Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget – Remodeling your old and withered kitchen may give you a new start and you can even invest in your kitchen since your brand new looking kitchen will definitely sell more than when you bought if you take care of it well.

However, if you are tight on budget, remodeling your kitchen as a whole in one stop is impossible.

The simplest way to do it is only by doing it step by step according to the budget you have.

Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget for your references.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Buying a new set of cabinets will indeed change the look of your kitchen as a whole, but if you only have limited budget to support and you don’t mind with recycled stuff, you can always have a recycled kitchen sets with only 5,000 – 7,500.

The set already includes the recycled appliances in a kitchen.

If you decide on buying one for your kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget, you better check thoroughly on the condition of each parts of the kitchen sets.

Make sure that they can function well.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget Pictures

If buying new cabinets is impossible, you can always refurbish your cabinets with only $350 or less as your kitchen remodeling ideas on

a budget. DIY Kitchen Design Guide

Refurnish is your first option in refurbish your cabinets.

You can always do it yourself for cheaper cost.

Do it outside for ventilation and start by removing the stain by applying more coats on the stain to hide them.

Repainting your cabinets is easier since you can do it yourself by sanding your cabinets’ surface thoroughly before you paint them.

Change your door knobs, pulls and handles to upgrade your cabinets look.

If buying a new set of appliances is too much for your kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget, you can always have another option such as repainting your kitchen wall which can be done with less than $50.

Use a semi gloss latex paint to prevent your kitchen to be dirty.

Reorganizing your cabinets will be the next option for your kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget.

Your kitchen will look pristine and neat once you try to put your stuff in its proper pace.

You will be surprised at how a shelf, racks, drawer organizers, pull out trays, and utensil crock can do magic to your kitchen’s look.

Keeping away clutters giving your kitchen bigger and spacious effect.

This can easily be done by less than $100.

Always go for reused options are the key for your kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget.

You can always try to find open sales on stores to get dented or chipped stuffs with $700.

Choose carefully so the chipping and dent are hidden.

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Kitchen Makeover on A Budget

Kitchen makeover is an essential need if you start to have less spirit in doing your activity in your kitchen.

Your lack of spirit might be due to the dull kitchen setting.

Changing it by a simple makeover will help in enhancing your spirit to cook back alive.

You do not have to worry about budget since you can just adjust the budget to your need.

Here are some tricks for kitchen makeover on a budget.

The first thing you need to do for your kitchen makeover on a budget is by considering your need according your to your funds. Do your makeover plan step by step.

Set the priority.

Choose the most important appliances that you need to change first.

If your kitchen cabinets are the most damage part of your kitchen, you might want to consider changing it first then the rest of the appliances.

Changing the cabinets will do magic to your makeover when you can match the color and the design with our kitchen’s.

If you cannot afford it, changing the hardware such as knobs and pulls will suffice the makeover.

When you have decided on which to change you can start to browse the internet or directly go to the stores for the right appliance in the affordable prices you want.

If they are still un-affordable for your finances you can just simply go to the pawn shops to get good second hand appliances.

You might be surprised on what kinds of good appliances that you can find there.

Be careful in choosing and analyzing the quality of your stuffs.

Being selective is the key for your kitchen makeover on a budget.

Repainting and re furnishing can do the magic for your kitchen makeover on a budget.

You can paint your kitchen cabinets, walls, seating etc with different colors and patterns.

It is better to apply satin or semi gloss latex paint for your walls and furniture. It stands up to scrubbing.

To paint your cabinets, you need to prime them first with de-glossing primer to help the paint adhere and eliminate the need for messy sanding.

Although removing doors, drawers, and hardware is time consuming, the result is terrific.

Be creative in choosing your paint color and pattern.

Using your own recyclable ornaments and accessories will do magic to your kitchen makeover on a budget.

You do not need to buy new accessories or ornaments.

Be creative and make some home made ornaments and accessories while you can.

Budget your cost to remodel kitchen well

Are you worried about the cost to remodel kitchen?

Well there is no reason to be, given how there are a plethora of great, low budget ideas to remodel a kitchen in the best way possible.

All you need to do is to evaluate the extent of repair that you must do in your kitchen, what you must repair, what you must replace and what you must pack away or donate.

Clutter is always an obstacle where repairing or remodeling your kitchen is concerned and once that has been done away with, it is easier to evaluate the cost to remodel kitchen properly.

So what factors go into deciding the cost to remodel kitchen?

It is easy really.

First evaluate what you will invest in when you are redoing the way your kitchen looks and indeed, analyse whether you will actually need to remodel it in the first place.

Usually, people remodel the kitchen to remove dirt and grease and grime that accumulates over the years.

They remodel the kitchen when the paint on the walls start cracking or the wall paper starts peeling off.

Remodeling the kitchen also means refurbishing the countertop, repairing the gas stove, replacing the oven or the microwave, buying new crockery and cutlery and generally taking steps to upgrade the way the kitchen looks.

A major cost to remodel kitchen is the wall paper or paint job repair.

If you have not been prudent about buying good quality paint then there is a high chance your paint has succumbed to the heat, humidity and moisture that it was subjected to every day during the cooking period in the kitchen and now looks damp, with water patches and has also started peeling.

Since all four walls will need to be re-papered and re-painted in this case, the cost of repair will be considerable.

You cannot replace one section of the wall paper, neither can you paint just a single section or only a portion of a wall.

The decor will look spectacularly mismatched in that case.

When remodeling your kitchen, if your budget permits, think about getting a different color which will brighten your walls.

The next important aspect to look into would be your window treatments.

Kitchen curtains should be carefully chosen.

Not only do they need to be sturdy and durable, they also need to be non-fuss, washable, easily maintained and fire proof – quite the tall order.

It is a good idea to invest in pretty blinds for your kitchen instead of flowy curtains as such because flowy curtains will not be made of a fire proof material and will get dirty and torn very quickly.

If you like the idea of sturdy cotton curtains invest in a dark shade which will not show up grime and be sure to be fuss-free.

Cost to remodel kitchen will also depend on what kind of furniture and kitchen tools you buy.

Ideally you should buy the best variety and the highest quality materials so that you do not end up with broken and chipped furniture or crockery later on.

Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets: What Do You Think It Look Like?

You are interested in having Italian kitchen style, so you can choose the Italian style kitchen cabinets.

As known that the cabinets are the crucial element in a kitchen, you should choose the cabinets precisely.

You should know the view of how it looks like.

Moreover, you should know also the budget estimation.

Surely, those aspects will help you to find the right cabinets for your kitchen.

There has been frequently asked that what Italian style looks like especially in the cabinets.

It is a kind of Euro styles which is frameless.

You should not think that it will not have a frame to build the cabinets.

The meaning of frameless in the European style cabinets is related to the sleek and smooth surface cabinets.

You can imagine that one door will cover directly to the front of the drawer and one cabinet.

Hence, it is usually coated by varnish, melamine, etc.

Moreover, the cabinets are relatively higher than other styles.

The Estimation Costs of Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets

When you are going to build the Italian style kitchen cabinets, you should know the estimated budget.

The cost is influenced by material, size, and design.

Moreover, the Italian style usually requires more budgets because it uses the expensive material like metal.

In case, if it is woods, the cabinets will be coated by coated paints.

Then, it makes the cabinets more durable.

On the other hands, you can choose the contemporary kitchen cabinet to have the lower price.

Moreover, you are going to build the Italian kitchen in your house.

Hence, you are looking for the important aspect in a kitchen.

It is the cabinets.

Before that, you should know what the cabinets look like.

It will help you to imagine the cabinet shape.

Moreover, you should estimate the cost of the Italian cabinets.

It aims to get the right price for the Italian style kitchen cabinets.

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Hacks

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Hacks – Budget is not a huge problem anymore when we are talking about kitchen remodeling ideas.

The technology allows us to have cheaper materials with the look of luxurious and grand appliances nowadays.

You can have sparkling granite looking stainless steel countertop with affordable price as well as luxurious wood looking flooring with the price of laminate.

These facilities can be used as one of the tricks to get low cost kitchen remodel ideas.

If updating in limited budget is what you will do for your kitchen, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Keeping the lay out is the firs thing for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas.

Changing the layout will cost much money for plumbing and electricity.

Let the main appliances such as fridge, sink and stove stay in their triangle position to save money and energy.

Change the lay out for removable objects such as tables, chairs stools etc.

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Do not buy new appliances unless it is necessary.

Reuse your old appliances and accessories by painting your kitchen

cabinets, walls, seating etc with different colors and patterns.

It is better to apply satin or semi gloss latex paint for your walls and furniture for sparkling effect and it also stands up to scrubbing.

A nice primer with deglossing primer to help the paint adhere after sanding is enough to get brand new smooth looking appliances.

Remove the doors and your cabinets’ hardware when sanding and painting for better result.

Although it is time consuming, this low cost kitchen remodel ideas result is terrific.

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel

Change your drawer pulls and cabinet handles.

Use the existing holes and take some of your old hardware to the shop when it is necessary.

It will help you to match the position and size of the screws.

Change the upper cabinets or drawers hardware only to save money.

Open shelving cabinetry can give a refreshing and wider look of your kitchen.

Display the cabinet contents attractively and keep them well organized.

Glass doors combinations on one set of cabinets can create a focal point for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas.

Low Cost Kitchen Renovation

Low cost kitchen remodel ideas require second rate materials for your appliances.

Cheaper Laminate or use ceramic tiles is enough for your countertops.

Be creative with paint, tile, mirrors, or framed prints or photos for your backsplash.

Wood flooring is expensive.

Vinyl and Laminate are better option for your kitchen.

If you do not want to change your wood floors, you can paint them with durable floor paint for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas.

Average Cost for a Kitchen Remodel

Having a tight budget is the most common source of stress for homeowners.

They have to cut off their expenses in some stuffs in order to get the best result in their kitchen designing ideas.

If this happens to you, you do not need to worry.

You just need to check on this information about average cost for a kitchen remodel to help you.

The average cost for a kitchen remodel is around $82,000.

It already includes everything.

Despite the high cost, you can always have ways with your kitchen’s appliances to lessen the number.

Some tricks like reuse and recycle is one of the option.

The average cost for a kitchen remodel for cabinets’ sets, stock cabinets can cost about $5,000 and for a custom made one is around $8,000 and more.

Choose the ones with strong and durable joints as well as the ones which are made of medium density fiberboard.

You can do some of the manual working by yourself to make your budget less than $10,000 and avoid changing plumbing, venting and electrical system.

Changing your faucets and countertops is the next in maximizing the average cost for a kitchen remodel.

The regular lifespan of a countertop is around 10 – 15 years.

Use affordable as well as durable materials.

Laminate your regular countertops with classy looking patterns such as stones, wood and granite pattern.

You can update your faucets and countertops for around $1000 – $2500.

A thorough and perfect sealing will guarantee their longevity and durability.

Changing your floor is another option to reduce the average cost for a kitchen remodel.

As for cheaper options, you can always have vinyl which is easier to apply and comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and durable.

The cost is around $2 per square foot and the total cost usually ranges around $500.

Avoid laminate or ceramic floors since laminate cannot stand moist and cold and cracks easily.

Do not throw your cabinet away.

Refinishing, repainting and changing the knobs and pulls are enough to upgrade your small kitchen with the average cost for a kitchen remodel.

It will only cost around less than $350.

Changing your cabinets’ door handles needs you to adjust the theme of your kitchen and the accessories.

You can change the lighting into a brighter one.

Apply windows in your kitchen and use lamps either pendants lighting or under cabinets door.

It will only cost around @200 or less.

You just need to browse more for average cost for a kitchen remodel which covers kitchen appliances and kitchen home stores info whenever you need it.

Kitchen Remodel Estimator

Kitchen remodeling does not always include a huge project changing all items and furniture in your kitchen.

It is also not always mean that every simple thing you take to change the look of the kitchen considered as kitchen remodeling activity.

Remodeling kitchen usually range for few hundred dollars up to few thousand dollars.

The amount is vary depend on how much you intend to remodel the kitchen parts.

Replace, renew or changing the parts of your kitchen need careful estimation cost, that is why get a good kitchen remodel estimator is the first important step you need to take.

Kitchen remodel estimator is usually take a form as computer software or a template form made to help you count the costs that you may have to spend to get your kitchen remodeled.

Several decades ago you might ask for a help from the home designers or carpenter to make some costs estimations, this methods also still be used by some people, especially when you consult the whole project to an expert.

The analysis usually contains things you need to change, replace, or fix and the price needed to cover it up.

However, many people nowadays tend to do everything on their own and here is the free kitchen remodel estimator cost calculator play its role.

Check on your computer right now, the free template for kitchen remodel calculator is available for Microsoft 97 or newer.

The template already consist of basic list about kitchen parts that is usually need to be remodel like walls, lighting, cabinets, flooring, sin, etc. this will help you check on your kitchen more carefully if there is any parts that you might missed that is need to be fixed.

After you have drawn your list, you can check on the price of each appliance you may need.

Searching for some sale or discounts on the furniture store may be a good decisions.

Make sure that you hire a good contractor to help you, in case you will not do it by yourself.

The cost for fixtures and cabinet appliances usually take up to 30% of the total budget, and 10% for the unexpected cost.

If you intend to do it all by yourself, you should notice that any gas appliances, plumbing, and electrical work still have to be handled by experts, and usually spent for 30% of the total budget.

Write them all on a kitchen remodel estimator and adjust it with your available budget.
Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Ideas

Your cabinets are the most expensive appliances to change if you want to remodel your old kitchen.

Brand new cabinets can cost thousands of dollars.

But if budget is your problem, you can always have options such as having your cabinets refurbished.

There are some tricks that you can do to refurbish your cabinets.

Here are some kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas for you.

The easiest and cheapest way of your kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas is by refurnishing them.

In doing so, wipe clean all of the stain before your apply your furnishing.

If you cannot remove them, you can always put more coating to the stained area to make the color level with the other parts of your cabinets.

The next idea for your kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas is changing the model of your cabinets.

If you are tired with the cold looking of your closed cabinets, you can always change them into open shelving or glass door cabinets for a fresher and bigger look of your kitchen.

You just need to take off the doors of your old cabinets and leave the inside for open shelving cabinets.

As for glass door cabinets, you can always buy the available glass doors replacements in stores.

Arrange your stuff neatly and orderly since it will be visible for everyone to see.

Add some inside cabinets lighting and paint the inside of your cabinets with different colors will be great for your kitchen’s look.

You can always have a new look for your cabinets by simply repainting it with a new color.

Repainting a cabinet is simple for your kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas that you can do it yourself.

Make sure that you protect yourself from the fumes and dangerous substance in it by covering yourself with mask and do it outside with good air ventilation and sunlight.

You just need to sand them properly to get the best result and always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly for your own safety.

Updating your cabinets ware is the next option for your kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas.

You can change your cabinets’ pulls, handles and knobs for a different look for your cabinets.

Use the old holes to place your new knobs and pulls.

Measure your cabinets well and use the measurements as your guide in buying your new cabinets’ ware.

You can always bring the old ones as comparison so your new knobs and pulls will fit well with your old ones.

Change the top cabinets or drawers only if you only have limited budget.

Reusing your old cabinets’ part is the simplest kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas.

Browse for some ideas will help.

Kitchen Remodel Orange County

Having a house in Orange County has its own benefits.

Not only it gives you the best beaches and cozy breeze all time, it also gives you an opportunity in investing in your home design.

Updating your kitchen will definitely add the value of your house as a whole especially when you decide to do it in Orange County style.

If you do not know what to do about making your kitchen remodel Orange County style, here are some useful tips for your references.

The first thing that we recall whenever we hear about Orange County is the beaches.

This natural environment makes the inhabitants to choose their own way of designing their house, especially their kitchen.

Their designs include traditional open space kitchen style combined with sleek and modern kitchen remodel Orange County style.

Choose the best appliances for your kitchen remodel Orange County style.

Orange county residents like natural materials.

And they incorporate them into home design whenever possible.

In a kitchen, stone floor tiles, natural wood cabinets, marble counter tops, and copper sinks are among the most popular appliances.

More energy efficient appliances are used in their kitchen design with sleek and functional values.

Counter freezer drawers, wine coolers, beverage chillers, and integrated kitchen appliances are the favorites.

Interesting cookware like copper pots and pans might be displayed in an area where they can reach them easily while they are cooking.

Island is another popular thing in kitchen remodel Orange County style.

They usually do the prepping there so it is usually applied with a small sink.

To give a more natural look for their kitchen, a butcher block countertops is installed for prepping assistance.

As for a new modern orange county kitchens, a built in computer desk is used as a unique addition.

Showing off the homeowners’ taste is another characteristic of kitchen remodel Orange County style.

Personal attributes such as self designed mosaic floors or displayed collections, antiques and quirky items are common in their design ideas.

Colors are bolder in orange county kitchens.

Colors like green, light brown, orange, red or teal are popular to be included in their cheerful kitchen color theme.

Although they only use it in splashes, it still adds the jolly atmosphere of their kitchen.

Another characteristic of kitchen remodel Orange County style is the open space kitchen which combine the guest room and the kitchen.

Sometimes the combination links the indoor and outdoor kitchen which are also popular in that region.

Kitchen remodel Orange County style is all about the blending of traditional natural kitchen with the more modern efficient kitchen.

You can always browse for some more ideas in the net for your references.
Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a Better Kitchen

It is a very good idea to look for Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas to redesign your kitchen.

It is caused by our kitchen needs to be renewed.

To have a good kitchen, there are many ways those we can do, including by renewing our kitchen.

It is one of the commonest ways for many people because they do not need to spend more their money to have the new look of their kitchen.

You can also take this simple way to realize the best kitchen in your home design.

However, in designing a kitchen, there are still many things those you have to consider.
Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas Cabinet

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Limited Budget

They are about the kitchen appliance and your budget.

If you are a person who only has limited budget to redesign your old kitchen, there are very good ideas.

It is named with Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas.

From those ideas you can get the new inspiration about making a new kitchen design and model only by spending a little money.

And then, how do we get the new furniture if there is only limited budget?

You can also use the cheap kitchen appliances and furnishings.

Just take an example; you can have Cheap Kitchen Countertop Ideas for your kitchen.

By choosing the right countertop in cheap price, you can save more your money and use it to another need for your kitchen.

In these Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas, you are also supposed to take the other furnishings in cheap price.

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas Countertop

Using Old Furnishings in Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas

It is including the Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Ideas.

The existence of cabinet is also very helpful in realizing the new model of your kitchen.

Besides buying the new and cheap furnishings, you can also use the old furnishings if it is needed.

Of course, not all of the old furnishings can be reused in these Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas.
Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas Design

Cheap Kitchen Updates Ideas

Updating a simple and dull kitchen to a more lavish and fresher look one is not pricey nowadays.

We can easily update our kitchen without hurting your pocket.

These cheap kitchen updates ideas can be your inspiration in starting your project.

First, do not change the layout of your kitchen.

Changing the layout will cost your money for plumbing and electricity.

Let the essential appliances stay, you just need to change the layout for removable objects such as tables, chairs stools etc.

Buy new appliances when it is necessary and re use your usable old appliances and kitchen accessories.

Repainting and re furnishing can do the magic for your cheap kitchen update ideas.

You can paint your kitchen cabinets, walls, seating etc with different colors and patterns.

It is better to apply satin or semi gloss latex paint for your walls and furniture.

It stands up to scrubbing.

To paint your cabinets, you need to prime them first with de-glossing primer to help the paint adhere and eliminate the need for messy sanding.

Although removing doors, drawers, and hardware is time consuming, the result is terrific.

Be creative in choosing your paint color and pattern.

Reusing your kitchen cabinets might need some tricks.

You can start with changing your drawer pulls and cabinet handles.

You can use the existing holes and take some of your old hardware to the shop to match the placement and size of the screws.

If you don’t have enough budgets, you can change the upper cabinets or drawers only.

Change your cabinets with open shelving can give a refreshing and wider look of your cheap kitchen updates ideas.

Display the cabinet contents attractively and keep them well organized.

Glass doors combinations on one set of cabinets can create a focal point for the kitchen.

Be creative.

You can laminate or use ceramic kitchen countertops.

They  have varieties of colors and patterns.

You can be creative with paint, tile, mirrors, or framed prints or photos for your backsplash.

Frame them identically and hang them close together to blend them with the wall.

Vinyl floors and Laminate are the perfect option for cheap kitchen update ideas.

If you do not want to change your wood floors, you can paint them with durable floor paint for a new look.

Creativity is the key for your cheap kitchen update ideas.

Do it step by step and you will get an exceptional result.

You can start to read more tips to cheap kitchen update ideas for more information.
Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas Image

Buying Cheap Kitchen Accessories are very easy to find

Cheap kitchen accessories are very easy to find.

A lot of general-merchandise-type of stores sells kitchen accessories for cooking, baking or meal preparations.

Companies who sell kitchenware know where their consumer base is largest and that is in the average-earning citizens.

To remain competitive, large companies have made their products affordable for home cooks.

To point an example, a set of chef’s knives used to be very expensive and only prominent chefs or rich aspiring chefs can afford.

However, today you’ll find a set of Gordon Ramsay’s professional chef’s knife available in Walmart, Ebay or Amazon.

We’re talking about a brand by a famous chef readily available for the masses and this is how it works today.

Kitchen accessories sold cheaply in the market doesn’t necessarily mean second rate products.

Buying Cheap Kitchen Accessories

If one had the luxury, it’s preferable to have kitchen accessories from big and famous manufacturers but for the average home cook, you’ll have to settle for what fits in the budget.

But you see, it’s not that difficult when working with a budget because not everything in the kitchen needs to be expensive.

You can get away with cheap accessories without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

Knowing which among the cheap kitchen accessories you should buy:

There are a lot of accessories in the kitchen that you can afford to spend less on.

Think of items you rarely use or items that are not subject to great pressure or heavy workload; things you only take out once then keep for storage.

These items could include a lemon squeezer, nutcracker, grater, dish brush, bottle opener and so on.

But basically, these are small accessories you don’t use on a regular basis.

Mostly, these are the small utensils or accessories that contribute more aesthetic value than functionality; the contribution to meal preparation is not really important.

These could include spice racks, place mats, dish towel and a lot more.

If you know how to choose good designs and great colors, you can buy them cheaply and still be able to have a refined look to your kitchen.

What accessories can you afford to buy cheaply?

Some people are still skeptics when it comes to cheap products because the quality is in question.

And it’s true, not all kitchen accessories should be bought cheaply.

For items that will be used extensively, you might want to spend a little bit more on them because cheap becomes expensive when you have to keep repairing, replacing or buying.

The costs you’ll incur for fixing a broken mixer or replacing a part will not you save money.

So, what are kitchen items you can’t afford to buy cheaply?

For bakers, this includes your pans, mixers and measuring cups.

For cooks, invest a little bit more on your pots, knives and chopping board.

These are kitchen accessories you can’t afford to keep repairing or replacing on a monthly basis so you need to buy sturdy, reliable and efficient tools you can use on a daily basis.

So keep cheap kitchen accessories limited to accessories you don’t use heavily.

Where to Hunt for Cheap Kitchen Sets

Going for cheap kitchen sets is an ideal way to save money, especially when you’re working with a tight budget.

When you’re shopping, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money, smart shoppers more often than not spend less for more.

This not only applies to shopping for clothes but also to furniture shopping.

Furniture in the kitchen is particularly very important.

In most homes, the dining table and chairs are the most used furniture so when shopping for dining sets, you’ll need to consider the quality first, the design and style second.

Even with a tight budget, there are different ways to go in order to find an affordable yet quality dining set.

Of course, as with most options there’ll always be pros and cons so the task of weighing and exploring will be up to your personal preferences.

The first thing that you need to consider is that a small budget doesn’t completely take out the chance of finding good furniture.

If you know where to look, you’ll probably find a set that is as good as any expensive dining set.

Places to look for cheap kitchen sets

Garage sales or Yard sales

Hundreds of yard sales occur across the country.

While you’re starting to fill up your new home with furniture, another person is clearing out his.

Yard sales are usually done when homeowners intend to clean up their things because they’re moving out or simply replacing it for something better.

Either way, yard sales sell items at a very cheap price.

They don’t intend on stocking these items which is why they want to sell everything as much as possible.

If you scout a few yard sales, you’re bound to find one or two pieces of furniture that are sold for a very cheap price.

Scouting garage sales can take a lot of time so this option will require a lot of effort on your part.

Hardware Stores

Not your conventional store to visit when looking for furniture but some hardware stores assemble furniture using different parts or materials.

This is an option for people with a very small budget to work with.

Department stores can also be an option if you’re okay with plastic tables and chairs but this is an extreme case.

You’ll score zero for aesthetic value but get a few points for function.

Classified Ads (Newspaper or Online)

You don’t get a lot of options from ads because they’re put up by people selling a particular item.

They don’t usually put up an ad for a used couch that comes in different colors.

It has the same limitation with yard sales as you don’t get much variety but if the owner set up an ad, you can bet the item is of better quality.

Local furniture stores

Finding something cheap from a furniture store can be difficult.

Unless they’re clearing stocks or shutting down their operation, discounted prices may come rarely.

It’s rare but it’s not impossible.

Some stores decrease prices when the product is damaged from shipping so if you can deal with minor defects, you might just be able to find cheap kitchen sets from furniture stores.

Second hand kitchens

Second hand kitchens are always a good investment if you are redecorating your home, or are a newly-wed couple with a budget.

If you feel like being thrifty then a smart decision would be to trawl online sites or your local flea markets for second hand kitchens.

These are exactly what they sound like.

Good old kitchen appliances and kitchen decor, which have been used by families, are sold off when they move or during a fit of spring cleaning.

Often, second hand kitchens need a bit of repair, however, they will cost you far less than investing in spanking new kitchen accessories, decor and fittings.

You can find amazing deals for second hand kitchens and appliances if you peruse your paper every day.

You can also cash in on relatives or friends who are remodeling their home and do not have a need for certain kitchen appliances etc.

Before buying second hand kitchens it is imperative that you ensure you are not buying junk.

Because that will take a lot of time and money to restore.

Which defeats the purpose of trying to be thrifty.

Second hand kitchens have a different feel to them as many pieces can be beautiful and vintage.

Sourced from flea markets or auction houses for a throwaway price.

Recycled wood cabinets are great additions to a redecorated, second hand kitchen and they might need a little work.

Hinge here and there, a bit of polish, some refurbishing and restoring, but they will shine with newness after you are done with them.

Recycled wood can also be used to make a quaint kitchen island or even shelves.

Second hand kitchens are a cost effective option for the intelligent re-decorator.

Cabinets, cabinet door handles, knobs, kitchen counters, kitchen islands.

As mentioned before, light fixtures and all appliances such as ovens, stoves and kitchen sinks can be sourced from sites or stores selling remodeled items from second hand kitchens.

You can invest in beautiful antique-look taps and washbasin fixtures.

To make the area look even prettier, put a vase with fresh flowers next to the sink on the counter.

If you are an environmentalist or simply care about the environment, redecorating or sprucing up your kitchen with items from second hand kitchens makes a lot of sense.

You can buy the appliances separately or you can buy entire second hand kitchens which include cook top, stove, oven and even tiles.

Kitchen tiles are important and if you are lucky and you look hard enough you can buy tiles with quaint patterns or decals which are specifically kitchen oriented.

When you are investing in second hand kitchen appliances, especially if it is a whole kitchen from a house that is perhaps being broken down, find a builder who will dismantle it carefully.

Next, get the electrical appliances like ovens, toasters, induction cookers etc checked.

Weigh the pros and cons of repairing them, with regard to shelf life etc.

The condition of second hand kitchens are an important factor to keep in mind.

Analyse the cost to remodel your kitchen

The cost to remodel kitchen will not be very high if you go about it intelligently.

Kitchens are important rooms in the house.

This is where the food – the sustenance of the family – comes from.

A kitchen is also where some families eat together – instead of having a separate dining room in the house.

Therefore, much attention must be given to the kitchen when it is being done up.

And if your kitchen is bare, then it is important  that you remodel your kitchen to make it satisfactory and to your liking.

A kitchen should be appealing aesthetically and at the same time be practical and utilitarian.

cost to remodel kitchen

So what would dictate the cost to remodel kitchen?

That would depend on how extensive your remodeling strategy is.

Fist, do an inventory of your kitchen and see what the cost to remodel kitchen might be.

Is your kitchen in good shape?

Are the walls peeling paint?

Are the cabinets well attached to the walls, the gas connection fine?

Are the kitchen sinks in perfect working order with the drains unclogged etc?

Do your windows need cleaning, are your curtains frayed and thin or are they fresh and clean, if not a little worn out from daily use?

Another important question – is your kitchen free from bugs?

cost to remodel kitchen1

Ask yourself all these questions when you are mulling over the cost to remodel kitchen.

The fewer affirmatives you have, the lesser your cost to remodel kitchen will be.

However, of course, if your kitchen needs extensive repair along with the remodeling, the cost to remodel kitchen will be significantly higher.

So it is important to make a proper inventory of what you will need to do and also to clearly streamline a budget for remodeling your kitchen so that you do not overspend.

cost to remodel kitchen2

The most important aspect of remodeling a kitchen is to ensure that it is clean and the paint on the wall is an indicator of its cleanliness.

Daily cooking will mean that the kitchen will accumulate oil and grease which will form a thin layer over most things including the wall paint or wall paper.

Remodeling a kitchen would require painting the walls again in that case.

Installing a kitchen chimney or a ventilator fan is a good idea as well so that the grease accumulation is less.

This will obviously add to the cost to remodel kitchen.

Suppose you want to repair your kitchen cabinets, your fixtures, taps, lights etc and want to add a few accents to it, that will also impact the overall cost.

Next in consideration is the counter top – is the material smooth and well finished or chipped and cracked?

Cracks will be great homes for germs so it would suit you well to refurbish your kitchen counter.

Other remodeling tips include adding a back splash to make your walls look feisty, investing in shelves so that you can store your kitchen items better and installing roll out drawers and more cabinets for the same purpose.

Remodeling Small Kitchen Ideas

Remodeling Small Kitchen Ideas – It is not fun to have a small kitchen in your house.

Not only you will have limited space to work, you will also have to choose the right appliances which suit the limited space of your kitchen.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice some appliances to give more space for the more important ones.

One way or another, you are not free to decorate your kitchen as you like it since your creativity is limited with the functionality and practicality.

Here are some remodeling small kitchen ideas to make it seems bigger. Remodeling Small Kitchen Ideas

First thing in remodeling small kitchen ideas is changing your layout only when it is necessary especially if you have limited budget.

Changing your lay out might need more fund for plumbing and electricity and it will not be practical since you will need the experts’ help.

Do it your self kitchen remodeling by using the available lay out with much fresher looking and smaller sized kitchen appliances will suffice.

Remember to choose efficiency over style and design.

The efficiency and position of your appliance are important for remodeling small kitchen ideas.

Make sure that your sink, stove and fridge are nearby one another.

Use a triangle position if your have U or L shaped kitchen lay outs.

Use one bowl sink, single door fridge and gas stove instead of double exaggerated sink, fridge and electric stove.

Smaller appliances will give more working space on your counter tops.

If you need a cabinets set, you can paint them with brighter colors or change the doors with the glass doors or open shelving to make your kitchen seems bigger.

Choose simpler kitchen sink design, a small stainless steel kitchen sink is more practical than the bigger farmhouse style ones.

You just need to adjust the color of each appliance with the kitchen color theme. Remodeling Small Kitchen Ideas Pictures

Create more space is the next in remodeling your small kitchen ideas.

Do not add an island or a bar unless it is necessary.

Get ready to sacrifice your working counter tops space for it.

You can transform one side of your L or U shaped kitchen legs in to an island.

Use a freestanding island or make use the space under your island as storage rooms.

Do not overcrowd your kitchen with too much decorations or accessories on the wall, back splash or counter tops.

It will make your kitchen look messy and narrow.

Remodeling Small Kitchen Add much lighting for your remodeling small kitchen ideas.

It can be done by adding lamps and windows or simply choose lighter and brighter kitchen color theme will do.

Be creative and efficient is the key.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

When life gives you a lime, make lemonade and when life gives you a small kitchen, make it seems bigger.

Those sayings are perfect for you who are in a situation where you have to do a remodeling idea on a small spaced kitchen.

Do not worry, there are some tricks and tips on small kitchen remodeling ideas that you can use to make your small kitchen seems bigger and more comfortable.

The first thing you need to do is considering the main points of small kitchen remodeling idea: functionality and practicality.

Your limited space does not allow you to have bigger exaggerated appliances and force you to choose the small and functional appliances instead.

The first thing that you have to do is choosing the right appliances.

Small kitchen fridge, simple single sink, and a simple stove will do better than bigger double door fridge, double sink and four burners stove.

Make sure that you arrange them well in the triangle position to make it easier for you to work on your daily meals.

Leave some free space in your counter tops to put a cutting board so there will be a space for someone to help you in the kitchen.

The next for your small kitchen remodeling idea is choosing the right accessories or decorations.

If you have an island in the middle for your prepping area or working area, it will be a dream comes true, but if you don’t have it, you can always make use the area at the end of your counter tops.

Leave some space there for prepping area and you can always have an option to attach a drop leaf table to replace your dream island in the center.

You can use the part of the counter top for prepping and the drop leaf table for serving area without having to cut off your working area in the kitchen.

Choosing the right color theme for your small kitchen remodeling idea is the next.

You better choose brighter color kitchen theme since brighter color makes you small kitchen seems spacious.

Choose white cabinets, bright colored granite counter tops and darker shade of back splash tile and brighter colored flooring.

Adding glossy on your appliances’ coating will reflect the light and it will result in a brighter and bigger kitchen too.

Open shelving cabinets and glass door cabinets works well in creating bigger illusion if you keep the inside appliances neat and orderly.

Another option is by choosing mirror tiles for back splash which perfect for any modern kitchen design.

If deciding a plan is difficult for you, browsing for some small kitchen remodeling ideas and consulting with professionals will do much help.

Small Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets

White cabinets are perfect solutions for your small and packed kitchen.

White as one of the neutral color is also adaptive to any kinds of colors.

Whatever kinds of style that you want for your kitchen, you can easily get it with simply changing your wooden colored cabinets with white cabinets.

You just need to adjust the right tone of color and the right models of cabinets, knobs and pulls according to the kind of style you prefer.

If you want to update your small kitchen into a bigger looking one with white cabinets, here are some small kitchen ideas with white cabinets’ tips for you.

Having a small kitchen means that you need to incorporate more light in it for your small kitchen ideas with white cabinets to make it seems bigger.

You can combine your white cabinets with warm colors such as light blue, crème, beige, yellow, or lime green.

Those colors will not out shine your cabinets and the warmness they bring will brighten you kitchen and create bigger illusion for your kitchen.

Avoid using darker colors such as black, dark grey, dark red or dark terracotta for your smaller kitchen since it will sharpen the edges of your cabinets and make your kitchen seems smaller.

The next thing to do is choosing the right cabinets models for your small kitchen ideas with white cabinets.

Curvy with soft edges and round handles or knobs cabinet is better for your classic traditional small kitchen.

As for your modern kitchen, make them in the same white colors without any darker trim on it which will accentuate the edges.

Plain glossy white kitchen cabinets with simple models and hard lines are perfect for a modern kitchen.

If you want to have bigger look, you can change your closed cabinets into open shelving or glass door cabinets which suit both classic and modern style kitchen.

Choose the right back splash and counter top is the next in your small kitchen ideas with white cabinets.

Your back splash and counter top is the best match for your white cabinets.

Choose darker color counter top with brighter back splash for your modern kitchen style.

Black hard stone counter top and light grey stainless steel or mirrored back splash tile will look awesome for your modern small kitchen.

If you need more light, you can always choose granite or marble as your counter top options.

They are highly durable and easier to clean for an indoor kitchen.

Flooring is the next for your small kitchen ideas with white cabinets.

You can apply brighter wooden colored flooring for your smaller kitchen to give the spaciousness effect in your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Renovations Ideas

A big kitchen will always be the dream of everyone but remember that smaller kitchen has its own benefits despite the lacking of space it has.

It requires less fund and efforts for small kitchen renovations ideas than the bigger one.

Imagine how much money can be saved from using smaller fewer appliances than the bigger more appliances in a bigger kitchen.

So, don’t be deterred with having a small kitchen.

Here are some small kitchen renovations ideas to renovate your small kitchen in to a stunning bigger looking one.

A square kitchen with 10 x 10 and a narrow kitchen with 9 x 14 feet size are the base measurement to be considered as a small kitchen.

For this kind of small space, you have to be careful to choose the right lay out for your kitchen.

The most suitable lay outs for your small kitchen renovations ideas are: one wall, galley or corridor, U shaped or L shaped kitchen lay out design.

These designs will enable you to maximize the use of limited space in your kitchen.

Remember that a kitchen island is not encouraged in this type of kitchen unless you are willing to sacrifice some parts of your free counter tops space for an island or a bar.

Being efficient and functional is the key for small kitchen renovations ideas.

Remember to choose smaller and less space consuming appliances.

You do not need double sinks, double doors fridge or exaggerated cabinets when you do not really need them.

Be efficient in using your limited space.

There are some appliances which are specially designed for smaller space too, so you don’t have to agonize.

Prioritize you appliances is also important.

If you think that storage is important, reduce space for the other appliances for storage or maximize the back of you cabinets’ area with Lazy Susan or roll out shelves.

Apply glass door and lighter color for your cabinets.

Colors and flooring is the next thing that you have to consider fro small kitchen renovations ideas.

If you have hardwood flooring, choose brighter colored woods than the dark ones.

If you opt to tiles, bigger tiles will give bigger impressions on your kitchen.

If patterned linoleum or vinyl flooring is your option, choose the brighter colored and soft patterned ones.

Combine your flooring with brighter softer colored walls.

Make sure that the color of your walls and your flooring blend perfectly.

Do not overcrowd your small kitchen renovations ideas with unimportant decorations or accessories.

Make sure you use the available space as efficient as possible.

Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas – Country style kitchen is now gaining its popularity back.

People miss the rustic and natural feel in their kitchen instead of the modern sleek one.

This style will be perfect with bigger size kitchens since it requires space to fill with country styled furniture and decorations.

However, it does not mean that a small kitchen will not do.

Here are some small country kitchen ideas that you can employ.

Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas

The key point of redecorating a small kitchen is choosing the right lay out.

A small kitchen means less space, so, you can choose a G or U shaped lay out.

Install heavy and immovable appliances to the wall and give some more space in the middle of your small country kitchen design ideas for your cooking space.

Color theme determines the look of your small country kitchen design ideas.

To give bigger and brighter look on your kitchen, try to choose pale hues and soft colors.

You can combine them with gray or ivory.

Pale color will make your kitchen washed out sun bleached look as the characteristics of Mediterranean coastal cottages.

Make sure that your kitchen furniture blend well with your kitchen color theme and avoid contrast strong colors for your furniture.

Choosing the right and efficient appliances is the next step. Remember to consider about its function first then the design and style.

Built-in cabinets are not common for French style small country kitchen design ideas.

Instead of big sized space consuming cabinets, feel free to apply open shelving, racks or armories in your French style kitchen.

Armories and open shelving can give you the opportunity to display your country kitchen wares and utensils, but remember to keep them orderly and attractively.

Hanging some of your cooking utensils might not be a good option for your small kitchen, better keep them neatly by the wall as to not disturb your movement and overcrowd your kitchen.

As for flooring and decorations, wooden flooring and natural themed decorations will always be the best option for your small country kitchen design ideas.

If making wooden floor is not your preferred option, you can always accentuate your regular floor with rugs with rustic colors but remember to consider the space.

As for the decorations, avoid putting too much of it.

Leave some empty space in your kitchen, one or two natural themed pictures or dishes and cutlery will suffice.

Creativity and efficiency are the key points for small country kitchen design ideas.

Referring to some pictures of country kitchen designs will definitely help you in choosing the right design.

Small kitchens can be pretty

Good things always come in small packages and small kitchens are no different.

It does not matter if your kitchen is big or small, what matters is how you do it up.

A kitchen is a very important room in the house.

It is where the family meals are cooked and sometimes, families gather to eat together in the kitchen as well.

Therefore it is important that the kitchen is well done up.

If your house is small and there is not too much room in the kitchen, fear not.

All you have to do is to incorporate a few strategic storage space ideas and paint your kitchen in light and cheerful colors.

Start with the color – a dark and dull kitchen will look smaller than it actually is.

It is always a good idea to choose pastels, light yellow, cream and white for a small room and a small kitchens will benefit from the use of such colors.

However, since this is a kitchen you are painting, ensure that you are buying paint which is resistant to grease, heat and other damage related conditions since it will be subjected to all these and more in a kitchen where daily meals are cooked.

Once you have painted your walls your kitchen will look fresh and clean.

Install a tiled back splash for the wall area right behind your stove and counter top for an interesting accent to the walls.

If you have a small kitchens then you will also need to think about storage.

Small kitchens can be cluttered in no time if you do not be careful about how you store your items.

First, do away with any items that might be too big for the kitchen. Invest in a small oven instead of the antique and old style one.

Buy a slimmer refrigerator, install wall cabinets and as many shelves as you can.

The beauty of wall mounted shelves and pedestals are that they allow you to retain your favorite kitchen items without compromising on space.

If you have a kitchen sink that is separate, you can also wall mount it or install a pedestal sink in its place.

Making your small kitchens into a modular kitchen is also a good idea.

That way you will have seamless drawers, pull out drawers, effortless slider doors and well appointed cabinets and shelves to store your items in.

You can also consider a slim kitchen island over which you can organize a hanging ensemble of pots and pans.

If you have a kitchen table in a small kitchens, choose one that is not overwhelmingly large.

Slim, delicately wrought wooden model would be ideal as wood is a durable material with natural anti rot and anti fungal properties.

A small kitchens can be well accessorized with correct window treatments as well, though large billowy curtains and elaborate valances will only get in the way.

Choose blinds for kitchen windows which are no nonsense and fire proof, they will be a neat addition to a kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring for Small Kitchens

Having a small kitchen is indeed quite problematic. Making it to be efficient as well as bigger looking need some tricks for kitchen furniture, walls and other kitchen appliances.

But if you have limited budget which requires you to upgrade your kitchen step by step, you can start with the flooring.

A simple change in flooring will do magic to your kitchen design and look. Here are some tricks for kitchen flooring for small kitchens.

The most important trick of kitchen flooring for small kitchens is choosing brighter color.

Unlike darker colors, brighter and lighter colors will add spacey effect despite the compact and small kitchen you have.

Wooden kitchen is classy indeed.

Installing paler wood boards or paint it with white or lighter color will do the spacey effect.

Do not install them along the width of your kitchen.

It will make your kitchen shorter.

Install them along the length of your kitchen floor create longer and wider effect.

Do not be deterred with its required maintenance, if you properly seal your floor, it will be easier for you to clean it.

If wooden floor does not fit your budget choose laminated flooring.

With this popular flooring, you can choose the available patterns and designs even varieties of wood colors which match your kitchen flooring for small kitchen.

You can get the classy wooden look with more affordable price and easier maintenance.

Remember to choose the right color and pattern to match your need.

Tiled floor is another option for your kitchen flooring for small kitchens.

It is highly durable and easier to maintain.

There are many designs and color for tiles available but try to choose unified lighter colors such as crème, lighter tan, lighter green to match.

You can apply it diagonally to make your room seems bigger.

Another option is rubber flooring.

It is highly hygienic and anti slip. It is also popular for its affordability and hard wearing quality.

It goes with various designs and colors which will match your kitchen flooring for small kitchens.

Put in your mind that lighter color works best.

The most popular and cheapest solution for your kitchen flooring is vinyl flooring.

It has more variations of patterns and colors.

This type of flooring is not long lasting.

They are porous and prone to damage, so a careful maintenance is needed here.

Combination of material and colors work best for your kitchen flooring for small kitchens.

Brighter and lighter colors are the best option.

Adjusting it with your taste and other appliances will change the look of your kitchen into a bigger spacey kitchen.

Small Kitchen Update Ideas

Bored with your small kitchen but your budget is limited to buy new appliances to decorate it?

Nowadays, we can do any updates with whatever budget easily if you can find the right source of information about it.

This simple small kitchen update ideas can help you.

First, you have to decide on the kitchen theme.

It will help you to decide which part of your kitchen to be changed.

Stick with your old lay out and refurnish it with new paint or decorations.

Changing the lay out for a small kitchen is not practical and it is costly for your small kitchen update ideas.

For small kitchen update ideas, it is better for you to choose brighter and lighter color for your wall.

Repainting it with a fresher paint will change the face of your kitchen.

You can improvise with pattern but remember to keep the pattern small and subtle.

Bigger patterns and busier ones will make your kitchen looks smaller.

To paint your cabinets, you need to prime them first with de-glossing primer to help the paint adhere and eliminate the need for messy sanding.

Reduce the cabinets if it is necessary to give more space.

Changing the kitchen cabinets to open shelving ones will give you the impression of a wider kitchen.

Remember to keep the contents well arranged and attractive.

You can use the combinations of glass doors in one set of the cabinet as an alternative.

For your counter tops, you can laminate or use ceramic tiles which give you lower budget options.

They have varieties of colors and patterns but choose the right color and pattern.

Brighter and less patterned ones are better for your small kitchen update ideas.

Be efficient in decorating your back splash.

You can be creative with paint, tile, mirrors, or framed prints or photos but be efficient.

Too much decorations or patterned tile will make your back-splash looks crowded and give the impression of a smaller kitchen.

One or two framed photos or picture is enough.

You can change your flooring when it is necessary.

Vinyl floors and Laminate are the perfect option for small kitchen update ideas.

Although they are less durable, they are cheaper and easier to install.

Laying tile can be more difficult but you can make use of its durability.

If you do not want to change your wood floors, you can paint them with durable floor paint for a new look.

Small kitchen update ideas need careful planning.

It is better and more economical if you do it yourself but feel free to consult when you need to.

Tips for Small Kitchen Makeovers

Small kitchen makeovers can be tricky, but if carried out properly, the job will be done without any problem.

If you are looking for ideas for small kitchen makeovers, keep in mind a few basic things.

First of all, you need to have a plan.

Without a proper plan you won’t be able to manage the job.

Then, you need to have stock of all the items you will be installing.

Do not keep anything for the last moment.

Buy your cabinets, appliances, tiles, etc well in advance.

Finally, you need a budget.

Every kitchen makeover, big or small, needs a specific budget.

So plan out your finances and invest accordingly.

Tips for small kitchen makeovers – if your kitchen is small, remember not to clutter it with too many things.

So keep the appliances to a minimum.

If you have to accommodate a large number of appliances like ovens, microwaves, fridges or freezers, try to put them in racks.

If you place them next to each other, they’ll take up all the space.

Also, keep the furniture to a minimum.

If you want to accommodate a dining area in the kitchen, see if you can place chairs next to the island and use it as a dining table.

This will save space and also make it look cozy and classy.

Keep these tips for small kitchen makeovers in mind while remodeling your kitchen.

Small kitchen makeovers are not very difficult to carry out, but you need to be careful.

While selecting the color scheme, keep in mind that darker shades make a room look smaller.

So opt for lighter, earthen hues like brown, white and yellow.

This will make your small kitchen look bright and airy.

Small kitchen makeovers are fun to carry out and you would enjoy doing it too.

Small Apartment Kitchen Designs

Designing a kitchen can be quite problematic when you only have a small space to accommodate such as an apartment.

You have to consider on the type of kitchen cabinets, the appliances you need, the decoration and theme for your kitchen carefully.

Consulting with some experts can be an alternative but if you do not have much time to do so, these simple tricks on small apartment kitchen design might help you.

Small appliances instead of big ones are a good idea for your small apartment kitchen design.

Look for small appliances for kitchen.

Compact appliances plus glass door cabinets are perfect combinations.

Use a small island and tin back splash.

Shape the tin back splash according to your kitchen.

Do not apply it in kitchen ceiling of a room.

You can always put a cheaper fridge or freezer in the basement.

If you’re not regularly cooking for a crowd, a small dishwasher or stove might suit you just fine.

Opt for pint-size appliances if you’re not regularly cooking for a crowd, a small dishwasher or stove might suffice for your small apartment kitchen design.

To give more space for your small apartment kitchen design, you can apply counters 38″ high unless you are quite short.

You will get larger baseboard drawers and be more comfortable.

For more space savers you can use pullout pantries.

Arrange strato lifts one above the other for microwave.

Add a pullout for small kitchen appliances.

If you have a small kitchen of 7 x 11 you may have to do a galley.

You can put the refrigerator, stove, and sink all on the same side.

Changing the color theme in to brighter and adding some light in the strategic places will help in enhancing the look of your kitchen.

With brighter atmosphere, your kitchen will look bigger that it’s actual place.

Hide your kitchen appliances can be a good idea for your small apartment kitchen design.

Clever way to hide kitchen appliances is with top doors on appliance garage.

Remember to use top only not bottom. You can use the doors to hide appliances.

Hidden appliance pantry and lots of drawers covered with doors will give the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

You can use the doors to hide the counter top appliances also.

Being selective is the key for a small apartment kitchen design.

Choose the needed appliances will help you reducing the space consumption and budget also.

Do not clutter your kitchen with unimportant appliances.

You can start to look for the best appliances in stores or net for reference.

Kitchen Design for Small Apartment

Young people nowadays prefer to live in a small apartment in the middle of a hectic town to living in a big house with airy and cheery feel.

They claim that easier access to their daily working activities is more important than the luxury of a beach house far away from town.

That is why more and more apartment buildings emerge and become young businessmen’s favorite.

Having a small apartment for a living is the same as having a small space for cooking.

If cooking is your hobby and you dream of a comfortable kitchen in your apartment, here are some kitchen designs for small apartment as your references.

Select undersized appliances instead of full-size ones.

Compact appliances plus glass door cabinets are perfect combinations to make your small kitchen seem bigger.

Add a small island or a breakfast bar if you think that you need a serving space.

You can always put a cheaper fridge or freezer in the basement to save space in your kitchen.

If you’re not regularly cooking for a crowd, a small dishwasher or stove might suit you just fine for your kitchen designs for small apartment.

You will get larger baseboard drawers and be more comfortable with set up standard height counters of 38″ high and use bigger under cabinets’ area for more space savers ideas such as pullout pantries mount storage racks, or other cabinets’ organizers.

Arrange strato lifts one above the other for microwave to provide more space on your counter top.

Add a pullout for small kitchen appliances such as spoons, cork screws and other cooking utensils.

Arrange your stuffs well are an important thing to remember in kitchen designs for small apartment ideas.

If you have a relatively small kitchen, you may have to make a galley kitchen with the refrigerator, stove, and sink all on the same side.

This will give you enough area for prepping and cooking in your kitchen designs for small apartment.

Changing the color theme in to brighter softer colors and adding some lighting in the strategic places will help in enhancing the bigger look of your kitchen.

With brighter atmosphere, your kitchen will look bigger that it’s actual place.

You might want to hide your kitchen appliances from your kitchen designs for small apartment with top doors on appliance garage.

Remember to use top only not bottom.

You can use the doors to hide appliances.

Hidden appliance pantry and lots of drawers covered with doors will give bigger illusion in your small apartment kitchen.

Small Kitchen Interior Designs

Your small kitchen is your source of distress sometimes.

No matter what you do, it seems fruitless in making a more comfortable and spacious small kitchen.

Designing an interior design for a smaller kitchen is indeed a challenge even for professionals.

It includes lots of tricks and tips.

If hiring them to design it is impossible, start to use these simple ideas on small kitchen interior designs to update your kitchen in Do It Yourself style.

You can start your small kitchen interior designs by choosing the right appliances for your kitchen.

The lacking of space in your small kitchen requires you to choose smaller yet effective appliances.

Consider to buy single door fridge, single sink, smaller microwave and two burner stoves if you need more space in your counter top for your prepping area.

There are lots of small appliances for small kitchen in the stores nowadays.

As for the storage, you can always have simple but functional storage.

If adding cabinets makes you kitchen seems smaller and packed up you can have the alternatives such as an open storage with shelves, baskets, trays, racks, holders and hangers.

If you choose to use open storage, it means that you have to arrange and organize your stuff neatly and orderly all the time.

But if a cabinet is necessary for your kitchen, you can always have brighter color cabinets for your storage system, changing the door with glass door or open shelving cabinets will do fantastic for your small kitchen interior designs.

The next thing is choosing the right color tone.

Brighter and pastel color tone will go well with your small kitchen interior designs.

They will reflect the light and make your kitchen seems bigger and more spacious. Adjust the color for your wall, counter top, back splash and flooring accordingly.

If it is possible you can make use glass in your furniture which can reflect light and images so your kitchen will seem bigger.

Combination of darker and lighter shade of color will avoid the monotony of your kitchen.

Lighting is the next thing that you can play tricks on when talking about small kitchen interior designs.

Use appropriate lighting for the appropriate part.

Adding lighting under your cabinets will give bigger space look on your counter tops and back splash area as well as accentuating the beauty of its design.

Pendant lighting with yellowish or bluish color will make your kitchen seems cozy and homey with airy feel.

Adding small lights inside your open shelving or glass door cabinets will brighten up your kitchen more.

Make use all of the possible options in upgrading your browse for small kitchen interior designs ideas in the net will assist.

Small Kitchen Space Savers Spacious Designs

Small Kitchen Space Savers – Limited space should not be an excuse of having a clean and sleek kitchen.

If a small and packed kitchen is your barrier to get your sleek kitchen dream, think again and find some other alternatives.

If you look more in the internet there will be thousands of ideas to get a small and sleek kitchen, one of them is by having small kitchen space savers ideas.

Adding some organizers and throwing away some unused stuffs can be your savior.

Save space for your small kitchen with these simple tricks to get your dream clean kitchen.

Downsize your storage system by reducing your unused stuffs and

decide on how much space you actually need for your stuff.

Differentiate your stuff according to its categories and functions such as seasoning, gadget, food stock, plastics, dishes etc. Put them in separate storage or drawers.

Clear up the counter top area from clutters when it is not needed.

Use drawer dividers to make it easier for you arranging your kitchen utensils.

Add a lazy Susan under your corner cabinets to place your glasses or spices as your small kitchen space savers.

Check some areas such as the inside of your cabinets, under your islands or counter tops.

Use those areas as your brilliant small kitchen space savers.

Arrange your stuff in your cabinets, with organizers such as pull out storage bin to keep you snacks and cereals and can dispenser racks to maximize the space to keep your cans.

A roll out lid tray organizer keeps the lids vertical, which means more space in your cabinet.

Roll out organizers with double shelves great for pantry goods or even in a bathroom cabinet for housing soaps, lotions, and shampoos.

Do the same thing for under your sink. Having more organized cabinets will help you save space more in the kitchen.

If you cannot find any more space or surface that you can use for storage, you can always find some new spots in your kitchen for your small kitchen space savers.

Adding small shelves above your cooking area for spices, hanging rack nearby your sink or corner cabinets will be so much help as your kitchen space saver.

Maximizing the use of under shelves storage and mount storage system will maximize the use of space in your small kitchen.

The good thing about small kitchen space savers is that you can have those organizer products easily in the store now.

If you need help in setting them up, you can always ask for professional’s help.

Small Spacious Kitchen Designs – Making your small kitchen seems spacious and brighter is a smart challenge for your creativity.

It needs extra attention in choosing the right color theme, appliances and furniture to go with your aim to make your limited space as efficiently used as possible.

Here are some tricks on small spacious kitchen designs that you can use as your reference.

Playing tricks with your paint and color theme can be the first thing to do for small spacious kitchen designs.

To give bigger and brighter look on your kitchen, add more kitchen windows or lighting, try to choose brighter lighter color theme such as: white, cream, yellow, lime green, light blue or light grey as your kitchen color theme.

Adjust the colors with matching appliances.

A shade darker colored appliances will sharpen the edges of your kitchen and a shade brighter colored appliances will soften it.

Be creative in choosing the right combination and matching the colors since all bright and dark appliances create a boring and monotone theme.

Choosing the right and efficient appliances is the next step.

Remember to consider its function first despite the design and style.

Small appliances instead of large ones are a fine idea for your small spacious kitchen designs.

Make use the restricted space as resourceful as possible. Compact appliances plus glass door cabinets are perfect arrangements.

You can always leave a cheaper fridge or freezer in the basement.

A small dishwasher or stove, pint-size appliances will suffice for a more personal kitchen.

To give more space for your small spacious kitchen design, you can apply higher counters for larger baseboard drawers and be more comfortable.

For more room savers you can use pullout pantries arrange strata lifts one above the other for microwave and add a pullout for small kitchen appliances.

Place the refrigerator, stove, and sink all on the same side or do a galley for bigger looking space.

Conceal your kitchen appliances with top doors on appliance garage.

Keep in mind to use top only not bottom.

You can utilize the doors to veil appliances.

Hidden appliance pantry and lots of drawers covered with doors will give the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

You can use the doors to hide the counter top appliances as well.

Being selective is the key for a small spacious kitchen design.

Choose the needed appliances will help you reducing the space consumption and budget also.

Do not clutter your kitchen with unimportant appliances.

You can start to look for the best appliances in stores or net for reference.

Small Kitchen Bar Designs

Small Kitchen Bar Designs – A kitchen should be a family place.

It is not only a cooking place but also a place where everybody can sit together eating their meal while sharing their daily activities.

That is why some kitchens add a bar or a small island table in their kitchen as a family space.

Although this kind of bars and kitchen islands work well with bigger kitchens, a small kitchen does not mean that you can not use your small space available as your family place.

A simple small kitchen bar designs tricks can solve your problem.

To create small kitchen bar designs needs careful preparation.

The first thing that you need to consider is its functionality.

If your kitchen bar is used as your working space as well as serving space, you can consider the L shape bar.

You only need to extent the counter top for more spaces which can be used as both working space and serving area.

You can use one side of it for your working space and the other for your serving area.

if your use your kitchen bar for your kitchen works, you may need to choose a tougher, sturdier material such as hard stone or granite for your kitchen counter top.

The classic beauty it is fine for serving food also.

A drop down or a drop leaf table at the back of an existing bar can be another option for your small kitchen bar designs.

This kind of drop down table can be used both as the working area as well as the serving area.

You can simply use metal brackets to attach a portion of the counter top with the bar back.

A drop leaf table can also be easily folded out when there are more people to serve.

Some of the drop leave or drop down table can be folded to the wall when it is not being used.

And some others are available in wheels which enables you to move it around according to your need.

Building a pass trough the bar with an opening from the kitchen to the adjoining area can be a sweet alternative for your small kitchen bar designs.

You can open up the dividing wall for decoration space and convenience as a buffet table.

You can add a sliding door which can be used to prevent your kitchen to be displayed all the time.

One thing that you need to consider in making small kitchen bar design is the functionality and efficiency.

Make sure that your bar serves its purpose. Do not overcrowd it with clutters.

Bar Kitchen Design

Bar kitchen design can be made in various types of house, various size of space, and the bar appliances available in various brand, finish, colors, materials, and price.

It is available from the very plain and simple to the spectacular and expensive one.

You can make your own kitchen bar in a limited space; it may be like small long kitchen table that is place near your kitchen right in front of the stove area or kitchen cabinet.

Simple kitchen table that is design such way to create bar and completed with few stools around can actually emerge as complete kitchen bar.

In a small apartments, the bar kitchen design can also functioned as the space partitions, and this is considered as popular tricks to make the separations between the room space.

In more luxury design, the kitchen bar can be made by arrange the kitchen table made by combinations of granite and wooden) as right in front of the cooking area and place some dinner chair in front of the table and set it as the permanent luxurious kitchen bar.

In a smaller place, the bar usually place parallel to the cabinet and make the L space of kitchen where one side of the kitchen space are arrange such way with stools to make a bar.

Nowadays, because the bar kitchen design and open kitchen design has been tremendously popular, the manufacturer made special shape of kitchen table and make it look like a multi-function kitchen table with bar and cooking area at one table.

The serves area made a little higher than the cooking area in the other side, and the stools are also designed match to the color of the table.

The multi-function table and bar kitchen design made usually from wooden and granite or laminate as the counter top.

And can perfectly decorate your house with beautiful modern open kitchen design.

The older eclectic version of bar kitchen design made of concrete, and the rest of the material decorate for the bar made of wood, including the shelves, racks, and the flooring.

The counter tops of the bar should make of hard material that is not sensitive with liquids and can resistant with alcohol and acids.

Vinyl, ceramic, and laminate can be the best choice, while if you need something look more luxurious, you can choose granite.

Now let’s decide your favorite kitchen bar design for your home.

Kitchen Bars and Islands Designs

A kitchen is a place where the life of your family started.

This is where the family food is produced and where the family having breakfast and dinner.

Most conversations happen in this particular place. Designing your kitchen to suit this additional function is problematic sometimes.

As a gathering center you might need to add some additional appliances such as kitchen bars and islands.

Here are some kitchen bars and islands designs tricks for your reference.

The first thing you should do is consider the function of your kitchen bars and islands design.

This will decide the placement of the other kitchen appliances.

If your kitchen bars and islands design is for working area only you have to decide whether it is for preparation, cooking, washing or storage.

If your kitchen bar and island is for a washing station with a sink, then you have to adjust your fridge and stove to the triangle position.

If you use it as a prep station, your fridge, sink and stove should be clear from its obstruction.

If you combine the function of your island and bar as both working and serving station, you may need to adjust the position of your stools as not to obstruct the space for cooking.

The thing that your have to consider next in choosing the right kitchen bars and islands designs is adjust it with your kitchen layout.

Although most kitchen lay outs can be added with an island or a bar, you still have to consider the size.

For a small L shaped kitchen, you can locate your island and bar on the side of your L area or on the other wing area.

It will give more space in the middle where most of the cooking activities happen.

If you have a small U shape kitchen lay out, you can install the island either in one side of the peninsula or in the middle front of your U shape kitchen.

For a small G shape kitchen, it might be too crowded if you add an island or a bar in the middle.

Use one side of your G shaped kitchen as a kitchen or bar is more practical.

However, you can install your kitchen bars and islands designs in the middle for most big shaped kitchen with any layout.

Your kitchens bars and islands designs should match the color theme and style of the other appliances too.

There are various models and designs around.

Browsing for kitchen designs on the net will definitely help much for your kitchen bars and islands designs ideas.

Interior Design Idea for Kitchen for Small Space

Are you searching for interior design idea for kitchen that apparently only has limited space of movement?

If you have small kitchen you must be confuse with what you want to do.

You cannot bring many kitchen utensil and you also not comfortable if there were too many things in your kitchen.

So you must do some trick to design your kitchen so you can use the kitchen as good as possible.

Interior Design Idea for Kitchen: Color and Material

In choosing colors, you need to take a few times to think about which color that suits for your kitchen.

You must also consider color of the kitchen utensil that you have.

If you have brown dining table then you can chose more soft color for wall or chair.

You also can find unique color for your interior design ideas for kitchen color schemes.

Color also one of the important elements in renovating your kitchen using interior design idea for kitchen.

So, you must choose the color carefully.

We also can apply other material to increase the looks of our kitchen usually mosaic tile is the option that we can use.

Suitable Furniture in Interior Design Idea for Kitchen

When you decorate your interior design idea for kitchen, you need to consider with the furniture and utility.

You will want your design blend both room and furniture in it.

The most consideration interior design for kitchen is coming from kitchen cabinet because it has various sizes.

Therefore you must also think the interior design ideas for kitchen cabinets.

You can use kitchen utility that have multipurpose therefore you do not need to a lot of space in your kitchen and also it will look nicer if you could store all of those utility in side cabinet.

You can also use bar stool to replace dining chair and change the table like minibar so your kitchen will look wider.

If you have interior design idea for kitchen you can save your money if you can do it by yourself.

U Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

U Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens – A small kitchen gives us frustrations at times.

Not only it gives you limited working space in your kitchen, but also it gives you headache to decide which design fits your kitchen fine.

U shaped kitchen can be another option for your small sized kitchen but it is not easy to make use the space for the perfect U shaped kitchen designs.

Here are some U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens ideas for your information.

Triangle working position. U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens mean that you have to maximize the use of the space effectively.

It will verify the places for your appliances.

Arrange important appliances such as stove, fridge and sink in triangular method.

Adjust the lengths and the function of each leg on each sides of the peninsula according to your need.

If you have one leg longer than the others, you can apply a fridge on shorter leg and stove on the other with the sink on the peninsula.

Remember to locate your dishwasher in close proximity to the sink for practicality.

This will make you easier in doing your job in the kitchen by giving you better access for stove, fridge and sink.

Smaller and efficient appliances.

U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens need smaller refrigerator, sink, and stove.

Use one kitchen sink only since double sinks will need more space for your kitchen.

Reduce the unnecessary appliances and arrange them neatly on the glass door cabinets for spaciousness effect or hide them on your brighter colored cabinets.

Make as much free space as possible to make your kitchen seems bigger.

Bring the sitemap of your kitchen to measure the needed free counter top space for working area so it will not be overcrowd with appliances.

There are various efficient appliances which are specially designed for small shape kitchen in the stores nowadays.

An additional island. Since U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens do not allocate you to locate a kitchen island in the center of your kitchen, use one longer leg for your kitchen island.

Reduce unnecessary cabinets in one side and add an island on it.

It might seem like an L shaped kitchen modification, but it works well for your small kitchen.

Adding a freestanding island to an L shaped kitchen is possible too.

Because the island is open, you have knee space for stools and seating without needing an overhang.

Remember to keep using brighter color theme for U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens ideas.

Adjust your wall, flooring and ornaments with your kitchen U shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens.

Remodeling a Very Small L Shaped Kitchen

Having a small kitchen seems quite problematic especially if you use your kitchen often.

You need to be careful with choosing the right colors, appliances, style and theme of your kitchen to make it more comfortable for you to work in it.

If your have an L shaped kitchen with limited kitchen space you can remodel it with these tricks on remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen for bigger and brighter look.

Set the right appliances to the right position for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen.

Important appliances such as stove refrigerator and sink can be arranged in triangular method.

Put the stove and fridge on opposite ends of each wall and the sink somewhere on the wall counter.

This will make you easier in doing your job in the kitchen by giving you better access for stove, fridge and sink.

When you decide to buy new appliances for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen, you must be selective in choosing smaller three significant appliances: refrigerator, sink, and stove.

If it is necessary, you can bring the sitemap of your kitchen to measure the needed free counter top space for working so it will not be overcrowd with appliances.

There are various efficient appliances which are specially designed for L shape kitchens around.

Adding an kitchen island can do magic for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen design.

However, some people are not fortunate enough to have needed space to add an island to their already packed kitchen.

Another alternative is a kitchen bar.

Make use of you L shaped kitchen counter top as your double functions kitchen bar.

You can extend one side of your counter tops to create a small kitchen bar.

You can use one side of it for your working space and the other for your serving area.

If your use your kitchen bar for your kitchen works, you may need to choose a tougher, sturdier material such as hard stone or granite on your counter top.

Use the space under the kitchen bar to save some of your kitchen ware to add more free space on your main counter tops.

Remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen to seem bigger and wider requires painting your kitchen with bright colors and matches the furniture with brighter themed kitchen style.

Brighter cabinets, walls and flooring will give spaciousness feel to your kitchen.

There are available options in stores so being careful and selective is what you can do best for your L shape kitchen.

Best Small Galley Kitchen Design

A galley or a galley is an important part of a kitchen.

As an additional part for moving space, a galley contributes a lot to your kitchen’s look.

A clean and crisp galley will and the space look and a crowded ones will make your kitchen seems smaller.

Designing the right gallery for your small kitchen might be a challenge since it needs your creativity.

Here are some tips for best small galley kitchen design.

The first thing that you need to do is add kitchen lighting on your small galley kitchen design.

You can do this by making a opening window at the end of your galley to add some light coming in.

Light will make your galley seems bigger and brighter.

Using lighter colors for your galley will definitely add its spacey effect.

Lighter color kitchen cabinets with sharp edges will make your galley seems wider and neater.

Apply some mirrors to your cabinets or the sides of your galley to add the bigger effect of it.

Mirrors will reflect the view of the galley creates the spaciousness illusion for your kitchen.

You may want to break down your wall units and change them into open shelving to create some space in for the best small galley kitchen design.

Wall unit makes the galley seems smaller since it block the view.

Open shelving allows you to see through it and thus create illusion added space.

You can display your priced belongings there as well.

Make sure that you make your gallery kitchen as clean and orderly as possible for your best small galley kitchen design.

Clean it up from unimportant clutters which will overcrowd your galley kitchen and make is seems messier and narrow.

Better leave them in your warehouse and let them out when you need them or sell them out.

Flooring and wall color can be the other tricks for you to upgrade your best small gallery kitchen design.

You have to match the tones of your flooring with your other kitchen appliances.

Patterns which go the length of your galley will be a perfect option better than random patterned floor tiles which will shrink the height of your galley’s space.

Make it simple if you have a low ceiling otherwise you will make your galley seems shorter and stouter.

A sleek high spacey galley is always a better option.

Best small gallery kitchen design requires you to search the wide varieties of galley designs on the net to help you.

Do not forget to give the personal touch to your galley just remember to be sleek and simple.

Beautiful Small Kitchen Design

Nowadays, looking for a larger home in the city is quite a challenge.

Inefficiency to stay in the suburb makes people prefer to stay in a city, even if it makes them leave in a studio.

Living in a studio doesn’t seem so bad; there are many things you can do to make your studio comfortable.

Beautiful small kitchen designs are usually suitable for those living in a small apartment.

There are some decorations tricks you can take to make your small kitchen look amazingly beautiful.

The first trick is to downsize your kitchen.

Think about the function on this space for you.

You don’t cook?

Then you can make your kitchen as meal preparations space and you can provide any kitchen utensils and furniture that related to that activity only.

You don’t have to buy complete package of stove, microwave is consider enough.

Beautiful small kitchen design is art of placing function on a right place.

The second trick is better to leave your kitchen open.

Installing tower boxy closed in cabinet don’t always become the basic trick in storage stuff.

Consider using smart furniture instead, shelving, spice holder, pot racks will make your kitchen look more spacious.

Third trick is mixing the materials.

Small doesn’t always have to be boring and awkward.

Mixing the materials can make your kitchen more beautiful.

You can combine stainless steel sink with ceramic tile counters and slate back splash.

It will be better if you using the material with the similar colors to help you unify the look of the kitchen.

Fourth trick is using glass material. Translucent look will help giving the spaciousness illusion.

You can use the glass kitchen doors, glass counter, or glass for your door cabinets.

There is also a reflective glass tile that can help to put some beautiful sparkle I your kitchen.

Fifth, make sure that you install a perfect lighting system in your kitchen.

You can combine the task lighting with ambiance lighting.

Other option is using incandescent lighting for the counter tops and ceiling.

This kind of light give more yellowish lighting, if you install the ceramic tiles as your back splash, you can have extra lighting coming from the cabinetry as reflection form the lighting above it.

The rest tricks to make beautiful small kitchen design are by paying attention to the flooring, coloring system, and how to make the small kitchen not only look beautiful but also comfortable.

Modern Small Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen is always being associated with a clean, sleek and spacious looking kitchen.

Some people think that it is almost impossible for those who have smaller kitchen to have a modern style kitchen in their house.

Small kitchen is linked with packed up appliances and jumbled kitchen ware which become the opposite of neat and arranged modern kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen space, you still can have your dream modern kitchen with some of these tricks and tips on modern small kitchen design.

Modern kitchen is associated with brave and bold colors such as white, black, sleek metal or brighter colors such as green, yellow etc.

As for modern small kitchen design, you better choose soft and paler color which reflect light and can give the kitchen the needed height and spaciousness effect.

If you decide on using painted appliances, choose brighter color for some of them and combine it with darker color for variations.

Remember that a glossy finish on your cabinets will reflect light more than the regular one.

As for the materials, modern small kitchen design goes well with any kind of materials.

However the one material which is closely related to modern kitchen is stainless steel.

Having stainless steel appliances on your kitchen will give the modern look and it reflects light too.

It also blends with any kinds of colors.

Use simple and small appliances for your smaller modern kitchen.

Reduce the size of your fridge, stove, and kitchen sink.

Make sure that you give more space fro prepping and working area which will give you a sleek and spacious look when you leave them bare.

Change your bulky closed cabinets into an open shelving one or glass door ones to give a more spacious effect.

If you feel like you do not need over head cabinets, you can just take them off and maximize the use of under cabinets or drawers below the counter top to save space.

Arrangement is the key of a neat and clean modern small kitchen design.

Set important appliances such as fridge, stove and sink in the triangle working area.

Set them in a way that you can work effectively without needless effort to reach them whenever you cook.

Make sure that you have clean counter top or working area.

If your kitchen is too small, you will not need an island.

Clear up the unnecessary kitchen ware on your counter top which will give you enough space for prepping and working.

Maximize the use of storage system to keep your stuffs in disarray on your counter top.

Putting some lights on your kitchen will also enhance the look of your modern small kitchen design.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Small Farmhouse kitchens allow kitchen work and family activity to be completely incorporated in one big room.

Family activity is centered on a large dining table in the middle where the family can eat, do homework together, play cards, talk, and do food preparation.

That’s possible if you have a big space for your kitchen.

But don’t be afraid, you can still have your dream farmhouse kitchen with limited space.

Here are the small farmhouse kitchen design ideas for your reference.

For a small farmhouse kitchen design, you might want to make use the available space as efficient as possible.

You can start with choosing a G or U shaped kitchen lay out.

It will give you more space for cooking and family activities since it only use one side of the kitchen.

Do not install cabinets if you do not need it.

Old farmhouse kitchens do not use built-in cabinets and storage.

They put their utensils and utilities in pie safes, work tables and buffets.

You can adopt that kind of style for your small farmhouse kitchen design without leaving its sense of originality.

Maximize the use of available surface in your kitchen.

Double sink is not necessary for your small kitchen.

Install a simple but wide and deep sink in your small farmhouse kitchen design.

To make your small farmhouse kitchen design seems bigger, you can choose brighter and sunnier color theme.

Choose colors like pale yellow, beige, peach etc.

As for your walls, you can improvise with wall finishes with generally soft and muted colors.

You can wash it with a light sepia or off-white.

It will give and older, worn appearance without changing your color theme.

Match your furniture color with your theme.

Contrast and busy color combinations will make the kitchen seems smaller.

Make sure that the blending of colors from the furniture with the wall natural.

Choose the simple edged and lathe-turned detailed furniture for the simple and spacey look.

Do not clutter your furniture with unimportant decorations.

One or two vintage decorations in strategic places will suffice.

Wooden flooring still becomes the favorite for farmhouse kitchen.

You can let the natural color shine, but if you want to match it with your color theme, painting it according to your color theme will be perfect.

Do not use busy colored and patterned flooring and back splash.

Simple pattern and light colors are the best option for a small farmhouse kitchen design.

Using the space as efficient as you can is the main key of small farmhouse kitchen design.

Choosing lighter and sunnier color and the right appliances will do magic.
Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink: Usual but Not Usual

Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink might be the most favorite sink that used in the kitchen.

Stainless steel itself gives the positive points.

The material can illuminate the light, and has long durability.

If you want to buy, you may try to browse the stainless steel kitchen shelves IKEA.

IKEA for sure sell many things for house appliances.
Modern Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
If you are not satisfied with the local stores, you might sight-seeing in the stainless steel kitchen shelves UK; maybe there will be one that suits your need.

The under mount stainless steel kitchen sink maybe looks very usual and not special.

However, these household goods have many benefits.

Make the sink look very adorable with keeping it clean and shimmer.

The stainless steel is very well choice for your kitchen, because it more durable compare with other materials.
Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Design

Under-mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink: Options for Designs

There are many designs for under-mount stainless steel kitchen sink.

Single sink is the most used by the house owner.

The double kitchen sink is very multi-functional.

You may separate the plumbing also and separate the dirt.

The double design with the different shape of the surface will look good.

There are many designs for the surface of the sinks, from rectangular, oval, round, and many more.

Triple stainless steel sinks would be very attractive.

The varieties of the under-mount design are the infinity and the optimum.
Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Black Marble

Make the sink more adorable and be the focal point with the faucet.

Try to match and fit with the design of the faucet.

There are many faucets that will look good together with the kitchen sink.

The double faucet in the double under-mound sink would be perfect.

The single faucet in arched design will make a great combination with the under mount stainless steel kitchen sink.
White Vintage Kitchen Sinks

Vintage Kitchen Sinks for Vintage Style and Maintaining Kitchen Sinks

I have been look for kitchen sinks in various styles, but this time the vintage kitchen sinks seem interest me to apply it in my kitchen.

Some people apply the style of kitchen in modern style but some of them also apply traditional style for certain values and preference.

In my opinion, this kitchen sinks can be applied in any styles of kitchen, not only for ancient kitchen styles.
Pink Vintage Kitchen Sinks
As we all know that vintage kitchen ideas should apply all items in vintage models.

For example, walls in plaid color in this context can be red, brown, or yellow.

The furniture also should be in the vintage style, such as vintage kitchen cabinets, faucet, etc.

Besides, there is also vintage kitchen sinks to complete the kitchen in vintage style.

This kind of kitchen sink may be hard to be found because in modern era, some kitchen appliances also designed in modern style.
Vintage Kitchen Sinks with Green Backsplash
The style of vintage kitchen sinks can be applied in home with vintage style.

The color of this kitchen sinks can be in the plaid color, especially white color.

The faucets are in mount wall styles.

Usually it uses kitchen basket strainer with stainless steel.

Other different vintage style of kitchen sinks can differ from one product to another.

All of them has special characteristic.
Vintage Kitchen Sinks

How to Maintain Vintage Kitchen Sinks?

To clean your kitchen sinks with vintage style, you can apply the following steps.

You can use a specific cleanser to clean metal faucets or basket strainer.

If the sink made of porcelain you need to choose the appropriate cloth.

You can clean it with soft cloth.

Wash the sink with grain.

You can also add vegetable before rubbing with the grain.

To make the sinks look shiny you can also polish it with automatic wax.

To maintain the vintage kitchen sinks is simple, just like common sink.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Hacks

Looking for the best faucet to your sink, stainless steel kitchen faucet is the best choice since it more durable and still look like new faucet even after a few years.

Even though some options of colors are limited, there is still many of finishing which may look fabulous with stainless steel.

The focal key is calling away the attention to the color for kitchen backsplash or countertops when we are choosing the faucet.
Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Chrome Combination

Why do we need to choose for stainless steel kitchen faucet aside from another material?

Actually, a stainless steel faucet will compound with a stainless steel sink, it is an obvious choice.

Without any doubt, durability is the main strength point of stainless steel.

It is also easier to clean the faucet, although they are able to be more expensive compared with some other types of faucet.

A polished chrome faucet will be suitable with the coordination of stainless steel sink.

It also gives a modern look of your sink.
Simple Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Nickel and Colors

The next combination of stainless steel kitchen faucet is by a brushed satin nickel faucet.

It blends with a stainless steel sink into the way it is.

On the other way around, nickel combination faucets are a little pricey than other since it will not show water spots easily.

Its durability and easy-clean material is no-doubt for homeowners.

Stainless steel kitchen faucet with pull down spray and delta pillar touch stainless steel kitchen faucet are the examples of the holding shape of stainless steel faucets.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Design

Stainless steel faucet has huge varieties of shapes, but it has limited colors.

To strengthen the colors up, balance it with your ready backsplash.

Colored faucets are made from enamel, epoxy, or plastic.

The more expensive materials are enamel and epoxy since it is far more durable than other materials such as plastic.

Faucets with stone, glass, and even wood protection finishes are available.

They are used for accent only.

I believe that stainless steel kitchen faucet gives you more benefit into your kitchen decoration.

Free Standing Kitchen Sinks

Free standing Kitchen sinks in the kitchen normally build to be stick with other kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and stove.

In some modern kitchen style, the stove builds in with the kitchen table, while the rest appliances are still stick together.

The common kitchen design, the work floor set by considering the three main functions in the kitchen; cooking, storing, and washing.

That will be mean movement between stove, refrigerator, and kitchen sink.

These three movement points are the basic key to make the kitchen floor design.

Vintage Free Standing Kitchen Sinks
Vintage Free Standing Kitchen Sinks

Up until now there are at least 6 kitchen floor types know in the kitchen design theories; the single file kitchen, the double file kitchen, the L kitchen floor, U kitchen floor, G kitchen floor, and the block or island kitchen floor.

All these kitchen floor designs using the key point movements between kitchen cabinet, stove, refrigerator, and kitchen sink.

However, the development of small apartment in the city make the development of the kitchen design become very fast, and make the kitchen floor design more flexible and efficient including in the size of kitchen appliances.

Free standing kitchen sinks is one of the kitchen appliances types that will goes with small size apartment.

It s made such way that will be great for workbench sinks and it can fit to any type of kitchen spaces.

Freestanding Kitchen Sinks
Freestanding Kitchen Sinks

Free standing kitchen sinks mostly available in a wide variety of traditional ceramic sinks, and wooden stand become the famous part of it.

Other material for freestanding sink is stainless steel which can be very suitable for modern small apartment.

It is available both the standing kitchen sink alone or integrated with dishwasher or Water stations which equipped with dual bowls.

Some other stainless steel sink also integrated with sink aerator, under sink storage and operated taps.
Free Standing Sinks Kitchen
Many people think that the freestanding kitchen sinks which are equipped with storage or installed with the kitchen table are one type of smart furniture.

This can be true; because this type of kitchen sink equipped with many other functions at once and can save spaces in your kitchen.

The free standing kitchen sinks which are made with single function, are easily to be installed everywhere, and you can have the super minimalist kitchen style by using it.

The design is very simple and sleek so that you can match it easily with any kind of kitchen style appliance.

Kitchen Sink Placement on Countertop

Installing a kitchen sink on a countertop can be a hurdle.

Asking someone to install is practical but if you can do it yourself, why not?

Here are some tricks that you can use for kitchen sink placement on countertop.

First, take out your tape measure, writing utensils, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, wood glue, 4-foot level, circular saw, drill, paddle bit, jigsaw and plumber’s putty.

Remember your kitchen countertop, sink and faucet set.

Taking comprehensive measurements can be the next step for kitchen sink placement on countertop.

Measure and make a diagram of your kitchen by measuring it by walls than the inside edges of your countertops.

Once you get the detailed measurements, start to order the right countertop.

Disconnect your plumbing, electricity, garbage disposal and pvc pipe before your kitchen sink placement on countertop process.

You can use a wrench to cut the water lines and a bucket and rag to catch the drips of water.

Do not forget to remove all items from your countertop and drawers.
Free Standing Kitchen Sinks Cabinet
Use screwdrivers and carefully lift them away until it left the base cabinetry.

The next kitchen sink placement on countertop process is applying your wood glue along the mitered corner of one of the pieces of countertop.

Fit it against a second piece; place them upside down across the kitchen cabinets.

Place the corner clips inside the depressions, fix them with your wrench properly.

Check if your countertop surface is smooth at the seam, tighten the clips and place it onto cabinetry by ensuring that it is level, secure it with screws.

Remember you could destroy the particle board if you over tight it.

Place the old countertop on top of the new and draw marks for the area to be cut down.

Cut the counter with a circular saw then set the new counter in place and secure it.

Move to the next kitchen sink placement on countertop process, the sink area.

Use a template provided by the sink manufacturer to measure the sink.

Cut it by drilling a pilot hole with a paddle bit. Use a jigsaw to complete the cut.

Follow the line carefully.

Insert the faucet body through the cutout in the sink.

Attach the gasket and threaded collar ring to the unit from below.

Leave some room to attach plumber’s putty under your faucet assembly.

Set the rolled plumber’s putty on the sink top right under the faucet.

Press the faucet down on to the putty.

Secure the threaded collar underneath the sink.

Use the plumber’s putty around the bottom of the sink strainers; insert them into the holes in the sink.

Mark the perimeter of the sink cutout then wrap thread tape around the water supply line threads.

Lower the sink into the putty; remove the excess from around the sink.

Finally, attach the supply lines and voila! Kitchen sink placement on countertop is done!

Kitchen Faucets Farmhouse Style

Kitchen faucets farmhouse style is applicable for any kinds of kitchen design style or theme.

You just need to be careful in matching the design, color and materials with the other appliances, especially the sinks and the cabinets.

A mismatch kitchen faucet will disturb the unity of your kitchen’s theme.

Below are the tricks for kitchen faucets farmhouse style.

To choose the best kitchen faucets farmhouse style, look for qualities such as easy installation and ease of use and then the style.

Since kitchen faucets are used pretty often, they should be highly functional.

For small kitchens you may choose a spout swing feature which saves space to avoid bumping while cooking.

If you like to cook foods that require large pots of boiling waters, a swing spout style tap may be the best kitchen faucet to place at the back of your stove area.

A spraying feature can be useful for cleaning the sink as well as for washing dishes and rinsing produce.

Single-handled kitchen faucets often have a lever on the top that controls the temperature and flow of the water.

Two-handled kitchen sink faucets allow for better water flow and temperature control.

You have to choose the right kitchen faucets farmhouse style for the right kitchen theme.

If you want a modern type kitchen design, some faucets product from Franke Farmhouse can be your choice.

There are some modern kitchen theme colors that you can use: light blue, silver, grey, and metal.

For those kinds of color theme you may need a simpler kitchen faucets farmhouse style with metal color.

The best option can be polished chrome or brushed nickel single-handled faucets.

Combine those faucets with similar color toned sinks.

For the material, you can choose whatever you like as long as it goes with the theme of your modern kitchen.

For a more classical type, you can choose more intricately designed kitchen faucets farmhouse style with more decorative accents.

Remember to choose the right materials and color to go with your kitchen theme and sink.

Some metal colored faucets are okay but try to use darker color ones for the antique feel of it.

Victorian styles are often the best kitchen faucet in terms of looks, as they have an old-fashioned style.

Combine them with darker color, brass, bronze or ceramics sinks.

Remember to match the color to the faucet and the kitchen’s color theme.

Be sure to check the installation and maintenance instructions, including how to manage the water cartridges.

The kitchen faucets farmhouse style you pick should have an overall easy installation as well as a scratch-free finish.

Show Flexibility in Free Standing Kitchens

Free standing kitchens allow designers or homeowners to arrange or re-arrange the kitchen furniture as they please.

When we enter a renovated kitchen we find ourselves at awe at how wonderful the finish is, how perfect the matching furniture is and how clean everything looks.

But, as the years go by, the kitchen becomes old and the design begins to be a bore.

It’s easy to rearrange furniture in the living room or bedroom but moving things around in the kitchen sounds unusual.

Kitchens are normally built with cabinets and shelves firmly set on the floor or against the walls.
Free standing kitchens white
The countertop is definitely the most difficult piece to move around so when designing the kitchen, you assume that the counter top stays the same until you make another renovation.

Most free standing kitchen units are sold separately.

This means that cabinets, racks, shelves, tables and others are sold individually.

This allows the homeowner or designer to mix and match different types of furniture for the kitchen.

Also, with individual furniture and accessories, it can easily be rearranged in the future.

It makes moving out more convenient and with most units made with the capability to be adjusted, you are guaranteed with good fittings even in a different kitchen.

Free standing kitchens solaris

Most “units” or pieces used to complete a free standing kitchen are manufactured with adjustable legs, removable pieces and others to make it function as an individual piece, as well as a part of a whole interior design.

It’s somehow similar with modular accessories or modular furniture that can be separate and reattached, only less contemporary.

Furniture and accessories found in free standing kitchens

For most people, determining whether the piece of furniture falls under the category of free standing would be difficult.

Every piece of shelf or drawer can be used individually and might as well be under the free standing category.

What you will normally find in a free standing kitchen is a large table serving as the kitchen island.

This table can be separate or the same with the dining table but the point is that it is not fixed on the floor or attached to a wall.

You may also find a sink that can be detached, kitchen counters made by connecting two base cabinets or other types of drawers and others.

Free standing kitchens oak

As for accessories, most accessories used are attached with screws and can be removed and transferred to another side of the kitchen wall.

The basic idea is to be able to move things around, rearrange the furniture and accessories to get a complete new look while still using the same accessories and furniture.

It’s a good way to keep the kitchen interesting.

Also, when moving out, you can take your old kitchen to your new house.

With a different space, you will probably have a different arrangement in the new house.

But, that’s the beauty of it.

Free standing kitchens can easily be arranged back into a whole new different space.

Benefits of Buying Ex-Display Kitchens for Sale

Kitchens for sale are commonly ex-display kitchens.

You rarely find someone selling just the kitchen.

Most of the time, it comes with the whole house.

However, finding a completely furnished kitchen is not impossible.

Ex-display kitchens are sold as one whole unit. It’s difficult for builders to dispose the display by selling the cabinets, sink, faucet, drawers and other elements separately.

It’s simpler to sell the whole thing as one unit.

It’s also unusual for a buyer to want just a portion of a display kitchen.

Most display kitchens are made with a unified theme.

Whether it is modern minimalist or French country designs, all the pieces more or less complement each other.

Most display kitchens are almost perfect kitchens.

These are used to entice homeowners to buy their design so you can expect that the display kitchens are high end and not just for show.

They are meant to be tested and criticized so they were built to impress potential buyers.

This means that the handiwork on the cabinets is excellent, the light fixtures are aesthetically placed and enough to brighten up the whole kitchen, electric outlets and faucets are fully functioning and other small details are put there for a purpose.

Kitchens for Sale

For people who are not too excited about buying things for the kitchen separately, going for ex-display kitchens will save you a lot of time and effort.

Of course it’s more expensive than buying the elements needed and installing them on your own.

However, if you factor in the time needed to get things done, it’s more practical to get an ex-display kitchen.

The only thing you need to concern yourself is finding a kitchen that will fit in the space available in the house and match your style and budget.

Kitchens for Sale

What should you check in kitchens for sale?

If you will be buying ex display kitchens, like any regular purchase you make in a store you need to check a few things before paying for it and taking it home.

Style – Make sure the display kitchen is in the style and design that you want.

If you want your home to be designed in a Victorian interior, don’t settle for a country home style kitchen just because it’s the same size as the kitchen space you have.

Room measurement – Before shopping for kitchens, have the area measured so you can discuss this with the seller.

Find points where adjustments can be made without damaging the cabinets or the overall design.

Consider the height of the room as well so you can place wall cabinets in your kitchen without interfering with light fixtures or ceiling fans.

Budget – Even if you’re buying ex-display kitchens, sellers will not give it cheaply.

If you’re looking at an elaborately designed kitchen complete with chandeliers, a kitchen island and a beautifully crafted work top, expect it to be more expensive compared to a simple kitchen design meant for a small space.

Materials – Check the materials used for the counter tops, cabinets, drawers and others.

This way you can gauge whether the kitchens for sale are fairly priced and worth buying over building a kitchen from scratch.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves: Design

Stainless steel kitchen shelves are the kind of the kitchen cabinets that you can pick to fill the kitchen.

Actually, there are many choices for the kitchen shelves.

For example, the most favorite cabinets to use in the kitchen are the wooden cabinet.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves
The feeling of appetite in the kitchen is so strong, so the color of the wood feel so natural and also appetite.

Browse the stainless steel kitchen shelves IKEA in some stores and you might find the perfect one for your kitchen.

When you imagine the stainless steel, you may daydream about the monotone design and boring shape.

Look the stainless steel kitchen shelves first and you might think the opposite.

The designs of the shelves are totally pretty.

Most of the shelves are designed in the open cabinet or floating shelves.

The floating design will make the kitchen bigger and fresher.

It will bring the modern look and also the elegance.

Stainless steel is good to apply in any other kitchen theme.
Minimalist Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves

Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves: Benefit

The stainless steel kitchen shelves offer many benefits. The stainless steel has long durability than the wood.

Moreover, the stainless steel is strong enough when you often spill the liquid material, such as ketchup, sauce or cooking oil.

The material is so dense, so that you do not need to worry when the insect or rat try to destroy your shelves.
Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves
Even the stainless steel shelves are not so unique compared with the wooden cabinets, but the stainless steel is timeless.

You should do sightseeing stainless steel kitchen shelves UK  and see how the stainless steel work out with the traditional, vintage, or rustic kitchen design.

Moreover, the stainless steel will illuminate the light, so it will feel brighter with the stainless steel kitchen shelves.

Commercial Kitchen Shelving

Commercial kitchen shelving is one of the important things to consider when you have or has just start the restaurant business.

These shelving are useful to help storages your food and keep it for longer time.

Good kitchen shelving and racks are designed in a very special way to ensure your product in a good quality, at least until they are ready to be use.

To maintain the qualities of food, each of them need to be separated based on its durability, because each of food has its own maintenance.

To cover these needs, you may need to have the commercial kitchen storage besides the shelving and racks.

This is the effort you need to take to keep your business in line.
Simple Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves
When it comes to choosing the material of commercial kitchen shelving, you should set your preference first.

The most common considerations a restaurant businessman may think about when they want to buy shelving are type of shelves or racks that is sanitized, quite durable and easy to be clean.

The strength of the shelves to carry the product that will be storing and any food racks and shelving equipment that are environmentally friendly is other common considerations.

Type of kitchen shelving that is available at the market is restaurant shelving, commercial kitchen shelving and security shelves.

Commercial kitchen shelving also comes in various types:

the restaurant shelving for medium duty, the restaurant shelving for heavy duty, wall shelving, cam shelving, storage racks and shelving for wine, commercial racks for dish and glass, kitchen racks and shelving for cans, stackers and shelving for keg, shelving brackets, dunnage racks, and so on.

The size of commercial kitchen shelving and racks also various.

The common types are chrome 4 or 5 tier storage kit; this chrome shelf usually sized about 1830mm (height) x 1220mm (weight) x 457mm (d). the heavier duty that is need to carry, the higher height of the shelves.

Usually it is happen because the products are quite larger so it may need more space between shelves.

There are also the chrome wire shelves range for 1220mm x 457mm to 1525mm x 610mm. you can attach this type of shelves to the wall to save more place.

The commercial kitchen shelving and racks are now available on every online store for kitchen equipment.

You can easily purchase them as you need.

In the catalogs there is also simple specification along the price to support your convenient shopping.

U Shaped Kitchen Ideas

For highly active cooks, a U shaped kitchen is the best options since it gives them space to work without any distractions form the traffic along the cooking area.

A U-shaped kitchen consists of work area on three adjacent walls, two parallel walls at a 90 degree angle to a third.

This kind of kitchen layout is best for small to medium sized kitchen since they are highly efficient in using space.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen in this style, here are the tips for U shaped kitchen ideas.

U Shaped Kitchen Remodel Ideas

In considering the best U shaped kitchen ideas for your kitchen, consider the size and layout of your kitchen first.

It will determine the type of U shaped kitchen ideas layout you will use.

If your kitchen is small, it means that you have to maximize the use of the space which determines the position of your triangle working area and the places for your appliances.

U shaped kitchens have two legs on each sides of the peninsula.

Adjust the lengths and the function of each leg according to your need.

For example, if you have one leg longer than the others, you can apply a fridge on shorter leg and stove on the other with the sink on the peninsula.

Remember to set your dishwasher near the sink for practicality.

Since small kitchen does not allow you to apply a kitchen island in the center of your kitchen, use one longer leg for either kitchen island or bar stations.

On the other hand, a bigger kitchen will not function well without an island in the center to obstruct the traffic flow to the working area.

U Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

The position of your triangle appliances is easier to install in this U shaped kitchen ideas.

You have to remember to put them nearby each other with the triangle concept.

Adding some steps to reach your fridge and sink is not practical.

If your kitchen is bigger and you can apply an island in the center, you have to decide the function of your island first.

If it is for display, storage or serving only, then you need to put your triangle appliances on each side of your U shape kitchen ideas.

If you use your island as one of the triangle appliances station then make sure the appliances are close to each other.

Adding an island whatever the function is will give freer countertop space for preparation.

U Shaped Kitchen Ideas
Matching the function and available layout is the main thing in designing a U shaped kitchen ideas.

Browse more option on the net will help.
U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

G Shaped Kitchen Design

The oldest kitchen layout is that what they call the L shaped.

Not long after the L shaped are launched in the market, the home and kitchen interior designers develop this kitchen layout into U shape kitchen design, that is consider as more effective than the L shape, especially in the larger space.

Not long after U shaped are widely use, the G shape is created.

At a glance, you may see the similar concept between u shape and the G shape kitchen design.

Only, the G shape has the extra extension leg on one side of the kitchen.

With the new development of layout, more people can work at the same time in it.

The G shape was made so that more people can easily walk here and there in the kitchen without distract the cooking process.

G Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

The G shaped kitchen design is considered to have more powerful feature and design than L or U shaped layout because it frees your movement and give more room to other kitchen activities.

The G shaped layout adds a partial fourth wall of the additional cabinets, if there is any, the parts they called the peninsula.

This is why the kitchen can accommodate for more than 1 people activities in it.
G Shaped Kitchen Designs
The bad news is, in a smaller space, the G shaped kitchen design is potentially look narrower and crowded.

However, to solve this problem you can choose to crate open kitchen design, and integrate it with other room.

You can add a kitchen bar as the useful partition as a choice.
G-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout
The experience said that with G shape kitchen layout, three people can work at the place effectively without distract one another work.

More counter space and bigger storage make the space even more useful for big house.

Other benefits of G shape basically still hold on to this reason.

It will suitable with the home with more family member, it make the additional storage and counter added to the space, and it easier to integrated the kitchen with other subsidiaries activities with such kitchen shape.
Small G-Shaped Kitchen Designs

This is definitely a kitchen design for family cooking experiments.

Want to make the safe kitchen for your kids?

The g shaped will be the best answer.

You can watch them learn to make their first pizza or cookies while you work on your own cooking at once.

It is a real family cooking together kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Minimalist House Design

If you want to renovate your house with kitchen design contemporary ideas, you can do it by yourself.

You can make some innovations to improve your kitchen look by changing the shape of your kitchen furniture.

I will give you some kitchen design contemporary ideas tips that you can apply it in your home.
Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas

All you have to do is simplify your furniture because minimalist and contemporary tend to have simple design with less decoration.

Simpler is better.

You also need to think about the functionality aspect of your furniture.

Minimalist furniture can be modified for multipurpose furniture which combines two or more furniture into one simple furniture.

It will save the place and also will make it easier to use.
Awesome Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas

How to Apply Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas?

I will tell you several things to make your kitchen look more stunning with contemporary style.

If you have small kitchen ideas contemporary design, you will need to make the color of the kitchen as less as possible.

What I mean here is you can only put 2 or 3 color in your kitchen decoration.

Because if you paint your kitchen with too many colors you will make the kitchen look crowded and it will reduce the comfort.

That’s why if you want to apply kitchen design contemporary ideas you will need to choose the paint carefully.

Try to choose color that still relates like silver and white or dark brown with white.

You can always mix and match color and some time you could try to experiment some new combinations that suits your ideas.
Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas Design

Unique Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas

You can try to find the idea for your kitchen design contemporary ideas from website or from book or magazine.

The important thing is you dare to try whatever your ideas.

By combining several designs you might find the unique design that never been discovered by other people.

Be creative and explore your imagination to design your own kitchen.
Kitchen Design Contemporary Ideas with Wine Rack

Contemporary design often dominates with simple squared design in furniture and ornament.

Choose the best furniture that suitable with your kitchen.

You can use interior design service as guidance for your kitchen design contemporary ideas.

What are Flat Pack Kitchens?

Flat pack kitchens are basically kitchens made with ready-to-assemble kitchen furniture and accessories.

The parts are laid flat and packed for delivery thus the term flat pack.

Once received, the installation can be on a do-it-yourself basis or with minimal assistance from a professional.

The idea was copied from ready-to-assemble furniture.

Ready-to-assemble furniture was invented by Gillis Lundgren.

He was a Swedish draft man whose experience in making a table fit in his car by breaking the legs made him come up with the idea of selling furniture pieces that can be assembled and disassembled.

He re-attached the table legs when he got home and decided it was a worthwhile designing venture.

He forwarded his idea to the company he was working with and it took over since then.

IKEA launched their first RTA product in 1956 and became very famed that it is still highly regarded in the market today.

In fact, RTA products has not reached is maximum consumer base as not all furniture or department stores sell RTA furniture yet.

Benefits of flat pack kitchens

It is very user friendly as every RTA comes with a manual or list of instructions.

It is cheaper to renovate using flat pack furniture and accessories.

Costs for materials and delivery are smaller, thus making it cost effective.

The assembly requires only a short period of time.

Compared to renovations done the old way, you can cut short the time frame in completing a makeover in the kitchen.

It saves space in stores as they don’t need to be on display.

Stores can simply have photos of what it would look like then set it up when required and pack it back up after showing customers the product.

It allows a wide variety of mix and match combinations for the furniture and accessories.

RTA furniture and accessories from the same manufacturer are made with parts that will complement each other.

This provides more options for variety and design.
Flat Pack Kitchens

What you can buy from the stores

Major manufacturers of flat packs usually sell most of the things needed in a kitchen and other rooms.

For the kitchen, you’ll find that cabinets come in different types including floor cabinets, drawer cabinets, wall cabinets, pantry cabinets, broom cabinets.

Flat packs can also be assembled to become a kitchen bar and other furniture in the kitchen.
Flat Pack Kitchens
They even manufacture and sell oven bases such as wall oven bases and under-bench oven cabinets including range hoods.

Drawer sets are also made in RTA models, as well as accessories such as wireware.

Wireware include pull-out storage baskets, pull-out pantry, pin up racks and others. Hardware sold as part of flat pack accessories include hinges, connectors, angle brackets, screws, handles and others.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house which is why repairs and renovations are needed sooner or later.

However, the problem faced by most homeowners when deciding to renovate is the time required overseeing the project and the money it will cost them.

With flat pack kitchens, you’ll be cutting your expenses and still get to have a kitchen that is fully furnished, functional and stylish all at the same time.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas with the Best Lighting

Applying the Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas in your kitchen design can be a particular thing for our kitchen.

It is caused by applying the ideas about making the best contemporary kitchen design; you will get the modern and luxurious view in your kitchen.

Not only get it, applying the contemporary kitchen ideas in your home is also able to change your kitchen atmosphere into a better one.

In fact, there are many ways which can be applied to make your kitchen looks better.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Image

Inspiration for Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

One of them is by looking at the Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Photos.

It is caused by there are many people like to look for an inspiration from visual media, including the photos.

However, it will be much better if the photos are also equipped with a complete and clear description about the picture.

It will make the reader get the point of the Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas.

Actually, there are many things those you have to be prepared in designing a contemporary kitchen design.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Photos
For the first one in Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas is about the kitchen appliances which are going to be installed in the modern kitchen.

The kitchen appliances should match with the kitchen atmosphere will be.

The kitchen appliances are including the kitchen sink, faucet design, Kitchen Island, cupboard, and also kitchen countertop.

They are several important appliances which can influence your kitchen appearance.

There is also the other Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Tips which should be applied well.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Picture

Lighting in Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

They are about its decoration and lighting.

The existence of lighting will bring a great impact for your kitchen.

Most of contemporary kitchen has a cool and beautiful lighting design.

The lighting can make kitchen looks more exquisite and stunning.
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas Tips
The lamp usage is also one thing that has to be considered.

We even can use the LED lighting to beautify your kitchen appearance.

Those are several Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas.

Modern Kitchen

As the year is changing the style of kitchen design is changing too.

It never stops evolution form the more traditional into the more modern ones.

If you do not want to be left behind by the current of changes in kitchen style, May be it is the time for you to do some makeovers to your kitchen with styles and designs which fit with the style.

If you are still confused on what to do to renovate your kitchen into a modern kitchen one, here are some tricks for you.

Modern Kitchen 2012

Keep the sleek but update the color trend. Remember that the color trends are soft and brighter colors which represents new hopes for the new world and better living.

You can start your makeover my changing your paint color into peach, orange, yellow, lime green or grayish white.

Those colors, when it mixed with the right kitchen appliances and decorations, will result in a great modern kitchen look.

Modern Kitchen Design 2012

The next thing you can do is maybe changing your ornate appliances with simpler and sleeker ones.

You can start by changing your sink into the stainless steels ones to get the modern sleek look of it.

You better match your stainless steel sink with a plain colored, hard stone or mono color granite countertop for the pristine and clean look of your modern kitchen.

Colors such as black, white, gray, green, white or even natural wood colors are in trend for your modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2012

If you have a classical wooden cabinets with intricate pulls and knobs, try to remove and change the pulls and knobs with a more simpler and modern looking ones.

You can keep the wooden look since it is still in this year.

If your cabinets have lots of curves and carvings, you might better change the door in to the sleeker and simpler ones, since this is the spirit of a modern kitchen.

Use open glass door cabinets to add the modern, pristine and stylish look of your modern kitchen.

Green comes back in trend in as modern kitchen trend.

Try to convert your appliances in to eco friendly appliances such as eco friendly cabinets from non rain forests, recycled materials for your kitchen appliances, energy savings appliances and eco plants or greenery in your kitchen.

Bring the spirit of Go Green to your kitchen as your resolution to save the environment.

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2012

Though the time, color trends, models and technological advances change all the time, a modern kitchen will retain its sleek, pristine, and clean characteristics.

Keep your kitchen tidy and clean to preserve the modern spirit in it.

Contemporary White Kitchen Designs

Since white blends well with any colors and appliances materials, white kitchen is perfect for smaller kitchen.

It conveys beam and roomy impression to your crammed kitchen.

If you want to have contemporary white kitchen designs in your kitchen, remember that you need to be creative in combining different materials and colors of your kitchen with white dominating color.

You can use woods, stainless steel, or any other colored materials.

Among them, the one which is more suitable for your modern white kitchen theme is stainless steel.

Here are some contemporary white kitchen designs for your references for you.

Contemporary White Kitchen Table

Combining white kitchen cabinets will make your contemporary kitchen seems exceptional.

Combine your white kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances such as kitchen sink and faucets and natural brighter stone countertops or butcher block countertop to get the simple and sleek impression of your kitchen.

Strengthen your contemporary white kitchen designs by complementing your white cabinets with washed white wall.

Try to use some combination of colors to lessen the glowing white kitchen theme.

Contemporary White Kitchen Ideas

A sleek and modern kitchen island or tables in stainless steel will accentuate the look of your white kitchen theme.

The white walls and appliances in contrast with your white island with butcher block top or stainless steel top will sharpen the edge and your stainless steel kitchen island will seem as the star in your kitchen stage.

Accentuate the contemporary style by using sleek and simple designs for your other appliances such as cabinets and stools to get the best contemporary white kitchen designs.

Contemporary White Kitchen Table

If you want some variations in your contemporary white kitchen designs, stainless steel cabinets will seems perfect too with your white kitchen walls when it is perfectly combined with darker colored countertops and modern mirror or black and white mosaic tile.

The edges of your stainless steel cabinets will be accentuated with the contrasting blend of white walls, backsplash and the cabinets themselves.

Contemporary White Kitchen Table

Using white only in your white kitchen theme is not encouraged.

Combine your contemporary white kitchen designs with various colored appliances.

Although they are not dominating the kitchen, they will give it a sense of accents which prevents your kitchen to seem boring and dull.

Appliances with various materials and colors such as wooden and stainless steel will spark gleams to your kitchen and brings out the sleek and modern pristine kitchen for you.

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

You don’t need to be rich to have a luxury kitchen design nowadays.

What you need to do is be creative in choosing the right appliances and decorations to your kitchen.

If you are dreaming of a luxury kitchen design, these tips might help you in reaching your dream without loosing lots of money for it.

Luxury Kitchen Design

Make use what you have.

Breaking the kitchen wall and changing or removing it from the previous place might cost your money since you have to consider additional cost for your plumbing and electricity.

Stick to your old kitchen layout, add some decorations and change old and dull decorations and fixture with the newer, cheaper and more luxurious ones.

If your appliances do not match with the new your luxury kitchen design, you can update your appliances without buying new ones by replacing the panels to your dishwasher, stove, or refrigerator to match your new color scheme.

Replacing the old knobs and handles on your cabinetry and drawers can make a difference.

luxury kitchen Cabinets

New paint makes everything look clean and bright again.

Applying a fresh coat to your luxury kitchen design is an easy, inexpensive, effective way to revive the room.

Paint the trim a contrasting color, or create an accent wall by using a different shade of the same color.

Quality Exterior Services can come in and repaint your kitchen to give it that extreme luxurious feeling you were going for.

Try to stick to neutral colors.

Luxury Kitchen Countertops

If your existing countertop is old, worn or outdated, try replacing it with some new tile.

Several companies make a polymer or granite “shell” that fits directly over your current countertop.

Kitchen sinks can be expensive too, especially when using granite, or other solid surface material.

Replace the faucet and update it with a sleeker, stylish model available at any home improvement store will do the trick.

best lighting luxury kitchen design

Creating the best lighting design for your kitchen is another key for this luxury kitchen design. Instead of crystal and expensive lighting fixtures, choose “off the shelf” fixtures.

Change ceiling lighting sources with updated fixtures or designs which utilize brighter, energy efficient bulbs. Adding under-cabinet lighting eliminates shadows created by ceiling lights placed close to cabinets.

They create abundant light to help you doing your job in the kitchen better.

Be careful with your flooring. Instead of marble tile flooring, use ceramic tile.

Substitute hard wood flooring with cheaper high-end laminate wood varieties.

Choose flooring that is easy to maintain, since spills, drops and accidents of all sorts happen in the kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Designs Gallery

The key to have a luxury kitchen design is to be creative and classy.

Try to search cheaper but better kitchen fixtures and appliances on the internet.

More references will definitely help you.
Large Kitchen Design Ideas

Large Kitchen Design Ideas

Large kitchen design ideas usually can be easily adapted from older kitchen designs.

Many people still love the traditional kitchen designs or vintage stuff, and these ideas can be easily found on a home and kitchen design collection, on the internet, or home furniture stores.

Even though seem to be timeless and identically match with the large space, traditional kitchen design have some disadvantages, such as make the whole kitchen space look dark and dim, although it built with certain lighting tricks.

Traditional kitchen designs sometimes make the kitchen hard to be clean.

With all the engraving attach to the cabinet, table, and countertops, you will need longer time to clean them all.
Large Square Kitchen Design Ideas
The new large kitchen design ideas that are become the new trend nowadays is the modern kitchen design.

The most noticeable advantage of modern kitchen design is it is easy to be applied.

It is design to be adaptable with the spaces available.

You can always have the modern kitchen design when you have large space of kitchen in your home or if you live in a small apartment with limited kitchen spaces.

A good kitchen designs are expect to be low maintenance, durable, easy to be clean, have enough storage, and better have timeless style.

Large kitchen however, usually require high maintenance, and harder to be clean although it offers style and more space for storage.

When you intend to build large kitchen design ideas, there are few things that are important to be considering regardless the style you use.

They are countertops, backsplash, cabinet, flooring and storage.

Large Open Kitchen Design Ideas

The best counter tops chosen are stainless steel, Corian, laminates, and quartz.

These materials will not need any sealing and don’t have grout.

You can also use granite that will offer the same low cost and easy cleaning.

For the backsplash, you can use the glass, stone slab, or quartz.
Large Kitchen Diner Design Ideas
By using the same considerations, choose linoleum, marmoleum or vinyl as the flooring.

Hardwood may be the best choice once you have the traditional dark kitchen style, but you will need more time to wipe the floor.

Storage in the modern kitchen style can be built in as the smart furniture.

This double function furniture will be the same useful as in the small kitchen because its efficiency.

Make sure you choose the slab front cabinets or shaker style cabinets.

Those materials are easily to be wiping and can easily adapted in any kitchen style.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas – Your kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in your house.

Lots of activities happen daily and choosing the right floor where you step on is very important.

The wrong floor will cause trouble and even accident.

If you are about to change your kitchen floor, these tips on kitchen floor tile ideas may help you a lot.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas Pictures

Kitchen floor tiles are popular choice of kitchen floor tile ideas aside of wooden and marble.

It is affordable with various styles and designs.

If you want to set one, consider the function first.

Take a look at your kitchen floor and think about the activities happen there.

If you use it very often, choose a save material for your kitchen floor.

Materials such as bamboo, vinyl and cork are perfect for you since they are highly durable and safe for you and they are not slippery.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

A cork tile is highly favored by many for safer and eco friendly qualities it possess.

It is eco friendly since it is made of grasses and not made of woods.

It doesn’t exhume toxic materials when it’s burnt while it is naturally resistant to it.

It is water resistant and prevents molding, mildew and even insects.

Not only it is warm to your feet, it also sounds proof so you can have your solemn cooking activity daily.

However, if you have children or pets, a cork tile floor will not be suitable for your kitchen floor tile ideas since it cannot stand chipping from pets or your children although its surface is highly forgiving.

It also need constant maintenance to keep its performance.

Vinyl tile is the next favorite for kitchen floor tile ideas since it is the cheapest of all.

It goes with various kinds of colors and designs which can be applied to any kinds of style your kitchen has.

Vinyl is not slippery and easy to clean but it has less durability than cork.

It is prone to chips and slices so you have to be careful in using your sharp kitchen ware.

You might want to choose bamboo as your kitchen floor tile ideas option if you like to wear stilettos since bamboo is more durable and saver than vinyl or cork but it is indeed more expensive.

It stands chipping and slices for its hard materials almost like wood, however, it only has limited designs or colors.

If you are the big fan of wood but couldn’t afford it for budget’s sake, you better choose bamboo tile.

Adjust your kitchen floor tile ideas with your budget and function.

Consult with professionals read more reference will lend a hand.

Slate Kitchen Floor

Slate kitchen floor is gaining its fame lately for its natural look that many homeowners have been dreaming about.

This particular floor is made of natural stone which is cut into tiles and can be installed in ceramic tile style.

They come in various tone and colors depends on the rock of its origin.

This variety of patterns and colors in one flooring plan is one of the positives of stale tile.

It will create the rustic feel of your kitchen.

If you ant to apply one in your kitchen, here are some DIY steps to do it.

Take a look at your kitchen and set a plan on how big and what kind of slate kitchen floor you will apply.

Look at the style of your kitchen and the color theme.

Make sure that you buy the matching pattern or colors.

Remember to have a careful measurement on how many tiles you will need.

For this kind of tiles you do not need to set them in mosaic style since most of the tiles usually come in sets and they have almost the same pattern and colors to match each other.

Buy 10% more tiles just in case you need more tiles and it will be difficult to get the same colors and pattern.

Prepare the tools such as measurement tools, trowels, building square, large sponge, knee pads, mixing buckets, large putty knife or scraper, grout float, diamond wet saw and rubber mallet and clean rags.

You should not forget the sub-floor as the base of your slate kitchen floor too.

Tighten the floor by screwing up the joints to prevent tiles cracking.

Add layers from 0.25 or 0.5 inch plywood for basement and prevent moist to seep down the joints.

Seal it when it’s necessary.

Do some trials of your slate kitchen floor plan by setting the tiles one by one on your floor.

Set the center and how you will arrange it later.

Set the position on you blue print and mark the tiles for each position.

Re do it again and again until you get the best look for you entire kitchen.

Apply adhesive on your floor thoroughly with trowel, you can easily buy the materials on home improvements stores around.

And apply it per area; otherwise, it will dry quickly.

Press the slate kitchen floor tiles into place and use the spacers to maintain their positions and make sure that all the tiles are even.

Wait for 48 hours and then seal the floor.

Apply the grout after 24 hours diagonally into the spaces with a grout float.

Wipe off the messy grout with sponge.

And voila!

Setting up your slate kitchen floor by DIY seems easy, but remember to consult professionals when there’s a problem.

Black and White Kitchen Floor Hacks

Black and white is a perfect combination of colors.

Both of them are neutral that they can be combined with any colors available.

As in the kitchen, black and white can go fine too when it is united with the proper kitchen size and appliances.

To make your kitchen seems sleek and clean with the black and white kitchen theme; you can just change your flooring in to a black and white kitchen floor.

Black and White Kitchen Floor Hacks

Consider the size of the room.

Your room’s size will determine the size of your black and white kitchen tiles.

If you opt for tiling, your small kitchen will be perfect with bigger tiles and your big kitchen will look outstanding with your smaller black and white tiles.

Another trick you can do dealing with your black and white tile is arranging the style of applying it.

Most people are satisfied with only chess checkered black and white kitchen floor.

It will be okay for some people, but some will get dizzy with this kind of pattern.

Be creative in setting up your tile.

You can do it mosaic style by putting the same colored tiles in one row or area and making the darker tiles to frame the middle area of your room creating a square floor with square black frame or other models and patterns as you like it.

Combine the materials.

You can combine natural stones with black and white kitchen flooring style.

You do not have to make it into a checkered chess pattern.

You can make frames out of the two colors in your kitchen or even a mosaic.

Don’t be afraid in inventing new patterns to add the personality of your kitchen.

If you have bigger kitchen choose the white as the dominant colors and the black as the minor colors and vice versa.

It will give the reverse look of your kitchen.

Combine it with perfect furniture and kitchen theme.

Black and white kitchen floor can go with any furniture and any color.

You just need to combine them well and let the blending naturally happen.

Combine it with antique wooden table and cabinets set, ceramic tiles and granite countertop to get your classy French country kitchen style.

If you like the more modern one, you can try to match it with sharp edged cabinets with sleek cutting or glass door cabinets, glass mosaic backsplash tile and grey natural stone countertops will give you a perfect modern kitchen look.

There are thousands of ideas about black and white kitchen floor around if you want to check on it.

Browse some more for your inspirations.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring Benefits and Comparisons

Why do we choose laminate kitchen flooring?

Selecting flooring for kitchen is often tricky, since kitchen is always deal with moisture and traffic.

Installing laminate on kitchen is increasingly popular since many traditional homeowners are using tile or linoleum or natural flooring.

Laminated flooring is typically artificial made of tiles on floor so called synthetic materials.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring: Best Options

Manufactured company on laminate kitchen flooring is giving some options in the best kitchen flooring in choosing our laminated floor.

Varieties on textures, pattern and colors are resembled to meet the homeowners’ wishes; for example laminated stone, laminated wood, or even laminated tiles textures are provided.

Aesthetically, laminated floor will meet your criteria.

Since kitchen is always dealing with crash and traffic, laminate kitchen flooring is giving you the best idea to resolve it.

Laminated floor is made from layered solid and tough materials.

Sometimes, homeowners are doing many things in the kitchen, some crash and traffic cannot be avoided.

Do not worry about color changing that is caused by moisture or water.

This product has been designed to avoid it.

You are able to clean it daily with soft mop and water.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring: Cost and Installation

Some homeowners do not want to be too complicated in dealing with installation.

This laminated floor gives you opportunities in doing it by yourself with some instructions.

You are also in your safe time and cost in installing this product.

In terms of cost, the price of laminated floor is cheaper than natural flooring such as stone, ceramics, or wood.

But it is more expensive than vinyl kitchen flooring.

In terms of longevity, natural flooring will be last longer than laminated floor.

One thing that you can do is paying attention on the replacement time before the counterparts do.

Easy installation and less cost are one of the main factors why we choose laminate kitchen flooring.

Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns – Tiling your kitchen floor is always fun since you can do whatever with it to enhance the look of your kitchen.

There are options in installing your kitchen with tiles.

Adding pattern will give more accents to your kitchen though.

With the right floor pattern, your kitchen will look outstanding and marvelous.

And if you don’t know how to choose the right kitchen floor tile patterns, here are some useful tips for you.

Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

Do thorough measurements of your kitchen floor.

Before you go out and buy new kitchen floor tile patterns, calculate your kitchen floor in detail first.

Put your measurement on a blueprint if it’s necessary so you can have an idea on what kind of size and models of tiles you will choose.

Consider the size of your kitchen too.

Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns Ideas

Choose the right kitchen floor tile patterns.

Consider the kinds of activities and your budget to decide on the right materials.

If you have a very busy family with children and pets around, wood and marble are perfect for durability shake.

But if you have limited budget, bamboo can the durability part.

For a quiet family with no pets, cork and vinyl will suit your limited budget.

Although cork is more expensive it is safer for your family since it is warm, sound proof and luxurious.

However, both cork and vinyl do not stand chipping and slicing.

Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

Choose the right size for your kitchen floor tile patterns.

Tiles come with various sizes start from 4 to 18 inch squares.

If you have smaller kitchen, choose bigger shape tiles which will give bigger look on your kitchen.

For your bigger kitchen, you are free to choose which size and even combine the smaller and bigger kitchen tile sizes.

Remember the color plan, brighter colored tile for smaller kitchen and dark colored tiles for bigger kitchen.

Decide the blueprint of your kitchen floor tile patterns.

Draw your kitchen floor’s pattern of your kitchen blue print, set the plan on how to lay them down.

You can use the combination of colors to give the variations on your kitchen but make sure that the colors blend well.

Lay down your tile on the floor without the adhesive to see if they fit your plan and check if you need to alter some tiles or not.

You can arrange them with the regular checkered, diamond, or framed style.

You can try to use different colors and size of kitchen tile for a mosaic kitchen and accentuate your focal point in your kitchen.

Kitchen Floor Tile Layout Patterns

Thorough and detail planning will be helpful for your kitchen floor tile patterns plan.

Browse for some more ideas on the net.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans

An open lay out kitchen is gaining its popularity lately.

More people see that in this kind of model, they will get more freedom of movement and better access from the main area to the cooking area.

This kind of style will also make your smaller kitchen seems bigger and pristine.

Despite its benefits, making an open kitchen floor plan is not that easy as turning your hands.

You need to consider additional furniture and the setting of your kitchen.

These tips on open kitchen floor plans will be off assistance for you.

One way to set your open kitchen floor plans is to consider the setting of your kitchen and the main you want to combine it with.

Your kitchen should be in line with it.

Make sure that you do not sacrifice a whole lot of your walls for it and that it doesn’t change the basic structure of your house.

Your can reduce half of your wall without risking your house to crumble down if your wall kitchen supports the structure of your house.

Although it is an open kitchen floor plan, you still need the border between your cooking area and your guest area.

Your kitchen is an independent area with a completely different function with the other area.

Setting an island or an open bar countertops will help you keeping your working area out of the disturbance from the guest area.

This will set the boundaries and in the end, it will make you to be more efficient in doing your job in your kitchen and keeping your guest away from dirt and smokes while you are cooking.

The nest thing is, because your open kitchen floor plans will be visible from your guest are, you need to keep them clean all the time.

Decorating your kitchen into as beautiful as it can be and also keeping your appliances in order will give you a good impression in front of your guests.

You need to combine your kitchen style with the other room too to make sure that there will be not clash or mismatch between your guest room and your kitchen.

An antique kitchen will seems funny with a modern looking guest room unless you combine some of the elements into a more vintage style one.

Making an open kitchen floor plans is a brilliant idea for your small kitchen.

It will result in a home that encourages a homey relationship and elevate the kitchen from a cooking place only into the heart of the family activity and hang out area.

Browse some ideas on the net will help you.

Small Kitchen Floor Plan

Some people are lucky to have spacious kitchen to decorate which give them ultimate freedom in choosing whatever ideas they want to use in their kitchen.

However most of us are not that lucky and have to be content with smaller and inadequate kitchen size with limited options to decorate and designs.

Do not hang your head and cheer up since we have lots of tricks to make your kitchen seems spacious despite the limited space it has.

Flooring can be your answer.

Applying the right flooring can enhance the look of your kitchen since it consumes most of the focal points of your kitchen area.

Here are some small kitchen floor plan tips for you.

Before going out and buying your small kitchen floor plan, you better consider the availability of the materials and you kitchen’s style and budget.

There are various kinds of materials on the stores and among them, the most popular ones are: hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl and tile.

They come with different kinds of colors and style.

Choose the right flooring for your kitchen style and budget.

Wood is the most expensive, and then the next tile, linoleum and vinyl are the least expensive of all.

To give your kitchen the spacious look it requires, you need to choose the lighter colored ones.

Brighter colored small kitchen floor plan will give an effect of width and crisp looking to go with your small kitchen.

If you choose wood for your floor, choose lighter colored wood such as plywood, maple and others, teak and oak might be too dark for your small kitchen.

As for linoleum and vinyl tiles, they come in various colors and patterns.

Choose brighter natural pastel colors such as crème, natural stones or wood patterns with lighter colors.

If you opt for mosaic tiles, remember to choose the right pattern and color for your small kitchen floor plan tiles.

Choose brighter color combinations and avoid contrasting colors when you want to apply it in checkered style.

Checkered style is not encouraged for smaller kitchen since it will make it seems smaller.

Make a frame on your kitchen with darker tiles and use brighter tiles for the background of your mosaic style.

Adding glossy finish to your small kitchen floor plan will definitely add the spacious effect too.

It will reflect the light and it will also give the impression of brighter and wider kitchen space.

A matte or subdued finish will make the area look smaller.

Although the tricks for your small kitchen floor plan seem easy, you better browse or consult with the professionals for more ideas and tips for better result.

Cork Floor Kitchen

Flooring sometimes should not be neglected.

If you are looking for flooring which feels comfortable for your feet to step on without feeling cold on as on a hard stones floor, cork floor kitchen can be your perfect options.

It brings you warmth, softness and comfort as you expensive rugs but with durability and beauty of a wooden floor.

A cork floor kitchen can be your dream kitchen floor for its good quality of keeping warmth and sound, very forgiving and eco friendly.

Its materials allows cork floor kitchen to be able to absorb warmth and keep it inside.

So your feet will not feel cold and hard whenever you need to stand too long on it.

Its spongy materials also keep sounds.

It will keep the noisy sound from your naughty loud children down below.

It I also very forgiving that even if you slice it, it will heal by itself.

Be careful not to use stilettos or sharp edged heels on it since it is pretty fragile of chunking although it can heal itself.

A cork floor kitchen is naturally friendly since it is made from renewable materials not from rain forests.

It suits your go green value and it does not pollute the environment.

It does not release toxic when it is burnt, unlike other materials.

You do not have to worry about mold, mildew and insects since this kind of floor will prevent them with its antimicrobial properties.

Remember that a cork floor kitchen still needs constant maintenance since it has thin and delicate materials.

You need to constantly refurnish it over and over again.

Normal standard cork flooring will only last for 5 – 10 years.

Then you need to coat it with poly which requires you to be very careful in sanding the area between the coats since the pieces are very thin.

If you want to sand it, avoid rough sand since it is easy to chip if your do it roughly.

Remember that there are two kinds of cork floor kitchens in the market.

The first one is the floating click which is finished with acrylic and does not stand wet.

It only has thin veneer on the top to create pattern.

And the stick down type with 4 coats of poly on it.

Sometimes it requires you to apply the last coat of poly to seal the joints.

It is waterproof and resistant to moist.

A cork floor kitchen comes with various sizes with many different colors and patterns.

Adjust them with the matching interiors and kitchen appliances.

Getting some references in the net is definitely helpful.

Kitchen Countertops Design Hacks

The world of designs keeps developing year by year.

The variety of designs and combinations of style and colors are getting more and more copious that it seems too hard to follow.

Kitchen designs and its appliances such as cabinets, backsplash and countertops are also vastly mottled in to thousands of styles and designs.

Choosing your countertop designs can be tricky now that you have plethora of options to choose.

But don’t worry. If you have decided to renovate your kitchen in to the kitchen ones, we have some Kitchen Countertops Design Hacks for you.

Kitchen Countertops 2012

Kitchen countertops ideas are dominated by more natural looking countertops.

People are starting to pay attention on the functionality more than on design.

Durable and easier to maintain materials for countertops are more favored by many than the sleek fragile ones.

Stainless steel, despite the sleek look and durability it has, are starting to be left behind for the cold and too sterile look for home kitchen.

Nowadays, people move on to other metal materials such as zinc, copper etc.

Zinc for example has vivid black to blue colors which discharge a classic and old feel of the kitchen it is also easier to maintain.

Trends in Kitchen Countertops Design Hacks

Alternative countertops, recycled glass countetops, are gaining popularity for kitchen countertop ideas.

Alternatives recycled materials countertop such as glass mosaic countertop becomes more popular for green kitchen since it uses recyclable materials form used factory glass.

The models for this kind of countertop Is not outdated too.

They are available in different shades of colors and forms.

Wood countertops like Bamboo is another idea which comes from a go green kitchen idea.

Bamboo is highly renewable since it belongs to grass classification and it is easier to grow than hard wood trees.

Bamboo also has unique shades of colors start from yellow to dark brown with its own unique patterns.

People are starting to leave behind more expensive granite and natural stones countertops and move to laminate countertops for kitchen countertop ideas.

Most Popular Kitchen Countertops 2012

They are less expensive countertops and easy to install and maintain.

Although it is easy to scratch and burnt, it offers abundant varieties of models, designs, colors and patterns which you can use to decorate your kitchen as you like.

Choosing the right kitchen countertop for your kitchen needs you to consider about the function and the budget first then you can start to think about the style.

If you are a sloppy messy person, laminate will be perfect for your sloppy self.

Useful Things with Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Laminate kitchen countertop has become one favorite style for cooking table that is easy to get and to use in every home kitchen.

As for maintenance laminate does not take too much details and hard cleaner compounds, you do not have to worry about making mistakes and scratch your hand with the solid surface.

From slicing garlic to serving the plates, it would be easy to keep all things in right position and in perfect condition.

Vegetables can be kept clean on the stone plate while glass bowls can be dragged easily without hurting anyone.

Countertop corners are usually smoothly rounded while the material fits any kind of hand skin.

Since cooking with clean table is a must for perfect style and progressive steps, it would be nice having a good surface for knife and the wooden plate.

Useful things by laminate kitchen countertop will give you ideas to clean the surface easily.

You can clean it daily with mild soap and water, which means there will not be too much maintenance to apply.
Laminate Kitchen Countertop
Being resistance from stains, abrasion and moisture makes laminate kitchen countertop repair kit gained better popularity than some other materials with higher prices.

Compliments on the surface will last long while the kitchen is entirely maintenance very well.

Continuing process of making the best dishes while keeping all things clean gives you satisfaction for cooking experience.

Ideas about laminate kitchen countertop include laminate kitchen countertop paint, size and corner shapes that are closely related to personal taste of visuals.

Combining all things in design and functions will give perfect idea on the cooking table.
Cleaning Laminate Kitchen Countertop Wilsonart Solid SurfaceCleaning Laminate Kitchen Countertop

About Cleaning Laminate Kitchen Countertop

You may take professional advises about cleaning the countertops with different surface materials.

Health and cleanliness take the top prior while the perfect results of cooking still give bonus as results.

Things about cleaning may be portrayed in magazines while you take the rest for improvisation.

Preferences over laminate kitchen countertop will lead you to various results of perfection.
Laminate Kitchen Granite Countertop

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Laminate kitchen countertops can be a perfect option if you dream about having granite or marble stuff in your kitchen, but found out that it is not match your budget.

Laminate can turn your kitchen into something that is look more expensive than it actually is.

Unlike marbles or granite, laminate has large variety burst of colors, some of type contain more than two colors at once.

All colors of laminate are unique and the combinations are quite wide, makes it rather easy to find laminate type to be your kitchen countertops that is perfectly match to your taste.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops Home Depot

There are many advantages in choosing laminate as your kitchen countertops.

Think about the list below and let it be your consideration when you are looking for countertops material;

Laminate kitchen countertops are easy to be clean.

recycled glass countertops 3

No need to buy certain furniture cleansing liquid, you can clean the laminate surface perfectly by using soft soap and water.

Laminate is resistant to water, moisture, stains, or abrasion.

Meanwhile marble prone to any types of damage cause by acid and water because of its low density and porous texture.

Laminate has more than 200 colors and pattern.

You must find at least one that will match your preference and style.

If one type of laminate doesn’t seem to reflect your personality perfectly, there are more variety decorative edges you can choose.

Combining different patterns of laminates is also can be a good choice.

Low cost, and only require minimum maintenance.

Since it is relatively affordable, you can change your laminate kitchen countertops every other few years.

Nowadays, do it yourself project how to install laminate kitchen countertops are quite enormous.

Simple search for ‘how to install the laminate countertops’ will lead you to over 100 article discussed about the easiest way to have new laminate countertops.

If you feel like it is better to have an expert to install them on, you will still save more cash than if you choose other more expensive material, like ceramic countertops or granite countertop colors.

It must be easier to install this laminate material considering that there are more articles do-it-yourself installing laminate countertops.

Forget to install the granite or marble kitchen countertops on your own; those two materials need a lot more careful handling.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops Pictures Laminate Kitchen Countertops

So, still thinking about choosing other material than laminate?

Well, check your budget again and think further, are you going to have to spend twice a lot for remodeling your kitchen?

recycled glass countertops

Recycled Glass Countertops

A very good way to remodel your kitchen is to invest in recycled glass countertops.

This way you do your bit for the environment by making sure you are reusing what you can, so that the ton of garbage that ends up daily in the rivers, seas and oceans on a daily basis is reduced somewhat.

Recycled glass countertops not only are a great idea for the reasons that are mentioned, they are also a fabulous addition to any kitchen if you are looking for style and elegance.

For one, depending on the glass used you can easily make the kitchen look larger.

If you have a small kitchen, try and give it a false effect of space by using glass table and kitchen island tops, glass and mirror accent tiles and light colored paint on the walls.

recycled glass countertops
recycled glass countertops

Counter tops are an important decision when it comes to kitchen décor.

For one, they are very practical items of furniture, you can say, in the kitchen.

The counter top is used for storing items of the kitchen, bottles and jars, racks for crockery etc.

It is used for chopping meat and vegetables sometimes, it is also used for rolling out pastry dough or bread dough.

Therefore the material that the counter top is made out of is an important consideration.

Bear in mind that if you are the kind who rough uses her or his countertop, it is not a very good idea you invest in recycled glass countertops.

Recycled glass countertops are better off in kitchens where they will not be heavily banged upon too many times.

There are many kitchens which see minimal work so that should not be an issue!

Recycled glass countertops are an inexpensive option.

There are many places that you can get these made, customized to order, so that you get exactly what you want in your kitchen.

Else, you can get ready made ones from hardware stores or those stress which cater to kitchen furniture and items.

Online stores are a great place to buy recycled glass countertops as well.

What is more, you can probably get fantastic designs and patterns are extremely competitive prices.

Online stores are the best place to go looking for items for the house because there are always sales on and therefore you always have the option of buying furniture and other items at heavily discounted prices.

Recycled glass countertops can be made at home as well.

If you are the kind who enjoys do-it-yourself projects and are willing to dedicate whole weekends to the cause then you can take this on.

All you will need to do is recycle the glass from an old windowpane or so, cut it into size and do the needful to convert it into an impressive example of recycled glass countertops.

Recycled glass countertops come in different styles.

You can buy or make self embossed ones, plain ones, distressed ones, translucent ones.

Whatever suits your fancy and makes your kitchen look good.

These are best paired with dark polished wood structures.

How Green Are Recycled Glass Countertops ?

Homeowners all over the US are opting for recycled glass countertops over conventional options.

There is no lack of choices as far as the materials for your kitchen countertops are concerned but few match the durability and environmental friendliness of the recycled countertops.

Going green is the need of the hour, and if you want to do your bit for the environment, opting for countertops made from recycled glass could be the first step toward it.

Recycled Glass Countertops
Recycled Glass Countertops

This is a pertinent question that does come to mind when discussing about countertops made from recycled glass.

There is no doubt that these countertops are ‘green.’

After all, they prevent a large volume of discarded glass from ending up in a landfill and adding to the environment’s woes.

This makes them a great option for the environmentally conscious as well as the people who don’t want to go for the conventional options when it comes to countertops.

That being said, one thing you should keep in mind is that the materials used for binding the glass together to create the countertop is not ‘green’ in the true sense of the word.

The resin or cement-like mixture does include some chemicals and other elements that might be harmful for the environment.

Yet, their quantity is small enough to ensure they don’t cause significant damage.

The bottom-line is that recycled glass countertops are as ‘green’ as they can be.

Types of Recycled Glass Countertops

Generally, these countertops are made from 90% glass.

The rest of the materials are resins that hold the glass in place for the structure to form properly.

There are some other types of recycled glass countertops that use glass as the sole material.

A cement-based formula is also used to make these, but it is rarely opted for.

Each type has its own pros and cons, and you need to know all of them so you can choose the right one for your home.

The main difference is in the look and feel of the countertops.

The technique used for making the countertop is what influences how it appears to you.

Two Recycled Glass Tile techniques

Recycled glass tile held together by a binding material.

As an example, this is similar to the way chocolate chip cookies are made.

In this case, the cookie dough is the binding material and the chocolate chips are the crushed glass chips that are held in place by it.

These have a chip-based appearance.

The second type of recycled glass countertops look more like glass countertops than the chip-based ones.

They are more like single, long slabs of glass.

In this case, they may consist entirely of recycled glass though some makers use manufactured glass as well.

They are seldom seen in the market and not widely used.

As you might imagine, the chip-based countertops are far easily available and widely used.

Therefore, it usually recommended that you use them for your home.

Countertop come in two categories:

Cement Based

A cement-like mixture is applied to hold the chips in place.

Resin Based

The binding matrix used to hold the glass chips in place is resin-like.

Resin is part of the plastic family.

Though the difference between the two is not readily apparent, you do need to understand how they differ.

The cement-based countertops are vulnerable to staining from acidic substances.

To prevent staining from red wine, juice or sauce, etc., you have to clean the countertop regularly using a sealer.

Applying the sealer closes the pores and ensures staining doesn’t occur.

Without the sealer, a spill could leave a stain as well as incise the surface.

On the other hand, resin-based recycled glass countertops are much like quartz countertops.

They don’t stain and aren’t porous.

Therefore, maintaining them is easier.

Regardless of the type of countertop you select, you can rest assured that recycled glass is the main component.

Even the most frugal of manufacturers use at least 75% recycled glass when making their countertops.

The glass can either be pre-consumer or post-consumer.

Pre-consumer glass is discarded by the manufacturers, i.e. the glass they find unusable or which breaks.

Post-consumer, as the name suggests, is the glass discarded by people like you.

It would end up in a landfill if not recycled and made into countertops.
Recycled Glass Countertops

Pros and Cons of Recycled Glass Countertops

It is important that you understand the pros and cons of having countertops with recycled glass tile.

This knowledge would help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to buy them for your home.

Let’s start with the pros.

The most obvious benefit of these countertops is their environmental friendliness.

There is no doubt that the environment is suffering because of rampant pollution.

Discarded glass that ends up in landfills only adds to the level of pollution.

This is why there is a conscious effort around the world to reduce carbon emissions and also curb the pollution levels in an effort to preserve the environment in its current state.

While installing countertops made from recycled glass may seem a minor contribution, it is a contribution nonetheless; it is a chance for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plus, there are few alternatives when it comes to sustainable fixtures for your home.

Most other materials used for making countertops have to be mined and are non-renewable.

Sooner or later, they will run out.

However, there is a constant supply of discarded glass that can be recycled to make these countertops.

This is extremely important for helping to sustain the environment.

Yet, this is not the only advantage of using recycled glass countertops.

Advantage of recycled glass countertops

The colors and designs available to you in these countertops are more varied than the conventional options.

This is because chipped glasses of different colors are used for making the countertops.

This not only adds tremendous depth to the countertops but also makes them translucent.

Besides effectively serving their purpose, the countertops are a visual delight and add to the value of your home.

Your kitchen and bathrooms can stand out.

You can rest assured that most homeowners don’t know about countertops made from recycled glass, let alone install them in their homes.

Therefore, there is a good chance that yours might be the only home in the neighborhood with recycled glass countertops.

This is a surefire way to add something unique to the interior décor of your home, even the utilitarian areas.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Provided you can find a manufacturer, you can have the countertops designed to your specifications.

If you have a particular color combination in mind, let the maker know and it will be incorporated.

You can choose the design of the countertop as well as the color of the glass chips that are to be used for making it.

This way, you can get the countertops to match the color on the walls, creating a wonderful ambiance.

When it comes to maintenance, it is practically negligible. (See above for sealing requirements.)

Any other costs associated with repairs and maintenance is also unlikely to materialize.

Therefore, having these countertops in your home will prove to be cost-effective as compared to any other option you select.

Moreover, their durability ensures that you won’t have to replace them for a number of years to come.

Perhaps the most striking of all the benefits of recycled glass countertops is their durability.

They don’t burn, nor do they scratch.

Unless the surface is porous, there would be no staining either.

Since there can be no damage from external sources, you can imagine how long the countertops would last.

Quartz is the only material that can even compare with its durability.

So, even if you have to pay a little extra (mentioned in the cons), you will get absolute value for money.

As far as the negatives are concerned, there aren’t many and they aren’t major.

Let’s go over them:

Recycled glass countertops pricing can be expensive.

As compared to the price per square foot of the countertops made from other materials, you would have to pay more.

That being said, the durability and uniqueness of the design along with its ‘greenness’ may more than make up for the difference in price.

You do need to take good care of glass countertops.

No matter how well the countertop is made, there is a chance that the countertop gets chipped and a piece breaks off.

You would need to seal the countertop on a regular basis if it is chip-based.

You generally won’t find recycled glass countertops at Lowe’s (Lowe’s Home Improvement) or other do-it-yourself stores.

So, unless you are on a tight budget and the recycled glass countertops cost is prohibitive, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider them.

Without a doubt, they are a viable alternative to granite, laminate and the other options available on the market.

Plus, if you love colored glass, there is no better option to adorn your kitchen and bathrooms.

How to Choose Recycled Glass Countertops for Your Home

As you can see, there are numerous pros of buying countertops made from recycled glass for your home.

However, you still need to know the factors that affect your decision.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing recycled glass countertops for your home:

Size of Recycled Glass Countertops

The first thing you need to take into account is the surface area you want to cover with the countertop.

If you are having one custom made, this won’t be a problem.

However, if you are browsing ready-made designs, it is a good idea to know the dimensions so you can choose a countertop accordingly.

Spending your money on buying a countertop that is too big or too small for your needs is a hassle. You might be able to return it but it would mean unnecessary effort.

Recycled Glass Countertops Color

As mentioned above, there are a number of options as far as the colors of the countertops are concerned.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the color choices offered by recycled glass countertops are more diverse and varied than countertops of any other material.

This is why you can be a bit creative with your color choice and create a contrast.

At the same time, you can opt for a countertop that features a number of colors in a pattern.

If you are confused about the color, the safest choice is the color on the walls of your kitchen or bathroom, depending on where you are installing the countertop.

Recycled Glass Countertops Design

Along with colors, there are a number of Kitchen design options available to you as well.

Once again, you have the license to let your imagination run wild and go for vivid and bold designs.

You can also have the countertop custom made to ensure you get just the design you want.

Consider the countertops a once-in-a-lifetime investment, though they are not that expensive, so choose the design carefully.

You don’t want to be changing the countertops every few years.

Recycled Glass Countertops Price

Lastly, you have to investigate the recycled glass countertops cost.

It is a good idea if you conduct some research on your own about the prices in the market.

It would give you a range on which you can base your budget for the countertop.

As mentioned, countertops can be expensive.

Therefore, it is imperative that you are prepared to pay the asking price.

However, with so many options available in the market, it is promising that you will find a countertop that suits your preferences and budget.

These are the factors that determine which recycled glass countertop is the right one for your needs.

Make sure that you buy countertops in line with the look and feel of your home.

The great thing about these countertops is that they work equally well in a vintage setting and a contemporary setting.

So, this is all you need to know about recycled glass countertops to be able to make a decision regarding whether or not you should buy them for your home.

Use the information wisely so you can choose correctly.

DIY wood countertops

Counter tops always add to the overall look of a kitchen space and DIY wood countertops are a great way to do up your kitchen and hone your skills in carpentry at the same time.

There are some things that you simply cannot make yourself, for example, kitchen islands will take a fair bit of professional skills with carpentry tools.

However, DIY  projects can easily involve making your own counter top out of pre-bought counter tops or salvaged wood etc.

That way you save a lot of money and you also personalize your home furniture.

Do not be daunted by the idea of DIY wood countertops.

They are in fact easy to make if you have some experience with wielding carpentry tools.

Many people do it simply because it is a good way to improve the looks and aesthetic appeal of their homes without burning a deep hole in their pockets.

diy wood countertops

Make a trip to the local discount stores.

You are sure to find basic wooden planks or tongue and groove wooden flooring that is great for making a counter top.

Look for wood types to suit your needs and budget and go for pine, fir, cedar.

Mainly hardwoods that will be durable and can sustain constant exposure to daily knife usage etc.

When buying old wood look for the straightest planks you can find which are free of dents, knots, chips and warps.

Trim the edges so that the sharp edges are smoothed and shape them preferably into rounds.

When you finally join the planks together, the rounded edges will help you fit them snugly together.

diy wood countertops 1

Tongue and groove flooring is easy to transform into a counter-top as it involves holding the tongue in place in the groove with super glue, clamping it shut and waiting for the clamp to try.

You can then polish or varnish the counter top according to your liking and in accordance with your kitchen decor.

You can easily use old furniture for DIY wood counter tops because they are he best source of raw material available.

It is important that you use salvaged or distressed wood for DIY projects because they save the planet in the long run.

Remember that a tree takes as long as 80 years to mature before the wood can be used for furniture making and it only takes a second for it to be cut down unceremoniously.

Also, not only are you doing a good deed, you are also saving yourself a lot of money.

diy wood countertops 2

DIY wood counter tops can be a long and exhausting project physically, though it is easy enough to actually work on.

Have all your equipment handy before sitting down to it and make sure the nails, paint brushes and other tools of trade are near at hand.

As is the ritual with all DIY projects, spread newspaper all over the ground before you start and preferably set up your DIY wood counter tops project in the basement or yard where it will not interfere with your daily lives inside your home till it is finished.

Wood counter tops

Wood counter tops are an extremely aesthetic addition to your kitchen.

They immediately add a sense of sophistication and look sturdy and durable.

Wood counter tops also come in beautiful colors which are either natural, lacquered or varnished according to interiors of houses and the brilliant yet subtle sheen of these kitchen accessories can leave you breathless.

wood counter tops

Buy or make wood counter tops that fit your kitchen and suit your needs.

Do not go overboard as wood can make your kitchen look extremely  cluttered as it has a bulk of its own.

These come in a range of designs and you can easily pick one to suit your needs.

You can buy or make butcher block counter tops out of solid wood or you can have a counter top made out of several planks of wood joined together to form a wide space.

The latter option is a great idea if you are handy with your tools and are skilled at carpentry.

If you have old furniture or left over wood you can easily make your own wood counter tops.

This is not only a great DIY project, it is also a way to be eco-friendly.

Remember that wood can be recycled and it is a resource that is renewable.

wood counter tops 1

However, do keep a few things in mind when it comes to investing in wood counter tops for your kitchen.

Remember that if you are a busy cook and regularly make food at home, you will need to keep your counter top sparkling clean.

This is especially true if you are in the habit of chopping meat on it.

If you do not take care to thoroughly clean and disinfect your wood counter tops after  using it for meat then you may risk infecting other food stuff kept on it.

However, this is a better alternative to plastic counter tops any day as studies have shown that while bacteria might get absorbed into the surface of wood counter tops, they eventually die.

Wood counter tops will also not be affected much by knives – whereas plastic will be scarred by multiple grooves in no time.

However, with time, these counter tops can warp and crack and with heavy usage of large and sharp knives, may suffer damage.

wood counter tops 2

That said, taking care of wood counter tops is fairly simple and easy.

All it requires is daily maintenance.

Wash the wood counter tops with a warm solution of lemon juice and water and mild detergent after you are done for the day, remove stains with bleach or hydrogen peroxide mixed with water.

If you wish to remove stains and do not like the look of your old wood counter top then you can give it a sparkling look by sanding it down.

Remember though, that vinegar should never be used for cleaning solid wood counter tops as it might damage the surface irrevocably.

You can use it for wood that has been sealed with a protective finish but bare wood will be worn away and splinter in no time as vinegar is said to dissolve the binding glue that holds wood particles together.

Granite countertop colors

When you are remodeling your kitchen you might want to look at the numerous granite countertop colors that are on offer these days.

They are a chic and instantly innovative way to spruce up the way your kitchen looks and it is not very hard on your pocket either.

If you have had natural colored stone countertops or the usual gray granite decorating your kitchen till date, introduce some color into your lives with granite countertop colors.

The natural granite is very popular when it comes to home decor.

granite countertop colors

There is no better way to introduce a natural and earthy feel in your kitchen than by installing natural granite countertops in your home.

And you will be pleased to know that granite now comes in a host of different colors which will accentuate the beauty of your kitchen and well contrasted with your cabinets and kitchen furniture, it will instantly transform your kitchen into a glamorous space for you to cook in.

For example, white granite comes in a variety of shades – for those of you who want a simple and refined, classic look, white colored granite is the best choice for you.

granite countertop colors1

White granite can have grey flecks, it can have ivory streaks, or it can have creamy contrasting layers.

It is never “purely” white but this has its own charm and appeal.

Beige is another popular shade when it comes to granite countertop colors.

Other colors that are usually popular along with this shade are yellow, green and brown and they provide you with the freedom to contrast your kitchen cabinets, drawers and accessories with them perfectly as they are neutral shades of color.

This variety of granite countertop colors suit a kitchen very well when paired with darker kitchen furniture.

granite countertop colors2

Gold granite countertops are another luxurious addition for your kitchen.

It is extremely popular in the US because of the rich warmth it brings to the room and granite is most widely quarried all over the world so it is easy to get as well.

The granite can have secondary colors of black, gray and white streaked through them which adds a certain charm to your kitchen which is unparalleled.

It is also easy to pair this color with other kitchen furniture so you do not have to overhaul your entire kitchen design just to match the two.

Green and blue granite countertop colors are also very popular owing to the fact that many homes are now styled in a very modern and contemporary fashion which is constantly on the look out for new and creative twists to the traditional.

These granite colors are beautiful and with natural patterns and swirls which make them all the more attractive and lend your kitchen a very cool and soothing look.

Burgundy, brown, red, black – there are over thousands of granite countertop colors available.

Check online for a vast number of shades at attractive prices.

You can easily find what you are looking for in the thousands of granite countertop colors available with numerous companies which sell their wares online.

You will probably be able to get them at brilliant discounts and great deals!

The best discount kitchen countertops

Discount kitchen countertops are much in demand these days.

This is because people remodeling kitchens look out for cheaper options so that they can balance their overall budget.

Often kitchen countertops cost a lot of money and as a result the person ends up overshooting his or her budget.

If you are looking for some good discount kitchen countertops, you could try out the tile-granite, the laminate and the ceramic countertops, But not wood countertops.

They are less expensive but very useful and look elegant as well.

As mentioned above, there are three good options for discount kitchen countertops.

Firstly, you have the granite-tile option.

Granite tiles look just like granite and are very easy to install as well.

They cost about a quarter of the real granite countertops and so are very popular options.

Then, you have the laminate countertops.

However, you must remember that laminate countertops are available in a wide price range so if you are looking for discount kitchen countertops, you must choose properly.

Finally, you have the option of going for ceramic tiles.

They are the cheapest option.

You can buy slabs of ceramic from your local home-improvement store and cut them into the desired size and shape and make your own kitchen countertops.

My favorite is definitely DIY Wood countertops.

Saving on kitchen countertops is a good idea as that allows you to spend more on other areas while remodeling your kitchen.

You can get some good and beautiful discount kitchen countertops, even ceramic countertops, if you look for them.

And once installed properly, no one can tell they cost less.

Discount kitchen countertops are very good substitutes for the expensive, customized countertops and allows you to do up your kitchen tastefully and all this while you maintain your budget.

Go ahead, get some great discount kitchen countertops.

Ceramic tile kitchen countertops

Ceramic tile kitchen countertops has been become one of the most favorite material for kitchen countertops.

Ceramic tile offers an affordable beauty alternative for your kitchen.

Ceramic tile kitchen countertops is the low cost traditional solid stone material that can make your kitchen look stylish without have to spend more cost only for the sake of colorful and attractive pattern of material.

More advantage comes from ceramic tile when it comes to maintenance cost and effort as well as when it was first install; easy and affordable.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops

You might have been dream about having beautiful expensive marble or cool black granite for your kitchen.

You may have install them if you budget are above the average and that is should be remain constant for quite a long time, because those two material are require high cost of maintenance, and cannot resist liquid and heat as well as the ceramic tile can do, even though all of them are consider as natural stone.

Ceramic tile kitchen countertops are waterproof, and resistant to heat.

However, it doesn’t as hard as granite or marble in carrying heavy objects.

Unlike granite or marble, ceramic comes from natural clay that is baked for quite a long time, and when it is baked, the excess moisture are removed and made them hard.

Ceramic are available in a wide range of pattern, colors, and design.

You can always choose ceramic tile kitchen countertops whatever kitchen style you have in the home.

All you have to do is adjust the kitchen existing colors, the furniture and choose the suitable ceramic tile to complete them.
Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops Pictures
Since ceramic tile kitchen countertops are prone to crack and grout stains, you can use grout sealer or even the dark grout to protect the surface or seams from any dirt possible.

When cleaning ceramic tile, you should sweep or vacuum the surface from the dirt first.

Don’t use vacuum beater bar and choose bristle brush instead to prevent the surface from scratch.

Then mopped it using warm water or you can simply use the neutral pH cleaning liquid, and rinse it with warm water.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops Ideas

To clean the tough stains from the tile surface, you can use a scraper, nylon scrubbing pad, and dish washing liquid.

You better keep the tile away from acidic cleaners or any kind of bleach; ammonia, vinegar, and oil soap also consider potentially damage the tile.

Don’t forget to reapply the grout sealer at least twice a year.
Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops Designs

Kitchen Countertop Options

Kitchen Countertop Options – Nowadays you can find many types of kitchen countertop options available in the market.

Furniture manufacturer are now far more creative than it has been in the past in designing the kitchen furniture, fixtures and appliances.

In one furniture store you can find at least 5 kitchen style from 5 different countries.

The numbers have not included number of local style of furniture and furniture from different material and colors; from the most common styles to the very unique ones.

Kitchen Countertop Options

Based on the material, there are 10 types of kitchen countertop options that are commonly found in the market, consist of granite counters, engineered stone, solid surface, ceramic tile, laminates, butcher block or wooden counter, stainless steel counters, soapstone counters, marbles, recycled glass countertops and concrete counters.

Each of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below is short explanation about some of them.

Granite consider as the most expensive material for kitchen countertop options.
Kitchen Countertop Options Granite
It can raise your furniture investment at the highest value, the hardness is second highest after diamonds so, once you buy granite countertops, and it will last a lifetime.

The disadvantages from using granite are it require high maintenance, and can dull your knife if you try to chopping on the surface.

Laminate is the second popular kitchen countertop options for low cost material.

It is solid, durable, resistant to any type of stains, easily clean, and available on wide range of textures, pattern and colors.

However, laminates cannot resist the heat and easily to get scratch.

Wooden kitchen countertops are most common natural material use for countertops, kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

It is easily cleaned, resistant to heat, and can be use as chopping surface.
Kitchen Countertop Options Wood
The disadvantage of using wooden material for kitchen is that they are easily get scratch, cannot resistant to the moisture, and better be use in a dry conditions.

Stainless steel is known as strong material use in any kind of furniture.

Stainless steel is hygienic, quite durable, waterproof, easily cleaned, and heat resistant.

However, stainless steel is noisy, it is quite expensive, and you will find it hard to maintain its shine because marks and scratch is easily can be seen on the surface.
Kitchen Countertop Options Pictures
Before determine your kitchen countertop options, you should firstly know what you expect from your countertops, your budget available including budget for maintenance, and your style options.

You can ask for help from experts to get better kitchen installment and remodeling planning.
DIY Kitchen Countertop Options

Butcher block table top for a rustic kitchen

If you are a fan of what is known as the shabby chic look then a butcher block table top is a necessary addition to your kitchen, especially if your house is done up in predominantly rustic tones.

The best part about a butcher block table top is that you can use it for chopping your vegetables too ( avoid meat if you are using it the block as a table) and once you are done, you can simply clean it up with a rag soaked in some mild detergent.

butcher block table top

Butcher Block Table Top

What exactly is a butcher block?

As the name implies, it is a large and chunky block of wood that butchers use to chop up meat to sell.

These however, have found popularity in modern homes and kitchen because they are solid, durable ad they look good too.

As a result, many people invest in butcher block chopping board and you will find many a butcher block table top in dining rooms and kitchens.

They are preferred as table tops as compared to granite or laminated table tops because they do not wear away easily and they do not harbor germs.

butcher block table top1

You can buy a pre-made butcher block and then trim it to size to fit your kitchen, thereafter adding the legs etc to it to make it a table or a kitchen island.

This is a better option as compared to trying to construct an entire butcher block by yourself – buy the counter top and then make the rest to save time and effort.

DIY butcher block kits are also available in the market in case you are handy with tools and would like to wow your guests with a self made butcher block table top.

butcher block table top2

Of course you can buy a ready made butcher block table and save yourself all the hassle.

You can easily buy one online – there are numerous websites dedicated to home and interior decor and furnishings and you will be able to find a good variety of all kinds of table tops, including a butcher block table top.

Browse through all the designs available on the catalogs you see and compare prices etc. before you go ahead and buy.

You can even buy beautiful butcher block table tops from antique stores , garage sales and thrift stores.

One would probably find brilliant discounts and bargains at these places so it is wise to look out for these when you are out.

Hardwoods such as maple, birch, oak and beech can be used to make these butcher block table tops and you can also look for those that are made from strips of wood joined together.

The latter kind especially, adds to the rustic appeal of a kitchen and indeed, all butcher block tables bring a bit of the country into your urban home.

Good quality wood is of utmost importance so that these table tops last for a long time.

Bring a butcher block table top into your kitchen and dining room to add an element of rustic chic in your home.

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Kitchen Counter Designs

There are many kinds of kitchen counter designs available in the market today.

The options are consist of various types counter based on material (stone, hardwood, stainless steel, etc), colors (two tone, pastels, retro, etc), textures (solid surface, sleek, etc), brands, and many other more.
Kitchen Counter Designs
The options of counter designs also rely on how it made.

It can be fabricate or man made.

Many other considerations will appear when you have to choose which the most suitable kitchen counter designs for you.

Below brief about what to consider in choosing the kitchen counter tops, and what are the most popular types of countertops in the market nowadays.

Best Kitchen Counter Designs

To be easy, let’s just talk about your budget available.

This will be the basic of all your considerations.

You need to make sure that your dreams meet your budget and vice versa.

You can either adjust your dream to your budget or otherwise.

Knowing the budget condition will lead you to some basic criteria.

For example you just found that you have quite small budget for your kitchen counter design, then you might need the low cost countertops with durable material, low maintenance, attractive, and easily cleaned.

Or otherwise, you want everything elegant, beautiful and has expensive look; if you don’t mind with the budget. Next considerations will be the material use for the countertop.

Kitchen Counter Designs Ideas

Marble is considered as the most expensive material for countertops.

High cost, high maintenance, easily scratch or etched by water, acids, and alcohol.

Need to be sealed at least once in a year.

Cost for $100 – $400/foot.

Granite is the second most expensive material after marble.

Granite is more durable than marble, resistant to most of stains, scratch, water, and heat.

High maintenance and cost for $100 – $390/foot.

Wood is the most popular kitchen counter designs, gentle, suitable for chopping surface, and relatively cheaper than granite.

However wooden countertops require high maintenance, easily scratch or damage.

Cost for $50 – $200/foot.

Ceramic is the low cost material, durable, easy to install, resistant to heat and moisture, easy to be clean.

However, it can get scratch, and has uneven surface. Cost for $4 – $150/foot.
Small Kitchen Counter Designs

The materials explained above are some popular material use to make kitchen counter designs.

Other materials that may be use are concrete, laminate, soapstone, engineered stone, glass, stainless steel, lava stones, solid surface, and bamboo.

The choice again will be based on your available budget, your kitchen grand styles, your home interior designs, and your preferences.