Best DIY Kitchen design ideas


Best DIY Kitchen design ideas – The kitchen design ideas range from the color selection and the practicality of that era.

Some characteristics that stand out form those kitchens lay on the spirit of that era which in need of release from great depression.

This kind of design gains more popularity lately.

If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen these tips might help you.

DIY Kitchen design ideas
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DIY Kitchen Design Ideas Consider the space and function

DIY Kitchen design Guide ideas pay more attention on its space availability and function.

During that time, some houses lacked floor space and thus the kitchen was actually the combination of several rooms.

It was packed with a stove top, an oven, shelving and drawers in one corner and a washer, dryer and ironing table on the other.

This kind of kitchen is called all purpose kitchens.

If you don’t have enough space in your house, you can adopt this design.

If your house is bigger, you can use your kitchen for food preparation and cooking only.

The characteristics of this kitchen are the numerous drawers for storage, dish racks and shelves sat near the sink.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Design Ideas

Storage pieces Kitchen Design

One of the outstanding characteristics of kitchen design ideas is the advent of built-in cabinets instead of freestanding pantries and hutches.

A Welsh dresser served as a hutch for dishes, and a Hoosier cabinet held pantry and baking items.

These kinds of storage pieces will help in reducing the space needed for other appliances.

Kitchen Backsplash Subway Tile Design Ideas

Practicality Kitchen Design

For practicality’s sake, kitchen design ideas include sliding bread drawers, pot racks which gives extra work surface and cleared space.

This kind of style is called The Frankfurt style.

It included a wheeled preparation cart that allowed the cook to move it around as needed to save space and perform several cooking steps in one location. If you like cooking in bigger space, you might consider this style.

Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile Design Ideas

Color Theme Kitchen Design

The color themes for kitchen design ideas depict the spirit of that time.

Bright colors and contrast combinations dominated that era.

You can choose the chic style which featured bright colors such as pink, green, or yellow, contrasted with a darker linoleum holes or the simpler one, the chrome kitchen which mixes soft colors and shimmering metal furniture.

Instead of having flooring with a simple motif, you can apply flooring which has an intricate and complex pattern which consists of opposite colors, such as white and black, to create a unique design interest.

Country style kitchens

Country style kitchens appeal to those living in the cramped confines of cities because of their warmth and appeal.

Indeed, a country style of kitchen decor is reminiscent of vast spaces, homely dishes served warm and straight off the stove top or out of the oven – no microwaved dinner can ever compare to them!

Therefore, if you are redecorating your home, it is a good idea to check out the concept and design of country style kitchens and you can bring the warmth of the country into your home.

Since the first thing that strikes you about country style kitchens is the warmth and inviting appeal, it is necessary that you choose the colors of the walls and fittings accordingly.

Cold steel and metals are uninviting choices, as are typical city colors of blue, or creams.

Country style home decor is all about warm colors – ochre, yellows, burnished reds and oranges and so forth.

Earthy tones and shades like brown, green,  patterned wallpaper or solid blocks of color will lend a country like feel to your kitchen.

country style kitchens

Tiles are another important addition to the decor of country style kitchens.

A pattern of multicolored tiled just behind your stove or cook top would add a splash of homely color to the rest of the decor and make that place a focal point – which is important because the stove and the hearth is where the food is cooked!

And country style kitchens are incomplete without an Aga style oven – a heavy cast iron oven  which cooks everything in sealed in heat – thus lending the food cooked in it a unique and hearty flavor.

They come equipped with hot plates and multiple oven spaces as well and many homes which have Aga cookers claim that they heat up the kitchen on chilly evenings as well.

country style kitchens1

The floor of your country style kitchen should be traditional – wooden flooring or stone flagstones are good choices – but in case you cannot afford to or don’t want to overhaul your entire flooring just to lend your kitchen a country look – you can buy country style rugs and carpets to add to the decor instead.

Make sure these are old fashioned – braided rugs or rustic looking mats to complete the look.

Trawl flea markets  or yard sales for old fashioned cabinets in wicker or wood – cabinets with glass doors can be used to store your cutlery and crockery and also show off country style bric-a-brac.

Antique furniture which look a little worn and used are perfect choices for country style kitchens.

Lace curtains and family pictures in wooden frames as well as other personal memorabilia are another quaint choice for such kitchen decor – people in the country make it a point to make each and every room personal – kitchens too, are not left out, unlike the cold perfection that minimalist decor lends city homes.

country style kitchens2

Colorful and quaint pottery, fresh flowers, warm, muted lighting – (antique lampshades perhaps) go a long way into transforming your kitchen.

Country style kitchens will appeal to everyone in the family simply because they are symbolic of families gathering together to eat and laugh and bond over good, nay, great food.

Cozy Kitchen Ideas Fantastic Styles

Why do we have to make cozy kitchen ideas out? Home kitchen is often also referred to as the heart of all the rooms of the house, because it stems from our kitchen makes cooking a nutritious food for all family members every day we eat, so that we can do all the activities in the kitchen.
Traditional Cozy Kitchen Ideas
To make us feel at home in order to eat in the kitchen, we need to have variety in the menu.

But apart from that we also have to have the idea so that the kitchen looks nice.

For that let’s give a bit of a different touch to change the look of your kitchen so your kitchen does not become a boring place.
Cozy Kitchen Ideas with Black Marble Table

Cozy Kitchen Idea: Pattern and Themes

For ​​the cozy kitchen ideas, we can start the fun by playing color or paint colors in our kitchen. Red lights cozy kitchen patterns will improve our passion for cooking, or blue symbolizes harmony and alignment.

For women who love the natural style could try to add a natural cozy kitchen themes feel, like putting a small fish pond or aquarium in the kitchen or ornamental plants in pots you so we can linger in the kitchen.
Cozy Kitchen Ideas with Wooden Table

The Accessories of Cozy Kitchen Ideas

Further update furniture or appliances for creating cozy kitchen ideas, if we have remaining salary, it can be used to buy furniture or a new cookware, so when we won’t be lazy in cooking since we have some new appliances to be used.

For updated appliances,  do not forget, do not just buy only the standard furniture, try new cooking equipment on the market as a set of plate racks, glass with uniform color, and also pans of various sizes so that our interests and intentions of expression in the kitchen we also increased.
Cozy Kitchen Ideas

Additional accessories are also important to improve our creative ideas certainly with products that allow accessories to be colorful, interesting and certainly long-lasting, as the addition of cute containers; colorful container which is now a star in the market, or colorful cloth and hangers create new furniture will add a touch of our kitchen.

Reviewed above may be adding our fresh cozy kitchen ideas, may be useful.

Why We Need Rustic Kitchen Designs?

When you want to make a natural beauty comes in your kitchen house, rustic kitchen designs can be one of the best ways to make it true.

When it comes to designing your home’s interior, your architectural style will largely dictate your choices.

If you have a mid-century modern house, maybe you will put aside a modern material like stainless steel, iron, silver, or the other sleek and modern stuff.
Wooden Rustic Kitchen Designs
You will prefer the natural that show pure shape, true color, and keep the original size of your stuff.

It will look more rustic when you have an outdoor kitchen in your house.

Surely, you need rustic kitchen designs to make it more naturally.

It feels like you cook in the jungle.

It will grow your passion to cook.

It could be more inspiring to make a new recipe in your kitchen.

With rustic outdoor kitchen design, you will have your natural dream kitchen. DIY Kitchen Design Guide

It can make your cook days feel so fun.
Modern Rustic Kitchen Designs

How to Make a Rustic Kitchen Designs?

There are several things that you have to know when you want to create your own rustic kitchen designs.

You have paid a lot of attention on those things.

Start from the kitchen stuff, the position of your kitchen, the distance between kitchen and dining room, and the harmony between your kitchen designs with your home design.
Rustic Kitchen Designs
When you want to design your kitchen in a rustic way, you also need to know how to create a rustic impression.

Make a first people thought when they look at your kitchen that you have a beautiful natural rustic kitchen.

Besides the kitchen stuff, the rustic kitchen color is important.

You have to keep the natural color of your kitchen stuff.

You can pick your kitchen stuff that made from wood.

It will make your kitchen naturally and that’s how to make a rustic kitchen designs.
Traditional Rustic Kitchen Designs

Italian Kitchen Urban Bring Traditional to Meet Urban Taste

If you like the Italian kitchen urban from the local Italian restaurant you must be agree with me that the kitchen makes us want to eat more pasta and pizza.
White Elegant Italian Kitchen Urban
When we see the chef prepare the cuisine, the smells of Italian spices and mozzarella cheese makes our appetite increase instantly.

We would wonder what does the chef did in that Italian kitchen.

The design of the Italian kitchen urban was design to meet the urban people preferences which contain element of hygiene and traditional Italian atmosphere.
Purple Contemporary Italian Kitchen Urban
Well those points already makes Italian kitchen urban spoon destination for urban people.

When we visit one of the famous Italian restaurant for instance like socci urban Italian kitchen in Virginia US.

The restaurant placed in one of the famous hotel in the world, The Marriot.

We can enjoy the luxury and service of 5 star hotels and enjoy the atmosphere of Italian Restaurant which packaged with modern design.

Italian kitchen urban in this restaurant also accompany with the presence of minibar in the side of the kitchen, so if you like to enjoy the Italian atmosphere and have a casual conversation with your colleague it would be perfect to set this place as meeting point.
Italian Kitchen Urban

Italian Kitchen Urban Keep the Secret Recipes

Italian food is one of the most popular foods in the world. Who does not know or like those delicious pizza or pasta.

The Italian cuisine usually use cheese as their main ingredient it makes the smells of Italian food so good when it cooked and served.

Who know that those delicious foods were cooked in impress Italian kitchen urban.
Modern Italian Kitchen Urban

We must also notice that in the menus in Italian restaurant they like to add some herb and spicy food.

For herb they usually use oregano as their food decoration.

Overall the atmosphere and also the taste of Italian food make people love Italian kitchen urban restaurant.

Modern Italian Kitchens Overview

This year modern Italian kitchens start again to take people attention.

They come again with classic elegant concept.

With soft color like beige and other makes the atmosphere of kitchen more calm and relaxing.

Many of Italian design come with this similarity.
Modern Italian Kitchens
It already the trade mark of Italian We also can find in modern Italian kitchens design the use of wooden material still take some part in design.

Like in cabinet or racks in the kitchen.

The use of small tile in kitchen floors is still applicable for this design.

It looks like the traditional Italian house but improve with modern technologies.

We will see the message that comes from Italian design especially the kitchen design.
Red White Modern Italian Kitchens
Following the growth of architecture and people demand, many have changes in previous years.

Modern Italian kitchens also apply minimalist and contemporary style.

It can be shown from the modern Italian design furniture which dominated by straight line and simple form.

Some utensil also comes with modern form combine with aluminum and fiber.
Modern Italian Kitchens with White Backsplash

Modern Italian Kitchens Characteristics

Modern Italian kitchen design mostly shown the side of comfort in their design they will prefer soft color and natural material like wood.

The idea is to make the people who live inside that house close to the nature and receive the peace that nature gives.

The lightning in that kitchen design usually comes with warm light at day usually the use of glass windows help to receive sunlight so in daylight we can save the energy.
Black White Modern Italian Kitchens

We can find what the best from Italian kitchen from the shape and combination of material and color.

Italian design nowadays comes with many choices from traditional Italian design until the one that adapted with modern shape and materials.

The best combination made modern Italian kitchens attract people attentions and references for kitchen design.

Furniture in Modern Style Kitchen

Modern style kitchen design this year will come to the several designs, the style of architecture change, include modern style kitchen.

Retro design try to exist again this year which make vintage things become more popular again.

We also notice the classic and modern are both style that never out.
White Modern Style Kitchen
Modern kitchen nowadays supported with many high technology devices and it is integrated with your smart phone.

Even the style bring modern title, it will not make all kitchen utensil made of steel or aluminum.

The use of wood and organic material will make the modern style kitchen more alive and friendly.

We still use oven finished modern style kitchen cabinets and also wooden bar shelf to make our kitchen more attractive and feel homey.

The light was set to give calm atmosphere and makes the owner more likely to spend their time with their family cooking together.

Wooden bar table is also unique.

And this also simplifies the form of the kitchen because less space required since table and cabinet integrated.
Euorpean Style Modern Style KitchenEuorpean Style Modern Style Kitchen

Modern Style Kitchen Tips

If we want to apply that modern style kitchen, we can substitute several items to give more improvement.

We can changer dinning lamp to more unique modern style.

Or we can add glass as partition and use parquet instead of marble.

You can beautify you kitchen by renovate old cabinet and utility that can be modified.
Rustic Modern Style Kitchen

Put some bar stools in your bar table to make the atmosphere more relax.

So while you cook other family can have a chat without leave your cook.

There is some innovation in sink you can change to Blanco’s crystalline.

This ceramic look sink could give more detail to your modern style kitchen and optimize your kitchen functionality.

Black Swivel Bar Stools

Black swivel bar stools are type of stools place around the bar that can be easily spun around.

The use of swivel stools have quite long, ever since the bar concept found and the modern design of bar was made; the swivel stools started to be produce and marketed widely.

Actually it doesn’t have to be swivel stools to be placed around the bar, there are many types of stools can be use to make your bar comfortable and your drinking time become more valuable.

The basic reason why people choose swivel bar stools instead of other type of stools is because the swift ability thing, this swivel ability helps the user move with more flexible.

The black swivel bar stools made classy for any type of pub or bar.

It is the styling stools that will comfort your counter bar, kitchen island or any type of bar.

The swivel stools alone have various specifications and size. The most common specifications for the swivel bar stool are:
Modern Style Kitchen
It made armless, high back and equipped with swivel feature of course.

The frame material usually made of hardwood or metal which is known as durable and finish with chip resistant powder coat.

The diameter of the stool is around 15.55 inches and 37.5 inches height.

The overall dimension of the stool is 37.5 inches height x 15.5 inches width x 15.5 inches diameter.

With the height between the floors to the seat is 29.0 inches.

The average weight is about 24.4 lbs

The legs usually made of metal or painted wood finish. The finish is usually using lacquered.

The seat is made of vinyl that is easy to be clean.

And sometimes additional features with arched back, and foot ring for comfort

Because made special for wet condition, the black swivel bar stool made from materials that are easy to be clean and resist for many types of liquids and stains.

The dry cleaning can be done only by wipe the wet area with dry cloth and full cleaning can be done by using water and soap.

You can always have the black swivel bar stool in your home, even if when the design is not modern.

The bar stool available at various range of price, from the $70.99 up to $159.99 depend on the brand, material used, and other specifications.

Kosher Kitchen Layout for Jewish

One of important things for Jewish to keep their food kosher is by preparing kosher kitchen layout.

This layout prepared to make dairy products and meat products are separated each other.

Based on Jewish Dietary Law, there is a regulation that rule and explain about Jewish kosher food.

The law says that between dairy product and meat product cannot be consume together because it will lose it kosher.

It also will lose its kosher if we cook the product and use subsidiary product from non-kosher.
Minimalist Kosher Kitchen Layout for ApartmentMinimalist Kosher Kitchen Layout for Apartment

The Important of Kosher Kitchen Layout

Jewish kosher diets require separating dairy product and meat product.

And the species of meat must be slaughter with certain manner.

They should always keep this dietary rule if not they will consume non-kosher food.

They need to be store, clean and dispose the product in separate ways.

The kosher kitchen layout helps us to make this dietary works well.
Kosher Kitchen Layout with Marble Table

Kosher Kitchen Layout Design

There are many types of furniture nowadays that suitable with our preferences.

It can store many things with only single drawer.

And we can save more room if we separate the kosher and non-kosher product in one place.

Several kitchen shelves required making kosher kitchen layout, or you could just put it in two separate drawers.

An extra room would be better to use because you can use that room specially to keep the products in better and bigger shelves.
Kosher Kitchen LayoutKosher Kitchen Layout

You can use one big drawer then you use some partitions to differ those products.

You can use partition whether glass or solid partition as long as both product did not mix each other and the odor also not contaminating each other.

It might seem like a lot of effort to make, but with kosher kitchen layout you can keep your food well and the most important is kosher.
Kosher Kitchen Layout with Wooden Floor

Jewish Kitchen Layout, Keep Your Kosher Foods

Jewish have special preferences toward their food that need to prepare in accordance with Jewish Dietary Laws, that is the reason why there is Jewish kitchen layout.
Modern Jewish Kitchen Layout
The Jewish are need to separate their dairy products and meat products.

They need to be store, clean and dispose the product in separate ways.

The purpose of that is to make Jewish kosher food.

If the food between dairy products and meat products combine, it will contaminate and they cannot consume it anymore.

So, they must prepare the design of their kitchen to prevent the mix between those kinds’ products and keep the product kosher.
Green Jewish Kitchen LayoutGreen Jewish Kitchen Layout

Simple Jewish kitchen layout

The treatment of dairy product and meat should be separated in many ways so they need to prepare double container, double dishwasher and double disposal.

It obviously needs more spaces, so they must prepare Jewish kitchen layout.

This Jewish kosher kitchen layout will be used to manage the kitchen so there will be enough room for all containers and to keep the food kosher.

We also can have better quality because of bigger storage room.
Jewish Kitchen Layout with Wooden Cabinets

Sample of Jewish kitchen layout

They need to use cabinet with double shelves, so they can save more spaces.

Or you could put it in two separate drawers.

If you have extra room, you can use that room specially to save one kind of product and other room to keep the others.

This way is more effective because you will not confuse with the amount of shelf or drawer in your Jewish kitchen layout.
Jewish Kitchen LayoutJewish Kitchen Layout

To separate dairy products and meat products, you can use one big drawer and some partitions.

Glass partition or solid partition can be the divider to avoid dairy and meat products mix each other.

It might seem like a lot of effort to make but with Jewish kitchen layout you can keep your food well and kosher.

Simple Kitchen Layout Design with Unique Taste

Creating a simple kitchen layout design is so easy.

Simple themes are used so that you could do anything to make your kitchen more comfortable.
White Simple Kitchen Layout Design
Play less with the decoration, and concentrate more on the color contrast.

However, kitchen is also an important part of the house.

If we do not design the kitchen carefully, then we cannot cook our daily food correctly.

So, we must design our kitchen carefully to make us comfortable when cooking a meal for our family.
Simple Kitchen Layout Design with Ceramics Backsplash

Thinking About Simple Kitchen Layout Design

When you want to create a simple kitchen layout design, you could use simple interior.

The shelves are put below the washbasin.

In the other side, you could join the dining table as one with the washing basin.

Put a little cane chair beside the table.

This is not the main dining table, but it will be only a temporary table.

Use pastel color like yellow, pale green and also soft orange to get simple but fresh sensation in your kitchen.

The key is simple kitchen interior design used in your kitchen, for example White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets.
Simple Kitchen Layout Design with Wooden Cabinets

Finding Simple Kitchen Layout Design

If you dislike soft color, maybe you could try more challenging color like orange.

Use this color as your shelves’ door.

On the other side, apply grey color in the cabinet.

Out of the blue, the combination of orange and grey could become an energetic couple that will energize you while you cook.

To make it balanced, use white or soft peach color to your wall.

Above the washbasin, you could just hang the kitchen tools like shaker, knives, etc. to get the simple kitchen layout design into the feeling.
Simple Kitchen Layout Design

However you could find any simple kitchen design ideas by thinking what do you need the most.

Do not put exaggerated decoration there.

It is easy, the more plain the stuff, the more simple kitchen layout design you get.

Buying the Right Vintage Kitchen Lighting

Vintage kitchen lighting can come from authentic pieces or commercial reproduction.

The purpose of both is to contribute a ‘classic feel’ to the overall design of a kitchen and provide the charm of a previous era while still providing illumination.

We mention ‘vintage’ as a way to describe an outdated look but excellent and appealing; old yet classic.

As most old timers would say, ‘nothing beats the classics’ and it’s true.

Outdated as it may seem, it never goes out of trend as more designers slip it into the interior design of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens while still managing to make it work.

It’s like an old friend making its way to our modern lives.

Vintage looking Kitchen Lighting

The effect of this type of lighting can be very dramatic.

This type of lighting can completely alter a very modern room and tone it down to make the interior seem grounded, well-lived in and warm.

It’s a great addition to a room but most appreciated if found in a kitchen where activities require less lighting.

Also, if installed and placed in a strategic location, it can be the focal point of the kitchen.

When to buy authentic vintage kitchen lighting

Owning authentic pieces would be great as their value in the market is very high.

Authenticity is highly sought out by collectors and artists. However, when buying vintage lighting, a person must only go for authentic pieces:

If you have the money.

If you can spend a little bit more for the lighting, going for authentic pieces would be the best option.

Restored vintage pieces will cost thousands of dollars due to the work done to restore it to its prime state.

Vintage Kitchen Lighting

If you want to be unique.

Most authentic pieces are unique and difficult to replicate due to intricate patterns or designs.

This is what makes these pieces very attractive to collectors.

If you only need at least two pieces.

Authentic vintage lighting fixtures rarely come in pairs and when they do, they’re very expensive.

Despite full restoration, some pairs may even look different from one another.

So if you’re aiming for a uniform look, buying authentic ones may not work for your purpose.

When to buy replica vintage kitchen lighting

As most things that have gone past our time, replicas are manufactured to provide the comforts of long lost items.

When it comes to vintage lighting fixtures however, replicas are made for different reasons.

One must buy a replica:

If you are limited with a budget.

Reproductions or replicas are cheaper than authentic pieces; the simpler the design, the cheaper.

Although you can still find replicas that have intricate pattern and designs, the price increases as the design becomes more elaborate.
Vintage Kitchen Lighting island

If you need uniformed lighting.

As mentioned earlier, authentic pieces rarely come in pairs.

So, if you need to get the classic-look and require a number of lighting fixtures, buying replicas is the only solution to get a uniformed look for your vintage kitchen lighting.
Kitchen pendant lighting is one of the most favorite kitchen lighting models in the world.

Not only its serves it s function to illuminate the kitchen’s areas perfectly well, it also has various styles and designs which can be used in any kitchen decoration according to the theme of the kitchen you have.

Sometimes you need a professional’s help to install it, but doing it DIY style will be just fine.

You just need to be careful in doing it with some of these kitchen pendant lighting tips below.

First thing first, decide which area needs which kitchen pendant lighting.

The most popular area which always uses pendant lighting is of course the island or kitchen table area.

The pendant lighting with appropriate intensity of glare will enhance both the look and the function of this area.

Choose dimmer lighting is you only need pendant lighting for eating only to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

If your have to do your cutting and prep job on your kitchen island or countertops, you need to install them there properly.

Installing kitchen pendant lighting is an easy process if you understand the principles.

First, do it in the afternoon and shut down your electricity lines.

The next is removing all of the old lighting’s hardware: lamps, wires, appliances etc.

Install a new junction box on by drilling a hole on your old ware and fill it up, fasten the screws to joint the junction box with the ceiling.

Pull out the entire electricity wires through the junction, add mounting basket for better safety.

Wire the new pendant light with the junction box and mounting basket.

Attach the corresponding colored wires, use wire nuts to make it easier and then push them up into the junction.

Attach the fixture to the mounting bracket with bolts or screws and nuts.

Check if it is well secured and then turn it back on.

When you are attaching your new kitchen pendant lighting, make sure that you measure up the height needed for your working space not to be disturbed.

Try to do some experiments by holding up your pendant lighting by levels to adjust it with the needed height and the amount of light you need. Ask your friend’s help for it.

It is important to do since the height of your pendant lighting will determine the amount of area and the intensity of the glare it illuminates.  30 – 40 inches are the perfect measurement.

Applying kitchen pendant lighting can’t be done alone.

Ask the help from professionals and browse some more is highly beneficial for you.
A kitchen without a proper lighting is like a noon without the sun.

It is dysfunctional and it will create more troubles than you have expected before.

The abundant of activities in the kitchen demands you to work actively and as efficient as possible.

Your lighting plays a huge role in here since it will help you to do your work better.

A different kitchen will definitely need different kinds of lighting due to the nature of the appliances it has.

If you opt for country kitchen lighting, here are some tips and trick for you.

The main thing you have to remember is that a country kitchen requires you to be able to choose the right color tone, theme and appliances for your kitchen so it will be able to give the main characteristics of a country kitchen which is, rustic classic feeling.

Most country kitchens have dull and washed out theme in their appliances.

That is why you have to bring them out by choosing the appropriate country kitchen lighting.

Take a look around your kitchen and see some furniture that you think is worth showing or some areas that you use the most during your kitchen activities.

If you think that you need to highlight your antique kitchen table, put more lights with unique design above it to draw the attentions of your guests to your table.

You can hang pendant lighting with traditional curvy design and choose the one with yellowish ray instead of the white ray to add the rustic feel in your kitchen table.

If you think that you need to use the sink and stove more often, you can always hang some pendant lights on top of them or on wall lighting to illuminate your working area.

Choose the ones with enough light, too bright country kitchen lighting will not be good.

Check up on the window.

Check if you have bigger windows or smaller ones.

Bigger windows mean more access of light to your kitchen.

Pay attention on the direction of the light’s going from morning to the evening to see which part of your kitchens which are not illuminated during the day.

If those areas are important, adding some additional lighting will be perfect.

Use the natural lighting as your source of illumination as the most economical and eco friendly thing to do for your country kitchen lighting idea.

Some window lighting can be added on the sides of your window to give some light on it at night.

Rustic is the expected feeling when you see a country kitchen.

Country kitchen lighting should give that feel by avoiding too bright neon white lights with dimmer yellowish pendant lighting instead.

Browse the net for some more ideas.
Lighting for small kitchens may be a little bit different than what it takes for larger kitchens.

cabinet lighting and decorative lighting.

If you have larger kitchen you may install them all, but if you have small space for your kitchen instead, you may at least have two type of lighting that is consider being the most important; the ambient lighting and the task lighting.

Lighting for Small Kitchens

Each type of lighting is installed in the different place.

Some type of lighting can be place in more place and corner, more like a multi-function lighting.

But to get the best home kitchen design and atmosphere, you can set at least those two types of lighting.

Ambient lighting usually place around the cabinet mixed with the task lighting.

Ambient lighting use to build soft mood in the kitchen, it also will make your kitchen glowing.

Many kitchen designers believe that yellow ambient lighting is one the most important element in the kitchen, besides will make your kitchen brighter, it will raise your kitchen investment because the soft light will make your kitchen look more expensive.

However, the task lighting, like any other lighting function, was installed to make your kitchen working easier.

The task lighting can be installed above the kitchen table, and on the cabinet right at the place where you are cooking.

This will make your dinner and cooking time more meaningful.

Lighting for small kitchen does not have to be too much.

Small kitchen usually consist of one kitchen cabinet and one small kitchen table.

Sometimes it is also replace with the simple mini bar or small cabinet to put your plate inside.

In this case, you will only need task lighting hanged right in the center of the small kitchen and few small ambient lighting on the cabinet.

To help the lighting burst perfectly you can simply choose the lighter color for your kitchen to make it brighter.

Silver and white can be good choice, combine it with glass furniture so that you can have maximum glow from small amount of lighting.

If you prefer more colorful combination of colors, don’t forget to put white as major color.

Black also can be a good choice if you intend to have more modern sense and atmosphere.

But it may require more glass and simple furniture for your kitchen to avoid dimness.

Playful Interior Design with a Red Vintage Kitchen

People who understand the charm of the 50’s diners will definitely find a red vintage kitchen a wonderful place to spend hours in.

A vintage kitchen revolving around the color red screams credits to the 1950’s, a period that revolutionized the use of bold colors on a lot of products.

It can be remembered that the 1950’s makeup was completed with the cherry red and Russian red lipstick.

This era was defined in so many ways by the bold color of red.

As the color enchants more people, the release of red vintage cars by Ford, Chevy and other brands later in the 60’s and 70’s is still very valued today.

The color red rages its rule in diners which is where the famed 50’s diners theme originated.

The diners during this era used red, black and white colors while being complemented by bold decors and jukebox music.

The overall effect made the place emit a cheerful atmosphere and engaged people to enter and socialize.

red vintage kitchen microwave

Where does the red vintage kitchen design take inspiration?

It’s a no-brainer that the red theme in a vintage kitchen is very similar to the overall design of the 50’s diners.

In those years, the theme of the era revolved around red, black and white.

The black and white somehow seemed to represent the television or the photos back then, while the red represented a fresh new color, at that time, it was a modern touch.
red vintage kitchen set
Most retro kitchens use the concept that was found in the 50’s diners.

Aside from the colors, the presence of chrome and plastic furniture in the retro kitchen designs is an imitation of what was used back then in the diners.

The plaid curtains or checked floors were all from the same interior design of diners of the 1950’s.

The diners’ were very popular that the whole idea of it survived hundreds of years and is still evident in a lot of diners today.

A lot of diners replicate the whole idea of it, complete with vintage records on the walls, bar stools, booth tables and waitresses in skates.

red vintage kitchen

Why the retro decor works well in a kitchen

The source of inspiration for the retro design which is the 50’s diners encouraged lounging and hanging out.

In fact, the diners were a suitable place for all ages, adults, teens and even kids.

With the well-known milkshakes and burgers, it was a great place for lovers, friends, families and basically anyone.

The atmosphere that brewed in the diners is one of the reasons people desire the retro look in their homes.

The overall design represents a simpler and easier time.

With the theme of the diners made to work in a kitchen, the room becomes a cheerful place to lounge and relax.

The design is very playful and doesn’t follow a standard procedure or process.

As what was created in the diners during the 50’s, the red vintage kitchen becomes a place for all ages.

Vintage Kitchen Island to Complete Ancient Kitchen View in Your House

I have never thought that I would get the best vintage kitchen ideas except vintage kitchen island.

This kitchen island is designed in ancient style but keep looks stylish and luxurious.

Sometimes I feel boring with my monotonous kitchen.

Therefore, I assume that I should find new kitchen designs that can be alternative options to replace the previous one.

It is designed with traditional geometry that enables you to move around when cooking in wider space.

Thus, good design of kitchen can drives me to go on in cooking well.
Futuristic Vintage Kitchen Island

Models of Vintage Kitchen Island

We all know that kitchen has several designs that can be adopted to gives different touch of atmosphere in kitchen.

Therefore, vintage kitchen island provides different types of models that can be options for you.

Surely, style of kitchen can create new sensation when you cook.

You can cook with fun and happy just by seeing the view of kitchen area that is designed in beautiful architectures.

Of course, you will get spirits to cook.
Luxuy Vintage Kitchen Island
Here are some examples of vintage kitchen island that belong to adorable designs.

They are modern retro kitchen design, collage kitchen island, vintage country table, vintage butcher block, chippy kitchen island, mobile kitchen island, retro style kitchen vintage, modern kitchen vintage, rational kitchen island, custom built kitchen island with glossy green island, minimalist kitchen island, colorful mosaic kitchen island,  traditional kitchen island etc.

Besides, there are still many models of ancient kitchen island that can be inspirational choice for give traditional aspect on your kitchen.

In addition, vintage kitchen cabinets would be the most appropriate complement to ancient kitchen island.
Vintage Kitchen Island wtih Wooden Floor

Other Complements to Be Suited with Vintage Kitchen Island

To get perfect kitchen designs in vintage models, you should add kitchen furniture and appliances in vintage models.

It is possible to add vintage kitchen lighting to give traditional touch in kitchen room.

Other complements to accompany vintage kitchen island are traditional kitchen cabinets, vintage kitchen sinks, vintage kitchen faucet, etc.
Vintage Kitchen Island with White Cabinet

Modular Kitchen Designs You Don’t Have to Compromise

Modular kitchen designs make it possible for homeowners to maximize a small space while still getting a modern and very chic look.

The modular design is not only used in kitchens but is also used in bedrooms, living rooms, bath rooms and every possible room in a house.

It just so happens that the kitchen is the most popular portion of a house that can benefit greatly from the modular design.

This design is meant to maximize space and achieve efficient space utilization.

Among the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the one that needs the most storage space.

We’re not talking about just a cabinet like a closet in the bedroom.

With the variety of kitchenware, tools and accessories found in the kitchen, there’s a need to compartmentalize the space to provide an organized yet visually-appealing room.

The idea with this design is that it uses modules or segments to accomplish a unified look.

In a smaller scale, modular furniture is something made with several pieces.

These pieces can be detached, re-attached or combined to form another piece of furniture.

Put that in a larger scale and you get a modular kitchen design.

Modular kitchen designs
Modular Kitchen Designs

Choosing a modular design for your home doesn’t mean you have to give up a particular style.

Whether you’re going for a French country kitchen theme or an eclectic theme, you can still achieve it while using a modular design.

What’s great about modular design is that it can be combined easily with any traditional style of interior design.

Most modular designs are made specifically for one space.

The building of a modular kitchen would mean making personalized pieces that fit perfectly with the room being built.

It’s not as diverse as free standing units that can easily be transferred to a different space.

While the modular design is flexible, its flexibility is normally confined to the original dimensions it was built for.

Most modern homes are built with this concept.

The space available is economized to allow the luxuries of a large home to fit in an average space.

Houses today do not occupy large areas like before.

Space is expensive but it doesn’t mean we can’t have the amenities of a modern home.

Well-planned and well-executed modular designs have a lot of advantages over traditional home designs.

Benefits of applying modular kitchen designs in your home

There are a lot of benefits to this design. For the most part, it maximizes the space and provides the most storage space possible.

It’s a design that is suitable to our modern way of living.

Also, with the segmented style of this design, cleaning, making repairs or replacing a damaged area is less complicated compared to traditional kitchen designs.

The segmented characteristic of the design allows homeowners to fix only the portion that is damaged.

With that, maintenance costs less.

Also, there’s a large variety of style to choose from when it comes to this design.

It allows you to diversify your rooms and get creative.

Lastly, when it comes to installation, it takes less time to accomplish modular kitchen designs compared to other kitchen designs.

Elegance of a White and Grey Kitchen

The light contrast that can be seen in a white and grey kitchen is gaining more admirers as the color trend shift towards contrasting grey with light colors.

This mix of two colors is very eye-friendly and it can emit a very calm ambiance, contrary to the effects of dark and bold colors such as red and orange.

The reason behind this light effect on a person’s eyes is that the two colors are not far from each other in the color wheel.

As a result, the eye doesn’t need to adjust heavily as with high-contrast color combinations like red and black, yellow and blue and so on.

It shows off a sophisticated overall theme. Although grey is the lighter shade of black, all the negative attributes of black doesn’t apply to the color grey.
luxury White and Grey Kitchen
Especially when contrasted with white, gone is the association of grey with dullness or dirtiness.

With a large pool of options for different shades of grey, a white and grey themed kitchen can turn out to be modern yet very homey.

Owning a white and grey kitchen

The aesthetic value of the grey and white combination may be seen and rated differently depending on the person’s point of view.

For those who keep up with trends, brown is the color for kitchen interior designs as of the moment and has been for the past 8 years.

This is according to decorator and Color Expert, Maria Killam, who also said that color trends normally last a decade.
White and Grey Kitchen modern
However, for homeowners who are currently renovating or still in the process of completing their homes, going for the white and grey contrast may be a great option.

It will keep your kitchen up-to-date and modern, all the while providing you with a light and warm environment for preparing and sharing meals.

Owning a kitchen with this type of color theme has its perks.

If you have hardwood in the kitchen, whether it’s the floor or the countertop, the color contrast of white and grey brings out the richness from wood.

Aside from that, this type of color contrast mixes well with any type of floor so it’s one less thing to think about when it concerns mix-matching tiles for your kitchen to meet a cohesive design.

What completes the white-grey theme in a kitchen?

White and Grey Kitchen

This color scheme seems to have emerged in the right time as stainless steel is also gaining popularity.

The grey of stainless steel is complimentary to the overall color theme as it provides a lot of the ‘grey’.

Counter tops, shelves, sinks, back splashes are being built using stainless steel and this makes a very contemporary effect.

Also, grey kitchen cabinets are a good break from the all-white cabinets we’ve grown accustomed to.

Appliances such as refrigerator, stove, toaster, etc. provide ‘grey’ to the overall kitchen design.

The ‘white’ portion can be seen in chairs, tiles, backsplash, drawer handles, etc.

In the end, it’s up to the homeowner or designer to mix and match portions of the room to get a white and grey kitchen design that works.

Modern Wood Kitchens: Play with Colors

Modern wood kitchens are seems like a fresh ideas for your kitchen.

Remember that wooden usually closely related to the vintage or country look, but now you can get it in a modern and simple look as well.

Just combine the wooden stuffs there with the right wall paint and the right floor, then surely that you will obtain the modern wood kitchens designs right in your kitchen.
Modern Wood Kitchens
The lighting and the shape of the lamp or chandelier of the kitchen will really affect to the kitchen as well.

The fabric that usually become the most important things to build the theme and mood there, you can try to change it into something that has less detail or even in a plain one.

The simple and plain things will really help you to obtain the best look of the modern theme as well.

If you really try to obtain the modern wood kitchens then just continue reading and try obtaining the theme in your kitchen as well.
The Best Modern Wood Kitchens

Modern Wood Kitchens: Light Wooden Brown

If you try to obtain the modern wood kitchens with the light wooden brown colors, then you will need the light colors for the floor, wall and ceiling.

For the wall you can try to obtain the natural light colors like white, cream, or even ivory.

Then for the floor you can use the pale wooden color that will really match with the counters and the cabinets that set in the light wooden color.

For the ceiling, just set it like the wall. Then for the lighting, put the chandelier that will really modernly trim your kitchen.
Luxury Modern Wood Kitchens

Modern Wood Kitchens: Dark Wooden Brown

Then if you try to obtain the modern wood kitchens designs ideas that set the counters and the cabinets that colored in dark wooden color, you can try to combine it with the sweet and calm colors for the wall, floor and the ceiling.

We start from the wall that you have to set in cream, or ivory.

Then the floor just set it in a white tile and for the ceiling, you can set the dark brown ceiling that will be really match with your modern wood kitchens.
Modern Wood Kitchens Design

Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

Kitchen vent hood in your kitchen are useful if your stove do not placed near the window.

The ventilation above the kitchen stove will automatically brings the steam coming from the cooking right into the free air outside, the function is like the chimney for the fireplace so, and there is no CO2 or CO or any combustion in the house, both of residuals can endanger the health.

Kitchen vent hood ideas can be made by placing it above the stove overhead the ventilation or downdraft it, mounted to the wall or bottom of wall between cabinets, depend on your preference and cooking style.

Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

However, the kitchen vent hood ideas that take form as chimney hood can be placed where there are cabinet absents.

You don’t have to feel worry about its weird shaped, because it usually as large as your stove and hanged such way like giant triangle with big island hood mounted to the ceiling.

The chimney hood now designed in stylish shaped that can match well with the range of cabinet.

For some reason, some people even make this chimney as attractive focal point in the kitchen, to underline how the kitchen appliances manufacture industries can make this giant chimney into something worth to see.

As the pipe to bring the gas residual outside, the island hood is mounted to the ceiling, usually between cabinets, and the duct work is vented above.

However, the size of island hood usually wider than the cook top so that the combustion can perfectly sent to the top.

The optimal size of island hood is about 3 inches larger than the island hood on left and right side.

The down drafts bring the air under the floor through the duct work.

This is expected to save some space and giving soft sleek look for the cook tops area.

Range Vent Hood Ideas

There are some other options to make this kitchen vent hood ideas into part of the kitchen.

Even the material to cover this kitchen appliance can be customized.

The wooden will turn your chimney into rustic range look, stainless steel can give modern touch, and the painted chimney hood will give you softer look like you used to see on vintage, shabby chic kitchen design style.

Since everything now can be well customized, you don’t have to worry about how kitchen vent or chimney hood will turn your kitchen lose its elegant or cluttered.

Two Tone Kitchen

Some people think that two tone kitchen is rather too much, while many other people think otherwise.

Two tones for kitchens are definitely beautiful and easy to be created such way to make certain theme or style.

Black and white tones usually use to create classic traditional or classic modern, dark brown with light brown or cream suitable to create traditional or Mediterranean kitchen style.

Any pastel to tone colors will be beautiful to make vintage style or shabby chic kitchen style, and light wooden brown and white to create perfect Japanese style.

Two Tone Kitchen

Two tone kitchens can also be means creating two types of material together.

You can mix two types of woods; maple and cherry wood, or oak with pine, bamboo and oak, or mahogany and maple.

The combinations of the woods colors can give beautiful natural look to your kitchen without have to add paints.

Or if you prefer to give more glossy and fun look you can simply choose to combine two paint colors to your kitchen.

The combinations can be anything; it can be green lime with broken white, or yellow and white, blue and grey, or red and with silver.

All you have to do is just determine the kitchen style you intend to apply in your kitchen, and choose the colors match to reflect the style.

Two Tone Kitchen Wall Colors

Other combinations that will give your kitchen natural tone are the silver stainless steel.

This material can be use to create many types of style and giving the natural color at once.

Combine with black, and you will get the modern contemporary kitchen style.

Or combine the silver stainless steel appliances with any pastel colors and you will get the retro or vintage kitchen style in your home.

Silver stainless steel also can be combined with any type of wooden colors and make your kitchen get the traditional contemporary kitchen design.

There you can make instant two tone kitchen without many efforts.
Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Two tone kitchen has been become trend for so long. It gives strong idea for many types of kitchen since long time ago.

If you searching on the website, you will found out that more than 25% of kitchen designs are those using two tone kitchen.

The two tone kitchens are so popular that most people actually applied the system on their kitchen.

It is easy to be customize, and every colors has predictable atmosphere produce for the space.

Now, combine your own color palette.
Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Traditional Kitchen Design

Many theories and articles discuss about what happen with traditional kitchen design.

This year, the modern kitchen design only takes small amount of traditional kitchen design into the discussions and also, into the design itself.
Traditional Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery
As the eldest kitchen designed found, the traditional kitchen design has become timeless kitchen style in the world.

Every manufacture and furniture fabric still produced some of their latest traditional kitchen furniture to fulfill the market demand.

It still exist, even though in the custom furniture, the pure traditional kitchen are barely doesn’t show that often.

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design

The possibilities about the traditional kitchen design has been debatable topic since long time, the new design develop from the real design is also being discussed, and the result comes in a various way.

The first presumption is coming from the traditional kitchen design fanatics.

They assume that the design of traditional kitchen in will combine the traditional American and European kitchen style.

The result is the modern traditional that will show both character at the same amount and has wider chance to compete with the modern styles.

They are sure that this new design will emerge as the long lasting kitchen design that will not go out of style.

Traditional Kitchen Designs 2013

Even so, many other interior designers still believe that the modern influence cannot be ignored just like that.

It will still give some influence for the new traditional kitchen design coming no matter how small the amount would be.

Some other interior designers giving another presumption which is consider being more reasonable and acceptable than the first one.
Traditional Kitchen Designs with Islands
It said, there may be some indications about the traditional kitchen design, such as;

  • Simplified and open.
  • Hidden appliances
  • Combinations of task and ambient lighting system
  • Integrating the kitchen with other room spaces
  • Environmental base and eco-friendly materials and appliances
  • More natural color palette
  • Modern and stylish sinks
  • Concern with the quality and modern cooking appliances
  • High powered decorative range hoods

Traditional Kitchen Designs
From the list above, we can see that the modern designs still influence the character of traditional kitchen, the simple and functional still become the basic standard or the kitchen and the maximum use of latest kitchen appliances and technology.

However, the traditional part is s seen in the use of material, and choice of natural color which include in the eco friendly point above.

Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Cottage kitchen ideas are well known as the type of kitchen design for small spaces.

The cottage kitchen also suitable for you who do not intend to have too much rectangular space in the home, you just want everything simple, functional, and still look catchy.

You can place plenty counter space in a small cottage kitchen plus still have good chance to add some extra storage.

You may see this kitchen design as one of those with too much feminine side.

In a glance, the cottage kitchen design really is look sweet.

The range of cabinet and countertops and the kitchen appliances arrangements usually give the kitchen design feminine look; it may remind you about the shabby chic or vintage kitchen style.

Cottage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Although famous with the pastel color such as white, green, yellow or blue, the floral pattern reflected on the fabrics, and vintage accessories, you can make your own cottage kitchen ideas only with primary cold colors like black, grey or dark brown.

Or if you want to show some neutral atmosphere from your kitchen, simply set all part of the kitchen including the cabinet, wall, countertops, backsplash and the kitchen table and chairs with off white.

But don’t for get to add at least small amount of other darker color to warm up the look. Because this is the true atmosphere that cottage kitchen can produce.

Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Even though tend to be feminine, cottage kitchen ideas is simple.

You can choose ceramic tile or porcelain as the kitchen backsplash, you can set the tile like some glossy concrete or set it diagonally to get more attractive look.

Keep it simple in setting the backsplash, one color is usually enough.

You can add one or two color pattern if you don’t want to make your kitchen way too plain, but you need to keep everything simple, sleek, and sweet.

Because there is always accessories added to your kitchen and, too much pattern and colors will make your kitchen look crowded instead.
White Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Floral is the most suitable accessories for cottage kitchen design.

Bouquet of flowers will be the most favorite centerpiece for the kitchen.

Magenta and violet fresh flowers will be dramatically changing the atmosphere of pure off white cold kitchen design into warm welcoming space.
Small Cottage Kitchen Ideas
You also can always put another vase of flowers near the window or in the countertop areas.

Two three small vase of flowers is usual scene for cottage kitchen style.

Warm Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are now become one part of the house that are undergo many development and maintaining ideas of renovations and change for the past 3 decades.

The first concept of the kitchen is about placing the stove at the right place, and then this idea developed because ones need storage to keep their food and utensils.
Warm Modern Kitchen
It grows again until it created the chopping area, and the area to serve the meals. As the kitchen designs and model were developed, the new functions of the kitchen also become added.

Nowadays kitchen are more than a place to cook.

Cooking is still become the main activity in the kitchen, however, people also found that kitchen can be the place to do some other activities.

Warm Modern Kitchen Designs

This is the reason why decorating your kitchen both for cooking activities and social interactions is important.

Make your kitchen as comfortable as living room is important.

Designing your kitchen is like placing your taste and personality.

It can be warm and welcoming or otherwise, calm and cool.

Today people tend to decorate their kitchen with modern design, however if you want to put warm atmosphere in it there some tips you can do.

Warm modern kitchen design can make your kitchen more comfortable for sure.
Modern But Warm Kitchens

Warm modern kitchen design can be made by consider changing and/or adding new appliances and decorations in the kitchen.

Modern designs are close to anything simple, functional, clean and cold.

To warm the feel here some tips you can do.

Choose wooden flooring rather than hard material.

You can simply add the finish for the floor to make it look glossy.

If you reluctant to change the floor, you can change the cabinet and countertops finishing with wood.

Give the natural touch for the kitchen as much as you can, to give warmer atmosphere.

Try to place your kitchen with maximum natural light.

Make sure the window is big enough to let the sun shine in.

Warm and cozy feel is naturally made by the sunlight.

Change your kitchen color scheme with warm colors.

The light wooden brown and yellow is the best color to create Warm modern kitchen design.

This color combination also can glow even better with the sunlight.

Add plants and fruits on the table, along with the small centerpiece of flower to add more living things inside and keep your kitchen warm.

Retro Style Kitchen Designs

Considered to bring more eclectic style of vintage design, retro style kitchen design has been long time identical with trendy breakthrough during 1930 – 1970’s.
Retro Style Kitchen Ideas
Retro style represents the courage of combining colors and pattern without have to be afraid they don’t get along each other.

The considerations about choosing the combinations is still become the main concerns, but the result will not turns out cold like what you may see on the traditional style or modern style exist nowadays.

The main atmosphere showed in retro style is festive, warm, sweet, and brave.

Retro Style Kitchen

In 1930’s, retro style kitchen design was begin its appearance with the vintage style which still closely can be seen in the entire appliances’ style and colors.

The pastels are still become the dominant choice of colors, and the combinations between colors are also still set to the minimum way.

You will only see two or three different colors in one kitchen, and mostly the colors are still coming from one family.

For example, light green wall combine with leaf green kitchen cabinet, and dark green furniture and kitchen table.

The pattern uses are usually using small pattern, and only use mostly for the flooring and backsplash.

Retro Style Kitchen Table and Chairs

Retro style kitchen design in 1950’s started to show some development in the use of wall patterns, the appliances and furniture arrangement.

Even so, the pastels still seem to be the main theme for retro although some of primary colors like the use of red, orange or purple on some small appliances and cutleries are started to shown.

This is also the year when more silver and stainless steel appliances start to be use widely.

From the sink, the fridge, kitchen table and chairs are full made from stainless steel, often those with unpainted look.
Retro Style Kitchen Decor

Nowadays, kitchen design with retro style is adaptation of the modern kitchen styles known today.

You may still see the general concept of space efficiency, the type of material use, the domination of cold colors, the appliances arrangements, and the pattern.

Usually the modern retro kitchen design today only use retro as the sense, that the kitchen don’t decorate fully with retro style.
Retro Style Kitchen Designs
This make the retro style only shows in the use of one appliance (usually the color of fridge, stove, or sink) and the chest pattern flooring.

This may not turn the whole atmosphere into real retro style kitchen design but enough to remain you with such feel.

Natural Light Kitchen

The existence of natural light kitchen is quite important.

Windows or at least enough ventilation in your kitchen make your home environment especially kitchen healthy and keep it out of moist that may cause health problem.

Other importance of window is they are making sure your kitchen got enough air circulation every time and saving the energy because you don’t have to lighting up your kitchen in daytime, sunlight is enough to lighting it up.

Natural Light Kitchen

There are some types of kitchen windows known in the home and kitchen interior designs.

If your kitchen at home right now has not have any window yet, you can simply widen your knowledge about it, and start to find suitable windows to be installed in your kitchen.

Look at the space available on the kitchen will that is possible to be installed with windows.

To get the best result, you may have to ask for help from the professional to get your windows installed properly.

Installing windows need certain skill that is quite hard to be set into Do It Yourself project; still you need more help from the expert.

Kitchens Little Natural Light

Installing windows to get natural light kitchen, you should open the wall, lift the window frame into the opening wall, and seal the window frame and the wall.

These works are rather hard to do by your own, lifting the window can be such challenge, especially if you intend to install larger size of window and sealing the windows need to be done very carefully so it will perfectly protect your kitchen from moisture and air leakage that may coming from the window.

Other important consideration is the building permit if you living in a apartment.

You might have to talk to the managers and ask the permission about make some permanent change inside the apartment.

Add Natural Light Kitchen

For some home and kitchen designers, natural light kitchen can also means the type of kitchen lighting coming from lighting electricity system and the connection between windows with the lighting system inside.

There are many types of lighting that produce more optimum natural lights, they are pendant light, mini blinds, enhance window, function lighting, practical light fixtures, indoor to outdoor transition, and so on.

Each system will give you more natural light that will perfectly combine with the lighting inside.

Find one that is suitable for your kitchen, and enjoy the natural sun light inside your cooking working space.

Country Modern Kitchen Designs

If we are talking about the country kitchen then we will think about a kitchen that has a cabinet made of pine wood, dominated by the color beige, brown or yellow and have an island or a mini bar in the middle of the kitchen.

That design is an old fashionable kitchen design, we can modify it with more modern elements without eliminate the basic of it.

This new design called the country modern kitchen design.

The country modern kitchen design looks simpler and casual than the traditional kitchen design.

Pure Design Modern Country Kitchen

In country modern kitchen design, the cabinet model in modern country kitchen is not stiff like the traditional design.

The cabinet can use any other wood type not only the pine wood; we can adjust the material of the cabinet appropriate with what we want.

The color that dominates in the kitchen can be white so it can feel simply, modern and elegant.
Modern Country Kitchen Design Ideas
The most visible change is there are many elements made of stainless steel, so the risks contained in the old model, which mostly dominated by the use of wood, such as termites can be avoid beside that stainless steel used is meant For the island in the middle of kitchen we can use any materials not only wood.

We can make it from porcelain or combine the wood with any other materials.

The use of wood in the island that became the central point in the country kitchen can provide a sense of warmth without losing the impression of modernism.
Modern French Country Kitchen Designs
Beside that at the island we can add the built-in stove which is becoming a trend in modern kitchen.

The country modern kitchen design can be applied in any type of house.

For house that made from brick we can add the panel from wood to make the country design and modified it accordance with our desire.

This kitchen design is becoming a trend to apply on modern minimalist model homes and apartments.
Country Modern Kitchen Designs

In a normal size of home, the country kitchen designs can be very impressive; the use of old wooden material will actually add more value to the kitchen investment.

However the country kitchen design can look very sweet if it is apply to the small studio apartment.

Small apartment can contain of one cabinet above the stove area and one mini bar, and that is enough to represents the true simple country kitchen design.
Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room

Open Concept Kitchen

Open concept kitchen has been widely become new favorite kitchen style for many people in the suburb.

For some reason people tend to place their kitchen integrated freely with other spaces, like living room or dining room.

Open kitchen does not require any space partition or any furniture or appliances that may cover the cooking work in the kitchen from other spaces.

You can now get rid of withdraw space, extra wall, or your kitchen corner at the house; put them in as one of your family room where each member can use it freely.

Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Room

The advantage of applying open concept kitchen in the home is that your kitchen will look bigger than it is, there is more space available once you get rid of the wall and the available new spaces can be utilized for breakfast bar, new counter of coffee table.

It will perfectly match with the living room or fireplace space in the home, and make the two activities can have mutual combinations one another.

You can watch your children watching TV while you are cooking, and can serve the meals right after their ready.

Or you can simply watch TV while you are cooking and watching your children doing their activities.

Open Concept Kitchen Designs

Another advantage can come from the open concept kitchen can be made if you replace the wall with the long counter and create an instant kitchen bar in your kitchen table, voila!

Now you just create functional modern kitchen style.

You can combine two three function at one space and no space is isolated.

You can also have chance to make and show your expensive kitchen appliances.

You will have some space to displays your silver kitchen utensils, elegant glassware, or crockery.

Let your kitchen appliances be the additional decoration for the home.
Open Concept Kitchen

Integrating two functions in one space would be mean maintaining and enhancing the social interactions among people in the house.

You might have found that one family member rarely be seen in living room, while some other are seem too busy in the kitchen.

Combine the kitchen and living room in one space to get them all together.

The last plus you can get when using open concept kitchen is any meals is serve hot.

The dining room or living room which is located closely with the kitchen can instantly get the meals which are just baked served right away.

Everything will move freely, faster and easier.
Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Viking Stone Kitchen

This may be quite rare. The Viking stone kitchen style is one of the uncommon kitchen style discussed lately.

The fabric or manufacturer does not set this style as their ready to stock kitchen design.

They are always be one of those with customize kitchen design.

Most people will usually prefer to choose natural stone as granite or marble, the Viking stone?

That is another case.

Since the use of the material is quite rare, the kitchen design is also rarely found in practice.

This style will not be fit for small space.

In contrary, the normal or larger size of home with larger size of kitchen is quite hard to get these days.

So, what is the Viking stone kitchen mostly talks about?

Viking Stone Kitchen

The material surface of Viking stone is definitely hard.

Imagine if you put your concrete material for fireplace and put them as your kitchen backsplash, right behind the stove.

Artistic sense of the Viking stone kitchen looks very dramatic, like installing pieces of pre historic part in the house.

If we take a look to the material characteristics of the stone Viking, this natural stone is obviously durable.

Forget about regular polishes once in a year or re finishes the surface as the wooden or marble do.

Stone Viking does not need any polishes or finishes, once you installing them in, you probably would never have to do anything with it anymore.

The bad possibility that will reduce the beauty of your Viking stone look is the soot or lampblack coming from the cooking process that will stain the surface.

Because the surface of the material is rough, and cannot be clean just like that by water and soap, you might have to consult the maintenance procedures with the experts.

The Viking stone kitchen also can be designed to be an outdoor kitchen.

The material is hard enough to be stand in any types of weather and can resist any scratch and crash.

The color of Viking stone is various.

From the broken white, grey, red brick, red-orange, and brown.

These colors are considered as neutral colors that will goes to any types of kitchen appliances.

You can combine the Viking stone with stainless steel, hard wood, or ceramic.

The installment also relatively easy, but to get the best result, you may have to ask for help from the professional.

So, try out for the new experience now.

Home Depot Kitchen Ideas

Home depot kitchen ideas mostly come right away after you plan to remodel your kitchen, or when you buy a new house and intend to search any information related to the fresh inspirational ideas to build your kitchen.

The need for a home depot kitchen ideas sources also can come easily when you have certain hobbies to collect home interior style.

It can be useful if you are an interior designer college student seeking for brand new ideas to create new kitchen style for your homework.
Home Depot Kitchen Color Ideas
The need for home depot kitchen information is rather out of the blue sometimes, but it will be better if you always keep one good resource in your home for any necessity.

Home Depot Decorating Ideas Kitchen

Good home depot provide not only various style of kitchen design ideas, but also tips and trick about floor plan, how to choose material, how to place one furniture and how to integrate one furniture to another to get the most efficient working place.

Good home depot kitchen guide you in an easiest way how to build one style, how to make each space available are usable and bring advantage for your home investment.

It is also gives you a brief about buying guides, how to choose good furniture match your financial condition and style; from cabinet to dishwasher, from countertops to garbage disposal.
Home Depot Kitchen Ideas
It is also contain who to call once you need to replace your door pulls, hinges, to install under cabinet lighting, and many other kitchen remodel and services.

Home depot kitchen that will cover all the needs of kitchen services is rather hard to find unless your home is close to the home depot and furniture store where you can find designers to consult your kitchen design and service problem, and seeking for brand new furniture at once.

Kitchen guidance book may help you to do so, but the information within sometimes still limited, makes you still have to subscribe.
Home Depot Kitchen Paint Ideas
The easiest way to get a good home depot kitchen ideas information, guidance and service is by browsing all you need on the internet.

You can open one website page to get information about them all.

In case you cannot find the information as you expected, you can open more recommend website page on google.
Kitchen Remodel Ideas Home Depot
Another advantage using internet is you can always check your favorite furniture brand updates by just clicking the page from your home.

It is always easier, faster, lower cost, and you can always get the latest information.

So, start to bookmark your very own and favorite home depot website page, and enjoy sightseeing.

Dirty Kitchen Designs

The term first came out from the Asian hemisphere.

Dirty kitchen refers to the working kitchen or the butler’s pantry in the western country.

This concept requires two kitchens, the clean kitchen functions to entertain the guest and complement the house as in the design term.

The dirty kitchen, on the on the other hand, is the place where the real cooking job takes place.

When the homeowner entertains guests, they like to put all of their food in the clean kitchen and the prepping and processing of food happens in the dirty kitchen.

If you want to set up one for your house, here are some dirty kitchen designs for your reference.

Dirty Kitchen Designs

Dirty kitchen designs are all about functionality. Style and color matching will not be an important thing to consider.

This can be the start of your design ideas.

Make your plan according to the functionality of the kitchen.

Start with the setting of your kitchen.

Choose the ones which accommodates your triangle work area best.

Adjust it with your kitchen’s shape, if a G shaped kitchen is too elaborate, you can always choose a simpler L shaped, U shaped of on wall shaped kitchen lay out.

Only add an island in the center when it is necessary and you have enough space for it.

Outdoor Dirty Kitchen Designs

The next thing to do for your dirty kitchen designs is considering the appliances.

It will depend on the size of guests you’d like to entertain.

If you need to entertain more people, it means that you will need four burner stoves, double sink, and bigger cabinets to store more food and appliances and also bigger fridge to keep more food.

Do not confuse about the style and models of your appliances.

You just need to consider their durability and easier maintenance as the most important factors in choosing the perfect appliances for your dirty kitchen designs.

Dirty Kitchen Designs Photos

Choose the design and wall color which complements the functionality of your kitchen.

If white is your choice, you need to glaze the appliances with easier to maintain finishing materials.

Finish your cabinets with glossy or durable finish.

The same way goes to your backsplash.

If natural stone backsplash is harder to clean and absorbs dampness, you can always choose simpler tile backsplash.

You do not need the elaborate mosaic style or ornate ones for your dirty kitchen designs.

Dirty Kitchen Design Ideas

Flooring will be the final in your dirty kitchen designs.

Make sure that you have a save flooring and not slippery one since you will work on it very often.

Choose wooden or natural stone flooring which is more durable and easier to clean than linoleum or laminated one.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Your kitchen is the center of your families’ activity.

Updating it will give your family a new start and fresh atmosphere to go with their daily toiling.

Sometimes hiring a professional for your design idea is too much for you but nowadays people seems to be more creative by designing their own kitchen as they like by checking up on ideas and information in the net and books.

You can do so, with these simple tricks on kitchen interior design ideas, you can have your dream kitchen design easily.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Start your small kitchen interior designs with the vocal points of your kitchen.

Big sized appliances such as cabinets, tables and countertops will be your focal points in your kitchen.

You have to be wise in choosing the right color and models that you want to apply for your kitchen.

Use lighter colored tone for your kitchen appliances.

Choose white or brighter colored cabinets instead of darker ones unless you will combine it with other brighter colored appliances.

Sharp edged appliances will make your kitchen seems narrow; you better use round tables or curvy edged tables than squares to give you more space and bigger look.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Choose the right lighting for your small kitchen interior designs. Lighting can work both for illumination and functional sake as well as for accentuating your kitchen’s appliances.

For functionality, adding lights under your cabinets will accentuate your countertop area and your backsplash.

It will also illuminate you working area which will help you a lot in prepping your food for your family.

Pendant lighting above your kitchen table or island will not only give your guest cozy and homey feeling and help your prepping, it will also help in enhancing the look of your kitchen with its various kinds of decorations and styles.

The next for your small kitchen interior designs is choosing the right accessories for your kitchen.

If you decide on adding some accents in your kitchen with china, kitchen wares, flowers and paintings, you can always do that according to your kitchen theme.

For a farmhouse kitchen, natural farm patterned china will be perfect.

As for a modern kitchen, sleek and less decorated kitchen will look better.

As for vintage style kitchen, laces and bright patterned table cloth and curtains will look great too.

You can always have paintings or murals on your backslash too when it is possible.

Remember to be moderate in decorating your kitchen otherwise it will look crowded.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas Photos

The various ideas on small kitchen interior designs show that the sky is the limit for your creativity.

Open webs or books for more inspirations.

Summer Kitchen Design Ideas

Summer is coming up and its time to cheer up your house!

To celebrate the bright summer this year, why don’t you update your dim kitchen in to a cheerful natural summer kitchen instead?

Here are some summer kitchen design ideas for your summer kitchen renovation.

Summer Kitchen Design Gallery

Warmth, brightness, cheerfulness, crisp and nature are the things that mostly associated with summer.

You can start by finding out the right summer theme that you want to bring out in your summer kitchen design ideas.

Decide whether It is going to be green summer, wooden farmhouse, classical France country or a modern long lasting summer kitchen design ideas.

Summer Kitchen Design Ideas

Combine colors with creativity. Color combinations will help you to get rid of the monotony of winter in your kitchen.

Try to combine brighter with darker colors to create the sharpness edges of your and in the end, it will get the crisp sense of your summer kitchen design ideas.

Try to combine colors like lime green cabinets with grey walls and countertops for your cozy green kitchens, or combine black and white for your modern trendy and elegant kitchen.

If you like woods, you can choose the varieties of woods in your kitchen too.

Match the colors so it will not be boring and monotone.

Bring the light to your summer kitchen design ideas.

Start it with brighter color paint on your wall and cabinets.

Lime green, yellow, crème, light red or light grey is perfect for your wall.

Combine the wall color with the appropriate kitchen appliances color theme.

Set darker and lighter theme color but remember to use less contrasting colors for smaller kitchens and more contrasting shade of color for bigger kitchens.

Get some windows in your kitchen to let some natural light in for a warm sunny summer kitchen design ideas.

If you cannot get windows on your kitchen, adjust the lighting will be adequate.

Bright sunny kitchen is perfect for summer time.

Summer Kitchen Design Plans

Bring nature to your summer kitchen design ideas.

Add some summer themed patterns such as flowers, sun, fruits or other summer themed patterns on your dishes, wall murals, decorations, backsplash tiles, cabinets or decorate your countertops with real flowers and hang some grape vine on your windows.

Use lighter brighter colored curtains to let the summer breeze in.

Make sure that you keep your kitchen crisp and clean without decorations and appliances jam-packed on your kitchen area.

Summer Kitchen Designs

New kitchen theme presents new spirit for you and your family.

Think summer!

And you will know what to do with your summer kitchen design ideas.

French Country Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Rustic, classic, warm and invitingly homey are the feelings that are expected form a French country cottage.

Cottages in this kind of style usually refer their style of design from the Mediterranean area such as French and Tuscan.

Instead of the classic antique furniture and their house design, the kitchen design is one of the most notable features in French country cottages.

If you cannot build a French country cottage, upgrading your kitchen only will suffice.

Here are some tricks of French country cottage kitchen ideas as your references.

French Country Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen theme is the first thing that you have to consider.

To create the homey, rustic, warm French country cottage kitchen ideas, you can play some tricks with your painting options.

Natural color such as deep yellow, gold, soft variations of green, blue, brick red as the primary color and stark white as the secondary color will suit your French country kitchen perfectly.

You can be creative and pattern your wall with sponging or pouncing to create the washed out color tone.

French Country Cottage Kitchen Ideas 2012

The next thing to do is making your French country cottage kitchen ideas as functional as possible.

Accessible containers for kitchen wares, utensils or appliances storage are more preferred than built in cabinets in Mediterranean and Tuscan cottages.

They like to hang their kitchen wares on the wall or above the island.

This may work for bigger sized kitchen although it makes the kitchen seems smaller with the crowded appliances.

Open shelving or open dishes rack on the wall is more suitable for smaller sized kitchens.

It has double function for keeping your kitchen wares and displaying them neatly for the natural effect.

Glass door cabinets or pantries will suit the French style if you insist on applying cabinets.

You can either paint them according to your kitchen color theme or leave them with their natural wooden color by changing the knobs with copper traditional style knobs or ceramics ones.

Combine your appliances with washed out antique French country cottage kitchen ideas appliances and decorations for the antique rusty sense.

The combination of copper colored faucets and ceramics, stone, bronze or copper colored sinks, with ceramics tiled backsplash along with wooden or granite flooring will stun whoever sees your kitchen.

As for decorations, you can accentuate your kitchen’s rustic sense with terracotta or brightly colored pottery, wood or stone containers, branches, bunches of grapes or green plants and spices on jars will blend perfectly with your French country cottage kitchen ideas.

French Country Cottage Kitchen Designs

Decorating your kitchen in French country cottage kitchen design ideas requires you to be creative and selective.

Think out of the box and browse for options thoroughly will help much.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas comes with a new fresh spirit and look.

This year will be dominated with fresher colors and greener eco friendly ideas in line with the go green spirit in trend nowadays.

Decorating your house in to an up to date fashion will lighten your mood kitchen is included.

If you want to preserve the natural country look of your kitchen, changing some elements in to the trend only will suffice.

Here are some country kitchen design ideas.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Brighter and lighter kitchens become the trend for kitchens.

Updating your country kitchen design ideas color theme to the up to date color can be a start.

You can re paint your wall in cream, peach, yellow, lime or light lavender.

Remember to keep it in tone with the washed out country theme in line the rest of your furniture.

Furniture with bold colors like lime green, yellow, lavender touch is common.

It gives you more option in adding color to your country kitchen design ideas.

Keep the blending natural.

Country Kitchen Design 2012

Keep your wooden appliances since woods are still in trend for country kitchen design ideas.

You can keep the natural color of your wooden kitchen cabinets or simply repaint it with your chosen color.

For a country kitchen, you can install glass door on your cabinet since it is still in trend.

Open shelving might not be practical anymore since it seems crowded.

A streamlined kitchen is preferred.

An green countertop with white color and easier maintenance is available in this year.

Adjust the design and color with your kitchen theme instead of keeping your granite countertops.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas Photos

To give a modern look in your country kitchen design ideas, you can try to improvise by mixing the materials for your kitchen.

You still can combine wooden floor, mosaic tiled backsplash and dark colored countertop with stainless steel eco friendly appliances.

Since nostalgic prints on ceramic come back in trend to let out your china dishes with natural printed theme out to be displayed in your glass door cabinets.

Country Kitchen Design Ideas 2012

Despite big bold wall patterns, soft patterns are still applicable for country kitchen design ideas, a washed out natural patterned is better.

Since mural comes back in style, you can start to use mural natural themed on your wall instead of kitchen utilities hanging on it.

Brighter and lighter country kitchen design ideas can be an option in decorating your kitchen.

Be creative and selective is important to have a perfect, cozy, homey and up to date country kitchen.

French Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Natural, homey, rustic and cozy are the adjectives to describe a French country kitchen design ideas.

Incorporating your color theme, appliances and furniture choices and decorations to create those feeling is not an easy task.

Here are some French country kitchen design ideas that you can help you.

French Country Kitchen Design

For a French country kitchen design idea, the most important thing to do is creating the rustic look in your kitchen.

A washed out pale color theme is a perfect option.

The combination of deep yellow and gold, hunter green, dark blue, bright red, with stark white as the secondary color will do just fine for your French country kitchen.

Washed out paler color theme for your wall will give you the same sense with the Mediterranean cottages.

Combine it with washed out antique kitchen appliances and kitchen decorations will give you the rusty sense.

Copper colored faucets and ceramics, stone, bronze or copper colored sinks will do a perfect combination for your French country kitchen design ideas.

French Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Functionality is one of the characteristics of French country kitchen design ideas.

To make use your kitchen as effective as you can, French style kitchen often apply accessible containers to store their kitchen wares, utensils or appliances.

Hanging some of the kitchen wares on the wall or above the island can be an alternative for bigger sized kitchens.

Open shelving or open dishes rack on the wall are the other option for keeping your kitchen wares while displaying them to add the natural sense of it.

If you need cabinets for your kitchen, glass door cabinets or pantries will suit the French style.

You can either paint them according to your kitchen color theme or leave them with their natural wooden color.

Accessibility and visibility is the main point of French country kitchen design ideas.

Modern French Country Kitchen Designs

A French country kitchen design ideas should also give the natural sense.

You can combine wooden materials with decorative ceramic tiles and plastered walls in your kitchen.

Wooden flooring, with wooden or painted furniture, ceramic tiles backsplash, copper colored faucets and black or copper colored sinks will be perfect.

Decorations such as hanged kitchen wares, old framed copper utensils, pictures in natural theme, dried flowers or country style towels orderly on your wall will be stunning.

Make sure to be varied and creative in choosing your decorations.

French country kitchen design ideas which can give you the natural, cozy, rustic and homey feel can be easily acquired with careful selection.

Consider checking up on models on the net for your reference.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

A farmhouse kitchen design ideas should never forget the main theme of a farmhouse kitchen which represents warmth, cheerfulness and homey.

Most farmhouse kitchens are big sized since it is commonly used daily and function as a family gathering place but small kitchen space will do.

Here are some tricks that you can do to change your kitchen in to a nice farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

The first thing that you have to think about before re decorating your farmhouse kitchen design ideas is setting up the layout.

Consider the space and layout of your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, you might not need more stuffs, just use the necessary appliances, but if your have bigger space, you can add whatever you want with maximizing the use of your space.

A G or U shaped layout will work well for both sizes.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas 2012

In the past, people do not use built-in cabinets and storage for their farmhouse kitchen design ideas.

They put their utensils and utilities in pie safes, work tables and buffets.

If you feel like you do not need cabinets and storage then you just need to maximize the use of available surface in your kitchen.

If you need a cabinets set, the wooden cabinet such as cherry red or oak with classic style will add the beauty of your kitchen.

It works well with granite, marble and stone countertops.

Choose classical and intricate handles or door knobs to add the artistic style.

Combine it with wide and deep kitchen sinks which is typical for this kind of style.

A single sink is more practical than the double one.

Always think about practicality first.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

If you decided on adding furniture on your farmhouse kitchen design ideas, you can choose the simple edged and lathe-turned detailed ones.

Be creative in outing the decorations for your furniture in the kitchen.

As for tables, choose the antique looking ones, wooden and handmade table can be a good option for you farmhouse kitchen design ideas.

Make sure that the table has sturdy legs and high back chairs.

Although square table are common for farmhouse kitchen ideas, you can be creative with other shapes as long as it fits your kitchen lay out and theme.

Combine the furniture with wooden floor if it’s possible, but if it is not, you can use cheaper regular painted floors with a country throw rugs or specially designed, hand-painted rugs.

Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Farmhouse kitchen design ideas should be simple.

Keeping enough space for you and your family’s activities is a wise decision instead of cluttering it with unimportant appliances.

Be creative in combining appliances and furniture.
Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas

Making a restaurant is not a trouble-free task. You have to mull over lots of thing in creating your restaurant kitchen design ideas.

First thing you can do is to discover the relevant codes, restrictions and requirements.

You can seek for help from your business consultant about how to establish a restaurant.

Asking the experienced ones can also aid.

If you still need additional information about how to make a restaurant kitchen design, this article might help you.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas

Before settling on your restaurant kitchen design ideas, you have to consider what kind of restaurant you will make.

What the main menus are of your restaurant in the future.

Deciding the menu first will give you the foundation in deciding the design and needs of your kitchen.

What kinds of kitchen it will be and what kitchen accessories needed to cook your menus.

Getting the building can be the next step.

Once you find out the provisional menu for your restaurant, you might want to check upon where to build your kitchen.

Your choice of menu will decide on whether you need multiple stoves or ovens, and whether you need a grill or a fryer with the appropriate ventilation system.

Contact your building department and ask for information about plumbing, building, and fire codes that may affect your project.

Your restaurant kitchen design ideas should include the perfect location to build your kitchen so it will not disturb the work of the kitchen and the comfort of your customers.

Pizza Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas

Make use the space of your restaurant kitchen design ideas effectively.

Design your kitchen so it will be easier for both the cooks and the servers to do their job.

You can separate your dish area and the cooking area.

The servers or bussers can deliver dirty dishes without disturbing the cooks and the flow of orders in this way.

Make sure that you choose the right kitchen appliances for your restaurant kitchen design ideas.

To do so, you need to consider your budget and the scale of your restaurant.

Remember to adjust your restaurant kitchen design ideas with your level of experience.

Starting for a small one can be a better option unless you have supporting alliances behind your back.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

Restaurant business can be risky though it promises you huge profit.

You have to calculate your possible benefit and loss before you really take action in this business, especially when you are new to this business.

Seeking assistance from your consultant and ones who are experienced in this business is highly encouraged.

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinet is an important element for your kitchen design.

It is not merely a storage place but can also contribute to the beauty and comfort of your kitchen.

Designing a simple kitchen cabinet can be a thorny task if you do not understand the tricks.

Below are the simple kitchen cabinet design ideas that can help you.

A simple kitchen cabinet design idea should accord your need.

Decide what you really need inside your cabinets and its size.

Reduce the unimportant stuffs and you will be surprised at how much space you actually need in your cabinet.

Making your simple cabinet design ideas according to your theme is important.

Will it be traditional, country, shaker or contemporary?

Most cabinets are made of woods such as Cherry, Birch and Map for the best ones and Alder and Poplar for the less expensive ones which work best with glazed finishes used in creating an ‘antique’ look.

Pine is also popular and can be more prone to dents and scratches.

Choose the material which suits your theme.

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you don’t want to change your old cabinet, you can refurnish it by repainting it and changing your drawer pulls and cabinet handles.

You can use the existing holes and take some of your old hardware to the shop to match the placement and size of the screws.

You can change the upper cabinets or drawers only.

Those simple changes will do magic for your simple kitchen cabinet design ideas.

If you cannot re use your old cabinet and desire for a completely new look for your simple kitchen cabinet design ideas but have no budget to support, you can recycle your stuffs in to a unique kitchen cabinet.

You can use dressers as the drawers by putting wooden frames under the dressers to raise the height.

Paint it and add silverware, cooking tools, kitchen utensils, plastic lids, pot holders and whatever else fits in the drawers.

You can also repaint your old filing cabinet and build a wooden frame under it to make it higher.

Add a tile top or a laminate top and use it as pantry storage.

Simple Small Kitchen Cabinet Design

Change your cabinets with open shelving by securing open bookcases to the walls with L brackets for upper cabinets can be another option.

Paint it and apply wild wallpaper or shelf paper to the backs.

Display the cabinet contents attractively and keep them well organized.

Simple kitchen cabinet design ideas require creativity.

Think out of the box and make use anything that you can use as an alternative choice to remodel your cabinet and get a unique kitchen style.

Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

A vintage kitchen is now gaining its popularity.

Reusing your old stuffs to decorate your kitchen is a perfect option when we are lacking of budget to decorate our old and boring kitchen.

Despite the lots of vintage kitchen design ideas around, you have to be selective in choosing the right design for your kitchen.

Below are some of the things that you need to consider in designing a vintage kitchen.

A vintage kitchen design idea should give you the mood which suits your personality.

Set the theme of your vintage kitchen.

If you like lighter mood, crisp and bright colors with unique stuffs can be applied to your kitchen.

If you like classical theme, you can add your old and antique furniture to your kitchen.

Although vintage is more like the retro style, being natural and dynamic is the key for vintage kitchen design ideas.

Your kitchen should go along with your house.

Use the available things and space in your house as maximum as you can.

If you have only little space for your kitchen, you might need fewer appliances and decorations.

Instead of a big island in the center, a small table will suffice.

Do not throw away used stuffs.

If you have old appliances that can be used, you can use it still.

You just need to refurnish or repaint it.

You can use your used bottles; put some covers here and there and some antique stuff in your kitchen for the decorations.

Adding laces or simple cloth below the sink or other appliances will be perfect for your vintage kitchen design ideas.

Use lighter color.

Bright colors such as crème, white, light blue will help in lighten the atmosphere of your kitchen.

It will also raise your mood when you cook and make the illusion of cleaner and bigger space when you have a small kitchen.

Make sure that the color does not crash with the rest of the house.

A vintage kitchen design ideas should be long lasting.

Combining materials and decorations are possible.

A touch of an old painting in a modern style kitchen will do the vintage effect.

The combination of woods and metals or other materials will definitely add the uniqueness of your kitchen.

Make sure that the combination goes naturally.

In vintage kitchen design ideas, you have to remember that you don’t need to make your kitchen cluttered with unimportant decorations.

A simple addition here and there is enough.

Choose the stuffs which hold dear in your heart.

It will add the historic sense of your kitchen.

Hallway Kitchen Design

A hallway kitchen design can be another option for you who do not have enough space for a bigger kitchen.

However, making a hallway kitchen can be a complicated thing to do.

You have to consider the practicality, as well as the safety of the family in your house.

These tips about how to build a hallway kitchen will definitely help you.

The first thing that you need to do in building a hallway kitchen design is to decide and choose the perfect space.

Make sure that the available space is enough and is located in an area which is accessible and yet do not disturb your family’s daily activities.

Do the measurement of your space carefully.

You might want to consider the detailed space needed for certain appliances and fixtures such as sink, cabinets, storage, etc. decide carefully where to put which and make sure that you use the space as effective as you can.

A Pullman kitchen (all on a single wall) may make mobility easier than using both walls.

After you decided the space and its detail measurement, you can start to search for the right appliances which fit to your hallway kitchen design through the net or other sources.

Make sure that the appliances you choose can be applied to your small space.

Pay attention on its size and function.

Choose smaller, functional and durable ones instead of modern, luxurious and fragile ones.

Simplicity is the key in choosing the right appliances for your small kitchen.

Do not clutter your kitchen with unimportant appliances.

Be selective in choosing the appliances that you will use the most.

Arrange them orderly and make sure that you have some space for you to move around the kitchen without endangering yourself and breaking your stuffs.

Make sure that the refrigerator and oven do not open face-to-face, there is counter space to drain the vegetables you have just washed in the sink and there is room to open drawers on opposite walls at the same time.

Making shelves or kitchen cabinets will help you to maximize the use of space in your hallway kitchen design.

Maximize the use of lighting and paint.

Make sure that your kitchen looks brighter and wider by using lighter bulbs or better kitchen lighting.

Having brighter color theme paint will also give the illusion of a bigger and cleaner kitchen.

Making a hallway kitchen design needs a careful and thorough measurement than the regular ones.

Do not do it in a rush, you can do it step by step by continuously using your creativity in maximizing your limited space as effective as possible.

Colonial Style Kitchen Design

Nowadays, people are getting fed up with the monotony of modern kitchen design with metals and pale color theme.

For you who need a more classical design for your kitchen, you can consider a colonial style kitchen design.

This kind of kitchen style gives you variations to be creative with your house and add the artistic style of it.

To make a colonial style kitchen design, this information below can help you.

Harmony is the key for this colonial style kitchen design. Instead of artificial linoleum flooring, choosing hardwood flooring might be the best option.

To do so, you should consider the molding choices on the doors and windows of your house so it will not clash with your kitchen.

Make sure that your color selection goes in line with the rest of the house.

A colonial style kitchen design maximizes its use of storage.

You can use your old cabinets by repainting them.

If you need more space, you can add open shelving.

You just need to match the wood and paint with the rest of your cabinets.

Simplicity is the key for this kind of style. Instead of using intricate designed furniture, use the simple lined ones.

Use the available space as effective as you can.

A wine rack below an island and butcher blocks are perfect for this kind of style.

Natural is also the characteristics of colonial style kitchen design.

Kitchen appliances and sink should blend into their surroundings and match.

Most colonial houses have fewer appliances, so avoid stainless appliances.

A wooden table can be your new kitchen island instead of stainless ones.

You can add a new counter top if you want.

As for the color, black and darker color theme is a great option.

In adding your design elements, remember that colonial style kitchen design uses wrought iron most often.

Antique goods such as antique pewter or brushed nickel handles and pulls can be used.

Perhaps you can add a pot rack over your island, and hang handmade coffee cups instead of pats.

You could even grow a vine indoor plant on the rack.

If space allows, add an old wooden barrel or butter churn.

You can go to antique stores to get these stuffs.

Making a colonial style kitchen design is not a simple task.

Be creative and think outside the box is the key point.

Remember that colonial era seeks for a natural, simple and traditional sense.

Reading more materials about this era might help you in deciding the model of your new colonial style kitchen design.

Church Kitchen Design Ideas

Building a church kitchen can be a problematic process.

We have to be selective in choosing the right church kitchen design ideas according to its function and the demand of the congregations.

Some of these tips may help you in designing your church kitchen.

In choosing the right church kitchen design ideas, you should consider the function first.

If your church is a small church, you don’t need much space.

Use small and efficient appliances such as simple design for the stove, double sinks for washing hands and dishes, a considerate size of storage cabinet to keep food.

For this kind of church, you don’t need details and complicated ornaments, be specific and economical.

If your church is bigger, meaning that sometimes it holds weekly meal activities.

The best church kitchen design ideas might be to make it bigger since it will be used more often by many people.

As a start, you can have an opening in one side of the kitchen so the people can pick their own food.

Use three sinks only, one for manual dish washing, hand washing and food preparation.

In order that the staffs can move freely, you need enough space for food preparation area, you can use work tables on wheels and a commercial coffee makers.

Supply your storage with freezer and refrigerators.

If your church kitchen is used daily, it means that it needs bigger size and more kitchen appliances.

It needs some appliances such as: commercial refrigerator, commercial range with exhaust hood and two ovens below, commercial dishwasher, freezers, and microwave.

You also need a garbage disposal.

For this kind of church kitchen design ideas, you’ll need soaking, hand washing and food prep sinks.

You need a shelved storage space that can be opened and closed, both stationary and on wheels work tables, serving carts with wheels, a closet for coats and serving counters.

As for the decorations, a good church kitchen design ideas should be modest and not too elaborated in style since it will be used for public and its efficiency is more important than the design.

Better to use simple but durable kitchen appliances and minimum ornaments or decoration.

Set your kitchen in accordance with the space available for it, you have to be a able to suit your design with the church’s space.

As for the color, try to use colors which are suitable with your church’s theme.

Do not overdo with grandeur granite flooring, simple wooden flooring will suffice.

Fit the needs with your budget and use is wisely.

When building the kitchen church, make sure that you use skilled workers and not the amateur ones.

American Standard Kitchen Design

American Standard is a well known brand for housing utilities.

It has great range of products with good quality and varieties of models with affordable price.

Almost all of the products are highly durable and sturdy.

American Standard products can be used in accordance to your need in your American Standard kitchen design.

Below are the things you need to consider before starting your project.

First, you have to be careful in deciding the theme of your kitchen.

The theme will determine the kinds of American Standard products you need to fit your budget.

A modern style American Standard kitchen design needs different fixtures and appliances with the classical one.

You have to be careful in choosing the kitchen fixture you need.

For faucets, there are several kinds of faucets produced by American Standard.

If you choose a modern American Standard kitchen design, you can choose simpler models with metal colors or bright colors.

You can choose Arch Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, Lakeland Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, or Arch Kitchen Faucet.

For a more classical American Standard kitchen design, you can choose more intricate and classical design with darker color.

Culinary Bridge Kitchen Faucet or Amarilis Herritage Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet can be a perfect option.

Remember that it should go with the theme of your kitchen.

For the kitchen sink, choose more than one sink or double sinks when you really need to.

But one sink is a better option.

As for the design, you have to relate it with the theme of your American Standard kitchen design.

Darker color stone, granite or ceramic sinks are better than the metal ones in a classical kitchen design.

A Country Kitchen Sink is a good option for this.

For the modern style one, you can choose the simpler ones with lighter or metal colored ones, make it natural.

Various kitchen decorations and accessories are available in American Standard.

Liquid Soap Dispenser, Culinaire Small Steel Bottom Sink and Dish Rack,  Culinaire Large Steel Bathroom Sink Rack and Culinaire Stainless Steel Colander are available with various models and designs.

Blend them naturally with your theme.

Do not put too many decorations. Simple and functional ones are better.

Choose darker color or iron made accessories for your classical American Standard kitchen design.

As for the modern one, you can choose simpler and metal colored ones.

American Standard kitchen design requires you to understand the available products well.

You can come to the store directly if needed.

You can also ask the experts in the store to help you find out the best decision for your American Standard kitchen design.

False Ceiling Designs for Kitchen

Sometimes you may be tired of the view of the ceiling of your kitchen and want to find something new in hopes to be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

False ceiling designs for kitchen might be the right solution for you – using a false ceiling you can get a much better view of the kitchen space.

There are many false ceiling designs for kitchen that you can use to update your kitchen scene.

What is a false ceiling? False ceiling is a ceiling under the ceiling.

The use of a false ceiling is intended so you can create a different impression from the kitchen you have.

The use of a false ceiling can make a room look taller kitchen, but it depending on how you set it up.

What kind of false ceiling designs for kitchen that can you use?

Specifically there are three options for the false ceiling kitchen you can use: gypsum, metal, and Plaster of Paris.

False ceiling made ​​of gypsum has become a favorite choice because it has a light weight, flexible, and fireproof.

False ceiling made ​​of metal which is preferred when used on the interior to give the appearance of a minimalist kitchen design.

Meanwhile, Plaster of Paris is also very suitable for forming the ceiling of this because it is direct to harden so it does not take a long time to design a false ceiling.

Once you know these three materials then you will be able to estimate the types of false ceiling design what you want.

False ceiling formed into various types, such as waveform or round shape – basically you can create a fantastic shape to suit the room design and kitchen lighting systems to create the great optical effect.

It doesn’t matter if you only have minimal furniture; you can still produce a room with a maximum, which would give the impression of calm and comfortable.

Beautiful Home Accessories to Personalize a House

Accessorizing is not everyone’s thing but having beautiful home accessories, even just a few pieces is important to break a dull and boring atmosphere.

You don’t have to over decorate, in fact, having just a few pieces can work pretty well in every room.

Buying a house from a subdivision usually means you have almost the same type of house with what your neighbor has.

Even in apartments, the space and interior dimensions are the same.

The only way to make it look different is to decorate it based on your style and personality.

Your home is your place of solace. It is your place of retreat at the end of each day.

Having a well-decorated, clean and cozy home help you look forward to something at the end of each day.

Living in a beautiful home can inspire people to have better moods.

Beautiful Home Accessories

People who live in a good home have pleasant auras that can be felt by those around them.

Imagine living in a house that is not taken care of.

The character of the person living there says a lot about the condition of his home.

The effect goes vice versa.

Living in a dirty and unpleasant home can affect one person’s mood and personality.

More often than not, people living in undercoated or dull homes have about the same enthusiasm in life as shown in their homes.

Decorating your house makes it seem like its ‘yours’.

It’s the only way to make one space different from another.

When you use accessories that relate to your habits, interests or personality, people who enter your home can gather a little information about you already.

Beautiful Home Accessories

Beautiful home accessories for every style

It doesn’t matter what theme your interior design is.

Matching home accessories that can improve and make your home look more beautiful is available for every style; country style, modern, eclectic, Victoria and others.

A lot of people go for a unified theme, using decorations that complement the style they’re trying to achieve.

Others use contrasting pieces to achieve a little balance in their homes.

Every home needs a unique type of decoration anyway.

Your home is a reflection of your personality and standard of living.

Where personality is concerned, people are different from one another.

Each person or family have different personalities and what one might find pretty, another will find tasteless.

Beautiful Home Accessories

When choosing what decorations to use in your home, you will have to consider the amount of space you have.

Over decorating will result to a cluttered and disorganized look.

On the other hand, using insufficient decorations will make a room look unfinished or incomplete.

Some people use decorations to fill out a space, like a bare wall or an empty shelf.

Others specifically plan the decorations as part of the overall design.

This is evident in a kitchen designed with a French country theme.

French kitchen accessories are used to achieve the desired overall theme.

In any case, using beautiful home accessories is important to make the house look like a home.

Spruce up your kitchen with chef kitchen décor

Chef kitchen décor can personalize your kitchen to match your passion for cooking.

Love rustling up delicious dishes but do not fancy cooking in a shabby or ordinary kitchen?

Then maybe it is time for you to consider redecorating and investing in specific chef kitchen décor.

If you are an intrepid chef yourself then why should your kitchen not match your style?

Chef kitchen décor can be arty, kitschy, sophisticated and chic.

Depending on your cooking style – rustic, fancy, home style etc. you can opt for accessories which will liven up your kitchen space and make you want to cook more.

What’s more is that you can mix and match whatever you want – there are no fixed designs when it comes to chef kitchen décor.

chef kitchen decor

As it is with all personalized home décor, it is important to identify which chef – or chefs, you admire, and you can have memorabilia which identifies you as a fan.

You can make a collage out of your favorite chef’s dishes and have them framed as wall art – framed photographs of cook books make for awesome wall décor as well.

If you are a fan of Nigella or of the dashing Gordon Ramsey then you could easily get wall art dedicated to them to adorn your kitchen walls. Imagine cooking with them staring down at you, giving you their blessings!

Chef kitchen décor accessories can involve everything in your kitchen – your pot holders, sauce bottles, salt and pepper shakers, wall hooks, wall clocks, cutlery, plates, oven mitts – you name it.

Chef themed wall decals are also a brilliant addition to chef kitchen décor accessories.

A decal of a fat and happy chef – think Gusteau in the animation Ratatouille – just over your stove will make you smile every time you flip a pancake, baste a chicken breast or even simply, poach and egg.

chef kitchen decor 1

A good idea for chef kitchen décor would be to hang a menu on a wall – on that menu you can list the day’s specials – what’s available and what’s not.

You can buy cute aprons with the common refrain that is heard in the kitchen – ‘Yes Chef!’ and demand everyone shouts that at least three times a day.

Chef figurine sets for salt and pepper shakers or to store balsamic vinegar in, or to pour sauces from are a cheerful addition to the rest of the cute chef kitchen décor items that are available.

Little chef figurines on top of a baker’s rack or a rack for your utensils, a cheerful chef’s hat to wear on your head or simply keep on the side of a counter to jazz things up in the kitchen are other ideas of chef kitchen décor.

chef kitchen decor 2

Why would anyone buy themed chef kitchen decor?

Because no one likes to be bored – and this is a great way to spruce up and enjoy your cooking experience and even your dining.

You can make the most of the space you have in your kitchen by investing in chef kitchen decor and with all the cute kitchen accessories available, you will soon find out that when it comes to chef kitchen decor there is no such thing as ‘too  many cooks!’

Shabby chic kitchen accessories to spruce up your kitchen

Shabby chic kitchen accessories are for those people who want to give the rooms in their home a unique look.

The word sounds like quite the oxymoron doesn’t it – how can something be shabby yet chic?

Well this is a form of interior decoration and design which involves furniture or accessories which are appealing because they look old, antique or vintage.

In this case, shabby IS chic – the items have a worn look, and even if they are new, they are worked on to give them an appearance of wear and tear.

The term is said to have originated in the early 1980’s when it was first used in a magazine – The World of Interiors.

Soon after, the style became very popular in the 90’s, especially in America because of the unique, eclectic style of decorating.

So what is so unique about shabby chic items?

Since they are very old – the genuine ones – they are painted and repainted – thus obvious layers of paint hide the scuffs, scratches etc. which gives it a unique finish.

New items modeled along antique lines are glazed with special varnish and paint and given this ‘distressed’ look on demand.

Decor usually includes over the top depictions of flower garlands, cherubs, lace and floral fabric etc.

shabby chic kitchen accessories

Shabby chic kitchen accessories therefore, lend your kitchen an old world charm and you can easily invest in a few by taking a tour of local yard sales or visiting a store which sells antiques.

Fabric included in shabby chic decor are often deliberately stained with tea to give it an aged effect.

shabby chic kitchen accessories1

So when you are doing up your kitchen, shabby chic kitchen accessories will give it a kitschy style which is unique.

Since shabby chic kitchen accessories do not need to be uniformly matched, you can easily buy bits and pieces from different stores – whatever catches your eye when you are out on a shopping jaunt.

Distressed cabinets with mismatched knobs- which are extremely quaint and appealing, mismatched storage jars, an antique style oven or cook-top and heavy cast iron pots and pans are good shabby chic kitchen accessories.

Faded lace curtains in soft pastels can adorn your windows, faded table mats with a floral print can grace your antique style, distressed dining table or kitchen island.

Your plates, tea sets and general crockery can bear an old world charm if you buy them from a store specializing in shabby chic kitchen accessories – these generally look old and yellow, with delicate handles and scalloped edges.

shabby chic kitchen accessories2

Roses are a favorite when it comes to pattern and shabby chic kitchen accessories almost always have a sprinkling of roses all over- rose printed curtains, table mats, yellowed crockery, tiny rose borders on the tiles – you name it.

Elaborate scalloped valences and faded lace curtains can also adorn your kitchen window.

Vintage cake stands, jelly cupboards and pie cabinets, old ovens etc are other items that are a part of shabby chic kitchen accessories.

Paint your kitchen in pastel shades, don a frilly apron around your waist and bake a pie from scratch in your kitchen decorated with shabby chic kitchen accessories!

Turquoise Kitchen Accessories to Bring Balance and Tranquility

Turquoise kitchen accessories can be used if you want to set a tranquil mood in your dining room.

Turquoise is a color that reflects heavenly colors.

The aqua blue, sometimes light azure green can give off an uplifting energy in a room.

It’s very close to the color of clear waters which is why it can provide a very natural look and feel to a room.

The color is known to be a symbol of wealth in ancient cultures.

It’s a very versatile color that can be used to achieve a formal or casual atmosphere.

It is among the most vibrant colors you can incorporate in home decorations.

Most designers would suggest against overusing it since it’s a bold color but you can use it to accent rooms.

With the tone of turquoise, you can make outstanding accent pieces in any corner of your home.

Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Infusing turquoise in a home can be done in so many ways.

You can combine it with other light colors like lavender, light blue, pink or soft greens.

These combinations will result to a dreamy atmosphere and a lighter mood.

To achieve a more masculine effect or a bolder feel, you can use turquoise with dark colors like grey, dark green or brown.

It works very well with any color since it has a warm undertone.

You can use the color for walls, furniture or accessories.

A lot of people hesitate to use it for walls because it can be very vibrant.

You can use it for furniture to provide a room with accent pieces but the safer option is to use it only on accessories.

You can still achieve a lot by using small pieces with this color.

Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

What turquoise kitchen accessories contribute?

Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy is used as a basis for choosing colors for a room.

The specific wave lengths of different colors can affect our state of minds or moods in different ways.

It can also affect how we see things.

It can help achieve an illusion to make a room seem bigger or smaller.

As for the color turquoise, it gives off a feeling of positive energy.

The color is very lively.

Put that color in any room and you get a very positively-energized space.

Because of its close connection to water and air, it gives the room a very nature-like feel.

It can contribute a feeling of tranquility or calmness.

Same as how the sky or the ocean provides a soothing effect, adding kitchen accessories in this color can also make the same effect.

The kitchen is the most common area of the house where family members gather to eat.

It is also the area used to host parties and entertain guests.

With accents of turquoise in the kitchen, you can make a room more comfortable to socialize in.

Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

The color affects the mood of people in the kitchen which in turn can make better relationships among the diners.

Turquoise kitchen accessories add beauty and help set a very nice mood for everyone in the kitchen.

Nautical Home Accessories, Bringing Life at Sea to Urban Homes

Having nautical home accessories can bring great conversation starters in your home.

People who have experience staying in a ship or living in the sea have great appreciation for their experience and usually show it by incorporating maritime experience into their homes.

There’s a lot to learn from experienced seafarers.

It’s similar to speaking to a soldier who has gone overseas or a pilot who flew over different countries.

People who have fared living in the sea, one of the most unpredictable territories of nature, develop skills and gather knowledge that people living in the cities would never come close to understanding simply from reading books.

Once they leave the sea and go back to their urban homes, a big adjustment must be made in order to cope up with the city living.

People whose hearts are very close to seafaring incorporate the life at sea by mixing in accessories designed to represent sailing or cruising.

You would find homes that have authentic maritime salvage re-purposed to act as decorations.

Collectors have mini sail boats on display and take care of them like prized possessions.

Nautical Home Accessories

Nautical designs for homes are also common with people who have worked in ships for years.

In the Philippines, there’s a town called Odiongan Romblon where you would immediately recognize a seaman’s home because of an anchor painted on top of their front doors.

It’s a symbol that tells people that the person living in that house has fared in the sea.

It’s easy to discern a dedicated seaman’s home from regular homes.

Every seafaring individual normally takes a part of his life at sea into his home, whether it’s a life jacket hanging on the wall or a miniature boat in the bottle on the table.

Nautical Home Accessories

Using nautical home accessories and what they represent

For a lot of people, the sea represents travel and traveling is a luxury, one that not everyone can afford to do due to money or time concerns.

Having a nautical theme in your home can stir different memories or dreams.

You’re looking at accessories that can remind you of walking up in Barbados one morning, the next morning Jamaica, then Costa Rica, and so on.

You’re expressing a personality of a travelling soul.

Home designed with a nautical theme plays with the colors, blue and white.

You’ll also find a fair share of stripes, either black and white or blue and white.

A lot of accessories would be made in the likes of an anchor or a steering wheel.

You will also find details made from strong hemp ropes.

Nautical Home Accessories

But some homes don’t go for the full package.

Instead, they choose a few accent pieces like a painting, a boat re-purposed as a shelf, pillow cases with anchor designs and others.

Using simple accessories with a nautical theme or design is enough to bring a hint of the sea to city homes.

It’s a good design to use in a little boy’s room as well. It gives the child an area to be creative and ambitious.

It keeps a child animated and provides room for imagination.

If it’s not possible to go all-the-way in the room, providing nautical home accessories like pillow cases or blankets will be fine.
french kitchen accessories

What are French Kitchen Accessories?

It would make a lot of sense if French kitchen accessories were things used to make French food, but no.

Well, not necessarily.

Things don’t always make sense.

These accessories are, in reality, kitchen accessories with accents from French art.

For it to fall in the French category for kitchen accessories, it must have a unique style or design that originates from French descent.

Whether it’s Parisian or cottage-country style, both aristocrats and peasants have contributed to the unique style of kitchen accessories over the years which we now can buy from any store that sells kitchenware.

French cuisine is known to be one of the best around the world and it boasts of a rich history of good food, great sauces and lots of herbs.

With that said, it is not surprising that the French has a large influence on cooking, kitchen utensils and accessories.

French Kitchen Accessories

What makes French kitchen accessories unique?

It’s a subtle touch in colour or design that accents the “French” in kitchen accessories.

There’s no definite description of what the accessories should look like as the French influence on items have been tweaked here and there over time.

The designs seem to be ubiquitous and very common but Parisian designs have unique pastoral scenes and figural designs.

What made the style phenomenal was that it marked a technical revolution.

Copper-plate printing made it possible to make those intricate designs on cloth and other materials during that time and its profound contribution to art made it very popular up until today.

What does a French kitchen look like?

Frankly speaking, a regular kitchen has almost the same furniture, equipment and accessories found in a French kitchen.

I used ‘almost’ because some French cuisine requires a certain utensil or accessory that aren’t normally used by regular home cooks.

As an example, French fry cutters and French pressed coffeemaker are not what you find in regular homes.

It’s very specific tools to make French cuisine.

The function of the kitchenware is the same throughout all the kitchens worldwide.

What makes a French kitchen distinct is not just the kitchenware but the accessories used to accent the overall theme.

These could be country-style dish towels, French signage on jars, enamel pitchers and others.

modern french kitchen accesories

Where do you find kitchen accessories with Parisian designs?

Kitchen accessories with French designs are widely sold in the market.

The easiest place to find unique pieces would be online.

The internet provides a wide range of options for different kitchen accessories.

However, if you’re looking for vintage kitchen accessories, scavenging in thrift shops and yard sales could be your best bet in looking for authentic pieces and paying less.

You could also visit antique stores but items would be more expensive as they’re all authenticated.

Another option is to visit brick and mortar stores that sell kitchenware.

You have the option to buy from famous brands of kitchenware or settle for kitchen accessories that can be found in department stores or general merchandise type of stores.

French kitchen accessories are not exclusively sold by a certain manufacturer so it’s easy to find them in regular stores.

Purple Home Accessories and Feel like Royalty

Purple home accessories provide an air of regal character in a house.

Purple is the color of royalty.

In 1500 B.C. a dye colored purple was extracted from a snail and used to dye cloth.

It was difficult to extract the die which made a cloth dyed in purple very expensive.

Only royalty or rich families could afford to purchase such product.

Kings, priests and other people of the upper class are the only people seen wearing purple clothing.

This began the claim of purple as the color of royalty and piousness.

The color purple is now associated with different things depending on whose culture we’re talking about.

It is still widely known to be used by priests as a symbol of virtue and faith but it is also associated to vanity and extravagance.

Purple Home Accessories

Purple Home Accessories

In interior designing however, it’s been used as a color to show luxury and upper-class status.

It’s not only purple that impresses this character but also other shades from the deep velvet-like violet to the pastel shades of lilac.

You don’t have to use purple in everything from walls to furniture up until the tiniest accessories you have in the house.

Having a few pieces to accent a room is good enough to catch the right attention.

Small details added to a neutral room can light up the atmosphere.

The color itself is closer to red than violet, which is closer to the color blue.
Purple Home Accessories
With a brighter shade and a more rich hue, it’s bound to catch someone’s attention easily.

You can use that characteristic in choosing what accessories you want in the color purple.

In the living room, you can use purple vases as a center piece.

If not, using purple sofa pillows is enough to give an accent of a majestic character.

Long flowery purple curtains may achieve a more grandiose effect if that’s what you want.

Or if you want just a little dash of purple, a feature wall or choose a small amount of purple in the wall paper pattern.

If you want the color to be used a little bit more, having panels in purple look very luxurious.

You can neutralize the strong color by mixing in lighter colors of furnishings.

But if you have a country cottage theme in the room and want a little purple in, purple floral designs will add color while complementing the overall theme.

Purple Home Accessories

For white rooms or those with light colored walls, have lighting, vases, pillows or other small details in a deep purple shade.

It makes an automatic eye-catching effect and helps contrast the light tone of the room.

Another idea is to mix purple with black details.

The color has been associated to magic and power as well, so it’s not difficult to get a bewitching look in any room in the house.

This can easily be achieved by mixing black and purple home accessories.

Apple Kitchen Accessories: Achieve an Old Fashioned Personality

Apple kitchen accessories are a great way to re-create a warm and cozy kitchen with a vintage atmosphere to it.

Decorating a kitchen with a fruit-theme yields very unique end-results, mostly because kitchen accessories with fruit-theme designs are abundant in stores and are uniquely designed.

When people decorate using these accessories, one kitchen can look completely different from the next despite using the same theme.

Apple is a popular fruit-theme used in kitchens, even in modern ones.

It contributes more character to a kitchen compared to other fruit-themed designs.

A lot of people have come to associate apple directly to one of the most common comfort foods in all time history which is apple pie.

Even people who did not grow up with the custom of having apple pies present during feasts and special occasions seem to have enough appreciation for the comforting feeling apple pies offer.

Apple Home Accessories

Apple pies seem to provide a link between a person’s memories of home as a child.

It reminds a lot about the warmth of mother’s kitchens, grandmother’s cooking and the good old home-cooked meals we come home to every Sunday evening.

It triggers nostalgic feelings and reminds us of simpler times when sharing meals was an anticipated event in a family.

Apple pies represent tradition and old-fashioned values.

With the association of those memories to an apple-themed kitchen, it’s a good way to keep you grounded to the past.

It will result to an old-fashioned kitchen atmosphere despite all the modern equipment you have around but it contributes a feel-good mood that you can anticipate on coming home to.

Apple Home Accessories

Choosing between a full apple-themed kitchen or using apple kitchen accessories

Achieving a fully apple-themed kitchen will require you to take the design to the windows and walls, floors, furniture and accessories.

Some may judge it as an apple-overkill but if you do it the right way, you’ll be able to achieve the apple-themed kitchen without a saturating feeling.

This can be done by playing with different colors and not just sticking to red.

Adding green and yellow to the colors in the room will help soften the fierce red color.

Also, incorporating a country style interior design will help deviate attention from all the apple designs.

You can still achieve a cohesive design despite combining two different themes in the kitchen interior.

Apple Home Accessories

But if you want to isolate the apple-theme only to the accessories, you can start by picking an apple-themed piece that you’re particularly fond of.

This can be an apple cookie jar, a light fixture, curtain or towel.

Find a good place to set it and follow through by adding a few pieces at a time.

This makes designing the kitchen fun and it gives you a constant thing to look forward to when shopping for kitchen tools and accessories.

This lifts off the burden of buying everything in matching designs since a unified theme doesn’t mean everything has to come in sets.

Whether you’re going for a full apple-themed kitchen or simply using apple kitchen accessories, you’ll be able to create an old-fashioned personality either way.

Bring the Sea to Your Home with Beach Home Accessories

Putting the right beach home accessories can help you bring that breezy and laid back feel to your house.

It doesn’t matter that your house is located in the middle of a busy city, far away from any coastline or body of water.

It doesn’t matter that you live in an apartment twenty floors up and your only view is other apartment buildings.

It’s not even important if your place is as small as a single room in a rich man’s house.

If you want to turn your place into a cozy and relaxing place, you can do so.

It’s your home and by choosing the right furniture, decorations and accessories, you can turn it into whatever you want it to be.

Parisian, country-home, modern or contemporary, you have absolutely no restrictions.

The only thing that can stop you from designing your home the way you want is your lack of creativity.

But, we’re talking about turning your house into a summer place retreat.

By all means, it’s conceivable to turn your city home into something you would actually find near a beach.

Beach Home Accessories

What beach home accessories to buy?

There’s an automatic association of fun and relaxation when one thinks about the beach.

For starters, there’s no way you can have any paperwork done on the beach.

It makes you wonder if the beach was designed strictly for play and never for work.

Beach Home Accessories

It’s not hard to understand why the beach makes us feel so wonderful.

There’s the wonderful breeze flowing through your hair.

You hear the soothing rhythm of waves slapping against the soft white sand and this is a place where you don’t have to make a fuss about getting your hands a little bit dirty.

There’s no rush at all and time seems to be irrelevant when you’re out in the sun, smelling the salt from the sea.

It is okay if you just want one room to get the beach-feel or if you want all corners of the house to be decorated that way.

Listed below are a few accessories that would look great on different rooms in the house.

Beach Home Accessories


Bed sheets with summer colors will work great in the room.

You can also hang your beach hats on the wall or colorful scarfs used as wall decors.


Soap or shampoo dispensers designed in shells or unique bottles will do just fine.

A tissue box holder with shell designs or putting a large shell filled with colorful pebbles will help give the playful effect.

Living room

Keep your furniture minimal.

You can have one beach chair if the space allows it.

Add white fluffy pillows on the sofa to enjoy cool and comfortable naps.

Dining room

Use colorful hand towels or place mats.

You can also use woven baskets to stow packed food on and a lot of glass containers or bottles for food storage.

Basically, the beach-feel to the design is dependent on the colors you choose.

White is the popular choice but you can use blue, green or turquoise colored beach home accessories.

Toy kitchen accessories

Toy kitchen accessories – great gifts for the young and the old

Toy kitchen accessories are not only adorable, they are also great gift items.

Whether you have a child who loves to cook or want to congratulate a chef on an achievement, you can gift a toy kitchen set.

These sets are available in almost all toy stores.

You can also find them aplenty on the internet.

The toy accessories are available in beautiful colors and are very attractive.

Take a look at these pictures to get a better idea.

Toy kitchen accessories

Finding the cutest toy kitchen accessories

You can find these toys quite easily.

All you have to do is pay a visit to your local toy store or gift store and you will find these sets in huge numbers.

They are available in various sizes and different sets comprise of different items.

For example, you can find a baking set that will have toy ovens, microwaves, cake tins, pie tins and so on.

You can find crockery sets with various plates, dishes, bowls and trays.

Then, you have the beautiful tea sets.

These tea sets have been popular among little children, especially girls, who love having pretend tea parties with their friends.

Kitchen toys are also available individually and they make for great decorations.

You can use these toy accessories to dress up your kitchen.

Hang a toy bowl or cup in the wall and make the kitchen colorful and bright.

Place a toy fruit bowl on the dining table and give it a humorous and cute look.

These toy accessories are also great for children who like imitating their parents in the kitchen.

You can buy these toys for your child and he or she can sit and play on the kitchen floor when you are cooking in the kitchen.

This way the child will be occupied doing something he or she enjoys and you can do your work peacefully while keeping an eye on your child.

Toy kitchen accessories

You can also learn about your child’s interests and teach him or her a thing or two about the kitchen.

A great tool all around!

Apart from children, these toys also make for great gifts for any adult who enjoys cooking.

It can also work as a joke for someone who doesn’t know anything about cooking and has been challenged to do so by someone recently.

So no matter what the scenario, a toy kitchen set can act as a very suitable gift.

Kids love playing with these sets and stay engrossed in them for hours.

They also learn about the kitchen and a number of safety tips as well.

So if you are looking for a perfect gift, buy a toy kitchen accessory set and present it to your friend or child.

They would love getting it and you would love giving it.

So either pay a quick visit to your local toy store or pick out from among the many available toy kitchen accessories available online.

You would be amazed by the collection yourself!

What Kitchen Decorative Accessories Should You Invest In?

Kitchen decorative accessories are important if you want the room to look complete.

Even if you have all the essentials in a kitchen, without small accents made by decorative accessories, some parts of the kitchen may seem detached from the overall interior design.

Home decorating is an important task to make your home more beautiful.

Contrary to the belief that only big houses can manage to look luxurious, with the right decorative accessories, you can make a small home look like something from a magazine.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a unified theme in all the rooms of your house or have different designs in every room.

It’s important that you add the right decorative accessories to make the final look work.

Kitchen Decorative Accessories

Whether you’re going for a French country style or a Victorian interior design, you will need decorations to achieve it because furnishings will not be enough.

The only interior design that might not require much of decorations is that of modern minimalist.

The goal there is to have a fully functional room with the least possible things present.

So, if you will be buying decorations, there are things that you should invest in.

Kitchen Decorative Accessories

Kitchen decorative accessories worth investing in

Light fixtures

Some people don’t consider this as a decorative accessory but modern light fixtures are used as a decoration as well.

Chandeliers are a good decorative accent in a room.

For the kitchen, proper lighting is important and while it can provide the brightness needed, it can also be a decoration if you’ve chosen a proper design to match your overall theme.

Kitchen Decorative Accessories

Pot holders, hand towels

These are minor things people tend to disregard but when you think about it, pot holders and hand towels are not replaced on a quarterly basis.

Most often homemakers use the same pot holders and hand towels for years.

With that said, spend more for these items.

They are easily spotted in the kitchen although their importance is less noticed.

Their design and colors should complement the room’s interior design.

Decorative Kitchen Accessories

Wall clock

No one notices it until it’s gone.

A clock is much needed in the kitchen.

Unconsciously we make habit of glancing towards the clock and although it doesn’t seem like an integral piece in the kitchen, it’s a great wall decoration.

It’s going to be used for a long time so take the time to choose a uniquely styled wall clock to fit right in the kitchen décor.

Decorative Kitchen Accessories Wall

Drawer and Cabinet Handles

During renovation or building of a kitchen, handles should receive attention as well.

They’re a great way to accent the style you’re going for.

Racks and hooks

Proper placement of racks and hooks for storage should be thought of too.

You want it to help you keep things organized and with numerous designs for racks and hooks, you’ll be accenting your kitchen interior in no time at all.

They may seem non-essential but these kitchen decorative accessories help add accents to the room.

Decorative Kitchen Accessories Bowls

Inspire Children with Kids Kitchen Accessories

Kids kitchen accessories are a great way to teach your children how to cook at an early age.

We’re not talking about teaching them how to bake that perfect apple pie or prepare Gordon Ramsay’s famous beef wellington.

We’re talking about enticing your kids to get cooking.

Cooking has always been put on the shoulders of women. As housewives, this was expected of them.

However, the world’s changing and most of the top chefs in the world are men.

This fact should encourage more parents to teach their children at an early age.

Cooking doesn’t have to a taxing job; it should be fun and enjoyable both for men and women, adults and children.

Kids Kitchen Accessories

Children are always curious and they have an eagerness to learn at a young age.

As parents, we should take advantage of this eagerness.

The earlier we get them involved in the kitchen, the easier they will transition to accepting responsibilities, not only in the kitchen but at home in general.

Allowing them to help you prepare meals and having them present in the kitchen can increase their appreciation for what you do for them.

Also, it encourages a stronger bonding time between children and parents.

The kitchen is as good as any place in the room to teach your children and spend more time with them.

Being close to them gives you the best opportunity to provide guidance and if you start early, you’ll be raising a child with strong values.

The first step to teaching them and enticing them to help you in the kitchen is to provide things that they can use.

What are some examples of kids kitchen accessories?

There are a lot of kitchen tools that you can hand to your child depending on their age.

You have to consider their safety and motor skills before handing them a tool.

Kids Kitchen Accessories

Younger children should not be given sharp tools at any point.

They can help in mixing, draining or sorting.

While older children can help you grate, peel, measure and juice.

You’ll have to be the judge to their capability so make sure you consider their age and their ability to be careful and follow instructions.

Some kitchen tools that you can get for your kids are the following:

Kids Kitchen Accessories

Apron, mittens, kid’s chef hat

Teach them to protect themselves by providing the right clothing and attire.

Also, with the chef’s hat, they will feel more animated.


Choosing attractive colors can help entice children even more.

Let them hold the strainer or teach them how to drain food. Even a simple task can make them feel important.

Grater and peeler

Proper care should be taught to them.

Teach them to use this first and in time when they’ve developed the proper care and skill, you can get them a kid’s chef knife and a small chopping board.

Measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisk, pastry brush

Things used for baking. Although you shouldn’t trust them to pull out hot pans out the oven yet, give them the right kids kitchen accessories to help inspire them to be good cooks someday.

Buying the Right Decorative Kitchen Accessories

A lot of times, shopping for decorative kitchen accessories are done the same way as shopping for clothes.

More often than not, we overdo it. Shopping can be an addictive activity and can cause our impulses to overtake our logical and practical senses.

It’s difficult to stick to your budget when it comes to buying ‘pretty’ things.

Very true to most women, impulsive wins a lot of times.

Buying and spending money gives people some kind of rush.

Our society has put a lot of emphasis on the power to buy.

Those who can buy things are treated better than those who just look through glass fronts.

In effect, we feel good when we buy things, small or big, cheap or expensive but sometimes we go overboard.

The rush people feel when buying things is the pushing force for people to keep working hard.

If you’d ever experienced moving out and packing your things, you would be familiar with the fact that it’s the small items that take up the most space.

When packing and unpacking your belongings, you start asking yourself where all these non-essential items came from.

In the kitchen, try cleaning out your drawers and you’ll find a lot of things you don’t need, things that were bought out of whim.

A snowman cookie jar, a bon a petite sign board, wooden tissue box, mushroom-shaped shakers and so on.

Most of the time, they’re great pieces, just not the right one for your kitchen, thus the reason they’re lying around or kept in the drawers or cabinets.

Match decorative kitchen accessories to your kitchen theme

It’s good to be diverse and have a few pieces out of place, like a glass centerpiece in a modern interior design.

Imagine wooden floorboards, tables and cabinets and then there’s a beautiful glass centerpiece serving as the focal point.

Now, that could work but having too many unique pieces in the room can make it look unorganized, messy and the overall theme very chaotic.

Always buy accessories that will complement your kitchen theme and design.

If you’re going for modern-minimalist, don’t buy decorative accessories.

It’ll go against the minimalist approach you intend to impress.

As for other styles, it’s best to stick close to the theme.

Buy decorations that are related to your kitchen style.

Country style kitchens can be complemented with French kitchen accessories.

It mixes well, the wooden and traditional furniture with the unique figural designs of French accessories.

Another reason for the great combination is that the French have their version of country-cottage interior designing, very close to country homes.

With that example stated, you should see where the idea is directed. If you’re going for vintage style kitchens, then choose decorations that will work with the ‘old’ look.

Most interior designers would advise you not to match everything as it would look very uptight and it is true.

When buying furniture and designing your kitchen in a new house, don’t match everything, but when buying decorative kitchen accessories along the way, you need to keep in mind the style you have in the kitchen.

Common Places to Put a Kitchen Towel Holder

The kitchen towel holder doesn’t get much credit for its purpose.

For some, they don’t even bother to have on in their kitchens.

But those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals or simply doing work in the dining area understand the importance of having a kitchen towel ready.

People who are organized know that this insignificant accessory in the kitchen contributes in de-cluttering your kitchen.

It rarely goes noticed.

It’s not a center piece or the main attraction in anyone’s kitchen.

It’s like something extra you throw in just to have one in a kitchen.

Even when shopping for one, it hardly takes a lot of effort to find one for your kitchen either.

Kitchen Towel Holder

It’s a useful accessory to hang your towel in.

Mostly, it’s located very near to the sink as it is commonly used for drying hands after washing.

The common places people put their towel holders are the following:

Oven Door:

The most common place you’ll ever find a kitchen towel, oven handles are made with the same width as the oven door so it’s a good place to hang a towel.

Refrigerator door handle:

Same as the oven door, it comes with the refrigerator.

It doesn’t need a lot of thinking since there’s an available hanging place for the towel.

Drawer Pull:

This is used for drawers situated beside or below the kitchen sink.

Wall-mounted towel racks:

You’ll find these on either side of the sink.

Usually on the backsplash just a few inches above the faucet.

Kitchen cabinet doors:

Doesn’t help much in aesthetic value but some people use cabinet doors as towel holders.

Adhesive-backed holders:

These come in different designs and are located similarly to wall-mounted towel racks.

Over-cabinet doors or Over-the-door hooks:

These are accessories attached over a cabinet just beneath the sink.

Counter-top towel trees:

This type of holder is usually placed on top a counter or table.

It can be placed near the sink or near the prep area.

Cook hook:

Some people want to have the kitchen towel attached to their clothes.

This kind of towel holder can be hooked on jeans or other garments.

Kitchen Towel Holder

Help organize with a kitchen towel holder

The kitchen is one of the most cluttered rooms in a house.

Every cooking person knows how much stuff you can find in kitchen drawers.

Open the cabinets and you will find storage containers, pots and pans, utensils, glassware and so much more.

So even with a small accessory like a towel holder, you can help keep things organized in the kitchen.

It’s not as useless as most people think.

Common practice for most people is to wash their hands frequently when in the kitchen.

Kitchen Towel Holder

Without a towel present, you’ll either be wiping at the back of your shirt, pants or not at all.

Unless you want to have your floor wet all the time, it’s best to have a kitchen towel holder in your kitchen despite the minor contribution it does in keeping the place clean.

Red Vintage Kitchen Bricks Hearth Tips

There is nothing more comfortable than having red vintage kitchen decorating idea applied in our home.

Reading a good book accompanied with a cup of tea and some pan cake as friends when we chat with our family is such a wonderful feeling.

Vintage kitchen offers us a comfort and cozy atmosphere created among our home and family members.
Red Vintage Kitchen Collection For Children
There are simply ways to help you creating red vintage kitchen idea.

The first is using brick hearth applied behind your stove.

This kind of materials has functional vintage idea which is related with colonial style.

Use red type of brick with soft and flat surface.

A red brick makes a vintage kitchen with some red vintage accessories.
Red Vintage Kitchen Kid Craft
A hanging flower pot is a great deal to make it through.

The choice of colors on red vintage kitchen should be well coordinated.

The right color of painting kitchen wall will bring you in a complete vintage look.

What kind of vintage will you like?

From the mid 1900’s to the 1970’s, more striking colors such as olive green, orange, yellow, and red will be suitable.

Use few light fixtures which can be hang built in on the ceiling.
Red Vintage Kitchen Stove

Red Vintage Kitchen Final Touch

To give more feeling of vintage look, you are encouraged to add some vintage accessories on the cabinet or just beside your kitchen tables.

You may work it out with your family members or your kid to create their red vintage kitchen kid craft.

You can redecorate some things you find on your garage.

Egg basket, copper pots, chrome canister, classic kettle, a red flower, floral print curtain may help you to give more touch to your kitchen.

For more result, go for hunting vintage accessories on the flea market or antique vintage stuff.

Your beloved red vintage kitchen is easy to be here with you.

Kitchen Chair Slipcovers

Kitchen chair slipcovers may sounds not important.

Good dining table with matching chair around with chandelier and neat and clean kitchen atmosphere often enough to make the dinner, breakfast or any other activities in the dining room become comfortable.

Kitchen, has become more than just a place for cooking work; it’s a place for you when you have few friends in your home, when your kids doing their homework, and so on.

Many home designers believe that kitchen is a new living room, so it will always become something important to keep in comfortable, clean, neat and catchy.

Rounded Kitchen Chair Slipcovers

Some people may think that kitchen chair slipcovers can actually covering the beauty of the furniture they intend to show.

Well, this idea is never wrong, the old wooden furniture always will stole attention, so does the more modern version of kitchen table and dining furniture, and covering it will only become such bad idea.
Round Back Kitchen Chair Slipcovers
But if you could pay little bit more attention to the reason why chair slipcovers made, you will see it as something more than just form of fabrics to cover your furniture.

However, the chair covers actually can be very useful if you need some low cost and easy dining furniture remodel alternatives.

The dining furniture is always expensive, no matter the store offer the great sale.

You can always find something interesting at the garage sale, but how often you see the dining furniture in it?

By using chair covers you can have your old kitchen chair look new, fresher, and more comfortable.

You can also adjust the style as you like.
How To Make Kitchen Chair Slipcovers
Like the furniture, chair covers have a lot of style choices from the usual styles like traditional, contemporary, Mediterranean, and modern to the more specific themes like tropical, Asian, eclectic, vintage, retro, and many other more.

This additional furnish will ease you in adjust the kitchen and home design, and change the theme in any occasion.

You can always have more complete Christmas decoration, neat thanksgiving, spooky Halloween, elegant New Year celebration, or festive birthday home decorations.
Kitchen Chair Seat SlipcoversKitchen Chair Seat Slipcovers
Another advantage by using kitchen chair slipcovers for your dining furniture is it can be smart option to protect your precious furniture by any kinds of accident that may damage or mess.

Same reason will goes to any one of you who have babies or kids below 6 years of age.

Buying expensive furniture always becomes some lifestyle, but it requires more effort to keep them safe.

Benefits of Using Breakfast Tables and Chairs

Breakfast tables and chairs are similar to regular dining sets.

It’s been termed as a breakfast table because it is where breakfast is served.

However, depending on the present purpose, it may also be called a dinner table when serving dinner or a buffet table when the meal is served buffet style.

As most people understand, it is simply being named after its purpose at a particular time.

However, you’ll find homes that have a separate dining table and breakfast table.

As early as medieval times, a dining room is known to be the designated area in a home where food is served and eaten.

It’s normally positioned in close proximity to the kitchen and is known to have a large dining table.

In modern days, you would typically see a dining table for 6 to 8 people. In some instances, you’ll also find large dining tables.

The dining room is made with adequate lighting and is used as a gathering place or a place to entertain guests.

During the medieval days, dining rooms were large halls which can accommodate numerous guests.

Today however, dining rooms are usually the same size of a bedroom or smaller than a living room.

With a dining room defined, a breakfast room is now easier to differentiate.

A breakfast room is typically a more cozy area designated to be a place for casual dining.

It’s also in close proximity to the kitchen but this room is usually smaller than the dining room.

It is not meant to entertain a large number of guests but may be used as a room for tea or snacks.

The breakfast table is basically a smaller table which can not accommodate a lot of diners.
Kitchen Chair Slipcovers
The breakfast room is a space dedicated for informal dinning with one to three persons but because of limited space, not all homes have the luxury of having a separate dining room and breakfast room.

Most homeowners prefer to have a dining room which they use for entertaining guests and intimate dining.

Benefits of having breakfast tables and chairs separate from your dining room

If you have the space for a breakfast room and want to make it separate from your dining room, you’ll be able to enjoy a few advantages.

It provides a personal space. A breakfast nook is a great place to relax.

Very similar to a coffee table where you can have a drink while reading a book, a breakfast table can also be used for coffee or tea.

It can be used as a retreat, separate from your bedroom when you want to be alone.

It allows you to enjoy intimate dining experience.

The table is relatively smaller than regular dining tables.

When dining with just one person, the breakfast table provides a closer and cozier atmosphere.

It allows you and your companion to dine more casually.

It makes tidying up easier.

When you are not entertaining guests, using the smaller breakfast table can make it easier to clean up afterwards.

Compared to using the regular dining table when there’s only two diners, using breakfast tables and chairs make it easier and faster to clean up.

Most Popular Kitchen Colors – Kitchen Trends

Most Popular Kitchen Colors – Kitchen designs changes through years and seasons as do the fashion trends.

Free lighter and brighter spirit, kitchen color theme will also come in the same mood.

The importance of color in your kitchen makes it essential for you to keep updating it to freshen up your mood in preparing your family’s meal.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen colors in as your reference.

Most Popular Kitchen Colors

Most Popular Kitchen Colors

Brighter and lighter colored kitchen will start to emerge in 2012.  People are seeking for a cheery brighter mood when they are cooking homemade food at home.

Varieties of green can be the first color which becomes the most popular kitchen colors.

The spirit of an eco friendly and go green kitchen will start to flourish along with the awakening of people’s concern on environment.

Start to consider lighter green such as lime, melon green and olive green for your kitchen wall and kitchen color theme for an eco friendly kitchen.

Best Kitchen Colors

White as one of the most popular kitchen colors is the primary color that most people will choose to combine with other colors since it can be mixed with any colors for furniture and appliances.

However, white comes as the secondary color since a white colored kitchen will be hard to maintain.

You don’t have to worry. Having white countertop without worrying the maintenance is possible now.

The latest invention allows you to have sleek brighter countertop which is easy to clean.

So, why don’t we bring the white back to our kitchen?

Popular Kitchen Colors

Khaki and cream will still be in tune for the most popular kitchen colors.

This color will never die out since it is natural and can be combined with any variations of colored furniture.

Crème and khaki color will give you cozier warmer feeling in your kitchen.

Combine it with darker colored furniture, wooden cabinets or even contrasting blue lights or glass wares can be good options.

Top Kitchen Colors

The combination of light grey and blue can be a perfect when it is combined with brick red or brown.

This most popular kitchen colors will give you much cooler livelier atmosphere.

Combining a slightly dull color with stronger ones will add the accents of your kitchen.

Grey and blue color theme can be combined with any high gloss stainless steel kitchen wares and furniture which will still be a trend.

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

Color is about taste, but adjusting your color taste with the most popular kitchen colors will do much for your kitchen. It will give freshen up your family’s mood.

Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends Definitely gives the feel of lighter and brighter spirit despite the economic recession which still haunts almost every country in the world.

During this limbo uncertain situation, people are seeking for a new solace in fresher and warmer designs of their home and its parts, including kitchens.

Here are the kitchen trends that can be your reference in updating the new face of your kitchen.

The 2012 kitchen trends seek the need of lighter and brighter mood in the kitchen.

Color theme such as varieties of lighter greens, khaki and cream, combination of grey and blue, white, lighter tan and other lighter natural colors will be popular since people are seeking the closer to nature feel.

Kitchen appliances will also start to follow the trends by blending some bright and bold colors to their monotone silvery sleek stainless steel.

Appliances with some touches of red, orange, lemon and lime will be common which makes us easier to combine them with the brighter colored kitchens.

Back to nature and go green kitchen themes are preferred for kitchen trends.

People are bored with the sleek silvery stainless steel modern kitchen.

Country kitchens and farmhouse kitchens with natural colors and decorations are slowly gaining their popularity along with the increasing need to get closer to nature and reminiscent the past.

Another theme which is still popular is eco friendly go green kitchen themes.

The increasing awareness of environment will encourage people to use eco friendly materials such as woods for furniture and energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

Simplicity and efficiency become one of the characteristics of kitchen trends.

A compact neatly ordered kitchen which leaves more space for kitchen activity is preferred.

Appliances and kitchen wares are neatly kept hidden as to create a neat orderly warm kitchen.

Fridges, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers are integrated to match the need of a neater simpler kitchen.

As for decorations and materials, mixed materials and natural themed decorations come back in style for kitchen trends.

Stained and painted eco friendly wood furniture are combined with sleek stainless steel color upgraded kitchen appliances to create warmer and homey feeling rather than cold and personal modern sleek kitchen.

Murals and soft patterned brighter colored walls will dominate the 2012 kitchen trends.

Decorations such as natural theme patterned china will be displayed in frosted glass cabinets adding the lighter and brighter mood of kitchens.

Updating your kitchen to the kitchen trends is a start for creating your new life in this New Year.

Remember, be selective and creative!

popular kitchen colors1

Most Popular Kitchen Colors

There is no thumb rule about the best kitchen color, but there are some popular kitchen colors.

These colors are seen more often than not in kitchens around the globe.

While some people like being experimental, most like to stick to the basics.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2012

In a recent survey it was seen that white, yellow, red and brown were the most popular kitchen colors while blue, green and purple were least favorable.

So if you are planning to paint your kitchen, keep these results in mind.

Of course, you have the liberty to be creative, but let’s take a look at the general preferences of people.

Popular Kitchen Colors 2012

The most popular kitchen colors – White is an all time favorite kitchen color.

You will find a lot of white kitchens.

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors 2012

Apart from the walls, the countertops and appliances also are white in such kitchens.

If you are opting for a white kitchen, keep some flowers and fresh fruits to brighten up the place.

Another popular kitchen color is yellow.

popular kitchen colors2

Yellow is a preferred color because it is subdued yet vibrant.

People paint their walls yellow, use yellow lights and this makes their kitchens look quite pretty.

Brown is another common choice.

Most Popular Kitchen Colors 2012

Kitchens become brown when a lot of woodwork is used.

This makes it pretty as well as classy.

So while white, yellow and brown are the most popular kitchen colors, a lot of people are now opting for red as well.

However, if you are using red, you have to be careful or else the kitchen will look jarring and unpleasant to the eye.

popular kitchen colors

Experts advise you to refrain from using colors such as green and blue as they look quite unappealing in the kitchen.

However you can opt for these colors if you want to move away from the popular kitchen colors and give your kitchen a separate identity.

Coffee Decor for Kitchen Vintage

Coffee Decor for Kitchen to Obtain the Country Sense

Coffee Decor for Kitchen – For you coffee lovers, coffee decor for kitchen will perfect your every morning with the country sense in your kitchen as well.

You can taste your favorite coffee together with the beautiful decoration of the kitchen.

You will find your kitchen filled with the coffee decoration for your perfect morning with your cup of coffee as well.

The decoration that appears usually comes in a embroidery, wall decals, small image that occurs in your plate, coffee cup, sink, and many more.
Coffee Decor for Kitchen

Country Sense Canister Sets

The most suitable kitchen theme for the coffee decor for kitchen is the country kitchen.

Remember that country style always needs the warm sense of room and coffee theme is perfectly trim the country theme as well for your kitchen as well.

You can try to make a decoration from the kinds of coffee beans that you arrange in a glass and put it in the shelf to beautify your kitchen together with the other decoration.
Coffee Decor for Kitchen Espresso

Small Appliances Coffee Decor for Kitchen

To obtain the small appliances coffee decor for kitchen, you can try to obtain the plates, cups, and sink that have a small image of coffee beans or even the image of a cup of coffee there.

Then for the table cloth and the curtain, try to obtain the one that has the embroidery in the edge of the stuffs.

Remember that small coffee beans embroidery is enough to trim your beautiful curtain and table cloth.
Coffee Decor for Kitchen House

Wall Decals Coffee Decor for Kitchen

To perfect your country look for your kitchen with coffee stuffs, you can easily trim it with the coffee sticker for kitchen in it.

The coffee wall art for kitchen is come appears in a various type and style.

You can make it just like a words arrangement in a coffee terms like “espresso” “Mocca” or “Robusta” that closely related to your favorite coffee in a brown colors or even black.

Then you can also put the wall decals that have an image of a cup of tea or the beans of coffee décor for kitchen as well.

Wine Kitchen Decor: Build Up Mature Impression

Most of people think that kitchen is the most important room since the function id to serve the food, it is true, and it will become more beautiful when you add wine kitchen decor in around of your kitchen.

It decoration will present the elegance of your home.

The atmosphere of your kitchen is not bored no more; you can change it into the suitable theme you ever imagine.

Do you think to have any modification of your kitchen? Are you planning to design the best design for your future kitchen decoration?

Why don’t you try the wine kitchen decor applied into your kitchen?

It serves you with good views.

You can make your kitchen with similar situation when you are at the bar.

To make wine kitchen decor you may have to do little change to your kitchen.

Firstly, you may modify the countertop and Kitchen Island looks similar with bar table.

The texture should be made from the stone layer with wooden table leg.

The color of your kitchen must be the same.

They must have brown color.

The supporting accessories and the furniture need to have the same color.

The chair, table, and the eating tools must be brown.

Do not forget to make the same lighting color to your kitchen.

Wine Kitchen Decor Fitting

When you compete above steps, you may will the sense of elegant more perfect by fitted out the equipment of your kitchen with all things symbolize the wine, such as wine kitchen curtains and wine kitchen towels.

Using porcelain plates, cups, glasses, or bowls with the picture of wine is good applied.

The last step to make wine kitchen decor to be looked better looking kitchen is just make the wall paint and the tile of the floor in a rhyme with brown.

Ideas for do-it-yourself kitchen decor sets

Kitchen decor sets doesn’t need to be strictly ornamental.

We have gone past making products that only perform one function.

We live in a time where a phone can make and receive a call, play music, take a picture, send emails and so much more.

The multi-purpose qualities of products today are marvelous.

You will see this in electronic gadgets, appliances, clothing, furniture and a lot more.

With that said, finding multi-purposed items to add into your kitchen won’t be a challenge.

When we mention kitchen decorations, we’re not only talking about ornaments or pretty things we stick on the wall or use as a centre piece.

Keep in mind that every piece in the kitchen contributes to the overall good looks of the room.

This includes the flooring, ceiling, cabinets, countertops, appliances and all the small things.

The small things we are talking about are the dish towels, place mats, mugs, cooking utensils, etc.

All the small things you find in a kitchen that you can think about can double as a decoration.

Ever wonder why salt and pepper shakers come in different designs and styles?

It is exactly for this reason.

They were meant for two things, a decoration and a condiment dispenser.

So when deciding to renovate or remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

The budget, the space, and the time it will take to finish the project and of course, the tiny details of decorating it afterwards.

We used to buy things for our kitchen depending on what we need.

We rarely consider how it blends in with the rest of the items we already have.

You’ll see proof of this in most old kitchens.

It would look like a clutter when you pile up the things on a table, nothing matches.

You want a harmonious look to the kitchen but it does not necessarily mean you will have to renovate to achieve this.

By using the same utensils and accessories you already have, you can turn your kitchen into an organized room by having unified theme.

DIY Useful Kitchen Decor Sets ideas you can try:

Gather all your wooden spoons and spatulas and paint an inch or two of the handles.

You can use pastel colors, a combination of two colors or shades close to your kitchen color scheme.

Whatever floats your boat.

Separate mugs that have unique designs or pictures and display it on a shelf or on hooks.

You can take it out whenever you need more mugs, but while in storage, you might as well use it as a decoration.

If you have a side of the kitchen wall that is bare and lacking, you can put hooks on the wall and hang some of your best skillets or pots.

It is a nice way to showcase your nice kitchenware.

For your old dish or hand towels that don’t have pairs, you can sew in rings on one side using the same cloth to make it look like it’s from a set.

This way, it’s useful and works as kitchen decor sets at the same time.

Kitchen in The Living Room

Kitchen in the living room normally find in the house design with limited space.

Integrated room or combining two or more function at one space is the most sacred rule once you have small apartment, or home.

However, nowadays more development made in the home designing world, including the art of integrating more functions in one space, not only if you have small or limited space, but also if you have normal size of home.

The basic criteria to integrate your kitchen in the living room are generally the same.

You can both try or set the soft partition to separate the two if you intend to create an older look of a house.

The more modern home design in turn, let the open space of the two just like that.

Often, it only needs one element to spot or underline each function.

A carpet or rug is the most famous element use to separate the function.

Simply put a carpet or rug on your living room, and leave your kitchen get the open floor.

That will be enough to define the function.

Another idea is to put a small bar in between.

Small bar is the natural element for kitchen that is also has the huge impression as the soft partition.

The mini bar is never get your kitchen wrong, and will make your house look amazing no matter what the theme you choose.

All you have to do is how to mix and match the color, the type of furniture, the position of furniture.

Mini bars available on various types, you can choose from the most vintage dark wooden mini bar to the modern minimalist silver stainless steel mini bar.

Combining or integrating two function at the same space in your house has many advantages.

First and usually become the most noticeable advantage is that you will save more space.

You are free to create additional function in the home.

Say hello to more comfortable working space in your home, or larger playground for the kids.

Second, you got more access to two space or corner at the same times.

You can still keep an eye to your kids while they playing in the living room while you bake the pancake.

Third, it will be easier to clean the house.

Less hard partition means less furnish to be clean, and open floor will ease you in mopping it out.

Vintage Kitchen Lighting in Some Types to Polish Traditional Kitchen

Now days, I think that it is difficult to find vintage kitchen lighting.

It is because kitchen lighting that is designed today, almost in the modern kitchen design.

But, do not worried, if you try hard you will be get beauty ancient kitchen lighting in some lighting shops in your town.

Likewise other ancient properties, ancient lighting also has high value of arts in my opinion.

I always appreciate the heritage of the past, and so is the ancient furniture. Ancient products seem more natural than modern ones.

I realize that we have different preference or style in choosing property or furniture.

If you like modern furniture, in this case you certainly buy modern lighting for your house, especially kitchen room.

However, for traditional lovers, people rather choose vintage kitchen lighting to modern ones for adorning their kitchen room.

If someone has chosen to apply traditional style in their house, all aspects of rooms will be modified in traditional style.

On the other hands, someone who likes modern style also tend to choose modern furniture and modify their house in modern style completely.

Price of vintage kitchen lighting is varied. It depends on the type of ancient lighting you choose because kitchen lighting has different specification.

Of course you need to choose the best ancient kitchen lamp with the vintage kitchen ideas.

Approximately price of the lighting is from $100 to $3,000.

Types of Vintage Kitchen Lighting

The various types of ancient kitchen lamp enable you to choose more than one mode of lamp which is appropriate to your style.

One of suitable ancient kitchen lighting among others is pendant light.

This gives much traditional values into your kitchen room.

Here are several types of ancient kitchen lighting such as low level lighting, chandeliers, mini pendants, track lighting, large pendants, semi flush ceiling light, flush mount ceiling lights, backsplash lighting etc.

You can find other types of vintage kitchen lighting to add traditional touch into your kitchen.
Apple Decor for the Kitchen

Apple Decor for the Kitchen with Red Color

Choosing the Apple Decor for the Kitchen will be very interesting.

Of course, there have not been many people who use this kitchen design to be applied in their kitchen.

Most of people prefer to choose the contemporary and luxurious decoration for their kitchen.

Even though there have not been many people use this kind of kitchen decoration, this idea still becomes a unique and creative idea.

It even can be a particular thing in our kitchen.
Apple Decor for the Kitchen Candle Holder

Furniture Usage in Apple Decor for the Kitchen

When we are going to design our own kitchen with a unique decoration, this Apple Decor for the Kitchen idea will be a very good answer for that.

The process of installing this decoration is not a difficult thing.

All we need to do is just being creative and collecting more and more inspiration.

Actually, there are two creative ways those we can do for realizing the best apple decoration.

For the first one, we can use the furniture to give the apple atmosphere in our kitchen.

We can use the Apple Furniture for the Kitchen.
Apple Decor for the Kitchen Design

Tiles Wallpaper in Apple Decor for the Kitchen

The furniture which can be used for our apple atmosphere is any kinds of furniture.

They are including chair, kitchen cabinet, and also even lampshade can be a good thing for it.

Besides using the furniture, we can also play with the design of Apple Decor for the Kitchen.

In our kitchen, we can use the tiles which are installed on the wall of our kitchen to be good apple wallpaper.

This Apple Design for the Kitchen will be very interesting.
Apple Decor for the Kitchen for Party
However, it is a very good idea to combine both of those ideas.

It is caused by we will get a maximum result of apple decoration ideas for our kitchen.

One more, the lighting in our kitchen is also should have the best color which is suitable with the atmosphere in our Apple Decor for the Kitchen.

Grape Decor for Kitchen to Obtain the Vintage Sense

Vintage is always be the best idly theme for kitchen that you can obtain from the grape decor for kitchen.

Actually all of the fruits can trim your vintage kitchen, but grape is better, the purple of the grape will perfectly make the vintage sense there sorely felt as well.

Then you can obtain it for your back-splash, plates, towels, napkins, curtains, table cloth and you can also apply for the grape wall decals to obtain the real grape furniture for kitchen vintage ever.

Then if you try to obtain the vintage style from grape decor for kitchen, you have to make your kitchen furniture in vintage colors like cream, ivory, amber, or even light brown.

Get the beautiful detailed counter and cabinets together with the wooden dining table and chairs.

Then you can put some flowers in a vase to trim your beautiful vintage kitchen.

Do not forget to open the window widely to make the air circulation better and make your kitchen always fresh as always.

Small Appliances Grape Decor for Kitchen

The small appliances grape decor for kitchen will really help to obtain the idly mood of vintage style as well.

The small appliances is usually come appears from the curtain, table cloth, napkins, wipe, towels oven, plates and the others small appliances that might be decorated with grape picture.

For the curtain and table cloth make it in embroidery of grape in the edge of it.

Because the curtain you should obtain is in a tulle fabric it will be really sweet if you give the embroidery in a perfect purple color.

Interior Grape Decor for Kitchen

For the interior grape kitchen themes you will really please to have the vintage grape image in your backsplash, wall, and the sink as well.

For the backsplash, you can obtain the one that really match with your kitchen vintage theme.

Then if you want to obtain the grapes in the wall, you can also apply for the wall decals and put them above the windows or under it.

Just try to obtain the right grape decor for kitchen and enjoy your vintage kitchen as well.

White and Grey Kitchen Combination for New Innovation Theme

In the past, I was afraid to combine different color of furniture in my house, likewise white and grey kitchen.

This combination actually is perfect.

Before I am not sure to combine different color furniture because I am afraid the combination of two different colors will result weird suitability.

But when I see a kitchen design ideas that combine white and grey color, I am really interested.

White is neutral color, so it can be combined with other kind of color.

Kitchen design can be classic or modern style.

But I prefer the classic kitchen design to the modern one.

Your kitchen can be replaced into white and grey kitchen.

In this case, white counterparts can be combined with grey kitchen cabinets.

If you like bright color, you can paint kitchen wall white color and then add grey kitchen appliances.

Dark floor is possible to be fixed with both grey and white cabinets.

On the other hand, it is possible to paint wall in grey color then apply white kitchen cabinet.

This mixture will seem harmonious.

For perfect result you can add white counterparts or wood cabinets.

Lighting for White and Grey Kitchen

Lighting is one of important things in your white and grey kitchen room.

Artistic lighting gives you additional value of aesthetics.

If you have defined the perfect combination of white and grey walls, appliances and cabinets, it is right time to consider the best lighting for perfect match.

Lighting that can be applied can be in several types for examples backsplash lighting that is fitted in the middle of walls between upper cabinets and kitchen island.

You can also apply pendant light or classic chandeliers.

Combination above should display perfect match of kitchen room and appliances that is fixed.

Do not be afraid to combine other colors because a combination will gives different variation in kitchen room.

Therefore, you should defined match kitchen composition for great result.

Now try to apply white and grey kitchen design in your home.

Kitchen Decorating Themes and Ideas

When remodeling your house, kitchen decorating themes come in handy.

Gone are the days when kitchens were dull, basic places that only served the purpose of cooking and storing.

Nowadays kitchens are considered to be the heart of the house and so people take a lot of care in decorating their kitchens.

Kitchen decorating themes come in handy at such times as they allow you to think creatively and give your kitchen a brand new look.

From colors to unique designs, from unusual counter tops to mismatched back splashes.

A lot can be done in you incorporate some kitchen decorating themes in your kitchen design.

Kitchen decorating themes and ideas – While you could always go with the basic kitchen design and install tiles or granite items in one color, it would be great if you could play around with the designs.

Add a splash of color to your kitchen.

Get colorful counter tops.

Paint the walls in bright colors and get a sparkling back splash.

You could stick to one color tone or play around with colors.

Colors always add a lot of beauty and prevent the kitchen from becoming mundane and boring.

Other kitchen decorating themes would include themed structures and woodwork.

You could install any one type of material in your kitchen like granite or marble.

If you are using marble, add a little bit of marble in everything.

From the counter tops to the back splashes to the floors and sinks…everything must have a bit of marble in it.

Kitchen decorating themes help you in making your kitchen classy and beautiful in a unique manner.

However you must be cautious while selecting the kitchen decorating themes as overdoing a design or pattern can make your kitchen look clumsy.

So go through the kitchen decorating themes, take your time and then make a good decision.

Kitchen Wall Colors Ideas

Choosing kitchen wall colors ideas should not be a hard work. However, careful attention still highly recommend for this job.

Wrong choice of color scheme will lead to other chaos for kitchen atmosphere.

The wall may not be seen a lot like cabinet, countertops, or even flooring but it still will give huge influence on what you decide for the next step.

And will create such atmosphere for the room. It will directly affect the lighting, other material color use in it and many other factors.

The right idea to color your kitchen wall can be made by consider some factors.

Why not try to search on the right kitchen wall colors ideas on a home and kitchen design collections book or magazine?

Try to find them out on the web.

Investigate them, one by one and choose one what might be your favorite and match your available kitchen.

By looking at the chosen design, you might figure out what type of color scheme or palette you will use for the kitchen.

There are plenty design style out there.

And all you have to do is choose one that will meet your needs.

After you decide what kitchen design style you choose, you can straightly go to the next step; choosing kitchen elements.

It will be all about material use.

You love to use hard stone, then you can simply choose a modern contemporary kitchen style and the color needed to make this design usually are grey, black, white, and broken white.

Or you tend to choose antique wooden table as the focus of your kitchen, vintage or country design style can be your chosen style.

You might need warmer color to make it through.

The kitchen design style will ease you choose the color combinations; choose only three main colors.

Then go to the paint store, buy the trial ones as sample on your kitchen wall.

Look at your chosen colors in your kitchen at the different times right when natural lights and lighting hits the colors.

Stay on the grand design, to help you adjust the color.

You can paint the color samples on a 10 inch canvas or directly right on your wall.

You may have to choose and adjust other colors until it shows prefect shades and reflections.

This series of work has been the fastest guidelines to find the intended kitchen wall color ideas.

Other simple suggestions may be call your experts and ask for help.

Blue Kitchen Walls

Blue gives calmness to whoever sees this particular color.

That is why people like to go to the sea and look at the sky whenever they are fed up with their life.

Color is indeed influences you psychologically that some psychologists use colors as their means in therapy.

Blue is one of the best for calmness and patient effect.

If you want to feel calm and patient in your kitchen, start to consider having blue kitchen walls.

But to do so, you need to pay attention in making the best combination.

Here are some blue kitchen walls tips for you.

Blue Kitchen Walls

Choose the right shade of blue.

There are various shades of blue, choose the right one for your kitchen size.

Choose lighter blue for your smaller kitchen to make it seems bigger.

To avoid the plain feel of your kitchen, you just need to combine your blue kitchen walls with darker cabinets and countertops.

Some spot of blue in your backsplash will do finite to your kitchen.

If you have bigger kitchen, you can choose any color of blue you want but it must have been supported by the appropriate lighting.

Add some light to prevent your kitchen from being gloomy and dim if you opt to darker shade of blue.

The perfect combination of colors is everything in decorating works.

Light Blue Kitchen Walls

Choose the right theme.

Blue kitchen walls are perfect for any color theme you have.

It can go with both traditional country kitchen look and more modern sleek kitchen design.

If you opt to country kitchen look, you can unite your blue kitchen walls with antique wooden cabinets and pristine wooden countertops.

Blue and white walls also do perfect with white kitchen cabinets and countertops, it fits the romantic French when combined with curvy furniture or Tiffany theme for your vintage kitchen.

For your modern kitchen, you can merge your blue wall with any darker colored furniture.

Black, stainless steel or glass door cabinets will suit your blue cabinet just fine.

Blue Kitchen Walls with White Cabinets

Add some accent to your blue kitchen walls with backsplash with different shade either darker or lighter colors of blue.

Glass blue tiles or ceramic mosaic tiles can add the sparkly look of your blue kitchen walls.

You can even add murals with shade of blue in it.

Natural scene with blue sea or blue sky as the background will do grand for your kitchen.

Blue Kitchen Walls Oak Cabinets

Blue kitchen walls are gaining its popularity for the goodness they bring to your kitchen.

Match them with their life mate and you will find an outstanding kitchen which your friends envy about.

Get some references to help you.

Grey Walls Kitchen Coordinated Colors

Grey is always becoming g a favorite color of the kitchen, grey walls kitchen ideas will bring you into a different magnificent atmosphere.

Grey has come in a great deal of shades, starting from light pale grey into a deep dark grey.

It also produces some different taste when you mix it with a tone of yellow, to a cool color and when you mix it with blue.

It is because grey is considered to be the most flexible color.

Grey can be classified into easy coordination color, which is why grey walls kitchen is a great option for you.

Grey in the kitchen offers you a calm and cool design that is elegant and comfortable.

If you choose solid grey then it means strength is represented on your idea.

To soft grey, it symbolizes fragility and innocent ideas.

Modern style can be represented by the use of this paint color.

Decorating your kitchen in grey offers you to create an environment that is peaceful.

Grey Walls Kitchen Best Suit Accessories

To coordinate with grey walls kitchen, it best suits you the colors of light accessories on your kitchen.

Starting from kitchen appliances, choose light stainless steel since it makes your kitchen becomes more modern.

Use different light color of backsplash so that it appears uniqueness on your kitchen.

For the cabinets, natural oak wood cabinets or white laminated cabinet can be great options.

After that choose light lighting so that it looks bright and not gloomy.

For the curtain of your kitchen, I suggest you floral white printed or other colors of curtain.

For the tiles, grey color kitchen can be combined with many options of tiles.

Parquette, stone tiles or even ceramic tiles are okay.

Beside painting, other options of wall decorating of your kitchen is also varying.

Grey walls granite, will make it more glamour yet clean look.

Grey walls ceramics are cheaper than granite.

Those options are good if you are going to replace the paint of your grey walls kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decals Ideas can be inspiring

Talking about kitchen, people usually will directly focus on cabinets, the kitchen table, creating Kitchen Island, flooring, backsplash or the décor.

Wall designing are rarely being seen as something that need to be look as much as other kitchen parts.

The wall décor usually will follow whatever the theme decide, and the theme usually will be directly choose based on the main part of the kitchen, like cabinets and flooring.

Wall design can also become something inspiring, it doesn’t have to be like following theme will adjust the color; we can also have the right design style by choosing the right wall design.

Some of the kitchen wall decals ideas will be discuss below.

The most popular kitchen wall decals ideas are wallpaper, wall sticker, and murals.

The wallpaper is the oldest wall décor known for home and kitchen design.

Painting the wall always become the most cost efficient way to make up the wall, but the wallpaper often offer more than just economic options.

You can stay being traditional, modern, or eclectic by adding the plain wallpaper; white, grey, or black are the most famous option to make the design style.

More retro, vintage, or shabby chic you can choose to use the printed wallpaper.

Floral with pastel colors is the famous option.

You can add different wallpaper for different side of wall to make more contemporary look.

Murals are more popular in European home and kitchen design rather than wallpaper.

If the US kitchen design tends to use wallpaper to create more elegant look, the European will consider more color to create expressive touch for their mural.

The popular mural style is the Tuscan kitchen style.

With its yellow mustard domination combined with other warm natural colors such as red, green, and orange will always create the perfect small village atmosphere back in the home.

To create good mural as kitchen wall decals ideas, you can ask for help from the experts.

It is require more skill and attention in the process.

The wall sticker may be the easiest way to make your kitchen wall look more attractive.

The wall stickers are relatively cheaper than the wallpapers and easier to be installed.

You can have two or three different kitchen wall sticker for your kitchen wall.

Imagine if you can place wall sticker with coffee cups printed near the kitchen island, the vegetables cute cartoon for the cutting and cooking areas, and flowery details on the sink areas.

Country Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Country Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas – A country kitchen should give us the rustic and natural feel.

The main theme for your country kitchen wall decor ideas should go along that scheme.

Some French country style characteristics such as rustic atmosphere, natural color theme and multiple element displays are perfect in deciding your wall decor.

If you are confused of what to do, here are some country kitchen wall decor ideas for you.

Let’s start with the color theme.

There are various color themes applicable for country kitchen wall decor idea.

Some of them have paler, deeper color accents or elegant gold combination color.

Whatever color theme you choose, it should incorporate the nature feel of your kitchen.

You can adjust it with the lay out and size of your kitchen for example color for small kitchens and deeper color for bigger ones.

Plain colored wall without pattern can be a good option if you decided that you will add some decorations on your country style kitchen wall decor idea.

Plain wall can be adjusted to any decorations you want since you don’t have to match patterns with your kitchen decorations.

It works best for smaller country kitchen. It will give the spacey accent to it.

Add decorations efficiently on your plain country kitchen wall.

If you prefer patterned wall, choose the ones with soft pattern.

Retro style big patterned wall with contrast color combination will not suit your country kitchen look, since it should give you a rusty and natural feel.

Better leave your patterned wall with fewer decorations as not to make your kitchen seems busy and crowded.

If you want to add accents to your country kitchen wall decor idea, you can add some country kitchen style decorations on it.

Hanging some of your kitchen wares, old copper utensils in frame, some pictures in natural theme, dried flowers or country style towels orderly on it will be a perfect option.

Remember to choose the right decorations which blend with your kitchen color theme.

For displaying your kitchen wares, an open shelving with simple design will do perfect for you country kitchen wall décor idea.

The open shelving will give you the nature look, but remember to display your stuff neatly and as attractive as you can.

A natural and rusty feel is the key point for country kitchen wall decor idea.

To do so, the right color theme, pattern and decorations incorporated in your wall will add the sense.

Be careful and selective in choosing the right combination though.

Rooster Decor for Kitchen as the Pattern of Your Kitchen Tiles

Rare people use rooster decor for kitchen as the decoration of the kitchen.

Do you ever think about the same opinion?

My suggestion is throw that idea away from your brain.

You can try to apply it in your kitchen.

It will create good sense in your kitchen.

That may support your want to always want to stay in the kitchen and make meals happily.

The kitchen tiles may be formed from many pattern tiles, the basic principal is that the tiles should be strong enough and not too slippery when you walk under it.

Those tiles may apply in the wall of your kitchen.

Having good looking of rooster decor for kitchen look will make your taste to cook is higher than usual.

Excellent shape and appearance may not refer to the expensiveness.

You may not buy the expensive one, you can buy cheap rooster decor for kitchen to modify your old kitchen or present your new kitchen design.

It is not too hard to add rooster decor for kitchen in your kitchen to make you and your family more comfortable to stay longer in the kitchen.

All of our meals are made from the kitchen, so kitchen have great role to provide the energy sources to your family.

The uniqueness will rise from your kitchen every time you enter to the kitchen.

You will feel pleasure to cook, and the food you produced can be predicted very delicious.

The Other Accessories of Rooster Decor for Kitchen

Rooster is fun.

You may design your room with many knick knack of rooster.

It can be the picture of the cups, plates, mat, etc.

Rooster decor for kitchen curtain is suitable mix for your kitchen appearance.

You may make the look of the kitchen has different sense if you change your kitchen layout with rooster decor for kitchen.

Themes in Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes we need the Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet to make our kitchen has a better look than before.

Decorating the space above the kitchen cabinet is not a difficult thing.

All we need to do is just looking for an inspiration and also ideas.

Nowadays, we can easily find the ideas and inspiration from several sources, like internet and also home decorating magazine.

Both of them can give us inspiration, including the inspiration to decorating the above kitchen cabinet.

Actually, in decorating above kitchen cabinet, there are two main aspects those we have to consider well.

It is caused by it will give many impacts to the appearance of our kitchen design.

For the first aspect, there are the Colors for Above Kitchen Cabinet.

The existence of colors in Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet is very important to be noticed.

The colors those we will apply should have an appropriate atmosphere with our kitchen and cabinet atmosphere.

The determination of colors is according to the theme of our Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet.

Therefore, it is very important for us to pay more attention to the theme of our above kitchen cabinet decoration.

We can choose the best Themes for Above Kitchen Cabinet from inspiration.

There are several well – known themes for our decoration of kitchen cabinet.

They are including the luxurious theme and also colorful theme.

The most suitable theme with our kitchen design and atmosphere will make our kitchen looks better.

Colorful Theme in Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet

For a colorful theme, we can add some colorful decoration above our kitchen Cabinet.

The color combination should be nice and match with our kitchen atmosphere.

We can put dish is various colors with various size above our kitchen cabinet.

Those all are only several inspirations those we can share for Decorating Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet.

Architectural Outdoor Kitchen that Weather Resist

If we often run event at night, we will need some architectural outdoor kitchen.

The design of outdoor kitchen would be different but several utilities that exist in outdoor kitchen such as barbecue stove and minibar.

And for Lake House you will have beautiful scenery from your outdoor kitchen.

You can build the kitchen over your private dock.

You can enjoy the sun sets while you sit and get relax near the lake.

Outdoor kitchen plans need to be prepared well before you decided to build it.

Well, we know that outdoor also means that our utility will get direct sunlight and rain.

If we let that happen it will reduce the quality of furniture and other utility.

That’s why before you build your own outdoor kitchen in lake house, you need to find utility that water resist and also capable to survive from heat of sunlight in the afternoon.

Architectural outdoor kitchen must also able to protect the kitchen utensil.

If we want to make our kitchen endure for a longer time we also need to design the layout so it could be protected.

Furniture for Architectural Outdoor Kitchen

When we discuss the furniture, we usually talk about tables and chairs.

Usually table and chair were made from wood.

It’s would look perfect on outdoor kitchen which suitable with parquet floor from the dock.

If you want to improve the look of the architectural outdoor kitchen, you can add some wooden ornament.

Or if you do not want to get bothered to buy the equipment we just buy outdoor kitchen kits that available in hardware store.

Lake House usually placed near forest.

So the best theme for this kind of house is definitely nature theme.

So we can add trees or gazebo to get relaxed and enjoy the lake or the forest.

So you will love to apply architectural outdoor kitchen in your lake house.

Red White Kitchen Ideas

Red and white coloring themes for kitchen sometimes can reminds us about retro kitchen design.

Red, even though added with very small amount can make the whole room look either retro or eclectic.

It’s a brave warm color that will make huge different and bring warm feeling.

Red and white kitchen ideas can usually be seen at least once a year on Christmas.

The decorations and color combinations will not look that attractive on Christmas, so can you imagine if you applied the red white kitchen ideas as your permanent kitchen decorations?

Red White Kitchen Ideas

Well, it actually doesn’t sound that weird. Red can bring cheerful and positive feeling to your kitchen, and white can make it look festive, welcoming, yet elegant.

If you think that red white kitchen ideas are way too much, you can choose another color to balance the look.

The happy news is that you can make this color addition between red and white as dominant color as long as the color is the natural neutral color so that the two red and white will not lose its beauty.

It can be coming from the material; light wooden brown of maple or bamboo, silver and glossy light grey from stainless steel, glossy black from granite, and many more.

Red White Country Kitchen Ideas

Pure red white kitchen ideas will make your kitchen not only attractive but also modern-retro.

These colors will make your whole stainless steel kitchen look even brighter.

Combine the kitchen appliances with more unpainted stainless steel and glass kitchen appliances to strengthen the modern style.

Glossy thing always become the best reflection of modern home design.
Red and White Kitchen Decorating Ideas
The retro feel is another style that will be easy to be create with red white kitchen ideas.

The retro require more texture and pattern.

You can paint your wall with red, and attach the shelves fill with white porcelain pots, bowls, and cups collections on it.

And then combine this look with white fridge, white kitchen storage, red table with white countertops and chairs with printed fabric.
Black Red White Kitchen Ideas

Another red white kitchen ideas is by decorating the kitchen with autumnal color palette, consist with red, orange, yellow mustard, and gold.

Don’t forget to balance the color palette with neutral color with black and brown wooden color.

This color combination can create warm and dramatic look, and will look glowing through the natural light.

Don’t forget to set the right lighting system to support the color at night.
Kitchen Ideas White Cabinets Red Walls
Small Black and White Kitchen Designs

Black and White Kitchen Designs

Never hesitate to choose black and white kitchen designs for your home.


Because it is the most long lasting kitchen color style found on earth. Actually, in designing kitchen, you can choose the whole kitchen appearance based on style, color, or material.
Red Black and White Kitchen Designs
You can choose one or combine two or three of them to define your kitchen appearance.

The easiest chosen is define your kitchen by colors, and black and white is color pattern that will easily goes to any type or kitchen styles.

Traditional Black and White Kitchen Designs

Said you have traditional home interior design, and you need to remodel you kitchen to get match with other space in your home.

You can choose black and white as the main color theme for your kitchen, no matter what the furniture style is.

Or if you have full modern home style, black and white will never lead you to the wrong path of designs.
Modern Black and White Kitchen Designs
Black and white kitchen designs are timeless and classic combination of colors you may found.

Other famous advantage that black and white kitchen designs can offer you is that they also can be combining with other color to create certain style.

If you think full black and white makes your kitchen look way too boring, you can add another color to create new theme.

In short, black and white kitchen are easy to be decorated.
Black and White Kitchen Ideas
There are five suggestions about how to decorate black and white kitchen and let your kitchen out from traditional style;

Give more colored appliances.

Don’t hesitate to buy blue-grey kitchen sink, dark maroon fridge, or yellow mustard stove.

These types of kitchen appliances can easily get your kitchen out of traditional atmosphere and put it into modern retro look.

Don’t leave your wall plain white. Paint it with yellow or dark red to give warmer fun atmosphere or light grey, olive green, or blue pastel to give cooler atmosphere.
Black and White Kitchen Designs
Black and white kitchen designs always tend to be passive cold colors, warm your kitchen up by add plants, breakfast corner, or cushions.

Get more modern look by adding more silver cutlery on the cabinet, plain white curtain in the kitchen window, or hang black and white or grey painting in the wall.

Adding red, yellow, or geometric fixture to get more retro style.
Black and White Kitchen Designs Photos

Try to remodel the furnish or play more with the material, you can adjust, mix, replace anything in a black and white kitchen style without being afraid you will ruin the atmosphere.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen

The combination of blue sky and the yellow sun in your kitchen will give you the warm and happy sunny feel for your family daily meals and kitchen activities.

The combination of those two colors is perfect for you who love natural colored kitchen.

Moreover, yellow and blue are included in kitchen color trend.

So, if you want to change your kitchen color theme, blue and yellow combination will be wonderful for you.

If you are still confused on what to do with your blue and yellow colors, these tips on blue and yellow kitchen themes will definitely help you.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen Decor

Blue and yellow kitchen theme is perfect for both small and bigger kitchens.

You just need to do a proper combination of lighter and darker colors.

There are lots of shade of yellow and blue, choose the brighter shade colors for your smaller kitchen and darker shade of colors with bold combination of cabinets, countertops and also backsplash colors.

It also goes well for any kinds of kitchen style since both blue and yellow can be inserted into country kitchen, modern or even vintage kitchen style.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen

For a smaller modern blue and yellow kitchen theme, you might want to choose navy blue and paler shade of yellow.

Navy blue wall with yellow cabinets and wooden or stone countertops will give bigger look on you kitchen and the contrasting tone of stone countertops and walls and cabinets will give you the sleek look of your modern kitchen.

If you like French country kitchen style, yellow is the perfect color.

Choose plain washed out yellow for your wall, light blue for your cabinets, wooden countertop and ceramic terracotta or natural colored tiles for your backsplash.

Try to combine them with darker yellow or blue appliances which will give your blue and yellow kitchen the classy as well as washed out look of Mediterranean and Tuscan cottages.

French Blue and Yellow Kitchen

For a vintage blue and yellow kitchen, you can choose light blue wall color and darker yellow or wooden antique cabinets for the perfect combination.

Blue patterned backsplash will be just right for your kitchen theme since it will add the vintage feel of your kitchen.

Some yellow colored dishes and pots are perfect also.

Blue and Yellow Kitchen Themes

Matching the colors is the key for whatever kitchen makeover project you do.

Be careful in choosing brighter versus the darker color shade.

Getting some references about blue and yellow kitchen ideas in the net will definitely help you for real.

Try to be creative and think out of the box.

Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

Some people are afraid to use colorful designs for their kitchen since they think that the color will be inappropriate for a functional room such as a kitchen.

They tend to use plain and pastel color for comfort.

However, you will be surprised that in fact pastel colors and natural colors are not the only colors that you can incorporate in your kitchen design.

Applying various colors in harmony will give your kitchen a fresh and unique look that no one has ever made before.

If you want to put some colors in your kitchen, here are some colorful kitchen design ideas for you references.

Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

If you want to put some colors in your kitchen, cabinetry is your best options.

Most cabinets’ materials are paintable and you can put any colors on them easily without the need of professionals’ assistance.

Combine different colors on your cabinets’ doors and you will have an outstanding colorful look for your kitchen.

Paint your kitchen cabinets doors with red, yellow, green, blue or purple on different doors and add white paint on each side for the frame to tone down the contrast combination for your colorful kitchen design ideas.

Colorful Kitchen Designs

Instead of cabinets, backsplash can be your palettes of colors. Use ceramic or stainless steel tiles in various colors on it.

You can choose bigger or smaller tiles and put any colors you want as long as it has unity and natural composition.

Blue, green, yellow and orange tiles will be perfect if combined with white kitchen cabinets and walls to tone down the ghostly bright of dominating white of your colorful kitchen design ideas.

If you want to leave your main areas in the kitchen in monotone colors, you can always put some colors in it with colorful accessories.

Open shelving with different color pots or ceramics will give your colorful kitchen design ideas unique and cheerful look.

You can paint your shelving white and add various kinds of ceramics, glass kitchen ware in various colors.

Put some colors on your countertops too will be perfect to tone done the monotony of your monotone kitchen theme.

Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas 2012

Walls can make colorful kitchen design ideas too. Murals and stencils are perfect to apply colors on your kitchen wall.

However, you have to be careful in choosing the right pattern and images for your murals or stencils.

Since your kitchen is packed with appliances with different colors, you better find a perfect space for your murals or pattern.

If you want to add patterns with stencil, choose colors which in tone with your appliances, but if you want to have pattern, choose natural colors such as blue and white.

Kitchen Wall Colors with Cherry Cabinets

Kitchen Wall Colors with Cherry Cabinets is a fabulous option if you are dreaming of a classy kitchen design.

It is famous for its bold colors and patterns.

The boldness of this type of wood is the thing which attracts some people to have it in their kitchen since it can accentuate the focal point in their kitchen.

However, this kind of kitchen cabinets will also become the root of confusion since combining bold cherry color is not an easy thing to do.

Choosing the wrong paint on your wall will out shunned the glamour of your cherry cabinets.

Here are some kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets ideas for your references.

Kitchen Wall Colors with Cherry Cabinets

The first rule about cherry cabinets is that you should not hide their beauty by choosing bold and bright colors as your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets.

Choose neutral color tones such as cream, beige or chocolate brown.

This kind of colors will give you warmth and soft feeling in contrast with bold colors and pattern of cherry cabinets.

Their neutral tone will bring out the glory of your cherry cabinets since bold colors will compete with it and in the end it will confuse whoever sees the kitchen.

Warm colors will be perfect if you paint your wall trim with subtle neutral shades such as white, crème or light grey to accentuate the boldness of your cherry cabinets.

When painting your wall against your cherry kitchen cabinets, you have to remember that your wall color should not compete with your cherry cabinets otherwise it will be confusing for the others who see it.

Start with using low sheen or matte paint. Matte paint does not shine and it does not reflect light. In this term, there will be no competition between you cherry wood with wall paint.

For this kind of paint type, you are free to choose bolder colors for your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets since non matte paint will warm up and soften up your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Colors with Dark Cherry Cabinets

Warm colored paints such as red, warm terracotta, olive green will complement your cherry cabinets if you want to use them for a softer colored kitchen theme.

Terracotta wall color will be perfect for your classic kitchen style which will harmonize your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets.

You can even add some dark grey in your kitchen to go with your cherry cabinets for a more modern look.

Combine them with bronze lining for metallic and modern look.

Cherry cabinets are indeed hard to handle.

Choose the right kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets which will not compete with the boldness of cherry wood.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

If you have a small crammed kitchen with less lighting, constantly seeking for warmth and cheery atmosphere for your kitchen and yellow is your favorite color, you may possibly need to decorate your kitchen into a yellow themed kitchen.

Yellow is gaining its popularity nowadays, so you do not need to worry to feel left behind with the latest style.

Here are some yellow kitchen ideas for your consideration in renovating your kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

The first thing that you should do before renovating your kitchen with yellow kitchen ideas is to consider the right color you want to apply on it.

There are lots of shades of yellow around. Match it with your kitchen’s need, the available appliances you have, and the last but not least, your taste.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas Pictures

To get the perfect yellow for your yellow kitchen ideas, consider the lighting and size of your kitchen.

If it is dim and small, it means that you need brighter shades of yellows which will provide the needed light in your kitchen.

Lighter color makes your kitchen seems brighter and bigger.

If you have a brighter larger kitchen, darker shades of yellows will be excellent. It will offer contrast and variations to your kitchen so it will not seem monotone.

Darker shades of colors also sharpen the edges of your furniture and make it seems sleek and elegant.

The next for your yellow kitchen ideas is to take into consideration on the available appliances in your kitchen.

Make sure that your kitchen color does not clash with your cabinets, countertops, sink, backsplash and flooring.

You can try to have a medium sized board for color sample of your paint and use it as your model to match the color.

Bring them next to the appliances and start to compare and match.

You can do the comparison in different times in a day so you can get the perfect image of the paint with different levels of light.

Combine your yellow kitchen ideas with darker shade and natural themed kitchen wares.

A yellow wall with darker wooden or painted cabinets, ceramic sink as well as beautiful mosaic or tile backsplash will be wonderful.

Adding some brown or terracotta potteries will be suitable for your kitchen too.

Add some sunflowers as the first thing which comes to our mind whenever we talk about yellow colors, in your dishes, wall murals, ceramics, window curtains, even real or fake sunflowers to your kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas

Match your kitchen theme with your taste so you will never regret it in the future.

Browse some pictures of yellow kitchen ideas in the net for references.

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

As the escalating of global warming’s detrimental effects toward the earth and its inhabitants, people start to care about the environment.

Go green lifestyle becomes trend and various go green products start to emerge.

This go green wave affect design is world too.

More eco friendly home and kitchen designs become popular.

Kitchen Design Ideas Green Cabinets

To go with the reemerging go green theme, why not updating your kitchen into a go green kitchen?

Here are some go green kitchen design ideas for you.

Choose Eco Friendly Materials.

The first green kitchen design ideas, is by choosing durable stained concrete or hard stone for your countertops instead of woods.

Woods are applicable for ornate tiles of your kitchen backsplash too.

But if you still need woods, choose the woods that are from industrial forests.

It means that you do not disturb the balance of rain forests which will impact the increase of green house effects.

Make sure that you check the manufacturers of your kitchen appliances before buying it.

Use Energy Saving Materials.

Minimize the use of electric lighting in your green kitchen design ideas by allowing the natural light in.

Give some space for kitchen ventilation or kitchen windows and open spaces from your wall will definitely minimize the use of electricity with the presence of sun light.

Use low energy lamps will both benefit you economically as budget for electricity and save the environment as well.

When you buy electronic appliances for your kitchen, pay attention on how much energy they consume.

Energy star qualified appliances are better options since they only use 10-50% less energy and water than the regular ones.

Apply Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Paint

High VOC paints produce harmful gasses which diminish air quality.

Low VOC can be used to seal your green kitchen design ideas cabinet boards from particle or fiber which contain urea formaldehyde and moisture non resistance.

You can use latex paints instead since they are solvent and carrier which is easier to clean up and has lower toxicity.

Buy Energy Saving Cookware

For cookware of your green kitchen design ideas, make sure that you choose induction cooktop which prevent the stovetop from heating.

It means that less heat is wasted and the food heats faster.

It saves time and energy almost 40-30% more energy saving than regular gas and electric radiant.

Being committed and super selective in choosing the right eco friendly appliances can be quite troublesome since most of the energy saving kitchen appliances and materials are hard to find.

Browsing for green kitchen design ideas on the net will help.

Your commitment will be paid off for your future generation.

Modern White Silver Kitchen

Modern white silver kitchen have been available in the market for quite a long time.

The market appreciate the look, many people admire its beauty, praise the combinations and how the glow can make the kitchen look more expensive, and more of them wishing to have the design at least once in their life.

But why the selling of white silver kitchen rather remain constant and less popular compare to other modern kitchen style even with the traditional kitchen design.

Below is short explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of having the modern white silver kitchen.

White Silver Modern Kitchens

The most noticeable modern white silver kitchen excellence is its look. It looks so elegant that represent the modern kitchen main characteristic perfectly; clean and glossy.

While the decorations and appliances added to the kitchen will not make the kitchen lose its modern look because the bright and clear senses are strong.

White silver also frees you from adding another colors and creating new sense inside.

Sparkles of red can make it look retro; burst of yellow will make it looks vintage, and so on.

The next advantage of modern white silver kitchen is that they available as ready stock furniture and appliances in any manufacturer or home and kitchen appliances store.

The modern designs are widely produced so all you have to do is only add grey paint on the kitchen cabinet and storage, or the bar.

The white part of the kitchen can come right from the wall, floor, and kitchen countertops.

If the grey cabinet still seems to dominate the kitchen, you can add white porcelains kitchen utensils and cutleries to balance the look.

Modern White Silver Kitchens

The disadvantages of having white silver kitchen in your home is that this color need high cost of maintenance.

Keeping the plain white kitchen require a lot of efforts.

You can see the dirt on the white surface a lot easier than if the surface has darker color; it will be easier to clean up the surface it the color is black.

Since its need high maintenance, this type of kitchen will not suitable for family with many small kids inside.

You may have to think twice before you choose to apply for such kitchen style if you plan to have babies in a short time.

However, this probably may be will not become a problem if you love to do the clean up.

High Gloss Kitchen Designs

High gloss kitchen designs are identical with the modern sophisticated look that are widely use by many modern family today.

High gloss look doesn’t always mean the massive use of glass kitchen appliances and material.

Any clean, soft surface with sleek look material such as granite, laminate, vinyl, melamine, gloss lacquer, and acrylic can also be use as the main material to build the glossy kitchen design.

The most popular advantages when you choose to use glossy kitchen design are because they are practical to use, have clean look, and usually consist of durable material.

White High Gloss Kitchen Designs

Generally, the glossier look you add to finish the higher cost you would spend for the kitchen appliances.

But once you see your kitchen after adding the extra finish to your kitchen you will never be regret that you have spend so much on it because it will look amazing.

In the past when it first found, the high gloss kitchen design only available in three types of color, such as white, red, black, and grey.
High Gloss Kitchen Designs
It made all the kitchen applying high gloss kitchen designs at that time has almost identical kitchen.

Nowadays, the furniture manufacture and fabrics maintain their glossy kitchen appliances collection into wide range of colors and more various materials.

Now you will also found wooden glossy kitchen designs among other glossy sleek surface kitchen appliances to get more natural look.

Modern High Gloss Kitchen Designs

The most common high gloss kitchen design look made by use many stainless steel kitchen appliances.

It will give the natural shiny, while you can add the glossy look by choosing glossy black or white laminate or granite as the main material.

Besides modern, you can design the futuristic look by set all off white kitchen appliances in your kitchen.

White cabinet combined with white backsplash, white countertops, and off white wall.

To balance the shine, you can choose to use black glossy flooring and black granite as the cabinet topper and for the kitchen table as well.
Black High Gloss Kitchen Designs

Other combinations of colors to create the best look of high gloss kitchen design can be made by mixing the ivory lacquer with black and white wooden kitchen table, glossy grey granite flooring, and olive green wall.

To get more feminine look and warmer atmosphere, you can replace the olive with red grape.

Natural look can be made by applying heartwood ash as the kitchen appliances main material. Combine with glass, black granite, and white wall.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas and Hacks ~ Great Way to Refine Kitchen

Where to start when painting kitchen cabinets color ideas abound?

It makes sense to try to maximize small changes in a kitchen, because kitchen renovation is rather costly.

Instead of replacing counters, the backsplash, and appliances, make a difference by painting the walls, the kitchen cabinets, or even your kitchen table.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas Hacks

Choosing kitchen cabinet color don’t require many considerations.

The easiest way is by adjusting the existing color with the new colors you possibly intend to use.

Other way is by changing the kitchen furniture colors, but this way might be even more expensive than if you change the background.

If you want to choose to change the background with minimum cost, you can choose to use the most natural colors.

Even the most natural and softest colors will make a big different change.

Softer kitchen cabinetry, for further advantage, is the best color chosen to maximize the lighting.

It will be easy to be combine with bright colors.

The most common kitchen colors design for your Do-it-yourself painting kitchen cabinet colors ideas are by setting the themes like retro design, the vintage design, the modern design,  and many other combination of colors.

If you intend to have retro kitchen design, choose green and white, combine this colors theme with checkerboard flooring.

Change the green with blue – keep combine it with white – to create cottage space.

Modern kitchen design can be made through combining the black and white colors.

Of course you might should have to make more striking effect by using more metal furniture and let your kitchen look vast by not putting too many unnecessary furniture;  keep it simple is the key to make modern kitchen design.

Yet, if you want to make vintage kitchen design, you might need to use pastel colors combined with white.

Kitchen cabinets and tone

Also remember to consider the overall tone of your kitchen.

Are there primarily cool colors or warm, earth tones?

You will want to keep with the same warm or cool tone.

After knowing the right or suitable combination of colors you intend to use, you might need to know the painting types.

You can simply choose to use paint or spray.

Choose the paint to get inexpensive version of kitchen color background.

Paint is easier to be applied, available in various colors, and the color type of paint will works with most of kitchen furniture colors. Cabinet colors, however, usually dominate the kitchen design.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how soft or natural your kitchen cabinet color would be, it will still bring very contrast changing in your kitchen design.

Choosing the right color for kitchen cabinets is essential.

Among many types of colors, natural paint color is considered to be the best choice to create new paintings for your kitchen cabinet.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas Black Appliances

Paint Ideas for Kitchen Cupboards

Paint is not just about color.

It is more about the feeling it exhumes to the people who see it.

Different paint color will give different feeling for them.

Paint becomes very important in kitchen design world since it expresses the feeling wanted by the owner of the kitchen.

The right paint for the right kitchen is the aim of every designer’s idea.

For a perfect kitchen color theme, paint on cupboards also important since cupboards consume most of the space in the kitchen and it adds the focal point of it.

Here are some paint ideas for kitchen cupboards.

Adjust your paint ideas for kitchen cupboards colors with the theme of your kitchen.

For a classical country style kitchen, it is better to use their natural wood colors.

You can varnish or gloss it to bring out the natural color and pattern of your cupboard without disturbing the authenticity of it.

If you choose to paint your cupboards, you can paint them with darker color such as dark brown, dark tan, or other dark colors to accentuate the edges of your kitchen appliances.

When you choose darker cupboards color, remember to combine them with brighter kitchen appliances such as brighter countertops, flooring and wall color.

If you like to apply cheerier mood, you can use brighter color such as vintage reds, blues or greens.

For the contemporary cupboards, you can choose modern grays or sandy taupe’s.

For a more modern looking kitchen, you can be creative by adding combination to your paint ideas for kitchen cupboards.

You can apply lighter upper cabinets’ colors with darker lower cabinets color.

You can apply lime green, royal blue, or cherry reds for the lower cabinets and bright white for the uppers.

Charcoal grey or dark brown works well with a lighter shade of the same color on the upper doors.

To select the right paint ideas for kitchen cupboards, remember that not all cupboards materials are excellent entrants for painting, but with the correct apparatus and suitable appliance almost any kitchen can receive a paint alteration.

Using the precise paint for your assignment is imperative in making sure the strength of the painted finish.

Subsequent to prepping your plane apply primer to the frame and doors.

Primer will help the paint stick on better and devoid of it the paint is more possible to flake or wear off.

Check magazines, flooring, countertops or accent tiles for your paint ideas for kitchen cupboards.

Since paint is simple to modify there’s no grounds to be timid when deciding a color.

Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Painting wood kitchen cabinets ideas can be created by seeing some examples on a home improvement websites, you can simply type it on Google that you currently searching for kitchen cabinet improving, replacing, or renovating tips and trick.

The search engine usually will lead you to the right web.

There are many interesting ways to create painting wood kitchen cabinets ideas; it can be based on what you like, you can even put your personality on your kitchen design if you want to.

The most common way to get ideas for painting or kitchen  renovation is by playing with theme.

You can set the whole new theme for your kitchen or adjust the existing theme; the last option often considered as the easiest and most inexpensive way.

If your house designed with the vintage theme, then you only have to painting your kitchen cabinet with pastel colors; for vintage design, the cabinet usually painted with off white.

Or if you set your house with modern contemporary design which focusing on simple, cold atmosphere, you can choose black as your color of kitchen cabinet.

Color your kitchen cabinet with green, white, or deep yellow to create retro look.

Plain white will goes to modern, vintage, or modern contemporary kitchen designs.

Painting wood kitchen cabinets ideas can be obtain elsewhere.

Wood kitchen cabinet, like oak cabinets however, already shows elegance and prestige without have to cover by new colors.

You can simply apply the glossy paint that will enhance the beauty of wooden kitchen cabinet.

Usually the color of wooden cabinet can suit most of themes or other colors applied in one area.

Painting them on function to underline the theme you intend to appear on your kitchen.

What most important is that painting wood kitchen cabinet ideas need to well adapted with the rest of the home design, especially the kitchen and dining room designs.

Painting wood kitchen cabinet ideas also is not all about the colors combination and themes.

Painting your kitchen cabinet also talks about the technical part includes the steps of repainting the kitchen cabinets.

The steps consist of; removing the kitchen cabinet parts, cleaning the cabinet doors and the parts, applying the primer and the paint, painting the cabinet base, and removing all the excess pigment from the cabinet surface.

When improving the kitchen cabinet, you should consider the theme, color combinations, and technical parts.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas Pictures

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Painting kitchen cabinet ideas can be various.

It is depend so much on one’s preference, budget available, and its importance.

Even so, most of people agree that do your own kitchen painting project will be bring more advantages, besides giving you new knowledge about kitchen remodel, and budgeting the kitchen project, painting or remodel your kitchen by your own is cost effective.

Below I give you brief and tips of do it yourself kitchen cabinet painting projects.

Before you start to develop your painting kitchen cabinet ideas project, you should firstly choose the colors.

Most of kitchen styles are built with certain color palettes combinations.

It would be wise to use the same color scheme like your old cabinet colors, and you can add supporting colors to create the style or atmosphere you intend to give to your kitchen.

There are plenty colors available that you can use, even if you intend to change your kitchen cabinet styles.

To ease you in choosing colors, you can divide colors into two categories; warm colors and cool colors.

The use of warm colors can create huge differences than if you applied cool colors to your kitchen.

Warm colors are energizing, comforting, and welcoming.

Meanwhile cool colors bring quite different comfort, it is more ambiances, relaxing, and calming.

Anyway, if you intend to give eclectic look, you can choose to use gradient colors.

For example you choose three types of green colors and applied them all in your cabinet.

After you decide what style and colors you will choose to paint your kitchen cabinet, go to the home buildings appliances store and purchase the color samples you need for your kitchen cabinet.

This step is important because colors can look quite different depend on the light intensity.

Buying the sample give you chance to get better perspective about what the colors are going to look like in your kitchen.

Develop your own painting kitchen cabinet ideas should be something fun that is not worth to fail.

If you intend to ease your effort in developing your painting kitchen cabinet ideas and want to apply your new skill immediately, you can simply choose white.

It is natural; it can make your kitchen look larger and cleaner, it can match any color and style, and white is always in style.

You will also free to combine it with any types of material use in your kitchen.

Choose white, forget about choosing color techniques and start your new home project.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Painting kitchen cabinets black usually identified that you have modern contemporary kitchen design.

Black kitchen cabinets also indicate that you love simple maintenance and elegant home design.

The maintenance of black kitchen cabinets is relatively simpler than any other colored kitchen cabinets.

Black minimizing the visibility of the stain that may be attached to the cabinet door as well as disguising the worn; however, the black color on the cabinet door can increase the possibility for the scratch to be seen.

The key is by applied the glossy base to protect the surface.

Black kitchen cabinets always look more sophisticated and elegant.

This is also considered as the smart way to get modern look without have to spend more money.

In case you have old kitchen cabinetry which you intend to renovate, black is the right color to upgrade its value in a maximum rate.

Painting kitchen cabinet black also creates the cold atmosphere.

So, you have to be careful to find the combination of this color.

Remember that cabinet will dominate the area, so you better know well what you need to do to make your kitchen match your preference.

There are some instructions to paint your kitchen cabinet with black.

The instruction of painting kitchen cabinet black may be the same with the general kitchen cabinet improvement.

First is removing all the hardware parts of your kitchen cabinet.

There is a possibility you need to take them out of your kitchen.

Then prepare the working area before removing the parts is important.

Wipe and clean the whole surfaces of the kitchen cabinet items.

Clean it with ammonia and warm water to remove or reduce the grease, then pain it with the light sanding.

After that, prime the surfaces with brush.

You can make two or three coats to complete the black color and the coverage of the cabinet surfaces.

To prevent the paint peeling off, razor the edge of the cabinet against the paint.

After the paint completely dry, hang all the items back to the hinge.

That’s how instruction of painting kitchen cabinet black.

It should be ease you on doing any kitchen renovation.

Consider the combination of the color use in the kitchen decoration, when you decide to choose black as your color of kitchen cabinet.

The adjustment of furniture will create the best result, even though black usually can match with any color.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas

Kitchen cabinets paint colors and what you should do with them

If you are looking up kitchen cabinets paint colors you will first need to identify whether you have to change the color of your kitchen or whether you are planning to remodel in such a way that the kitchen will be overhauled.

The color of the kitchen cabinet is an important consideration indeed and this would mean that your kitchen looks beautiful and better.

The kitchen is a space that is usually overlooked when it comes to home décor because of the notion that it is a practical space – where work is done.

Therefore, it is not necessary to even decorate the kitchen in the least, it just needs to be well organized and carefully set up so that everything that is needed is at hand.

However, with the progress in interior décor concepts over the years, this notion has changed and rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom are also decorated in the best way possible.

This means that accessories, paint and furniture for the kitchen is now bought with a keen eye to detail and this is why kitchen cabinets paint colors are so important to be researched carefully.

Usually, kitchen cabinets are painted in a rich and dark varnish which allows them to contrast and complement any kind of kitchen wall color.

However, new ideas of interior décor ideas mean that they can be painted in any color possible since the kitchen walls are no longer restricted to white, beige, cream or light neutral shades.

Depending on the size of the kitchen, you should choose the kitchen cabinets paint colors.

If your kitchen is a small one then you can consider painting it in beautiful and different pastel shades.

Such as mauve, periwinkle, powder blue, mustard yellow, lemon green etc.

These colors will make your kitchen look larger and airy and give it a much needed sense of space.

Then you can match your kitchen cabinet color to the paint color on your walls.

If you have chosen to paint your walls in neutral and yet happy shades like the ones mentioned then you can choose kitchen cabinets paint colors in similar shades.

White is a favorite when it comes to kitchen cabinets, as is egg shell.

If you want to be adventurous choose pink, purple or even red as kitchen cabinets paint colors.

If you have a kitchen that is large you can choose to paint it in brighter colors and then to be safe, stick to kitchen cabinets paint colors that are more traditional.

For example, if you paint a kitchen a dark blue or a red, or even orange or bright yellow.

Dark wood polish would look best on the kitchen cabinets.

Traditional kitchen cabinets paint colors  have always been partial to dark varnishes like cherry red, dark brown or left it at the natural color.

Look up pictures online when you want inspiration for kitchen cabinets paint colors so that you are able to get an idea of the colors which are trending now.
Kitchen color schemes with white cabinets are the best ideas for contemporary kitchens because they add a pop of color to an otherwise drab surrounding.

Kitchens should always be done up in the best way possible so that there is a pretty, elegant and appealing environment for people to work in.

Earlier, it was not considered proper or required for the kitchen to be given any kind of décor where the interior was concerned.

Yes, there is a keen urge to ensure that the kitchen was kept properly and well organized as well as neat and clean.

kitchen color schemes with white cabinets1

Kitchen color schemes with white cabinets

However, with changing perspectives of home décor it so came about that even the kitchen was  given a makeover so that it looked as good as the rest of the house.

Thus colors began to be incorporated into the kitchen, where there was no room earlier for any kind of paint, accessories or décor whatsoever.

Kitchen color schemes with white cabinets is a great concept to think about when one wants to make the kitchen look bright and appealing.

In this day and age there are many trends that involve painting the kitchen with bright colors.

kitchen color schemes with white cabinets2

Red, blue, green, orange – all the seven colors of the rainbow are now being incorporated into the kitchen décor and this makes the kitchen a very different place to be indeed.

White cabinets make the kitchen look large and spacious and the bright colors that the rest of the kitchen is done up in will make the kitchen look colorful and extremely pretty.

Thus, kitchen color schemes with white cabinets make the most sense when it comes to kitchen décor because of the contrast that it provides.

Check out the internet for inspiration on how to use kitchen color schemes with white cabinets so that you can get inspired about the design element for your kitchen.

Red is a favorite color for the kitchen and this will go very well where kitchen color schemes with white cabinets are concerned.

If you have white cabinets in your kitchen then it is best to paint your kitchen walls in bright shades of yellow, red or orange.

Some people are partial to green as well.

kitchen color schemes with white cabinets3

Though, if you have a small kitchen, you can use white for the rest of it as well, not just the walls, so that it gives your kitchen enough space, or rather the effect of space.

White kitchens are the best design options for small ones so that they look larger.

Another great way to jazz up your kitchen designs is to ensure that the kitchen color schemes with white cabinets are two in number.

Which means that you choose two contrasting colors for the kitchen.

For instance, a lighter shade of yellow and a more burnished shade can be coordinated for the kitchen with white cabinets.

Different shades of the same color can be used for the rest of the walls and accessories as well as kitchen window treatments for a better effect.

Check out pictures on the internet for more info.

Wide Choice Available For Kitchen Paint Colors With Maple Cabinets

There are many options for kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets because the rich and dark color palette of maple wood allow the home owners and interior decorators to be flexible where paint colors for the kitchen are concerned.

Maple has a beautiful and rich brown sheen and it is a very popular choice where wood is concerned for kitchen cabinets.

This is because the wood is not only a beautiful wood to begin with, it is also extremely hardy and durable and thus is a very good choice for all the furniture in the home, especially the kitchen.

Where kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets are concerned, there are many options available and thus, interior décor where the kitchen is concerned, is not a problem if you have installed maple cabinets.

Kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets are not one dimensional at all.

One would think that the colors that go with a dark color like maple wood would be rather restricted in choices, however, that is not so.

You must have a look at all the available colors that will look good in a kitchen that has maple cabinets.

Or any other dark wood cabinets to get an idea of how beautiful the kitchen can look.

Kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets can be as flamboyant as dark red or as simple as a luscious cream.

The kitchen will surely look like a million bucks when these combinations are set up.

Till a few years ago, the kitchen was not really given much importance when it came to interior décor because the popular notion considered it to be a room for practical usage only.

The kitchen was meant to be a space where people ate or cooked food, not a room where people spent an inordinate amount of free time.

Hence it was not really considered to be a room that needed decoration,

Thus was organized and kept in a very neat manner indeed.

However, with more focus on interior décor these days, there was a shift in ideologies concerning the kitchen décor and colors, cabinets, kitchen furniture and accessories began to get the attention they deserved.

Kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets is just one end of the spectrum where kitchen design is concerned, simply because there are now a lot of different ideas and inspirations for the kitchen.

Maple wood has a beautiful sheen and a natural grain that is extremely pretty and elegant without needing extra varnish or polish and this tone goes very well with colors such as dark red, burgundy, yellow and orange.

You can also go for the lighter colors like white, cream, off white, beige and pastel yellows as choices for kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets.

Kitchen paint does not have to be boring in the least and kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets are a wide variety to choose from.

Go online and have a look at the various brochures available on sites dedicated to home and kitchen décor for ideas.

Choosing the best paint colors for kitchen is easy

The best paint colors for kitchen are the kind that make your kitchen look large and spacious even if it is a small space, and which gives it an aura of appeal, an elegance and a sophistication that makes working in the kitchen a pleasant task.

The kitchen was often thought of as a space that was used for a purely practical purpose – that of making food.

And thus, this space  was not really given  much importance when it came to décor.

It was enough – or so the home makers and interior decorators thought – that the kitchen space be kept nice and neat and well organized so that items could be found easily while cooking meals.

It was much later in the day that doing up the kitchen in an interesting manner in a way that made kitchen look beautiful and appealing came into being.

With this transformation of concepts came another significant change in interior décor – the use of colors other than white, grey, cream and pastels.

As the years progressed, not only did the kitchen get a lot of attention where interior décor was concerned, it also was given a wide variety of the best paint colors for kitchen to choose from.

Muted shades and pastels still got a fair bit of attention, given that they are the most popular in the list of best paint colors for kitchen.

This is because these colors might not offer a lot of versatility by themselves, they definitely allow the rest of the décor to be chosen accordingly.

For instance, if your kitchen is done up in what you consider the best paint colors for kitchen and they happen to be predominantly cream, then you do not have to  worry about painting your cabinets a bright red, or leaving them as is, because both colors and hues will go with your cream walls.

For a small kitchen, the best paint colors for kitchen would be in fact, creams and whites or light yellows.

This will make the kitchen look like a larger space.

Darker colors like red and blue will make the space shrink which will in turn make the kitchen look rather dingy – especially in the absence of natural light.

Choose pretty colored upholstery and window treatments to complement the best paint colors for kitchen.

Have a look at the online sites which talk of kitchen décor and see what they have to offer in terms of inspiration.

You can get an idea of the different colors that are gaining in popularity.

Bright colors like fuchsia, carnelian, magenta and turquoise are being used by themselves or in combination with other beautiful colors to give the kitchen a very interesting look.

Everyone’s tastes will vary of course, and the best paint colors for kitchen according to you might not be the best according to someone else so be canny while choosing.

What looks great on a brochure or a photo on a website might not suit your kitchen décor at all and you might be left with something you don’t like.

Warm kitchen paint colors are a worthy choice for your kitchen décor

Warm kitchen paint colors are extremely beautiful options when you want to make the most of your kitchen décor.

Warm colors make the kitchen look inviting and appealing and transforms the way it looks.

From a utilitarian space for cooking meals for the family, it is turned into a fun and beautiful space for those at home to enjoy the task of making food.

The kitchen was long considered to be a room in the house that was to be used for clearly functional, practical and utilitarian purposes.

That is why, when it came to décor as such, not much attention was paid to the kitchen.

This was the scenario for bathroom décor as well.

When it came to these two rooms, since the usage was rather practical, there was no décor element looked into when it came to them.

However, with modern ways of thinking and  an evolution of thought processes when it came to interior décor, the kitchen was given a lot of attention – as it deserved – as was the bathroom.

When it came to décor, new paint schemes, furniture, design and accessories were considered and among them, warm kitchen paint colors took center stage.

Warm kitchen paint colors do a lot for the way the kitchen looks and feels because there is so much love in the colors that are used.

The kitchen becomes a warm and vibrant place, one that can be an enjoyable room to be in.

A pretty and elegant kitchen is of course, a dream for any home owner – especially for those who cook regularly.

A pretty kitchen, with the walls painted in warm kitchen paint colors is an even more appealing idea.

The colors that are taking center stage are warm red, orange, yellow, saffron, magenta, ochre and such like.

Earthy colors are also not being left out  – greens and browns are definitely making a comeback where colors for the kitchen are concerned.

These primary colors are often combined with lighter and more muted shades like white, cream and light yellow.

But the different hues that are available for these colors are also quite beautiful.

Thanks to the advent of new shades, there are so many hues and shades available for the kitchen where warm kitchen paint colors are concerned.

If you want to instantly amp up the way a kitchen looks then you will have to make sure that the walls are painted in a beautiful manner.

Nothing can make a room look as shabby as walls which have chipped and peeling paint.

Thus, it would be a good call to paint your kitchen with warm kitchen paint colors and make sure that the peeled and chipped paint is replaced.

Also, when choosing warm kitchen paint colors ensure that you are choosing colors from a good company because you will want your investment to bear fruit in the long run.

You would not want to spend a bomb on the colors for your kitchen only to see that the paint is cracking and peeling eventually – and soon!
White cabinets seem to be the favorite lately and we have the Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with White Cabinets.

As the focal point of a kitchen, they give out the clean and bright kitchen sense.

Some people combine white cabinets with white appliances and some daringly combine it with bolder colored appliances.

Nothing is wrong in the world of design, since your kitchen is yours to use alone, you do not need to confuse on how to make it right.

If white cabinets are your choice of appliances, you can use these tips on kitchen paint color ideas with white cabinets.

Best Kitchen Paint Color with White Cabinets

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with White Cabinets

White cabinets already brighten up the kitchen and give its spacious effect it deserves.

If you like brighter and cleaner kitchen look, you can combine your white cabinets with white walls too.

White wall will blend your kitchen sweetly and it will give you the impression of clean and crisp kitchen.

However, if you want to make it less bright, you can tone down the brightness by adding darker colored countertops and backsplash.

In fact, granite or marble countertop with natural stone backsplash will look stunning for your kitchen paint color ideas with white cabinets.

Kitchen Paint Color with White Cabinets

Tone down the brightness of your kitchen paint color ideas with white cabinets by applying darker colored wall paint.

Pastel colors such as crème, washed out white, pale blue, pale green, grey, pale lavender are sweet combinations for your white cabinets.

Darker shade colors in pastel colors will give the softness in your kitchen without making it monotonous with one single color theme.

Adding different colors to your wall will accentuate the white cabinets and it will bring out your cabinets’ models to the surface.

If you apply similar white cabinets, the cabinets will be out shunned by the wall color and invisible to the eyes.

Good Kitchen Paint Color with White Cabinets

If you want to try a more daring experience with your kitchen paint color ideas with white cabinets, you can always try to apply daring colors such as bright lime green, dark blue or dark lavender.

Those colors will give contrast to the kitchen and it will give your kitchen a daring look which will attract anyone who sees it.

Combination of white kitchen cabinets and daring colors will accentuate the edges of each appliance and give attractive and unique impression in your kitchen.

It will cheer the kitchen up without making it depressing with the darker wall color.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with White Cabinets

Adding pattern and murals on your wall can be your options for your kitchen paint color ideas with white cabinets but choose the right position of it.

You can start to open some magazines and browse for some more ideas on the net for your references.

Choosing Kitchen Wall Colors with White Cabinets

Kitchen wall colors with white cabinets should be planned carefully so that the kitchen is given due credit when it comes to interior décor.

While it is true that kitchens need to be well organized and thus the need for cabinets, it is also true that the kitchen needs to be well decorated, in this day and age.

A house that is well decorated cannot have a kitchen that is not done up well and this is why even items of furniture in the kitchen that serve a functional purpose such as cabinets need to be done up in a manner that is extremely pretty and decorative.

If you have white cabinets in your kitchen then you can paint the walls different colors to make the white pop out in brilliant contrast.

With different colors being the norm when it comes to modern interior décor, there is great opportunity for one to make the most of the color scheme.

Pick a bright color like red, yellow or orange and even blue or purple for the kitchen and contrast it with white cabinets.

Kitchen wall colors with white cabinets are a new fad now and there are a lot of inspirational pictures online which you can get ideas from.

Bright colors and white cabinets or muted shades with white cabinets, take whatever is your pick.

You can even jazz up your kitchen wall colors with white cabinets having shelves in beautiful colors.

Some people tend to paint the shelves inside the kitchen cabinets different colors to give it a beautiful arty look.

If you want to paint white cabinets then you should first strip the cabinets of all its hardware – the doors, knobs, screws etc. so that you are able to get an even coat of paint all over the surface.

Scrub the surface of the old cabinets well and let it dry before painting it with white paint.

Use the correct brush else large unsightly streaks might be left on the surface.

You can get info on the different kinds of brushes that are available in the market for this purpose.

There are many different guidelines and tutorials available on the internet if you want to paint your kitchen.

Then you can paint the colors in your kitchen accordingly.

The great thing about kitchen wall colors with white cabinets is that you can mix and match colors and choose whatever colors suit your fancy – and you can also change color schemes when you wish.

Check out kitchen wall colors with white cabinets online.

You can even have a look at wall art, wall decals and wall paper to go with your snazzy new colors and it will be a good idea for home owners to make their kitchen a bright and sunny place.

It will thus be that much more simple and appealing a place to cook daily meals in.

Kitchen wall colors with white cabinets are the best ever and this should be on your to-do list if it is not already.

Choosing Green Paint Colors for Kitchen Striking Beautiful Decor

Green paint colors for kitchen will be instrumental in making the kitchen look beautiful and interesting, given that green is a striking color and can make the entire room light up if used correctly.

The kitchen was usually a room that was left out of the purview of interior décor and design as such, given that the kitchen was considered a practical and utilitarian space.

It was enough to keep the kitchen well organized and this was the norm for a great number of years till interior décor took an interesting twist and decided to include the kitchen in its purview as well.

Go online and have a look at all the pictures and guidelines that are available for green colors for kitchen to be blown away by the variety of options available.

What is interesting is that colors like green, blue, red and other bright shades were not considered to be fit for the kitchen or the dining space.

There was some logic about green paint colors for the kitchen and the dining room being unfit for the space because these colors negatively influenced the appetite of the diners.

There might have been some truth to this logic because if these colors were not used in a proper manner, they might have made the rooms look stodgy, dark and dingy.

Therefore, there was a problem when it came to eating in such unappealing and unattractive rooms, which might have had an adverse effect on the way the meal went and the appetite of the diners.

Think about it  – if a restaurant décor is not appealing, you will not feel like eating in it.

However, this logic has undergone a sea change and green paint colors for kitchen are a naturally occurring phenomena in most houses, given that this is a popular choice of color.

Green can come in many hues – and it is not necessary that only one variety should be used.

If you want you can choose a number of green shades to make a difference to the kitchen walls.

Combine light green and dark green as well as white to make the kitchen walls pop with color.

Lime green and neon green are shades which look beautiful in a kitchen, especially if introduced as a mere accent, letting whites and cream do the talking otherwise. you can choose to have a feature wall in the kitchen which features the color green.

You can experiment with green decals or green wall stencils on a white wall, or simply go for a combination of different greens in a marked pattern on the wall .

The choice is yours.

When you do up your kitchen with green paint colors for kitchen you can choose kitchen window treatments that will suit the color and the shades used and complement and enhance it in a beautiful manner.

Check out photos online for inspiration or ask a paint company to send over a representative.

Green paint colors for kitchen are very popular right now so cash in on the trend.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets is indeed beautiful and has its own beauty.

Having it in our kitchen will be one kind of luxury by itself.

If you happen to have oak cabinets as one of your choice of appliances, you might want to mix and match it with the right kitchen paint to make a perfect kitchen design.

Oak kitchen cabinets is beautiful in its own natural color, so sometimes it is hard for some people to choose the right paint color to go with it.

If you have the same problem, here are some kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets for your references.

Best Kitchen Paint Color with Oak Cabinets

Pale and pastel colors such as crème, green, yellow, orange or terracotta will go perfectly well for your kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets.

If you choose to have brighter oak as your cabinets’ option, try to incorporate the look with darker shade of paint colored appliances.

It will bring out the edges of your oak cabinets through the contrasts.

If you opt for darker kitchen cabinets, you can choose lighter shades for your kitchen paint.

Lighter colored wall will bring out the needed brightness in your kitchen and give you a spacious effect.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets

Take a look at your kitchen and the model that you want.

If you have smaller kitchen size and you want to make it into a classical style kitchen, you can paint your wall in pale washed out colors such as washed out yellow, green, brown, crème or even lavender or orange.

Remember to avoid bolder color for your kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets since it will cover your oak cabinets color.

Combine your pale colored walls with terracotta or natural stone or tiles backsplash and granite countertop to bring out your oak cabinets natural color.

Kitchen Paint Color with Dark Oak Cabinets

If you want to set your oak cabinets up with a modern looking kitchen, you can choose bolder colors such as dark grey, white, or other bolder color for your kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets.

Remember to keep the formula of brighter for smaller kitchen and darker for bigger kitchen.

Choose to incorporate your oak kitchen cabinets with contrasting colors to bring out the sharp edges of your cabinets and to get the pristine sleek characteristics of modern kitchen design.

Apply some lining of white or grey to accentuate the corners and edges more on your kitchen walls.

Kitchen Paint Color with Light Oak Cabinets

Remember to take a sample of your cabinets and place it nearby the available kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets color to see how it looks lie when you apply it on your wall.

Make sure that you make your oak cabinets stand out.

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Kitchen paint colors with Oak Cabinets

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets are not very difficult to choose, given that oak cabinets have a beautiful and natural shine to them, which goes very well with all kinds of colors without a problem.

Oak is a beautiful wood and it has a natural regal bearing which anyway adds to the interior décor.

Oak wood has a beautiful and solid wooden shine, which can be further enhanced by a deep and intense polish.

The rich and heavy color is best brought out by using cream, white and other such contrasting shades.

However, modern kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets include red, green, orange and other such different and interesting shades.

The kitchen depended on the cabinets for interior décor purposes anyway.

Since the bright shine of the oak cabinets was usually all that was there when it came to kitchen décor.

Given that the kitchen was only used for practical purposes it was not really given much importance when it came to interior décor.

Thankfully that kind of thinking has changed and now, with kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets.

There are so many things that can be done with the kitchen to make it look very bright and appealing to those who are working in it.

This will also affect the quality of the food that comes out of the kitchen so all in all, it is a win-win situation!

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets do not need a lot of thought, so it is alright if you choose the usual whites or creams.

However, if you want to be a little more adventurous then it is a good idea to do a bit of research before choosing any colors for kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets.

Red is a very good color to work with when you are looking at kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets.

Red will bring out the natural beauty of the oak wood and make it look spectacular.

It would be a good idea to choose metallic or earthy kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets as well.

Emerald green, a metallic gold, a dark copper, earthy orange etc. is a good idea for a kitchen that is large and has large polished cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets should be smooth sliding ones which complement the neatness of the kitchen décor.

You can easily go online and have a look at all the various pictures available for kitchen cabinets to get an idea of what kind of kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets you are to be looking for.

You can experiment with colors or you can stick to the safe variety, the choice is yours.

Be sure to accessorize the various colors with proper window treatments and other kitchen accessories like a back splash, recycled glass counter top and such like.

Table cloths and crockery also contribute to the look of the kitchen, for sure.

Online photo guides and tutorials will give you a fair idea of how to go about the décor of a kitchen and you can also choose to paint the oak cabinets different colors for a twist in the interior décor.

For example, white kitchen cabinets are quite a popular deal.

Choose country kitchen paint colors for your kitchen

Choosing country kitchen paint colors are the best possible way to make sure that the kitchen looks beautiful, elegant and chic.

Just because a kitchen is a space that needs to be well organized so that its practical value can be used perfectly, that does not mean that the kitchen should be left out of the décor aspect of the interiors of a house.

This was unfortunately the case a few years ago, and still is, in some houses.

Since the kitchen, and the bathroom as well, were both considered to be rooms that were solely for practical and utilitarian usage in the house.

It was thought that there was no need for making these two rooms look pretty by decorating them.

That, however, is not the way to go about doing up an entire house for think about it.

If your living rooms and bedrooms look beautiful, why should two key rooms of the house be left looking dull.

Thankfully, notions of home décor have changed significantly since the last few decades and now, the kitchen and the bathroom are given as much importance with regard to home décor, as the rest of the rooms in the house.

Now, one can even choose themes for the kitchen and bathroom décor in the house.

As far as the kitchen goes, if you want a pretty blend of elegance and kitsch then it is suggested you go for a country theme with country kitchen paint colors, country themed accessories and country style décor and furniture.

This will surely amp the look of your kitchen, make it seem traditional and beautiful as well as modern and classy in one fell swoop.

Country style kitchens are all about looking very homely and extremely beautiful and this would mean that the country kitchen paint colors would add a lot of color and depth to the kitchen.

The popular shades in the country kitchen paint colors palette

would be reds, greens, oranges, yellow and so on.

Bright colors, earthy hues and different combinations of the two would rule.

Light pink and rose patterned wall papers would also be very welcome in a country style kitchen and the cabinetry and furniture will probably be a warm shade of natural wood colors as well. Country kitchen paint colors can be combined with the usual muted shades as well.

Given that the kitchen might well be already painted in a certain shade, be it white, cream or off-white.

Then it is a matter of merely painting two out of the four walls to make the kitchen look beautiful.

Country kitchen paint colors might also look great with motifs in the form of wall decals and stencils thrown in because this would make the walls look beautiful and elegant like no other.

Roosters, fruit, roses and such like motifs go well with country kitchen paint colors and you can also have posters or paintings of the same put up on the wall in strategic locations.

Make your kitchen look elegant with country kitchen paint colors.

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets – Having oak kitchen cabinets in your kitchen is a luxury in its own.

It is highly durable and hard although you need extra care if you let it bare without paint or furnish to protect it.

Natural colored oak is much better since you can bring out the natural pattern of the wood as the complementary element for your classic kitchen design.

But if you want to cover it with paint which will make it easier for you to clean and blend it with your kitchen’s style, you probably need these tips on painted oak kitchen cabinets.

Pictures of Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets can be painted in any colors you want as long as it goes with your kitchen’s theme and style.

That is why selecting the best color for your painted oak kitchen cabinets comes as the first priority.

Consider the size, style and circumstances.

Your kitchen’s size determines the brightness of your oak cabinets.

The smaller the kitchen is the brighter color needed to brighten up the kitchen and make it seems bigger.

Your modern kitchen will look outstanding with black, white or grey oak cabinets while your traditional kitchen will go well with more natural color.

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

You have to be careful with painted oak kitchen cabinets since you need to sand the painted area only.

Strip off the doors and its hinges as well as knobs.

Use special cleaner to remove grease and wait until it dries completely.

Start sanding them carefully since as not to destroy the patterned surface of your oak cabinets.

Use fine-grain sandpaper for a softer sanding on the edges of it or decorative moldings.

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets White

To get the best result with a smooth surface for your cabinets, use sprayer to apply the primer.

It will prevent uneven levels and make sure that you do not leave any brush marks on your painted oak kitchen cabinets.

Cover the surrounding area with paper to keep it from being sprayed.

Remember that oak has a strong natural pattern.

Apply one coat of primer only to keep the natural color shows through but if you want the pattern to be invisible, you maybe need two coats of primers.

Do the painting per each coat with a little sanding in between each coating.

The way you paint them depends on the result of painted oak kitchen cabinets that you want.

For natural brush marks paint them with brush and spray the paint for smoother result.

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

Choose whatever paint suits you the best but remember to let them dry before applying the next coat.

That is why oil based paint needs more time to dry. Browse for more painted oak kitchen cabinets for better result.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Painted White

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Painted White – Some people feel reluctant to paint their oak kitchen cabinets since they prefer the natural wood color of it.

However, some people tend to choose painting them in whatever color they want to accommodate the kind of kitchen style they want or just to refresh their kitchen’s look.

If your kitchen is small and you want to update it to a bigger looking kitchen, painting your cabinets white can be an option.

White is a neutral color and goes with any kinds of color and designs.

If you do not know how to do make your oak kitchen cabinets painted white, here are some tips for you.

Sand the painted area of your oak kitchen cabinets painted white only.

Take off the hinges, knobs doors and other accessories.

To make sure that the surface is clean, you can use special cleaner to remove grease.

After it desiccated entirely, start sanding them cautiously so you will not wipe out the patterned exterior of your oak cabinets.

Do not use rough sand paper for the edges or decorative moldings of your cabinets.

Make use of fine-grain sandpaper instead to get a softer sanding.

Apply the primer with sprayer to obtain the finest outcome with a soft shell for your oak kitchen cabinets painted white.

It will avoid jagged planes and make sure that you do not leave any brush marks on your kitchen cabinets.

Remember to cover up the surrounding area with paper when you use sprayer to paint the outside of cabinets to keep other areas from being sprayed.

Keep in mind that oak has a strong natural pattern.

To maintain the natural color shows through, deposit one coat of primer only.

However, if you desire the outline to be indistinguishable, you perhaps require two coats of primers.

When your primer dries, you can start your painting.

When you are painting your oak kitchen cabinets painted white remember to paint them per coat.

Wait until one coat dries and then apply the next one.

The way you paint them depends on the result of kitchen cabinets that you want.

If you want more natural looking cabinets with some personalities, you can paint them with brush which will show patterns of oak wood and brush.

However, if you want a smoother result with sleek glossy finish, you better use sprayer to paint your cabinets.

It will give you spotless and silky smooth surface on your oak kitchen cabinets painted white.

When choosing the right paint, do not hesitate to check on some ideas and advice for oak kitchen cabinets painted white from professionals on the net or in the paint store for references.

How to Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your old kitchen cabinets seems difficult for most people.

If you can ask professionals to do it for you then it will be much simpler, but sometimes it is hard for you to tell them what you really want them to do for your cabinets.

If you want to make your own cabinets which are different from others, why don’t you try to paint them your self and give some personalities to your cabinets?

The tricks are easy to do when you know the steps.

Here are some tips on how to paint old kitchen cabinets for you.

For some people, striping off your cabinets is too complicated to do.

It depends on the need.

If you only need to paint the outside of your cabinets, you can start the painting process without striping them off.

However, if you want to paint the inside of your cabinets too, you better strip off your cabinets’ door.

Take out all of the things inside and start to sand them.

This is the first in how to paint old kitchen cabinets tricks.

The next process in how to paint old kitchen cabinets is sanding.

Make sure that you use sandpaper for woods since they have different roughness.

Sand the entire surface that you want to paint thoroughly to get a smooth result.

However, if you want to add some personalities to your cabinets, paint them without sanding to give out the rough pattern of the wood on the painting.

Remember that in doing so, you should choose the right paint which adheres perfectly without sanding.

Check the label when you buy it in the store and ask for the professionals there.

Start to do the next step in how to paint old kitchen cabinets.

Apply the primer after sanding it to make sure that the paint adheres perfectly and to keep the wood safe.

Apply the primer thoroughly on the surface of your cabinets and do not miss any spot.

After the primer, start to paint the first coat thoroughly on the entire surface of your cabinets.

Wait until it dries according to the label instructions and then followed by the next coating.

Use as many coatings as you like until you get the perfect color but the normal one is around 2-4 coatings.

Paint it in one direction, usually vertically or whatever you want if you want to give some personalities to your cabinets.

Final steps on how to paint old kitchen cabinets is starting to apply the finish after the paint dry.

Its function is to protect your cabinets from weather and dirt.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

Do it yourself kitchen renovation is the last effort that you can do in renovating your kitchen without wasting money for professionals to do it for you.

Nowadays there are lots of tricks and tips for renovating kitchen in do it yourself style, however, repainting your cabinets might need some tricks.

Sanding them before painting them seems to be quite troublesome for some people.

Here are some alternatives in repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding.

Repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding requires a place with good ventilation to avoid the paint’s smell.

If you feel troubled by stripping your cabinets, you certainly don’t have to strip them, but do give them a good cleaning first (with TSP or something equally strong).

Kitchen cabinets invariably get covered with dirt and grease, and paint won’t adhere well to dirt or grease.

Despite that there is a great new product called Cabinet Transformation made by Rust-Oleum which works great and is super easy to use in many different colors and there is no sanding involved at all, the key for repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding is definitely the primer.

Pay attention on the label on the can before buying it.

Make sure that they bond well and adhere to glossy surfaces.

Do not use dry wall primer or your paint will just scratch off.

You can apply the primer with whatever brushes you want but remember to do the painting in one direction for the smoothness effect.

But if you like random patterned style, you can just dab them as you like.

Repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding needs patience.

Wait until the primer gets dry, check the label for reference.

Make sure that it well dry before applying the next one to prevent wrinkles and crackles on your paint.

Rinse brushes with alcohol-based primer with denatured alcohol and mineral spirits.

Next is the paint option for repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding.

A large amount of alcohol and alkyd primers can be coated with latex paints, though you can stick it with an oil-based paint for an added long-lasting finish.

Use two coats of paint for absolute, level coverage.

Tag along the direction of the wood particle.

Let the furniture to parch between coats of paint.

Make use of a soft brush to reduce brushstrokes.

Wash down brushes and substitute the hardware on the furniture after it dries to evade scratching the fragile, newly painted exterior.

Repainting kitchen cabinets without sanding requires you to paint as you like, for a more personal patterned style, try to be creative with dabs and uneven brushes to get a unique kitchen.

Pounce the paint to generate patterns.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry Cabinets are expensive for their own reasons.

It gives you the luxurious gleams and elegance through its bold pattern and color.

Some factories have been trying to make a copy of cherry wood pattern on their regular wood or stainless cabinet’s models.

However, the beauty of the real cherry cabinets is still unbeatable.

If you want to have cherry cabinets in your kitchen, you might want to check up on these kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets for your references.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors with cherry cabinets
Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets

Warm earth tone color such as brighter brown and terracotta color is perfect to go with your cherry color cabinets since the will bring out the warmth of classical European village.

Washed out colors in crème and white with dark red cherry paint of your kitchen not contrasts each other.

Earthy colors like light brown or light terracotta is perfect kitchen paint colors with cherry colored cabinets for your classic kitchen and bring out the memory of Mediterranean Tuscan cottages.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Natural Cherry Cabinets
Kitchen Paint Colors with Natural Cherry Cabinets

The next best kitchen paint wall colors with cherry kitchen cabinets is yellow in warm and neutral tone.

Yellow looks great when it is paired with any kinds of natural wood stained cabinets since it brings out the gleam of the wood.

Yellow blends well without competing with the dominant colors especially brown, orange or red color.

Choose Tuscan yellow to get French style kitchen which will accentuate the rustic and elegant look of your cherry cabinets.

If you want to have a more modern looking kitchen, you can combine brighter yellow with darker cherry colored cabinets which will accentuate the edges and bring out the sleek and clean look of a modern kitchen.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets Pictures
Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets Pictures

Blue is another kitchen paint colors witch cherry cabinet’s option. Light blue or sky blue will be a perfect match for your cherry cabinet.

They also complement your darker colored cherry without out doing the originality of it.

Blue will also bring the light in to your kitchen in reverse with the darker atmosphere brought by your cherry kitchen cabinets.

Bolder or darker blue can also be combined with your lighter cherry cabinets.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets
Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets

White as the most neutral color is also one of the best kitchen paint colors witch cherry cabinets.

Choose bright white to complement the sparkle of your dark cherry cabinets if you have smaller kitchen.

Choose darker shade of white or light grey to go with your cherry to bring out the edges of your cherry kitchen cabinets.

Cherry cabinets, despite their bold and daring color, can be a perfect idea for your luxurious classy kitchen.

You need to find more references on kitchen paint colors with cherry kitchen cabinets for more combination if this article does not help much.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets for small and large kitchens

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets are a very interesting  way to spruce up the kitchen, in such a manner that the practicality of the space is not compromised and yet, it looks appealing and elegant.

Cabinets are a vital necessity to all the kitchens because they allow a simple way to store the daily items of use that all kitchens have.

It is very important that the kitchen be neat and tidy else it is quite difficult to work in it.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets for small and large kitchens

A kitchen must definitely be beautifully organized and since you must have enough space to work in else the dingy kitchen might definitely affect the food that you prepare.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets are a way to make the kitchen look pretty and lively as well being a practical room.

The kitchen has long been overshot as a room for interior décor because people tend to view it as a room that is only used for intensely practical uses and therefore there is no need for décor as such.

Thankfully this notion has changed largely and the kitchen is now being done up beautifully with furniture, paint and accessories.

When you have cabinets in the kitchen you can make them look beautiful by painting them in a certain way.

This would mean that you take the trouble of painting them in colors like white, eggshell, cherry etc. so that they glow with good health.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets are easy to choose because cherry is a color that will go with almost everything.

The most common colors for cherry cabinets are usually cream, white, beige and light colors and this is because these particular kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets go very well.

These colors will make the colors of the cabinets pop and the contrast will be very interesting and bright.

Good enough to make the kitchen look spectacularly bright and appealing.

Cherry paint needs to be well looked after though, so ensure that you polish your kitchen cabinets on a regular basis.

This way the paint will always be gleaming and bright and this will ensure that the scratches and inevitable wear and tear does not show.

If you want to choose different kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets then you should choose colors which complement the rich, cherry tone.

You can check out photographs online if you want inspiration on what colors will work best.

These being colors like red compliments a cherry cabinet very well though you might need to add some neutral tones to ensure that the colors do not overwhelm the space.

This is all the more important should you have a small kitchen.

Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets can be all kinds really, ranging from green to blue, yellow and even pink.

The cherry color is a very versatile and forgiving one and will allow the use and juxtaposition of almost all colors of the rainbow if you can use them properly without destroying the aesthetics of the space.

One should choose kitchen cabinet paint colors well

Kitchen cabinet paint colors should be researched carefully and methodically because they really add to the look and feel of the kitchen in a way that nothing else can.

Color is always a fabulous addition to any space inside the house because it makes the space lively and extremely beautiful and appealing.

Once you have decided to infuse your home with color, especially the kitchen, do not hesitate to go online and have a look at the various colorful cabinets on offer.

kitchen cabinet paint colors

There are plenty of different options where color combinations are concerned and staid and boring colors have all but been relegated to the back seat.

The focus is on bright and cheerful shades, even if it is for the purpose of painting the kitchen.

The kitchen often got the short end of the stick when it came to colors and interior décor.

Since it was considered to be a room that was used for purely practical purposes, it was not really considered fit for any kind of décor and thus, colors were out of the question when it came to decorating the kitchen.

However, kitchen cabinet paint colors are now gradually gaining in popularity, as are other ways of doing up the kitchen in a beautiful way.

Kitchen cabinets are practical items of furniture in the kitchen yes, however it is also true that they can be used in a very effective manner to make the kitchen look bright, appealing and homely.

There is no handbook that says that cabinets need to be only white or painted in a natural shade of brown, assuming they are made from wood.

By coloring them in different shades you will be adding a lot of elegance and creativity to the kitchen décor and just by doing this you can make the kitchen look beautiful.

If you do not want to go into a lot of hassle where kitchen décor is concerned you can just check out kitchen cabinet paint colors and color the cabinets.

Leave the rest of the kitchen as is, the colorful cabinets will be enough where interior décor for the kitchen is concerned. online websites will offer a lot of different options for inspiration.

There will be many sites so before you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets or decide on kitchen cabinet paint colors you can go online and have a look at the different brochures and site links.

You are sure to find some ideas there.

Kitchen cabinet paint colors need not be one dimensional, you can combine two different colors that contrast with each other or complement each other and use them.

For instance if you do not want a very bright look then you can choose pastels like pink, light orange  or light yellow.

Combine them with cream or white to make the kitchen space look bright.

Those who have large kitchens and are fearless about the usage of bright colors can go for bright red, purple, sea green, fuchsia and all the other shades and hues that catch the fancy.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Brown Cabinets

Your kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It is also a place for you to express your creativity and sense through its design and style.

Creating a stylish and beautiful kitchen will give you more homey feeling and inspire you when you do your daily activities preparing food for your family.

A way to make your kitchen more beautiful and stylish is by adjusting some of its kitchen furniture with the wall paint.

Adjusting brown cabinets can be a little tricky. Here are some tricks for kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets.

Choosing the right kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets should be easier since they can go with most natural warm mood colors available.

This type of cabinets gives off the feel of classic and classy.

Match it with the theme that you will use for your kitchen.

For Italian style kitchen ochre yellow, olive green, reds and oranges will be exquisite.

For classical country looking kitchen, the matching paint color which suit these cabinets are soft, natural colors such as: crème, plain washed colors of brick, light brown, washed out white etc.

In deciding the right kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets, you might want to consider about the light of your room.

If your room is windowless, small and dark, you can apply yellow for your paint.

It gives you warmth and light needed to make your kitchen seems cheerfully brighter.

Yellow can be combined with any colors since it is natural.

Brick red or brown which blend with the cabinets will be perfect too.

The combination of this kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets can generate lighter and brighter windowed kitchen.

It will create the bold sense of your kitchen and add the classy feel of it.

To add the beauty of it, combine the color and your cabinets with matching classical themed appliances such as tiled back splash or hard stone or granite counter top will be okay.

Varieties of blue can be perfect match as your kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets if you prefer the coastal look.

It will recall the beach atmosphere or a clear sky and still blend with your brown cabinets.

Contrasting mix colors with the help of sponging, ragging or stenciling techniques can work well for the more contemporary look.

It can erase the dullness of your monotone kitchen.

Color combinations such as soft yellow and rich brown, olive green and purple, and other combinations are the examples.

Personal taste will decide your kitchen paint colors with brown cabinets.

Remember to blend the color as natural as possible.