchens which can spare the space have a regular dining table that cater to five to eight diners and have a dinette table on the side for small meals or snacks.

It can accommodate at most, four people.

A regular dinette set is completed by five pieces, four chairs and one table.

Any more chairs than that and you’re looking at a regular dining table.

Kitchen Dinette Sets

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with dinette sets.

You will find the variety of this type of dining set overwhelming.

Just like any regular dining set, dinettes are made from a number of different materials.

They come in different styles and designs as well.

But what makes this type of dining table special is that it inspires diners to talk in ease and dine with pleasure.

Contribution of kitchen dinette sets to better relationships

Expecting a dinette set to conjure a love life for you is asking too much.

What this type of dining set does however, is strengthen relationships among those living under the same roof.

For retirees whose children have gone on to college or moved out to have their own families, a regular dining table would not be suitable.

When the kids are gone and on their own, it is time for you and your spouse to be as intimate as young lovers were.

Dining far away from each other is unacceptable.

You can keep the regular dining table to use when your kids come home but having a dinette table on the side is a bonus.

Kitchen Dinette Sets

For modern couples who are both working and hasn’t started their own families yet, a dinette table is a good way to start.

You would want to come home and share your stories of the day to you partner and a smaller table is a good venue to do so.

The dining experience with this type of table is warm and it promotes a couple to be close to each other.

With this type of table, there’s no way you can ignore the person sitting in front of you.

It eludes awkwardness; instead it promotes assurance and a supportive atmosphere.

The small table basically encourages people to communicate and to take notice of the other person.

Kitchen dinette sets inspire people to do the most important part of a relationship, communicate with each other.

Defining What Falls Under Cool Kitchen Tables

Cool kitchen tables can be found in a lot of households today.

People no longer settle for traditional wooden dining tables. (Well, some still do.)

We live in a more liberated time where no one person dictates what is norm and what is out of this world.

The standards are tweaked here and there to fit people’s lifestyles.

With that in effect, artistic people have come up with awesome ideas for dining tables.

Who buys these non-standard tables?

This would be people from the same crowd who appreciates the same type of art, only they don’t have the capability to turn it into concrete products.

Defining what counts as cool and what falls on the uncool category really depends on personal perspective.

We are not talking about cold tables when we mention “cool tables.”

We are discussing tables that seemed to have been custom-made for a person’s characteristic or personality.

It is a once-you-see-it-you-know-what-it-is kind of thing.

You see it and you just know it was made just for you.

Cool Kitchen Tables

Giving a straight description of what cool tables would look like would not make everyone understand what it is.

The term ‘cool’ is something people recognize when they see it.

There is no distinct explanation for it. You will be pulling words like “awesome,” “out of this world,” “popular” and so on just to get a good grasp of what is cool.
Cool Tall Kitchen Tables

Cool kitchen tables for different personalities

Different people would define a table “cool” for different reasons.

A gadget enthusiast would fall in love with a table designed in the likes of an iPhone.

A dining table that can double as a ping pong table or a dinette table that is designed like a chess board will gain favors from sport-minded people.

Antique dining tables would meet the definition of “cool” for people who have passion for history.

People who experience a lot of moving in and out of houses or apartments will put modular tables on their list of cool things to own.

Classy personalities will find glass dining tables cool.

Although they won’t use the slang term “cool” due to their refined personality, they might put it in the term “appropriate.”

Very Cool Kitchen Tables

It is not simply what you want or what compliments a person’s personality.

It’s an urban term that covers a very large ground.

It denotes what is “in” or what the current trend is.

It indicates what is popular and strange in its own unique way.

It is an enigmatic word to describe in terms of what the slang meaning is signifying.

In the end, what I may find cool may be boring to another person.

An awesome couch that allows a person to comfortably lie around in may be a disgrace to a Type A personality.

The “cool” simply can’t be limited to a definition.

So when it comes to dining tables, a person can make his own characterization.

Cool kitchen tables can be unique and contemporary tables or it could be a traditional wooden table after all, depending on whose perspective we base it on.

Counter height kitchen table sets to interior designing

Counter height kitchen table sets are manufactured in different styles and designs.

You would find counter-height tables in country, vintage and contemporary styles and the materials used are the same as any standard-height tables, wood, glass, metal or plastic.

Counter-height tables are made in varying length and width.

However, for it to be considered a counter-height table, the height must be somewhere between 34 to 36 inches.

It should be as high as regular kitchen counters.

The height of a standard-height table is somewhere between 28 to 30 inches.

But, there’s also bar-height table which is usually interchanged with counter-height tables.

Bar-height tables are 40 to 42 inches in height.

This is what you see in bars and are meant as a dining table but only for drinks.

To get the right seats for any table, the height of the seats must be at least 10 to 12 inches lower than the table.

Counter Height Kitchen Table Sets

Counter-height tables took inspiration from bistro tables.

Bistro tables were used for drinks or snacks and it can only accommodate two to three people at a time.

Tables in a bistro were made in smaller sizes to fit the place as a smaller version of a restaurant, café or bar.

Bistros are not meant for large gatherings or parties.

Any event held in a bistro has a very intimate atmosphere.

With the small space found in a bistro, tables were made with higher legs to get the impression that the tables are occupying less floor space.

This, in effect, gives the illusion that the room is wide and spacious.

Cool Tall Kitchen Tables

Counter-height kitchen tables are manufactured with the same overall design, only bigger to accommodate more diners.

In small kitchens, counter-height tables provide the same effect bistro tables make in cafés or restaurants.

When designing for a small space, designers take advantage of height to make the room seem bigger.

Benefits of counter-height kitchen tables

It can be used for dining and food preparation.

The height allows a person to prepare ingredients without having to sit down or bend.

The height of the tables makes the kitchen look more spacious, with a wider cleared floor space.

It allows conversation for people who are seated and those who are standing in the kitchen.

It adds splendor to the overall kitchen design. Counter-height tables are made with thin legs, pedestal base or sometimes, with a trestle base.

The unique designs of the counter-table legs can be appreciated more due to the length of the legs.

Same as the effect of bistro tables, counter-height tables provide a less formal atmosphere.

Put that in the kitchen and it becomes a place of mingling, sharing and easy conversation.

When looking for a table set for you kitchen, you’ll have to consider a few things like the theme you’re going for, the design you want, the number of people it must accommodate and more importantly, the budget.

If you’re working with a limited space but want something elegant, counter height kitchen table sets provide a great choice.

Buying Custom Kitchen Tables for Your Home

Whether it’s whim or need, custom kitchen tables are a great way to showcase an artistic mind.

For the most part of furniture shopping, people tend to settle for what stores have to offer.

Sure, there are options for colors, material or size but if you’re looking for something specific, custom-made is the only way to go.

For custom-made furniture, expect to spend more compared to ready-made furniture from the stores.

You’ll be paying for materials, labor and craftsmanship.

But the good thing is, you end up with furniture that will better serve its purpose in your home.

black custom kitchen tables

Benefits of having custom kitchen tables

You get high quality kitchen tables.

Customized tables mean you can pick what material it is made from.

If you intend it to be very solid and sturdy, you can have it commissioned to be made from oak or any other hardwood available.

The choices for materials are plenty; you can go for wood, metal or even glass.

It can be made in unique sizes or shapes.
custom kitchen tables
If you’re filling out an irregularly shaped space in your home, custom made furniture allows you to specify exact measurements for height, width and length to fit perfectly into the space.

It can cater to artistic ideas.

Customized tables can be designed with intricate patterns, carved into strange figures or painted with different colors.

The possibilities are endless and the only thing to worry about is getting the right person to make the designs.

It provides what you need. For a family who has 9 or 12 members, one can have a table made to accommodate all the family members.

Ready-made kitchen tables that can accommodate large numbers of people are hard to find and comes in very few designs.

geometric custom kitchen tables

Finding a unique design for your kitchen table can come from the need to have something that will match the whole theme of the kitchen’s interior design or simply from the requirements you need from the table.

But basically when looking to having a custom-made kitchen table, you’ll have to start with a few steps.

Define what you need. Have your measurements ready and a draft of the design you’re going for.

Find a craftsman that can make your design.

Ask around; ask for recommendations from friends or furniture shops.

Finding the right person to make your table or furniture depends highly on the type of material you intend to use.

You’ll find that an expert in glass work may not be an expert in woodwork as well.

Discuss the budget for the project.

Your craftsman will have a better idea of how much you’ll be spending overall for materials and labor so you can prepare the necessary funds.

Explain your design.

Discuss the details you want up until the smallest aspect of the table.

You’re paying more for custom-made so you might as well get what you really want.

Show the craftsman the space where the tables will be put so he can make his own measurements.

When he has everything he needs, close the deal and have a time frame worked out for the delivery of your custom kitchen tables.
dining sets

Where to Find Discount Dining Sets

Discount dining sets are a good way to cut on costs.

However, despite it being cheaper, it doesn’t always mean you’re buying low quality products.

Dining sets include both table and chairs and buying packaged products usually come cheaper than buying items separately.

As most people believe, it’s “cheaper by the dozen.”

When furnishing your kitchen, you don’t have to break your budget.

There’s a large pool of options for dining sets in different price ranges that will match your budget.

When you’re buying something cheap, think of this way, you’re buying a product that was manufactured in quantity which is why it is sold cheaper.

However, the world is filled with opportunists and you might find yourself in a very bad situation if you don’t take precautions.

Deciding to buy discounted furniture means you’re trying to save money.

So when buying furniture, make sure you buy only from trusted sellers.

You might buy a very cheap dining set thinking it’s a good bargain only to find out later that the table and chairs are not worth a dime.

It’s always advisable to make transactions with people or companies with a good record.
discount dining sets

Where discount dining sets are available

Buy Discount Dining Sets Online

The internet is a very convenient place to shop for absolutely anything you can think of.

As for large items such as furniture or appliances, you’re sure to find them online as well.

There’s no limitation when it comes to marketing on the internet and dining sets are not spared.

You’d find numerous online merchants such as Ebay and Amazon who hosts a site for sellers to showcase their products.

Also, aside from host sites, you’ll find that most big brands have their own website that caters to online orders and purchase.

It’s a very easy shopping experience.

All you need is a little bit of computer skills and a credit card and you can have your dining set delivered to your home.

However, as explained earlier, being conned is very easy, especially through the internet.

So, when buying furniture online, you’ll have to make a little digging about the seller or the website you’re buying from.

Look for reviews from people who have had transactions with the seller and test their communication lines whether by phone or email to see how quick they respond to inquiries.

discount dining tables sets

Dining Sets at Brick and mortar stores

Furniture is usually sold in a lot of general merchandise type of stores.

In these types of stores you would have limited choices as they don’t customize products.

It’s a what-you-see-what-you-get type of store but this is where more often than not, you’ll find discounted dining sets.

However, there are no absolutes when it comes to looking for good bargains.

One may get lucky and find a cheap dining set from a luxury furniture brand, but that’s luck.

For people who can’t afford to be unlucky, it’s best to be certain and buy from trusted stores.

For discount dining sets, TJ Hughes, IKEA or other known furniture stores can definitely provide cheap options with great quality furniture.

Discount Dining Tables in Your Kitchen Why it’s okay

Discount dining tables are perfect alternative to expensive dining sets.

If you’re limited by a budget and can only allocate a small amount for a new dining table, there’s no reason to fuss.

Unless you’re particularly concerned about being original and owning a table design exclusively, you can get your kitchen a dining table that fits your budget.

Numerous department stores sell products on discounted price.

Some may even be more familiar with the term discount stores.

WalMart, the world’s largest retailer falls under a discount store, as well as its competitors Kmart and Target.

If you’ve seen what’s inside their stores, you know that you can practically buy most of the things you need in their store, kitchen furniture included.

So finding a dining table that will serve its purpose and still stay within your price range is won’t be a problem.

Buying discounted items are not something to be ashamed of.

The trend to sell with discount prices began after the World War II.

It was evident again after the Great Recession of 2009.

Consumers begin to be more conscious of their spending habits after a big economic crisis and so, manufacturers and retailers have to use a different strategy in sale if they intend to survive.

Discount prices revolve around a high-volume, low-profit strategy.

This means sellers buy products in bulk so they can sell it cheaper.

While profit is smaller, they rely on quantity.

The more discounted products sold, the bigger the profit.

Why discount dining tables are not so bad

Some people may look at discounted products with suspicion but to give more insight about discounts, here are the most common reasons products are sold on discount.

The store wants to increase their total revenue.

When the price per item in a store goes down, the store’s total earnings can increase.

In a clothing shop, for example, people perceive discounts as bargains.

So, the store is able to sell more clothes at discounted price than at regular prices.

By selling more, the store is increasing their profit through the volume of products they’ve sold.

Aside from that, consumers who buy discounted items often add other products in their total purchase.

The store wants to get rid of outdated items or old stocks.

Goods that are nearing expiration are sold at a discount.

Food is the most common product that has a short expiration.

In the industry of fashion, off-season clothes are sold on discount to make way for the latest season’s clothing.

By selling these products on discount, sellers minimize their losses compared to letting the products expire or remain in the store until it becomes obsolete.

The store wants to invite consumers to try a new product.

During a launch for a new product, sellers normally give it at discounted price or something they call introductory price.

This is a strategy to entice consumers to buy the product, try it and a few weeks after, the products are sold at a higher price.

You’ll rarely find a dining table sold on an introductory price but understanding why products are on discount might convince you to buy discount dining tables when you have a tight budget.

Canadel Kitchen Tables Proper Care Procedures Hacks

Canadel kitchen tables are made from birch wood.

This type of wood has many physical characteristics that make it a suitable material for furniture.

It’s actually one of the most common types of wood used for furniture because it has a beautiful finish due to its fine pores.

Birch wood comes in pale colors and is fine-grained which makes it suitable for veneer due to its attractive satin finish.

A unique type of birch tree known as Masur birch has a rippled texture combined with dark streaks which provides a good design when used for furniture with wide surfaces.

Why is birch wood suitable for furniture?

Birch trees make very stable plywood.

One of the strongest woods for interior use, birch comes in different colors.

Birch trees can be seen in black, grey, and white.

There are varieties that come in yellow and silver as well which can provide variety of colors for making furniture without having to paint the wood and destroy its quality.

More commonly used birch trees are the light colored ones due to the population of such trees.

It’s a strong wood but very flexible.

Its strength proven as it is used to make skateboards and model aircraft.

With its rippled finish combined with its smooth texture, birch has high aesthetic value.
Canadel Kitchen Tables

A birch tree has resinous oil which makes it very resistant to decay.

So, furniture made from birch can last decades without easily deteriorating.

Also, it is closely related to the oak family which is known to make stable and strong furniture.

With the good qualities mentioned, birch makes a suitable material for furniture.

There’s a large market for consumers which is why Canadel Collections use birch to make their products, kitchen tables included.

Tips on protecting Canadel kitchen tables

All wood used for furniture is treated to protect the wood from damage and deterioration.

However, the material is still wood and it will succumb to wear and tear eventually.

With Canadel furniture, Catalyzed Lacquer is used to treat the wood.

It makes the wood resistant to scratching or marking but as mentioned earlier, even treatment won’t protect the wood forever.

So, as owner of a kitchen table made by Canadel, it’s best to take measures to protect your furniture.

You’re ensured of a sturdy and long-lasting table.

Function-wise, Canadel tables can last years.

But when it comes to its physical appearance, this is where extra care must be taken.

Additional information is that humidity can damage wood.

Constant exposure to humidity over long periods of time contributes to the overall deterioration of wood.

So you will have to add this into the equation.

Minimize the exposure to sunlight and heat from heaters, stoves or fireplaces.

Don’t drag it on the floor; you’ll be damaging both floor and table.

To protect the table’s surface from scratching or staining, put a glass on top.

It will allow you to see the smooth design of the wood.

But some don’t like using a glass or place mats on top the table, so it’s best to have knowledge on how to properly clean Canadel tables.

There’s no need for special cleaning sprays or formula.

You only need water and cloth to clean or wipe stains on Canadel kitchen tables.
Kitchen Table Canadel

White linen tablecloths for your home

White linen tablecloths are a beautiful and classy way to transform your humble kitchen or dining space.

Depending on where you dining table is, into a sophisticated nook for dining.

Linen has always been a popular choice where tablecloth and table linen is concerned simply because it is easy to clean and does not soak up spills etc. or stain too drastically.

So bearing this in mind it would be safe to assume that even white linen tablecloths would be a fantastic choice for the home.

Pretty white linen tablecloths instantly spruce up your table, especially if it a dark polished wood one.

The contrast of the burnished wood and the pristine white of the cloth will hark back to traditional concepts of decorating the table with vintage linen which was white and trimmed with lace.

You can shop for self patterned and embroidered white linen tablecloths online where you are sure to get a great advantage in prices, seeing that online stores offer the best deals and discounts in town.

You can also compare rates and browse through an endless variety of designs before settling on a style and price that suits you best.

White linen tablecloths go with all kinds of decor and there is no need to specially redo your space to accommodate them.

What is more, they come in different shades of white as well as patterns and there is something for everyone to choose from.

In fact, vintage white linen tablecloths look the best so the next time you are passing by an antique or thrift store, keep your eyes open for one.

Better still, check in the old trunks in your attic for forgotten family  table linen, which may be slightly yellowed with age but still priceless and beautiful.

White linen tablecloths with lace look even more delicate and pretty than normal ones so you could buy a set to bring out during special occasions.

When buying tablecloths, it is a good idea to buy an  entire table linen set of napkins and serviettes and table runners if you wish, to make your dining table look elegant and complete in its decor.

If you do not want stark white tablecloths then choose ones with a slightly colored trim or ruffle to offset its beauty.

Washing and drying linen is easy – however do not wring it after a wash because the wrinkles that will form will be difficult to remove even with a hot iron.

Always use good quality detergent for white linen tablecloths as you do not want the whiteness to discolor and fade away.

Harsh chemicals and detergents will also fray the material and make it weak and susceptible to tearing.

Contrast your white table linen with bunches of brightly colored flowers in vases and perhaps colored or printed place mats and watch your dining table come alive.

White always brings out the best of everything else so your crockery and other dining accouterments will look even better placed on pristine white linen.

Buy black and white tablecloth for a checkerboard effect

A black and white table cloth is a striking accent for a table cloth and the best way to jazz up a boring dining room.

Black and white might look stark by itself but it adds a touch of glamour to a room which would be otherwise rather plain.

The best part of this monochromatic color scheme for a tablecloth is that they would go with any kind of decor, you do not have to think too much when it comes to interior decor matching with a black and white upholstery or table linen.

A black and white table cloth will add a harlequin effect to the dining table.

You can go for the most common pattern for black and white table cloth designs, the checked pattern.

You can go for broad checks with clearly defined checked pattern or you can go for slightly smaller checks for a more uniform look.

Tiny checked patterns all over the table cloth will make it visually appealing.

Stripes are also a very good choice when it comes to black and white table cloth because this adds glamour to the room and makes the table look larger, as it were.

Even a small table would look really good with a black and white table cloth and this monochromatic color scheme will elongate it and make it look bigger.

A black and white table cloth is fuss free because the rest of the interior decor of the dining room does not need to be matched with it.

It goes with all kinds of dining room decor and this is the reason why many people prefer it.

A black and white table cloth will obviously go the best with a monochrome interior decor.

Have a white dining room with brightly painted, pristine white walls and accessorize this with black crockery, cutlery and of course, a black and white table cloth.

A monochromatic table cloth with a haphazard design is also a good addition to a dining room and will help the look of the dining table.

If you do not want to go for an all black and white decor then it is important you contrast a black and white table cloth with different colored crockery.

A bright red vase, brightly colored bowls in yellow,orange or green, prettily cut glass tumblers in bright colors with patterns on them.

The options are endless and there will be a lot of variety in the stores near you.

Even the napkins and other table linen like table runners can be contrasted with the monochrome table cloth.

A black and white decor, however, is only suited to a modern and contemporary home.

Traditional and country style decor usually do not incorporate modern style black and white decor because it jars with the traditional wooden and polished look with heavy curtains and other conventional elements.

However, if your house is done up in the modern style, it can be well decorated with black and white decor which includes your dining room.

In fact, a monochrome decor will make it look nice and bright.

So do consider this color scheme when you plan your dining room.

View on Modern Kitchen Table Sets

Modern kitchen table sets revolve around artistic yet simple designs.

These designs, if showed to people who lived a century ago would find the tables and chairs outrageous and very out of place in their kitchens.

It comes with straight lines and a fine finish.

With the quality of work done to make it even and equally measured, it would have had a very high value in the market.

Back then, it would have been impractical to spend money on something so non-essential.

At that time, it even might have been considered unusual to have something so clean.

It would have been viewed as very nonconformist in an era that eyed ‘uniqueness’ suspiciously.

Back in those days, tables and chairs were simply functional. Aesthetic didn’t matter much.

What was important is that the furniture can do what it was made for.

If one could sit on the chairs and eat on the table then it’s enough.

However, our times are different.

modern kitchen table and chair

The era we live in caters to artistic minds and is very receptive to changes and extreme ideas.

We’re living in a time where ‘modern’ is viewed with great respect and appreciation.

With receptive consumers, artists and designers have grown bolder and are using modern designs and mixing them with different styles of interiors designs.

What is contemporary and modern interior designing?

People usually interchange contemporary and modern thinking it’s the same.

However, modern was coined to depict the Mid Century Modern.

This simply was a description of interior design that was clean, using natural materials such as hardwood, leather or others.

It’s an interior design that involves white walls and bare floors.

It revolves around the idea of “clean” and does not involve a lot of decorations.

With contemporary interior designs, we’re talking about the trend today.

It can not be defined properly because the “new thing” today might change a few months after.

Whatever is in today, then it is what we consider contemporary.

So, with a modern kitchen table set, we’re talking about tables and chairs made with neutral colors and natural materials.

Most common would be hardwood or even natural stones.

They come with a fine and sleek finish.

modern kitchen table

What do modern kitchen table sets contribute to a room?

We’re seeing more interior designs that mix contemporary and modern.

If the kitchen has a contemporary theme, a modern table set will complement the overall design well.

The contemporary style with its simple and uncluttered design is a perfect pair for the modern table sets.

This type of style on tables and chairs are clean and has no nonsense accessories.

It’s very minimalist.

Both table and chairs are unadorned so if combined with contemporary, it works wonders.

It adds style yet remains to be very minimalist.

The overall design may seem plain but with a receptive eye, one can see the beauty of modern designs mixes with other styles.

With modern kitchen table sets in a contemporary kitchen, it puts the theme a notch higher on the “clean” look.
modern table for kitchen

Designs for Vintage Kitchen Tables

Vintage kitchen tables provide a unique charm as it mixes with modern interior designs.

Despite the primitive look, there’s a feeling of coziness that comes from having an antique piece in the midst of a contemporary theme.

In this case, we’re talking about tables.

Tables are one of the oldest known furniture and so it’s not surprising to find that it is very versatile.

It’s been used for different purposes and over the years, different styles and designs were made to cater to those needs.

Today, it’s known to be multi-purpose.

It’s heavily used in kitchens for preparing and sharing meals, doing homework and others.

It’s certainly a piece of furniture that will be missed once taken out from the kitchen.

Since a table could be a focal point in the kitchen, it’s not surprising to find designers mixing vintage tables with contemporary themes.

farmhous Vintage Kitchen Tables

Different styles of vintage kitchen tables

Butler’s table.

It originated in the 18th century; it is designed with a detachable tray and is supported by four legs with an x-frame.

The tray has hinged sides with handholds meant to be for serving food or tea.

Console table.

Also from the 18th century, it was designed with two legs and one un-decorated side.

The un-decorated side was meant to be attached against a wall using brackets and is usually rectangular in shape.


It’s shaped as a half-moon in which the flat side can be kept against the wall.

Some designs come with a drop-leaf that can form a full circle.

It was designed to save space in times that the table is not needed.

Trestle table.

Dating back from the Middle Ages, this is the most common European table.

It consists of a large and heavy rectangular board supported by rigid vertical frames.

These frames are in turn supported by one horizontal piece in the middle.

These are only a few styles of antique tables and are mostly from the Middle Ages.

On a more recent note, table designs from the 50’s and 60’s are a hot pick for modern kitchens.

The style is of a basic one, a flat board with four legs.

The unique vintage touch comes with the color scheme and designs.
found Vintage Kitchen Tables

What gives a table the ‘vintage look’?

If we’re talking about middle-age antiques, it would all fall on the quality of material and authenticity of the style but if we’re talking of the 50’s and 60’s tables, there’s no distinct definition for the design done on tables.

Vintage Kitchen Tables

The vintage effect of the 50’s and 60’s tables can be explained by what occurred in the Atomic Age.

It was what designers called this period when designers began to use bright colors boldly.

Extreme colors were combined such as red and gold while still keeping the lighter shades such as beige, avocado green, light yellow and others.

Vintage kitchen tables are very flexible when it comes to design which is why when determining whether a table design falls under the vintage bracket, it would highly depend on the color combination and not only on the style.

Vintage Kitchen Tables Best Ideas

What are the best vintage kitchen tables?

The kitchen is usually the one room house was filled with activities, such as for cooking and eating great cuisine itself.

For the selection of the kitchen is usually aligned with the other space, as to keep pace with other space so that your guests or homeowners themselves can be relaxed and comfortable in the course of processing and produce delicious dishes.
Vintage Kitchen Tables

Vintage Kitchen Tables Arrangement

Vintage themed kitchen should contain balance furniture, to do so vintage kitchen tables should be there also.

For now, many choices of style or arrangement of your kitchen, ranging from the selection of interior and choice of theme are available.

Depending on your choice in the selection of each of these, but for those of you who love the retro style or old style in the 50’s were memorable grand, stately vintage-style kitchen is perfect for you.
Vintage Kitchen Tables Formica
In designing vintage kitchen tables, we have to pay more attention also for another complementary stuff.

Vintage design actually has an ambiguous meaning, because it shows the choice of design or style of the past, the kitchen itself is actually very good vintage is aimed at having a spacious kitchen.

There are some furniture and accessories to decorate or make such vintage style kitchen wood stove, use creamy white cabinets, do not forget to put a large table in the middle, for a good arrangement can be given in addition to a large simple vintage wooden kitchen tables for more details, we can go hunting to the second-hand market, because there are usually more complete
Vintage Kitchen Tables Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Tables Tips

For a small kitchen is equally an idea, there is also a vintage style to a small space like a bar of old models, so we can eat breakfast bar with chairs or table against the wall, to the color also should be lit or bright colors.

There was also a table type, but for the whole is actually the best thing is that the table has a lightweight material, stainless or anti rotten, high quality wood here also included.

For table there are several different types Dreanert covering design, design Ozio, and design Berloni and Horm.

Vintage kitchen tables should be matched with vintage kitchen tables chairs.
Vintage Kitchen Tables Retro

Farmhouse Wooden Kitchen Tables

Go country with farmhouse wooden kitchen tables.

This is the perfect choice if you have desire to have wooden country style kitchen in your house.

Most people prefer to have modern or traditional styles of kitchen.

Besides easy to get, these two kitchen style can match for most of house designs.

However, country kitchen style can offering another challenge.

There is always something classy to put classic in the house.

Warmer atmosphere and the sweet simplicity of vintage thing can easily to make your home feel homier.

And who says that the country kitchen style is hard to be blend with other styles?

Country is about bring you back to nature, to your childhood; bring you home.

Farmhouse Wooden Kitchen Tables

Farmhouse wooden kitchen tables are perfectly suitable for you if you have big family in the house.

The farmhouse table is long, big enough for 8 people sitting around it.

Bring your extended family in, you will need at least one giant farmhouse wooden table to accommodate the whole members.

It might reminds you to your grandmother’s dining table, but you can easily change the atmosphere by changing the appearance of the table into more private romantic vintage dinner.

And it is easy to do.

Believe it or not, the older the table the highest value it will cost.

The Garth Americana Auction in Ohio recently show the popular old pine farmhouse kitchen table from early 1800s, and it is sold for $1,692.

The table known as the Harvest Table from 19th century, at first this table may not be as precious as it is now.

The most suitable farmhouse wooden kitchen tables’ style to be set in the modern home style nowadays is the French farmhouse dining furniture.

The wood use may not be as old as the Harvest Table above, but it still worth to have.

It can accommodate 8 to 10 people and blend with shabby chic or vintage design interior.

The material use to build this type of table is usually oak, beech, cherry wood, wild wood, and maple.

Some furniture store offer handmade farmhouse wooden kitchen table.

The quality usually a lot higher than those produce on factory but it also comes with some price.

Farm Wood Kitchen Table

So, start to plan for vintage, shabby chic or country home interior design, you will never regret for having such old fantastic furniture in the house.

It will never look less beautiful than modern or traditional kitchen design.

Minimalist Dining Table

Trend of minimalist home appliances and Minimalist Dining Table already start almost one decade ago and now the popularity seem have been arise and developed by many additional natural look, eclectic sense, contemporary appliances, or even mixed with traditional style.

There are some main characteristics of minimalist design, they are includes:

Minimalist Dining Table

The minimalist home appliances designed based on the fundamental functional reason rather than beauty decorative or artistic reasons.

Certain thing on the room which consider does not have any function at all are better removed.

That is why, the minimalist home appliances itself often designed to be very attractive.

The minimalist home appliances concern about quality rather than quantity.

One appliance often designed to have two or more functions.

The only maintenance the minimalist home design need is to keep it clean.

Everything is storage well, and leaves the entire room look clean and glossy.

The minimalist dining table using quite the same basic reason when it was made.

Dining table is the important part of the house.

It is the place where you spend at least twice a day eating together with your whole family members; breakfast and dinner.

If you want to make the right decision in choosing minimalist dining table, here are some tips for you:

You can choose to use customize furniture rather than the ready stock.

The customize furniture can make your dining room look extremely unique, represent your true personality and preferences.

You can also add carpet underneath to ease your feet.

As the alternative, simply choose wood as the main material for flooring.

Combine two matching colors to get two tone minimalists design.

Black and white sounds very classy but always looks elegant combined with any furniture or kitchen appliances.

Bright colors for your wall, kitchen cabinet, or countertops will give your minimalist dining table contemporary look.

Choose the minimalist chair to complete your minimalist dining table.

If you choose the customize dining table, make sure he chair will match well with the table, unless you intend to have more eclectic look.

Modern Minimalist Dining Table

The most important thing in choosing dining table is that the table needs to meet your financial condition perfectly.

Match with the size of the space and your family needs could be a round glass dining room table.

Normally the minimalist appliances are suitable with smaller size of home or the studio apartment size.

But it will complete the normal size of the house as well.

Things to Consider when Choosing Dining Table Designs

There are a lot of dining table designs that one can choose from when shopping for kitchen furniture.

For the most part, homeowners start scouting for furniture even when the house is not yet complete.

The dining table is one of the most important furniture in the house.

It’s situated in the most used room which is why shopping for the right table can take homeowners a long time.

Tables sold in the market come in so much variety.

There are numerous forms, shapes and different styles sold in brick and mortar stores and even online.

You’ll find casual dining tables and formal dining tables, tables that can accommodate a large number of guests or tables for small family gatherings.

In any case, you’ll have to check a few things first.
Minimalist Dining Room Tables

Factors to consider when looking at dining table designs

It’s important to shop for the right table.

Even if you didn’t intend the dining table to be the center piece in the room, it’s usually automatic that people see it as a focal point.

So when looking for a dining table, there are a few factors you’ll have to consider.

Dining Table Designs Style

The style of the overall interior design or the style that you are aiming to achieve in the room is the biggest factor you have to consider.

If the kitchen is only being renovated, you’ll have to choose a table that will match the existing designs in the room.

You have more options when the kitchen is newly built.

Either way, when choosing a style, make sure to complement the interior design.

If you’re going for a retro design, try to check out retro or vintage tables.

However, this shouldn’t hinder you from mixing different styles if you want to achieve an eclectic feel in the room.

Dining Table Design

The basic design of tables is usually categorized by shape.

Choosing your preferred shape can be based on the dimensions of the room.

Also, it can be based on the number of diners you regularly have.

Included in this category is the type of material you want.

Will you be going for wood, glass or metal?

Will you be using table tops or tables with glossy finishes?

You’ll have to consider the maintenance work required and how you can keep up with it.

Dining Table Designs Size

The size of the room will dictate the size of your table.

When buying a table, you have to make sure that the chairs can be pulled out easily and that when a person is seated, there’ll still be enough space for walking around the table. Some tables are made as a space-saving solution.

Examples of these tables are expandable tables or foldable tables.

Dining Table Designs Set or separate pieces

Most tables sold in stores come with a set of chairs.

If you want a uniformed look to your dining table, you’d be better off buying one set but for those who prefer to have a little diversity, you can pick different chairs to match.

However, the more complex and intricate the design on the table, the more difficult it can be to find matching chairs.

Dining Table Designs Budget

The last factor you need to think about is the costing.

When working with a low budget, you can always find discount dining sets.

A small budget can still offer a variety of dining table designs to choose from.

Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Stay on top of the trend and go for contemporary dining room sets.

If you are the type of person who wears updated wardrobe and is usually seen in the newest restaurants and cafés then you would understand the importance of keeping the same vigilance when it comes to our homes.

Fashion should be a statement that is not only shown in clothing and accessories.

For one to be called fashionable, it should be a way of living.

When a guest enters your house, sees your living room, kitchen and bathroom, the stylishness should be obvious.

It doesn’t mean you have to keep buying new furniture and decorations.

Keeping up with the trend doesn’t mean having to break your budget.

The street-smarts know that being fashionable doesn’t mean buying proprietary items.

It is understandable that when it comes to apparel, there are only a few items you really need to invest in and the rest can be bought cheaply.

Shoes and bags are items that can be expensive when staying in-style but when it comes to clothing, a lot of people can sport cheap clothing and still look fashionable.

It is the same when it comes to the interior of your home.

Spend a little more on contemporary dining room sets

Decorations inside the house are easily changed.

We see a new center piece and we replace our old one.

It works the same with the rest of the small things.

But when it comes to the bulkier and bigger things in the house, replacing doesn’t come easy nor does it come cheap.

In your kitchen, you will need to invest on things that will heavily be used.

Aside from your kitchen appliances, your dining table will be used on a daily basis.

Old kitchen tables or traditional tables when mixed with the right decorations and accessories can impress an overall contemporary theme.

But if your interior design doesn’t work that way, the best option is to go for dining sets that work fashionably well with different designs and themes.

If you want to keep up with the modern trends but have no plans on changing your dining set quarterly, buy modern dining sets with the right colors and designs.

Colors like grey, black and white are never out of fashion.

In fact, grey kitchen cabinets are very trendy that they mix well in different styles of interior designing.

So when it comes to dining tables, you can stay fashionable by sticking to these three colors.

The design can be from any style you can find but it’s the color that will keep you in style.

For the next decade, grey, black and white will still be popular when it comes to furniture.

There’s no immediate need to change your dining set.

But whenever you are financially ready, the market is filled with affordable dining sets.

They come in modern designs and styles that will match your sense of style.

So, dine fashionably with contemporary dining room sets.

Scandinavian Dining Room

Any Scandinavian design will remain you to the small villages in European countries.

It is classic, natural, simple, bright, and unique. Rather than playing with color to make the impression, the Scandinavians prefer to use unique shapes of the furniture.

At a glance, it may seen as the modern eclectic shapes of furniture you usually seen on the magazines, but if you want to take a look little bit further, it look more natural minimalist rather than eclectic.

The unique shape of the Scandinavian dining room furniture, like chair and old kitchen are the old concept of popular European furniture that still being used up until now.

Talk about color, the off white usually dominates the whole space.

White considered as the interior key for the Scandinavian dining room, this is the reason all the furniture, the wall, and other appliances colored by off white.

If the owners intend to make small change about the atmosphere, to get the whole room become warmer, they usually add more natural warm colors like grass green, wooden brown, red, brick red, yellow mustard, or maroon.

The simplest additional appliances to make the Scandinavian dining room warmer without paint another color is by adding sweet centerpieces like bouquet of roses, carnations, or daisies in cheerful colors.

The strong characteristic of Scandinavian style is that it always brings the homey atmosphere.

It may designed with the modern appliances and furniture,  some of the texture, patterns, or color combinations will always stick to the traditional path of room design.

There is always cultural accessories placed somewhere in the Scandinavian dining room.

It can take form as candlestick, vases, paintings, and many other more.

Most of Scandinavian style using old rustic kitchen table that are finished well, sometimes covered by the white linen to show classy polite impression.

But in many informal occasion, they presser not to cover the table up, and proudly show the true wooden material used to build the table.

Sometimes, not even a single place mat was seen.

This is the natural way of Scandinavian life, to live as close as they can to the natural material.

The chair use to be use in the dining room, usually made of wood with unique shapes, but velvet studded also become favorite choice for Scandinavians family for long time.

It put expensive and elegant look for the room.

Formal Dining Room Sets Better than Other Dining Sets

Formal dining room sets used to be found in every respectable man’s home.

Before the rise of shabby chic or cottage style interior designing, every well outfitted home had a formal dining set with china decorations to match it.

For homeowners who have great appreciation for the classic designs, anything less than a formal dining set is unacceptable.

But there is no standard when it comes to interior designing.

A lot of contemporary designs are more diverse and less prone to following customary styles.

We’ve moved past the point when style was dictated by the rich class.

The diversity in people’s culture and style has opened a lot of doors for more creativity to work in interior designing.

Also, builders have to manage with a smaller space in newer homes today.

Not every household has a formal dining set now.

Depending on the budget, the personality and the space available, most people opt for more practical solutions.

But of course it doesn’t mean that the classic option of formal dining tables is not the best.

Classics are always better in most cases.

Reasons why formal dining room sets are better

There are people who aren’t ready to dismiss classic furniture sets just yet and here are the reasons why. Formal dining sets are:

Formal Dining Room Sets are Clean

Formal dining tables have a crisp look to it.

Unlike contemporary shabby dining tables, people tend to keep formal dining tables always clean.

The formality in the design requires homeowners to maintain its cleanliness.

Like how a person’s characteristic completely changes when wearing formal attire compared to jeans and sneakers.

Formal Dining Room Sets are Glamorous

They impress an atmosphere of luxury.

Dining chairs upholstered with velvet, tables with intricate designs carved onto the legs.

Hardwood such as oak or mahogany subtly implies aristocratic descent.

The dining set can impress a quiet opulence making the homeowners seem well-off.

Formal Dining Room Sets are Cozy

Remember formal dining sets have upholstered chairs.

This makes diners more comfortable with the added cushion.

Also, you will find designs that have tables paired with chairs that have arm rests.

This encourages diners to stay and linger in the dining table.

Formal Dining Room Sets are Refined

The style is graceful and mannerly.

It sets the mood for the dinners to maintain proper etiquette during eating.

It impresses the need to act in accordance to what is expected of you.

Other people might not think highly of a formal dining table due to the “uptight” attitude associated to it.

Somehow it seems like the formality demands a certain excellence from the diners and while it seems like the table promotes a tense atmosphere, it can be directed towards a lighter and more laid-back mood.

Setting the mood around the dining table is completely dependent on the diners themselves.

Even with a cheap and shabby dining table, a family can incorporate an air of formality during dining.

With that said, the formal dining room sets are still better by most standards and if the uptight atmosphere it gives bothers you, you can always find ways to change the mood.

Farm Kitchen Table

Farm kitchen table always has close meaning to the old kitchen table made from wood, have simple shape, unpainted, and look very natural.

Their appearances are rarely accompanied by table cover, because the beauty of the table actually comes from its wood, the shape, and the natural color.

Although look old, the farm kitchen table can be easily adjust with some kind of kitchen style, like traditional style, vintage style, shabby chic style, Mediterranean style, European style, American style, modern style, even with small combination with the Asian style.

The kitchen style that may less suitable for farm kitchen table for example is retro kitchen style.

Farm Kitchen Table

Like other kitchen furniture, the farm table also has some type, like the original, rugged, geometric, recycled, zinc topped, custom designed and many other more.

To get a perfect kitchen matching style, it will be better if you adjust the type of the table first or choose the farm kitchen table based on the kitchen style.

Geometric or zinc topped farm table will be with modern kitchen cabinetry.

Another idea is original, rugged, and custom designed that are will be perfectly match with vintage, rustic, or shabby chic kitchen design.
Farm Kitchen Table Plans
Because of its natural appearance, you can mix the farm kitchen table with any color or material.

Combine farm table with wooden flooring, and natural stone backsplash on your countertop will create natural traditional kitchen design.

Or you can combine it with all glass, silver and white parts and furniture; it will bring you to modern classic kitchen design.

Many other styles can be built by using a single table.

Anyway, to get easier trick, you can simply choose the table to match your existing kitchen design, like I have mention above or consult your architect or interior designer for further information.

Some farm kitchen table also combined with other material as the topper.

You might have seen it in the furniture store or manufacturer, that there is a wooden farm table with granite, marble, or laminate as the topper.

Each of material toppers has its own positive and negative effect to the table maintenance including the wooden table legs.

Usually the under parts will require more maintenance before the topper, especially if the topper using hard materials like granite or marble.
Farm Kitchen Table and Chairs

Anyway, you can always use the table for any kitchen necessity; consider the durability, the maintenance cost, the cleaning to make your kitchen table long lasting.
Small Marble Top Kitchen Table

Marble Top Kitchen Tables

Why choosing marble top kitchen table as your top choice?

That question can be answer by telling you a list about the marble superiority compare to other material.

Everyone should have been notice that marble is one of the most expensive materials for kitchen countertops.

Don’t not argue about its beauty and elegance, the marble countertops appearance is already bring some kind of own pride for the owner.

Marble is durable, softer than granite, easier to be clean, as well as if you intend to cut it, or polish it.

Behind its popularity of its beauty, marble consider to bring the same big challenge for the disadvantages.

Below is more information about marble top kitchen tables.

White Marble Top Kitchen Tables

The primary substance of marble also can be found in limestone.

It is formed from metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock.

Compared to its rival – granite, the marble has lower density and more porous.

However, these two conditions make marble easily stained, and prone to be damage by acid, heat or even water.

If you choose marble top kitchen tables as your dining furniture, you should be super careful in keeping your table from liquid.

High cost of maintenance may be required to keep your marble kitchen countertops the same beautiful as you buy it for the first time.
Round Marble Top Kitchen Tables
If we look from the artistic side, we will find out that there is nothing more attractive than marble top kitchen tables.

First, it is available in various colors and hues.

Whatever colors you bring on your kitchen, marble will always bring such natural glow that no other stone would give, even granite.

The colors are vary depend on where the marble found.

The usual colors are white, brown, olive green, grey, light grey, black, and red brick.

Each color are unique, this will make it rather hard to replace the marble parts, if it is broken, ruin or damage.
Marble Top Kitchen Tables
Consider its porous and lower density, many home designers think that it will be better to use marble as the material in any place at home which doesn’t require high traffic.

Use it as bar tops, vanity tops, wall cladding, fireplaces or backsplash is better than use it as kitchen table, dining table or any other areas with high traffic unless you are willing to spend more money for its maintenance.

Well, it is always worth to make a great deal between high maintenance with the high investment you might make by choosing marble top kitchen table as your main furniture.
Marble Top Kitchen Island Table

Antique Kitchen Table

Furniture never grows old even though it is already out of the league.

It is even more favored lately for the classy and historical emotions in it.

Some people are reluctant to throw their antique away because of this historical reason.

Well, your antique can be your priced treasure if you are able to preserve them well and revive its long lost beauty.

You can even use them again to makeover the face of your house or kitchen.

If you are keeping an antique kitchen table in your warehouse, why don’t you let it out and display it for the others to see?

Here are some tips on antique kitchen table for you.

Antique Kitchen Table

Check for the condition. Take your antique kitchen table out get some light and check every part of your kitchen table.

Check if some parts of it are broken and need changing and fixing or not.

Check again if it is still firm enough to hold heavy materials that you will put on it such as eating utensils and stuff.

If it is still in perfect shape, you can re use it again by remodeling it or refurnishing it.

If it is beyond fixing, you have no choice but to give it up.

Changing the parts can be tricky for an antique kitchen table.

If the parts which are broken are only some minor parts, you can change them with new parts which have the same color and materials.

If you only need to add accessories, get something which blend with the antique look of your table.

You can even make a vintage table by combining some parts of your old antique kitchen cabinets with other new wood planks to create a brand new vintage kitchen table.

Antique Kitchen Table Wood

The beauty of an antique kitchen table lies on the unique design and colors or pattern of the old rustic woods.

Make sure that you preserve those elements in refurnishing your cabinets.

Avoid changing the style as much as you can if you decide on remodel it unless it is extremely necessary.

Painting your antique kitchen color will erase the antique of it and it will only be another vintage kind of style.

Refurnish it will do but if your kitchen table is painted already, you just need to find the best color for it.

Your kitchen table will seem as good as new but still screams antique from its design.

Antique Kitchen Table

Antique kitchen table can be priceless as the time goes by as long as you keep them well, you can invest on it.

Do not let them rotten uselessly in your stockroom.

Use them to the world to see.

Black Kitchen Table

Black is the most neutral color ever.

Not only it suits any other color fine, but it also brings out other colors near to it.

A black kitchen table can be perfect for your kitchen too since it is not easy to get dirty and it can be the focal point of your kitchen.

People are drawn by darker colors than brighter ones.

Vivid colors are preferred because they symbolize firmness and solemnity.

Modern Black Kitchen Tables

Black kitchen table is perfect if combined with white.

They fit together as the north and the south a polar opposite.

The combination of these two colors will give your kitchen a pristine look without risking it to be pale and dull.

Match your black kitchen table with white cabinets and darker colored granite countertops.

The focal point of the kitchen will make the plain cabinets look outstanding.

Brighter colored glass backsplash tile will be a great mixture.

Choose grey or silvery colors which will not kill your white cabinets and enliven the space between your cabinets and countertops.

Add white ceramic or black hard stone sink with darker colored faucets.

Black Kitchen Table

If you opt for a classy looking kitchen with traditional feel in it, you can combine your black kitchen table with any wooden furniture you have since it blends with any color.

Remember to add some brighter color in your kitchen as to avoid it to be dim and spooky.

Combine it with wooden countertops, brighter colored cabinets and washed out colored wall with ceramic or natural stone backsplash to get the best traditional country kitchen.

Black Kitchen Table with Storage

Add some silver or white china to go with your black kitchen table.

Eating utensils in silver will look more sparkling if you put them on a black colored table since black brings out any colors put on it.

White china with a little black line or patterns will do outstanding to garnish your fine dining event.

The contrast will give more accents to your regular china that it even in par with the silver ones.

If you want to add accent to your black kitchen table, you can add some colors on it.

Apply some silver or gold on the trim of your table and do not let the trim dominate the table.

Use gold and silver to accentuate the edges and curves of your table.

The simple addition will make your regular black kitchen table looks grand.

Black Kitchen Table with Bench

Your black kitchen table is your hidden treasure.

You just need to find its beauty and furnish it a little, put it in the right place with the right friends and it will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

If you have a small kitchen and still wishing for a space in it for your family to have their family dinner together, a drop leaf kitchen table can be your life savior.

This kind of foldable table is very efficient since you can make use of your limited space in your kitchen as much as possible.

You can put them anywhere you want according to your kitchen lay out and setting.

If you choose to set one in your kitchen, here are some tips in choosing a drop leaf kitchen table for you.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

A drop leaf kitchen table is the ultimate match for a smaller kitchen.

You can always combine or attach your drop leaf table with your L shaped countertops to make a U kitchen set which enables you to have both bigger prep area on your countertops and small serving area for your serving table as well.

It will not obstruct the movement of your triangle working space and you can use it according to your need.

Adjust the size of your drop leaf table with your need.

You can fold them back whenever you feel like you need more space to move.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Small Spaces

You can even attach a drop leaf table with your island.

If you have bigger G shaped kitchen you can use a drop leaf kitchen table as your serving area and set it next to your island in the middle.

You can use one side for prepping and one side for serving.

Unfold your drop leaf table when you entertain more guests and fold it back when you do not need it.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Set

A drop leaf kitchen table is available in any kinds of style and design.

You just need to adjust them with your kitchen theme since it is appropriate for any kinds of kitchen style.

For a country kitchen, white painted or natural wooden colored drop leaf table is perfect.

It will add the rustic feeling and put some accent on it by the dropping leaf of the table.

As for a modern kitchen, choose the simple designed ones with any color which match with your kitchen theme.

Square and sharp corners are better options to sharpen the edges of your sleek and modern kitchen.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Plans

Choose carefully in buying a new drop leaf kitchen table.

If you buy antique make sure that the joints are well and firm.

Choose the best materials as not to break if you fold and unfold it many times.

As for accessories, you can put anything you want on it according to your need.

Add some lighting and it will be perfect for your drop leaf kitchen table.

Country Kitchen Tables

Your country kitchen table is the focal point for you country kitchen designs.

Choosing the right table for your kitchen theme will do extremely good in keeping your kitchen as effective as possible with the availability of space both for working and serving.

Remember that you have too choose the right models and according to its functions and blending options. Here are some tips for you.

Country Kitchen Tables

The first thing you have to consider is about the function of your table.

Country kitchen usually has a big table in the middle of the kitchen or an island with hanging kitchen ware on top of your table, dried vegetables or grasses.

If your kitchen table will be used for serving, I don’t think those unnecessary appliances are needed above your kitchen table.

Take them off, keep them somewhere away from your serving table and add more light to illuminate it for your family’s comfortable dinner.

But if you want your country kitchen table for prepping the food, you may need that hanging kitchen ware for a better access and efficient cooking.

Country Kitchen Tables 2012

The next is the size.

If you will have a serving table, think about how many people will sit regularly on your table.

If you only have 5 people in your family, medium sized country kitchen table will be enough but if you have more you may need bigger sized ones.

You can play some tricks with smaller stools or chairs if you have limited options on space.

Choose the right materials.

Country kitchen is all about rustic and traditional.

Avoid metal for your country kitchen table.

Try to choose woods or granite or any other materials which represent the rustic elements needed for your kitchen.

If you have woods, keep the natural color or paint them with white or classic French colors to match with your theme.

Country Kitchen Table And Chairs

Plan your accessories.

Choose antique china with interesting natural patterns which represent Mediterranean or Tuscan nature.

White china and silver wares are perfect for your glorious antique country kitchen table.

Set a bouquet in the middle, a basket of fresh orange or fruit or a basket of bread loafs will add the country kitchen’s feel on it.

A set of tea set with silver ware or china will also add the country kitchen scene.

If you want to choose a tablecloth, choose the ones with pale color with embroidery or laces which represents the old time era.

Decorating your kitchen with a perfect country kitchen table will give you the ultimate feel of your country kitchen without lots of efforts.

Small details will do grand and keep the rustic feel of your kitchen with the appropriate appliances and accessories.

High Top Kitchen Table Will Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen

Having a bar in your kitchen will not be complete without a high top kitchen table.

This kind of model is perfect for your children too where they can watch while you are cooking for them.

In this way, you will be able to tighten your bond with your children.

High top table will also enhance the look of your kitchen since it will give your kitchen a homey as well as classy feeling as if you are in a famous café or bar.

If a high top kitchen table is your choice, here are some tips for you.

High Top Kitchen Table

High Top Kitchen Table

Your kitchen will look bigger and taller with this kind of table used as the focal point of your kitchen.

The high and sleek look of your high top table will make your other kitchen appliances seems sleek and tall also.

But if you want to buy this kind of table, you better adjust it with your kitchen theme.

Wooden and antique high top kitchen table will be perfect for your kitchen.

Mix it with straight back chair with classical style in black or darker color.

Any kinds of cushion will be perfect for your classic kitchen table.

Small High Top Kitchen Table

As for modern kitchen ideas, there are plethora of designs for you.

There are the ones with glass top or even stainless steel.

This kind of table blends well with modern kitchen theme since it has a simple and sleek design.

Stainless steel high top kitchen table with high bar tools or slimmer chairs are outstanding.

Since this table does not consume lots of space, you can set them anywhere you want as long as it does not obstruct your working space.

High Top Kitchen Table Sets

Choose the best models. Comfort is very important if we talk about a dining place.

To give your guests and family the comfort they need, make sure that you choose the right table by considering the availability of areas under the table to place your legs as not to bump to each other or the base of your table.

Your chairs also, have to be adjusted with the standard height of your high top kitchen table.

A mismatch height will make your guests feel uncomfortable to sit on it.

If your want to buy it for your children, make sure that you buy the ones with railings on side to keep them from falling.

Adjust the chairs with their height to.

High Top Kitchen Table and Chairs

To enhance the performance of your high top kitchen tables, you better choose the right combination of function, style, colors and materials with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

A natural blending will give out outstanding look to your kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Table

If you are dreaming of a luxurious glamour kitchen set in your house, you do not need to change all of your kitchen appliances into a grandeur expensive one.

Choose some elements of your kitchen which hold the focal point in it such as cabinets, tables or countertops.

If table is your choice to change, you might need to consider a granite kitchen table.

This kind of table is not only hard and durable but also has its own natural beauty hidden in its naturally designed pattern.

It is sparkling under the light without any artificial glossy finishes.

However, setting up a perfect granite kitchen table is not that easy, here are some tips for your references.

Granite Kitchen Table

Materials. Granite might be the same everywhere but there are some kinds of granite around.

For your kitchen table, you need sturdier and more durable ones.

Style will come later.

Check the thickness, basic materials and the durability of granite kitchen tables before buying.

You don’t want to get fooled by the look only, don’t you?


Granite kitchen table might be difficult to set. You need professionals to do it for you.

But if you opt to do it yourself, there are some which are sold in slab models so you can put them on easier without having to lift and cut it yourself.

If you want the color to stay longer, you add a coating to protect it from dullness.


For a granite kitchen table, the maintenance is not as difficult as wooden table.

You just need to clean it often quite often.

Avoid using chemicals which is dangerous to the granite surface otherwise, you will loose its beauty in one second.

Models and colors.

For your country kitchen, you better choose classical granite kitchen table style with darker or wooden like colors since it will blend well with the wooden materials nearby.

For your modern kitchen, it will be perfect with your other sleek appliances if you choose the sleek and simple cutting ones.

White and brighter colors might need extra care but it is worth the work since it brings out darker colored appliances out to the world.

Accessories. Granite kitchen table goes well with any accessories available.

Since its beauty lies in its intricate natural patterns you better not cover it with any table cloth or other accessories which covers its sparkling beauty.

Leave it bare hand let it shines your kitchen.

Granite kitchen table is simple and elegant. It can go with whatever materials or kitchen theme you choose.

Browse some ideas in the net for your design references.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

A natural, closer to nature and homey feeling is the first thing you expect whenever you think about a farmhouse kitchen.

A nice place to gather with your family while having your daily meals with the atmosphere of old Americana style is the thing that people have been waiting for in a farmhouse kitchen.

If you want to create that kind of atmosphere, sure you need a farmhouse kitchen table.

But if you do not know anything about a farmhouse kitchen tables, these information might help you.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

A farmhouse kitchen table is typically big and woody thick.

It is especially designed for bigger meals and to incorporate it with the old Americana style, wooden table is the main element of this.

So, if you want to have a farmhouse kitchen table, better start to seek for the best wood for it.

However, some people consider woods are too expensive.

You can apply any kind of table with whatever materials as long as it has natural look in it.

A granite or laminate table with wooden color will be perfect.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables and Chairs

If size is a problem for you, you can always have a drop leaf table which is more practical.

Choose wooden drop leaf table with its dark natural color and set it in your kitchen, add some chairs or stools according to the available space in your kitchen.

You do not have to match your farmhouse kitchen table with your chairs as long as they blend well with it and the rest of your kitchen appliances.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables 2012

As for the accessories, the gingham print and Hand-knitted doilies with variety of colors and intricate designs will be perfect to cover the wide space of your farmhouse kitchen table.

You can combine it with the plain ones and a lace.

Choose plates that represent farm animals, landscapes or flowers into their design.

To add the sense of nature in your farmhouse kitchen table plans, you can add some fresh flowers or fruits on your table.

You can either use typical milk glass flower vases, bowls, and compote dishes or be more creative by using milk pails, flower pots, watering cans and old coffee tins as the alternative.

This will add the uniqueness of your farmhouse kitchen table.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas

They key point of farmhouse kitchen table plans is the sense of nature.

If you are lacking of budget, a simple alternative with much simpler home made decorations will be just fine.

Just remember to make it in harmony with your kitchen setting and other table decorations.

Kitchen Tables with Benches

Creating a familiar atmosphere where everyone can have a happy chat about their daily life and events while having their daily meals requires a table in your kitchen.

Some people are lucky enough to have bigger space kitchen with bigger freedom to add any size of table they want.

Some are not just that lucky.

If you desire for a table with moderate size to fit your kitchen, you can always have your ways with a small benches to match.

Benches do not consume space and is very portable. Here are some tips in choosing the right kitchen tables with benches for you.

Kitchen Tables with Benches

If you like a more practical kitchen tables with benches, Folds table in squares can also be placed nearby your countertops for a closer access to your kitchen.

This kind of table comes with various kinds of materials.

Choose the wooden ones for your farmhouse kitchen and stainless steel or copper with glass top for your modern and French country design.

It is foldable, so you can always adjust the size according to your need.

You can also match the benches according to the theme of your kitchen; add a chick bench from metals with soft cushion for your modern kitchen or simple hard wood benches for your farmhouse kitchen style.

Wooden Kitchen Tables with Benches

If you have a small and cramped kitchen, you can always have a Swedish kitchen table which can be placed against the wall of your kitchen.

This kitchen table with benches is simple and easy to make.

You can even make it yourself by cutting down a table top; add a pedestal and bolting it to the wall.

This kind of table is beneficial for you since instead of it does not consume space, it gives you space for legs as not to bump to each others or the legs of your table.

Some petite modern tables are best for your small kitchen tables with benches.

Set your benches with Marie Claire Maison breakfast nook which can be matched with benches or any kinds of chair on it since it carries out the feel of vintage kitchen.

Another option is a tulip table which can be fit into the corner of your kitchen attic.

Pedestal tables are perfect for small spaced kitchen since you do not need to worry about legs and everything.

Function is everything if we talk about kitchen tables with benches.

Models and style can be adjusted later on since the availability of them is abundant.

Consult with professionals and read more references will definitely help.

Modern Kitchen Tables

Tables are the things that cannot be overlooked in a kitchen design.

They utility for both functional and decoration purpose of your kitchen is undeniably important.

Despite that it is for practical use such as prepping and serving, a kitchen table can change the look of your kitchen as a whole.

You have to adjust your need with your choice of tables.

Choosing the wrong tables will end up making your kitchen feels uncomfortable to stay in and less beautiful.

Here are some modern kitchen tables ideas for your references.

Modern Kitchen Tables

Before you run to the stores and choose your modern kitchen tables, you have to consider the functionality first.

Different function makes different table.

If your table will be used for prepping only, you can choose the simple and durable ones.

But if your table is going to be used for serving, it means that you have to adjust the size and the models to accommodate the amount of people who will join your festivities.

Despite the size of the table might be different, the amount of chairs to accompany your kitchen table will need to be adjusted with your guests too.

The next is of course the size of your kitchen.

If you think that your kitchen is small, you can always combine the function of your modern kitchen tables into both for prepping and serving.

As for this kind of situation, you might want to consider combining your countertops with a drop leaf or expandable table which is foldable and make you easier to adjust it with the needed space in every occasion.

You can fold it back when you do not need them.

Small tables such as a simple bistro table with chairs of three or four will be enough for your small family and it does not consume lots of space.

Modern Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Choose the setting for your modern kitchen tables.

A strategic place needs to be considered for your modern kitchen setting.

You can put them either in the middle of the kitchen to replace an island, combine it with an island or even set them along the countertops.

It depends on the availability of space.

As for models, all kinds of kitchen tables are appropriate for your modern kitchen table’s ideas.

Choose the ones with simple designs.

There are abundant choices that you can always use such as pedestal dining table, buffet servers for bigger kitchens, bistro set for smaller kitchens, drop leaf and expandable table.

The materials are also abundant, there are glass, wood, oak, etc. you just need to pair them with the right arm chairs, side chairs or bar stools,

Browse for more ideas as your references for your modern kitchen tables in the net.

Rustic Kitchen Table

Having antique furniture in our house will add the grandeur and luxury of it.

Antiques are gaining popularity along with the longing of the past as the spirit of 2012 mood.

People are searching for a channel to let go their suppressed feeling and disappointment with their economy by seeking for solace in the past.

Classical kitchens such as farmhouse or French country kitchens become trend then.

Adding a rustic kitchen table will definitely give you the rustic look you have been looking for.

Rustic Kitchen Table

There are lots of varieties of antique furniture with an assortment of models and designs lately.

You can choose rustic kitchen tables in antique stores or for more economical options, in flea markets.

If you want to enhance the antique look in your kitchen, you can choose either wood, metal, natural stones or ceramic tiles table.

But if you want to have a rustic look in it, you have to choose wood with darker rustic colors.

Since they hold histories in them, antique furniture cost more than the regular ones.

Rustic Kitchen Table Sets

If buying antique kitchen woods cost lots of money, you can always use some magic on your brand new regular kitchen tables and make it into a rustic kitchen table.

The steps are not that difficult and you can do it your self with easy materials within one day.

You can just soak steel wood in vinegar for 24-36 hours to get the old rustic farmhouse color with stain on it.

Use the liquid to stain your wood by dabbing a rag on it and rub it all over the planks.

Remember to sand the table base first for a better and smooth result.

Let it soak for a few hours and then you can seal it.

Although the sealer darkens the gray look, most kitchen tables need to be sealed to protect the surface from damage and dirt.

After all of the processes are done perfectly, you can attach your rustic kitchen table base again from underneath.

As an addition, remember that if you soak the wood for a few days, the steel wool rusts and it will give you redder color.

If in the end you have splotches on the wood, let them be for added textures.

You can apply 3 layers of coats of seal if you need it but remember that it will reduce the grey color of your rustic kitchen table a little.

Having an antique rustic kitchen table is not that difficult when you know the tricks.

If you browse for more ideas on the net, you will be surprised by the many secrets tricks you can reveal.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

Farmhouse kitchen table plans include all Americana style decorations.

All of the things needed to decorate your farmhouse kitchen table of course must be in line with American theme.

The color, style, dishes and everything should be selected carefully according to your chosen style.

Farmhouse Dining Room Table Plans

The first thing that you should think about in farmhouse kitchen table plans is the color theme.

Farmhouse kitchen is associated with warmth and cheerfulness.

Choose warm colors like blue, red, white pale yellow, beige, and peach for brighter look.

You can use this color theme for your table plans and start to handpick the perfect kitchen decorations according to it.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Most farmhouse kitchen tables are big, so, you probably need bigger table cloth with red and white gingham or farm print fabric.

The gingham print will be perfect to cover the wide space of your farmhouse kitchen table.

Hand-knitted doilies can also be another alternative if you prefer this kind of fabric.

It has variety of colors and intricate designs.

You can combine it with the plain ones as the variations.

Add white knitted lace will be perfect. Remember that you must stick to your color theme in choosing the tablecloth combination.

As for the dishes for your farmhouse kitchen table plans, make sure that you choose plates that represent farm animals, landscapes or flowers into their design.

Some farmhouse themed dishes producers print them on ceramics.

Some stores even sell them in one set, so you do not need to be troubled with finding the matching dishes, teapot, salt and pepper shakers. Frankoma pottery from Oklahoma is one of the prominent producers of farmhouse themed dishes and they offer dishes with various colors and patterns.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

To add the sense of nature in your farmhouse kitchen table plans, you can add some fresh flowers or fruits on your table.

You can either use typical milk glass flower vases, bowls, and compote dishes or be more creative by using milk pails, flower pots, watering cans and old coffee tins as the alternative.

This will add the uniqueness of your farmhouse kitchen table.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table with Bench

They key point of farmhouse kitchen table plans is the sense of nature.

There are lots of Americana style decorations or eating utensils around with various prices.

If you are lacking of budget, a simple alternative with much simpler home made decorations will be just fine.

Just remember to make it in harmony with your kitchen stetting and other table decorations.

Don’t be afraid to invent new ideas on your own, reading and browsing the net might help.

Small Kitchen Tables Options and Hacks for Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen Tables – If your kitchen is small and packed up, you might need more tricks than the regular kitchen size to accommodate your activities in your kitchen.

Not only it will include the lighting, flooring, kitchen appliances etc, this kind of kitchen needs special treatment with tables also.

You are lucky that there are some small kitchen tables around for your options.

However be careful that you need to a attention on the details at time to make sure that you choose the right table for the right kitchen.

Here are some small kitchen tables’ tips to save your day.

Small Kitchen Tables

First thing first, count the people who will sit on your table.

Small kitchen tables come with four chairs per set if it is enough then you can always have the regular sets available in stores.

Another option is you can always buy the table only and match it with the number of chairs needed by buying smaller chairs instead of bigger ones.

Bar stools is a good option for your small tables.

But if you need bigger table, a foldable drop leaf table can be your savior.

You can fold it and unfold it according to your need.

Consider the people who will be sitting on your small kitchen tables.

If you have children in your family, having a high top table with tall bar stools can be a problem for them.

You better choose shorter chairs and table.

But if you have teenagers and adult as your guest, a high top table with bar stools will add the chick style and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Tables with Bench

Choose the right shape of your small kitchen tables.

If you have smaller space in your kitchen, you can consider buying a round table in bistro or regular glass table style.

Round tables will allow you to have more space for seating and chairs and it eliminates the corner edges which also gives a more spacious looking effect to your kitchen.

Square and rectangular tables will sharpen the edges of your kitchen and you will have less space for your chairs.

Buying a drop leaf table can be the best solution for your small kitchen tables’ ideas since you can always get an extra leaf or two when you need to expand your table for more guests.

You do not have to worry about the shape since there are available drop leaf tables in any kinds of designs and styles.

Space is the key for your small kitchen tables.

The more space it leaves out for the rest of your kitchen, the better it is.

You can then adjust the style according to your kitchen theme.

Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

If you are deterred with your small kitchen and still desperately in need of a space for your family to gather together while eating their daily meal, a small kitchen tables for small spaces can definitively help you.

This idea is not only very economical in space using, it also comes in various kinds of designs and styles which will perfectly match any of kitchen style you have.

If you are interested in installing one in your kitchen, these tips on kitchen tables for small spaces will definitely help you.

The first tip in deciding the perfect kitchen tables for small spaces is deciding its function.

If you will use that kitchen table for prepping, it means that you need to choose the harder and firmer materials.

Choose stainless steel, copper or hardwood.

Choose the ones with simple and tougher legs to support thick and heavy top.

Choose tiles, or stainless steel to which is highly durable and easier to maintain for your table top.

As for prepping kitchen tables for small spaces, choose high top or paper clip ones.

Adjust the size with the needed space and the amount of people who will use your kitchen table.

Pair them with smaller stools or chairs to accommodate the limited space availability.

Try to browse for more models which suit the theme of your kitchen.

Select any kind of top for your table for these kinds of table only need for eating and serving.

Glass top, wooden, tiles or whatever tops are possible.

If you want to pick the right models for your kitchen tables for small spaces, you better deem the shape and place of installation too.

Round and curvy small tables is perfect to give your small kitchen bigger look and lessen the edges of your kitchen appliances.

Marie Claire Maison’s breakfast nook which can be matched with any small chairs is perfect.

Folds table in squares can also be placed nearby your counter tops for a closer access to your kitchen.

Since it is foldable, you can always adjust the size according to your need.

A Swedish kitchen table can be placed against the wall of your kitchen.

You can even make it yourself by cutting down a table top and add a pedestal by bolting it to the wall.

Another option is a tulip table which can be fit into the corner of your kitchen attic.

Pedestal tables are perfect for small spaced kitchen since you do not need to worry about legs and everything.

Mix and match is the key for your kitchen tables for small spaces. Be creative and do not be afraid to try new ideas will assist.

Small Kitchen Table for Two Finding the Perfect Table

Couples who are ready to share a house but not have a family need a small kitchen table for two.

More often than not, these couples don’t have their own houses yet.

Renting is the more practical option in these modern times and apartments are not as spacious as regular homes.

With this kind of setup, residents need to have a lot of space-saving solutions and choosing the right table will help the cause.

When living in a 200 square meter space, you’ll have to be smart about what to put and where to put it.

In the kitchen for example, the luxury of having a large dining table is out of the question.

For the most part, you and your partner or companion will be the only diners.

If you expect to have visitors once in a while, you’ll have to choose a dining table for two that can conveniently transform to a dining table for more.

A table with fold-able wings can work well for this kind of situation or one that is made with a drop-leaf.

For a starting couple, a small table is the best option.

Aside from addressing the space problem, it helps promote an intimate atmosphere and makes communication easier between the couple.

It allows a couple to dine comfortably even in a small space making it possible for them to enjoy the same dining experience in a regular house kitchen.

Get the most from a small kitchen table for two

Living in a small space is perceived to be living without a few amenities like a regular home.

Some may feel like it’s a life in a shoe box but with the right placement of house furniture, you just might get away with it.

Considering the number of residents, in this case, just a couple, you’ll need to downsize your furniture.

This includes your sofa, table, bed if necessary and others.

Where space is concerned, aside from downsizing your furniture, you’ll also have to consider finding things that can perform two duties.

This can be a table or chair that has storage space underneath, a chair that can double as a sleeping area and others.

You’ll also have to consider the number of appliances you own.

You have to ask yourself “will this fit in my home?”

Buying a drop-leaf table is useless if the space available can not accommodate the table when spread out.

Your best option for this kind of situation is to find a wall-mounted table.

This can be propped flat against the wall when not in use and then lifted when needed.

A modern design for this kind of table are made with an artwork under the table so when it is propped against the wall, it simply looks like a framed artwork.

A lot of brands sell small kitchen tables.

All, if not most products respond to the need to save space.

You will easily find tables that are aesthetically appealing, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice taste and style when buying a small kitchen table for two.

What is the Functions of Simple Light Table?

In this article we will give you the tutorial how to make the simple light table that you will obtain by yourself.

The light table that you can make it by yourself is just from the used apparatus.

You will need the used white plastic storage box in the medium or even the big size of it, and the transparent tape, two lines of Christmas lamps complete with the knobs and battery, and the onionskin in a white color.

Then after that, you can start to make the simple light table.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare the apparatus needs, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Then you can start to cover the inside lid of the box with the white onionskin and stick it with the transparent tape to make the shine of the lamps not too bright.

Then you can start to put the Christmas lamps inside the box together with the battery and the knobs.

Then you can start to light it up, close the lid and your quick light table is ready to play.

The function of the simple light table is really much.

You can use it as the normal table like a dining table for eating or to put something there; you can also make it as the lamp in your room, then the last the most interesting function is for the playing arena for kids under six to play the box, blocks, colors combinations, and practicing to trace the shape there.

It would be really fun for theme, and you will really please to see them laughs.

How to Play Simple Light Table?

Then how to play it?

You can just simply try to light the lamps inside the box and close the lid.

Then you can put the kids on it and let them play the colors and blocks.

They will learn and recognize the shape and the silhouette each shape.

Then they will also learn the colors combinations that will really help with this basic light table.

Then they can also try to practicing drawing by tracing.

The light of the simple light table will really help them to obtain the detail of the shape that they want to draw.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables

Some people think that stainless steel appliances are hard to blend despite the fact that it has high durability and easier to maintain.

The problem lies on its basic materials and monotonous metallic color which for most people seems cold and uninviting.

Actually, that is not such a big problem for a kitchen design.

In fact, some kitchen appliances come with different colors and styles lately.

If you want to apply a kitchen table for example, there are some tricks that you can use in creating great stainless steel kitchen tables ideas as follows.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables and Chairs

On of the best thing about stainless steel kitchen tables nowadays is that they come in various styles and colors which can be matched with your need.

There are the hard stick kitchen island tables and regular small stainless steel kitchen tables.

Both models can be applied in any kinds of kitchen theme you have as long as they serve their main function which is to be an area for gathering or prepping your daily meal.

The first thing you have to consider in choosing whatever kitchen appliances you want is of course the function.

You are lucky that stainless steel kitchen tables are applicable for either prepping or serving.

It is highly durable and easier to maintain which is perfect for a prepping tables and it has various kinds of designs and styles suits for entertaining your guest.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables Islands

The next is the models. Adjust the models with your kitchen theme.

A sleek less intricate and simple stainless steel kitchen table is perfect for your modern kitchen.

Choose the ones with the metallic color to add the sleek and crisp look of your modern kitchen.

Combine your stainless steel table with bar stools or metal chairs with soft cushion will add the uniformity of your kitchen focal point.

As for your classical kitchen, you can choose the ones with wooden colored top or white top.

Choose the ones with intricate design and combine them with intricate chairs for classic look and any kinds of chairs for a more vintage look.

Do not worry if you have limited space for your kitchen.

You can always have smaller stainless steel kitchen tables in bistro, drop leaf, expandable, pedestal or high top table’s style.

If you want to put your table in a separate area away from your countertops and island, you can choose the square or rectangle one to go with the angle of your kitchen lay out.

But if you want to set in the corner or in the middle area of the kitchen, you can always have the round bistro ones to make use the limited space.

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Vintage Kitchen Tables

Setting your kitchen into the vintage one is indeed not as simple as it seems to be.

It is undeniably true that designing a vintage kitchen will give you more freedom with decorations and designs which represent your personality.

In this case, you are making your kitchen as your own and none will be able to make the similar thing as yours.

Uniqueness is the key for a vintage kitchen style.

Despite its freedom of creativity and wide variety of possibilities, some people still find it difficult to choose the right vintage kitchen tables.

If it happens to you too, here are some vintage kitchen tables’ ideas for you.

Vintage Kitchen Tables

The first rule for choosing the right appliances for your kitchen is still the same: function comes after style.

Check up on the function of your table.

If it is going to be a serving table for a small amount of people, a small, bistro, high top, tables from any kinds of materials will do.

But if you need it for prepping which means you need harder, durable and forgiving surface, ceramic, stainless steel or hard wood kitchen table top will give you a better performance.

But if you want to use it for more people in your kitchen table, you can always have bigger buffet servers, drop leaf table or expandable tables as your vintage kitchen tables options.

The next is the style of your vintage kitchen tables.

There are lost of kitchen tables styles around, they even have the vintage style set prepared for you.

But if you want to make your kitchen seems different, you can always improvise by buying the table and combining it with different set of chairs or stools.

You can always choose whether you want to choose the classic round table which is perfect for your smaller kitchen or square or rectangle tables which can accentuate the edges of your kitchen.

Combining a simple stainless steel round table with vintage style chairs or bar stools covered with patterned or colored fabrics can give the chick look of your kitchen.

Retro Vintage Kitchen Tables

Do not be afraid to try to make your own vintage kitchen tables.

If buying a new table will be troublesome for you, why not creating your own kitchen table?

The trick is very simple.

You can always combine your old kitchen table top with a different base style.

You can always improvise with glass top, since you can easily combine them with any kind of base, paint it or even create patterns under it.

Vintage kitchen tables are all about creativity.

If you have limited ideas, why don’t you try to flip some interior magazines to feed your mind?

White Kitchen Tables

Some associates white with the color of purity and divine, while some others associate it with death.

But the most common association of white is always be cleanliness since it is so difficult to maintain your white objects clean.

That is why; most people avoid this color in a highly probable of dirt area such as kitchen.

Even though white has been used in some kitchen ideas, some still feel hard to keep their white kitchen table clean.

If that problem happens to you too, here are some tips for your white kitchen tables.

White Kitchen Tables Round

Choose the right material for your white kitchen tables.

Ceramic and, linoleum, granite and stainless steel are easier to maintain than wooden tables.

However, you can always use any kind of materials for your table as long as you apply enough coating to protect your table from dirt and other dangers.

Three or four layers will be enough to keep your dirt away and you just need to wipe it whenever you want to clean it.

However be careful with woods and natural stones since sometimes you need to use a special cleaner to clean your mess up.

Antique White Kitchen Tables

The next is the style and color.

White kitchen tables are easy to match with any kinds of style and kitchen color theme.

It goes perfectly well in a modern kitchen when it is combined with contrasting colors such as black, deep blue, dark grey or dark stainless steel appliances.

It also goes well with an intricately designed chairs and flowery cushions to go with your French country kitchen style.

You can always combine your white kitchen tables with any kinds of chairs or bar stools with bold and unique patterns and decorations to go with your vintage kitchen style.

If buying new white kitchen tables is problematic for you, you can always repaint your old table with a new white paint.

You just need to sand the entire surface of your table carefully to skin out the old paint.

When it is done, you can start to apply the first coat and then repeat it again until you reach the white shade that you decide to have.

Remember to apply extra coating after your finish to protect you white kitchen tables form dirt.

You can apply glossy finish too if you want a sparkling table to go with your kitchen theme.

Always combine your white kitchen tables with darker shade colored appliances since it will be the focal point of your kitchen especially of you have bigger table.

Be careful in maintenance and browse for some more ideas on the net whenever it’s needed.

Wood Kitchen Table Designs

Having a wood kitchen table is not as trouble-free as it seems.

It is indeed luxurious and classy but it is also tricky and need extra maintenance.

It is luxurious since it has a classic feel whenever you see it and the price is indeed expensive.

As for the maintenance, your wooden table will need constant furnishing since it will be easily cracked and chipped.

However you should not worry since here are some tricks for your wood kitchen tables.

Wood Kitchen Table Designs

Wood kitchen tables are highly sensitive with weather. Before you buy one, make sure that you provide enough protection for your precious wood table.

Make sure that it is properly shaded so it will not stand directly under the sun.

Sunlight will be dangerous for your wood table since it will make the finish cracks.

The second is, make sure that your kitchen has enough ventilation and dry.

Humid and damp kitchen will cause your kitchen table to be easier to decay and it will lessen the performance of your kitchen table functionally.

As for keeping the look of your wood kitchen tables, you need to give regular furnish four or three times in a year to keep the color original.

If you do not refurnish it regularly, the coating will disappear easily and your table will be prone to dirt, water and stain.

If you cannot protect your table from water, your wood table will be easier to get moldy and mildew.

Use the proper furnish to apply in your wood, some different wood require special treatment as in the furnishing too.

Wood Dining Table Plans

Play some tricks by applying glass on your wood kitchen tables.

Glass top over your wooden table will protect your kitchen table form wet and dirt.

Since glass is see-through, you do not have to worry that it will cover the beauty of your kitchen table.

Glass is also quite durable and easier to clean than woods.

If you have ornaments such as carvings on your wooden table, you better use a glass top to cover it so your carving will be saved from dirt as well as chipping or chunking.

Combine your wood kitchen tables with suitable appliances in any theme you choose.

The good thing about wood is that it is very easy to blend with any materials and colors.

A wooden kitchen table with a stainless steel kitchen island and bar tools or simple stainless chairs is perfect.

A wooden table will always be welcomed in any country, farmhouse or vintage style also.

Choose the best match for your wood kitchen tables.

Choose the right furnishing, glossy or furniture to go with it.

Browse some more for more ideas.

Glass Kitchen Tables

A sleek glass kitchen table is the dream of everyone who misses the sleek pristine look on their modern kitchen.

This kind of table is preferred because it gives out bigger space illusion, reflects light and keeps the sleek and clean appearance on your kitchen.

However, having a glass kitchen table has its own set back too.

It is easier to stain, scratch or dull. When it happens, the dirt, scratch or dullness will be easily seen since it is transparent.

A careful maintenance is needed then.

If you want to change your regular kitchen table with this one, here are some tips for you.

Glass Kitchen Tables Sets

Choose the function.

A glass kitchen table is not as strong as wooden or hard stone table.

If you want to use your kitchen table as a prep area, a glass kitchen table is not a good option.

Change in to another kind of table.

If you just want to use it as serving area, this kind of glass kitchen table will be perfect for your option since it will give an outstanding view for your kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Consider the materials.

Choose harder and thicker materials for your glass kitchen table.

Since you will need to use it more often and put more burden on it, make sure that you choose the thickest of all.

You may also need to choose something that is not easy to scratch since you will use it most of the time and it will deal with sharp eating utensils.

Add base or brace to prevent it from sliding.

Glass Kitchen Tables

Choose the best model for the best kitchen theme.

Since a glass kitchen table is transparent, you do not need to think much about adjusting your table color with your kitchen’s color theme.

It blends with any color.

However, you have to be careful in choosing the right model to go with your kitchen theme still.

If your kitchen is a modern kitchen, sharp or round glass kitchen with simple cutting and sleek model is perfect.

Glass will also give you the pristine look of your modern kitchen.

Combine it with vivid blue pendant light over it and glass cabinets will be outstanding and sparkling.

Glass Kitchen Tables and Chairs

If you opt to country kitchen, this kind of glass can fit with it well but you have to choose the right model.

A pure glass will not look good in a country kitchen.

You better put it on a wooden table as an accessory unless you can find a glass kitchen table which has a classical European look which is a rarity nowadays.

Glass kitchen tables are beautiful but they are hard to maintain too.

Extra care and handling will save it from getting ugly.

Retro Kitchen Tables

Retro kitchen tables are gaining their popularity along with the increasing demand of retro kitchen styles which offers freedom of creativity and some personalities in your kitchen design nowadays.

These kitchen tables are in fact can be used for other styles such as modern, and classical kitchen styles too since they have designs which are different from the rest.

Despite its availability in styles and designs, retro tables have some tricks that you might want to know about.

We will spill the secrets of retro kitchen tables for you.

Retro Kitchen Tables Red

One of the brilliant ideas about retro kitchen tables is that you can always make your won creation.

There is no limitation to DIY kitchen table projects in retro style.

You juts need to use your old kitchen table and combine it with vintage kitchen chairs will be just fine.

Cover them with printed fabrics update the cushions, adding decorations on it will be enough to magically transform your kitchen into a vintage style one.

Retro Kitchen Tables and Chairs

Any kinds of table materials can go for your retro kitchen tables since there is no strict rules in decorating your kitchen into a retro styled one.

You just need to adjust it with your need.

If you are planning to use it for prepping which requires tougher and durable table, you need to choose wood or stainless for it.

But if you only need it for serving, there are many options such as glass, natural stones, woods or even ceramics as your top.

There are some models such as bistro, paper clip, drop leaf, expandable and buffet server too.

All of them come with various types and colors; you just need to adjust them with the rest of your kitchen appliances theme and colors.

Retro Kitchen Tables 2012

Reusing your old tables and making them into the new ones with completely different look will be perfect for your kitchen.

You can repaint it with different style of painting and stroking techniques which will results in an antique looking table.

You can also make a new table by using your old table top, cutting it to whatever size and shape you want and then attach it to any kinds of legs that you want.

As long as you have a good design to follow, being creative is limitless.

Adding accents such as murals or bold colors will do great for your vintage retro kitchen tables.

Retro Kitchen Tables

If buying is your only solution, you can always go to the antique shops or flea markets for better options.

Browsing in the net will be easier but you have to be thorough in measuring the details and choosing the reliable sites for your own benefits.

Country Kitchen Table and Chairs

Country kitchen table and chairs is still become the market favorite preferences up until now.

That is why; every furniture store must have at least two country kitchen furniture models in their store.

Unlike traditional kitchen table, the country style offers everything in light composition.
Country Kitchen Table and Chairs
If you see that the traditional kitchen furniture often bring dark, gloomy and awkward atmosphere with their wooden bold style, the country bring sweet, cozy, and more dynamic atmosphere.

It usually appears to make your home look warm and comfortable with simple feminine way.

Small Country Kitchen Table and Chairs

Some people sometimes think that country styles are similar with the vintage style, because these two styles show girly and feminine sense.

Well, the opinion are actually not quite true, if you see a little bit closer, you will that country style is usually simpler, less feminine because there are less engrave on the chair or edge of the table like vintage style.

The country kitchen table and chairs usually being use just the way it is, without table cover, without chair coverings, and the appliances around is too, simple, without any flowery printed curtains.

If there is table cover, it will be just loose broken white linen to make elegant touch.
Country Kitchen Table and 4 Chairs
Some of country kitchen table and chairs are built with engraving, but it will be no more than simple curves at the table legs and back of the chair.

The colors relatively using light, warm, and elegant wooden colors such as dark brown, gold, red, light brown, sometimes painted white or black.

Country style can be arranged both to make more traditional style or modern style, some types of country kitchen style engrave such way that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale world.
Country Kitchen Dining Table and Chairs

The flexible country kitchen table and chairs make it easier to place them when you have vintage cabinet inside your kitchen, or traditional wooden countertops, as long as the material is still using wood, the country kitchen table will always find its way through.

You can always add a table cover on your country table, and it will emerge the same beautiful when it is not.

Country kitchen table and chair are best to be combined with red brick backsplash, natural stone and granite, and will look the same stunning with tile.

Use anything as flooring, the country dining table will follow, use any type of chandelier or centerpiece, or nothing at all, it still can make your kitchen look amazing.