Best Innovative Tools for the Kitchen


Best Tools for the kitchen have increased over the years.

For some people, it’s great to replace old things and stay updated.

It’s an “out with the old, in with the new” kind of mentality.

Using outdated kitchen utensils to prepare modern meals just doesn’t seem right to these lot.

However, not everyone is eager to indulge in the growing market of kitchen inventions.

Home cooks share different perspectives.

Traditional home cooks are very skeptic when it comes to new tools and gadgets for the kitchen.

They’re the sort who firmly believes that to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, it should have been accomplished by your own sweat and blood.

This type takes a long time to cozy up with new kitchen tools.

While others are enjoying their avocado slicer, they are still deciding on the importance of a peeler when a regular knife is available.

The skeptics are not easily enticed with “if you buy now, you get another product for free” approach.

They’re more of the practical people who weigh pros and cons for a long time.

Basic Kitchen Essentials

The other lot are people who want to live in style.

Now, home cooks who fall prey to new kitchen tools are different as well.

While some replace old tools for fashion’s sake, some just want to simplify and ease the job in the kitchen.

But, there’s also the type who just buys impulsively and end up with a lot of useless kitchen tools.

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Basic Kitchen Essentials

Do we really need tools for the kitchen?

No doubt. DIY Kitchen Design Guide

No kitchen is complete without tools to help the cook prepare meals.

However, to assert which tools are important and which just takes up space, it would require one’s personal point of view.

One home cook may find an onion holder very useful for safety purposes while another will judge it to be ridiculous and impractical.

To an experienced cook, professional or simple home cook, a pasta measuring tool, spoon rest, flavor injector and others are useless tools.

One can measure pasta by weight.

Any bowl or saucer serves a better spoon rest and an injector is not necessary to infuse flavor into meat.

The appreciation for new kitchen tools depends mostly on one’s experience in the kitchen.

Home cooks who have survived years of cooking without these gadgets will find it easy to reject the charms of a new kitchen tool.

But, for newbies in the kitchen, a garlic peeler and crusher saves time and effort, the finger guard saves them from cuts and a banana slicer just makes the work faster.

If you’re an enthusiast when it comes to new inventions, you will need to keep your wants in check.

Before buying enticing new gadgets you’ve seen on TV, ask yourself how often you will use the gadget.

Do you really need an apple corer, strawberry huller and olive piter?

These three items remove the core of the fruit. Is it really necessary in your daily meal preparations?

With these questions in mind, you will be able to limit buying tools for the kitchen that are not necessary and keep it clutter-free.

Tools for the Kitchen

Learn to Cook with Basic Kitchen Essentials

You only need basic kitchen essentials to prepare a complete meal.

If you watch a lot of cooking show and reality cooking competitions, don’t feel intimidated by their professional kitchens.

The design and things you see in the set is over the top.

They were put there to make the kitchen look busy.

It’s just the producers filling up the empty corners to set the stage right.

Don’t feel too bad because the number of pots and pans in those shows are ridiculous.

For commercial cooking, it’s justified to have so many things in the kitchen but for simple home cooking, don’t fret.

Home cooking can be done with basic kitchen utensils and accessories.

If you are new to cooking, you won’t find any need for a professional chef’s knife set, a dozen cookie pans and a pizza stone.

All those can come later.

In any cooking class, they begin with the basic.

First thing you will learn is how to prepare your ingredients.

This will include cleaning and washing of vegetables, cutting and slicing meat in the proper way and organizing ingredients.

You would notice that before chefs begin cooking, they have all the ingredients ready at hand.

Vegetables are chopped and the meat is seasoned already.

Everything is prepared before the stove is turned on to avoid over cooking of the ingredients.

Tools for the Kitchen

When you consider the cooking process, it is actually the preparation that takes up most of the time.

So when learning to cook, the first few essentials you need to have in the kitchen would include utensils that can chop, peel, wash and drain ingredients.

Basic kitchen essentials to prepare your ingredients

For cooking meals, the most basic item you should have is a knife.

This will be used in cutting, peeling and chopping your ingredients.

Partnered with the knife, you should have a cutting board to avoid damaging your kitchen counter and prolong the sharpness of your knife.

A colander to drain out excess water is also a must but if you’re resourceful, you can do away without it.

If you will be baking, it is essential to have measuring cups and spoons.

Baking needs a lot of precision when it comes to the amount of flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and others.

Tools for the Kitchen

The next thing you will have to consider is to have a cooking medium. You will need a pot or pan.

It really depends on what you are cooking.

For a dish that will have soup, you will need a deep pot but, if you’re stir frying, a pan can do.

Cooking doesn’t need a rocket science degree.

You only need to have heart and creativity with a set of working taste buds.

When it comes to cooking, there’s no absolute rule about the amount of salt or vinegar you put.

Even with a recipe to follow, you can always deviate and change and add a few extra ingredients.

In the end, it all comes down to what your palate dictates and this can be accomplished with only your basic kitchen essentials.

Basic Kitchen Essentials

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Parts

Kitchenaid dishwasher parts are not difficult to find.

Unlike other brands, Kitchenaid ensures that should any of their products require repairing or replacement of parts, it can be done without having to buy a whole set of dishwasher parts.

They sell dishwasher parts for every model they’ve released.

The fact that they provide a solution for possible damages to the product makes their name a preferred household appliance name.

With the availability of spare parts, their products last longer in households compared to brands that do not sell spare parts of their products.
Kitchenaid Dishwasher Parts inside
Dishwashers were the second product line introduced by Kitchenaid.

It was in 1919 when the company was started by Hobart Corporation and the first product they produced was the stand mixer.

While they experienced a stiff competition during that time, they’ve managed to stay above the other brands with the help of a successful promotional campaign.

After the success in stand mixers, their second product line was released.

It took a good 30 years after they began.

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Parts drawer

The brand is well known due to their goal to provide quality products.

They provide user instructions or manual for all their products.

They want consumers to have a positive experience with any KitchenAid product.

Their manuals contain troubleshooting steps for any problem you may encounter with the product.

It also has safety instructions and grounding instructions.

Most manuals include a page where parts and features of the dishwasher is included and discussed briefly.

This provides a better understanding of how the product works.

While there are also instructions on how to use the product and how often it should be cleaned, the company expects that misuse or wear and tear of the product will require replacing a few parts in the dishwasher.

With this expectation, Kitchenaid sells spare parts for most commonly damaged parts.

It is easy enough to find a part for any model.

While most local stores won’t have everything in their stocks, you will find any spare parts for most models easily online.

Their main site provides a lot of information for spare parts.

However, you will have to cover any shipping fees.

As for the better option, you can scout the internet for other online merchants closer to your location who sell the particular spare part you need.

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Parts

Kitchenaid dishwasher parts are almost similar in all models

Kitchenaid has released numerous models of dishwashers.

However, the basic interior of these dishwashers hasn’t really changed.

However, there are a few parts you won’t find in the older models as they’ve created dishwashers with added features to fit the modern kitchens.

The basic parts that each product has includes the water feed tube, water inlet opening, heating element, rinse aid dispenser, detergent dispenser, pressurized spray nozzles, overfill protection float, filtration system, control panel, racks and silverware basket.

Other parts like Pro-scrubs, active vents and culinary caddy are model dependent and can’t be attached to a different model despite other Kitchenaid dishwasher parts being uniform in all models.

Kitchenaid Ice Maker Secrets

The KitchenAid ice maker is one of Whirlpool Corporation’s products.

KitchenAid is an American appliance brand which was later bought off by Whirlpool.

It’s a very useful appliance in the kitchen especially in places where the weather is warm and you need cold drinks to cool you down.

The first ice maker recorded was made by John Gorrie, an American physician.

He built a refrigerator to cool the air for his patients who had yellow fever.

In 1851, he was awarded a patent for an ice machine.

Followed in 1853, Alexander Twinning was awarded a patent for an ice maker and two years later, James Harrison was awarded a similar patent in Australia.

Kitchenaid Ice Maker

How does a KitchenAid ice maker work?

A fridge usually comes with a built in ice maker.

Although you can also find products that perform only one task and that is to make ice.

For the fridges which have ice makers though, this is how it works.

A fridge with an ice maker is connected to a water source during installation.

The water source is then connected to the ice maker through a hose.

There’s a valve that can be manually closed and opened to control the water.

Some fridges have an automatic valve response.

When the ice maker is empty, the handle inside falls then triggers a switch.

Via an electric current, the switch sends a message to the valve.

This opens the valve and allows water to flow into the ice molds.

When the molds are filled, the switches lifts back up and the water valve is closed.

With the temperature in the fridge, the water gets cold then freezes in the molds.

The thermostat in the fridge senses the temperature of the water and knows that it is frozen enough to be ice.

What confuses other people though, is why ice makers have a heating capability as well.

Kitchenaid Ice Maker machine

To allow users to remove the ice from the molds, the ice maker heats the underside of the ice molds.

Done through electric currents, heat is applied for just a few seconds to prevent the ice cubes getting stuck in the molds.

Manual ice cube trays require a person to empty the ice from the molds.

In an ice maker however, the molds move like a conveyor belt.

When the thermostat feels that the water is cold enough to be ice, metal or plastic tabs pop up under the molds and shove them into a catching bin for ice.

These mechanism works so that ice is shoved outside at the same time without blocking the opening.

When the ice is out, the cycle starts over.
Kitchenaid Ice Maker silver
The switch lifts up and triggers the opening of the water valve.

When the ice maker is full of ice, it blocks this switch and effectively stops the signal to produce more ice.

However, when ice doesn’t fall properly and the switch isn’t blocked properly, the ice maker keeps producing more ice.

So, when you open the door of your KitchenAid ice maker and an avalanche of ice falls on you, you know why.

Kitchen roll holder – An amazing tool for the kitchen

If you walk into a supermarket you will be amazed to see the number of kitchen accessories available there and one of these is the kitchen roll holder.

A holder for kitchen rolls is a wonderful thing to have in the kitchen as not only does it give you a lot of ease of access, you also happen to find the rolls whenever you need.

The rolls of aluminium foil, cling film, kitchen towels, and paper napkins can easily be stored in these holders.

There are many advantages of using a kitchen roll holder.

First of all, you do not forget where you kept them as they are kept at a designated area.

Then, the rolls stay crisp and new and don’t get folded or torn unnecessarily.

Finally, these roll holders add a lot of beauty to the kitchen as they are available in a variety of shapes, designs and colors.
Kitchen roll holder

Kitchen roll holder design ideas

Keep the following tips in mind and then you will be able to find some great roll holders for the kitchen.

Shape of the holder

The roll holders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Go through the available options. To do so you can either choose to look at the pictures of the roll holders online or you can directly go to a store and check the ones one display.

Color of the holder

Keep the color of the roll holder in mind as if the color is too jarring, it can clash with the color of the kitchen walls and other kitchen accessories.

Ideally you must get the holder in a color that would match the kitchen in general.

Design of the holder

The roll holders are available in some beautiful designs.

This means that you can buy your holder in a design that you like.

Many people make the mistake of buying the first holder they see in the store.

Do not do this, as you now know that the holders are available in a variety of designs.
Kitchen roll holder

Material of the holder

This is an important point you must consider when buying your kitchen holder for rolls.

These holders are available in materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc.

Choose the material wisely.

If you live in a place that has a high moisture content, do not buy a metal holder as it can rust.

So keep these points in mind and then select the material of the roll holder carefully.
Kitchen roll holder

You can buy a roll holder for your kitchen either online or offline.

There are plenty of websites that sell these kitchen accessories.

If you however like seeing and checking what you buy before you buy it, visit your local store and see the items on display for yourself.

Choose the color, design, shape and material carefully.

This will make sure that you have the best and the most beautiful kitchen roll holder in your kitchen that will even add to the beauty of the dining room.

Add Cool Kitchen Stuff to Make Cooking Easy and Fun

Having cool kitchen stuff in your kitchen can entice other people to stay more often in the kitchen.

The task to prepare and cook meals falls on the women of the house.

Even cleaning up after is usually done by women.

We see a share of men taking their posts in the kitchen but not enough to make a permanent impression.

If you want to bring the kids and the men into the kitchen to help out and not just to eat, you need to equip your kitchen with interesting stuff.

Gadgets and tools that can quirk their curiosity will definitely keep them visiting the kitchen and one day, they might even help you out.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

Things of interest for men and kids are usually not the same for women.

While most moms would be awed by stainless pots and non-stick cooking utensils, it’s not the same for the kids and men.

Bring in cool stuff in the kitchen and you’re sure to see them more often in the kitchen.

They’ll either try to use it and help out or simply accompany you while you cook, either way it’s great to have other people than yourself in the kitchen.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

Some cool kitchen stuff available in the market

There are a lot of new things sold in the market today.

While some may not be your sort of things, a few may still catch your attention.

The weirder the stuff, the more people tend to like it.

Here are a few things you might find in groceries, department stores and kitchenware stores.

It’s not a unique idea.

A lot of people have played with the thought of having a spoon and a fork combined as one so it’s not surprising to find it in most stores.

It’s in a high position when popularity is concerned, the titanium spork is a tool that allows people to enjoy a meal with just one utensil.

Some may feel like it’s a small achievement but foodies say otherwise.

It’s one way of lessening dishes and it takes up less space in the drawers too.

For fans of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you’ve got a tool to help you enjoy sandwich making.

Using one break knife to spread both jelly and peanut butter will definitely piss the next person when he opens the jelly and find traces of peanut butter inside.

It’s unhygienic and it spoils the jelly faster than normal.

Be considerate and get yourself a Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader.

One tool with two sides and it’s color-coded to remind you which side to use for the jelly and which one for the peanut butter.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

One other thing that can get any guest’s attention is the shark tea infuser.

It’s a creative and unique way to serve refreshments to your guest.

It’s a little container that can be filled with tea leaves and work the same way as a mesh ball tea infuser.

It may cost more than a mesh ball but the style you bring to your home?

So worth every penny.

There’s more to find in stores and online.

The internet is a smorgasbord of cool kitchen stuff that will suit your style and taste.

Finding the Best Cooking Pots for Your Style of Cooking

The best cooking pots for one home cook may be different for another.

Finding the best tools and accessories for the kitchen depends  on the type of food you cook and the style of cooking you use.

From personal experience, a single person living alone and working a full-time job has a frying pan, a stock pot and a kettle.

You’d be lucky to find a stock pot in an apartment owned by a person who has moved out recently from his parents’ home.

The frying pan seems logical.

Fried food is the easiest to prepare unless you count washing and tossing a salad as cooking.

Pre-packed food sold in groceries is either ready-to-fry like hotdogs, bacon, hash brown and others or microwavable.

Choosing the cooking pots for your kitchen depends on personal preference.

For people who don’t cook, choosing or buying cooking pots are not on the top of their list.

They buy pots just to have something to use in a just-in-case situation but those who really love to cook and make it a habit to prepare their own meals, buying good cooking pots is crucial to making good food.

Best Cooking Pots

Filling a kitchen with great cooking pots can cost thousands of dollars.

It may seem too much but when you factor in the length of time you can use it and the effects it has on the food you cook, you’ll understand the value of finding the right cooking pots.

Best Cooking Pots

What are your best cooking pots?

You can have as much pots as you want but here are the essential pots you need to have depending on the cooking style you do regularly.

Skillet. It’s known to be the all-around pot in the kitchen.

It’s used for browning meat or vegetables or pan-roasting.

It can be used for braising or making sauces.

So when cooking, you can brown your chicken, put in the liquid and braise then wait for the sauce to be reduced.

After which, you can serve it.

All throughout the process, you’ve used only one pan.

Cast Iron Skillet.

The better version of your stainless steel skillet, a cast iron can withstand intense heat.

It’s great to use for frying chicken, crisping crusts and cooking corn bread.

Very country-style cooking but every home cook need to have in the kitchen.


Another versatile cooking pot to have, it’s not just good for stir-fry, it’s also great for braising and steaming, not to mention indoor smoking.

It is perfect for deep frying and because of the wide shape, it’s easy to use when cooking for a bigger number of diners.

Best Cooking Pots

Stock pot.

Every kitchen needs to have at least one stock pot.

It comes in handy when cooking soup or boiling meat, pasta and others.

It’s the best pot to turn to when you need to cook more for a larger number of diners.

To find the best stock pot, make sure to get one with a thick base.

It may be more expensive but this will ensure that the food in the bottom doesn’t burn throughout the cooking process.

Spending more on the best cooking pots is definitely worth the cash out for the sake of good food.

When the Topic is Kitchen Accessories India is Well-Mentioned

If we talk about manufacturing and distribution of kitchen accessories India is a country that will be a popular country throughout the conversation.

The Republic of India ranks second in the whole world in terms of population density.

Originally influenced by a socialist economy, India has liberalized its protocols and opened their country to foreign investors.

With their population, they have the second largest labor force in the world.

With that said, India adapted a capitalist economy and is now one of the fastest growing economies.

The country’s large labor force makes the costing for workforce far cheaper than in other countries. Foreign investors take advantage of this while India’s government welcomes the employment opportunity.

Also, the country’s GDP benefits from these foreign investments.

Kitchen Accessories India

India is known to be home to a lot of factories for foreign brands.

Companies have situated the main operations of manufacturing, exporting and wholesale supplying of different products such as textile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, steel and so much more.

It’s not surprising to find that India has a number of companies manufacturing kitchen furniture and accessories.

Brands whose kitchen accessories India manufacture

Ozone Modular Furniture: A company specializing in modular designing not only for kitchens but also for offices.

Their products include modular furniture, modular wall units and modular kitchen accessories.

This brand is amidst the top-notch suppliers for kitchen accessories such as dish racks, flap door fittings, rolling shutter and sinks.

They also make customized kitchen accessories as per client’s requirements.

Alfiya and Alfiya Inc.:

This company focuses more on textiles.

As for kitchen accessories, they manufacture and export designer table covers and napkins, chenille rugs and tray covers internationally.

Royal D Metal Inc.:

Manufacturer and exporter of stainless kitchen tools to USA, Australia, Middle East and Europe, they specialize in kitchen tools made from stainless steel, aluminium and other types of steel such as brass, iron and copper.

Compact Kitchen:

Also an international exporter for kitchen accessories.

Their products are made from stainless steel. Included in their product line are trolleys, drawer baskets, racks, dustbins, glass stands and others.

Sonia Enterprises:

Focused on modular designs, this company manufactures and exports kitchen pull outs, shelves, pantry units, pole units, hanging rails, mounting units and others.

They also manufacture accessories for bathrooms such as towel rods, racks and stands.


This company creates stainless racks that is commonly used in modular kitchens to save space in cabinets, shelves and drawers.

Their products are exported all over the world.

Kitchen Accessories India

There are more companies located in India that manufacture, supply and export to first world countries.

Some are foreign owned and others are domestic owned as well. Unknown to most people, a lot of products are manufactured in third world countries and shipped out to the rest of the world.

The reason behind this is the cheaper labor force offered by these countries.

So, don’t be surprised when you find out that some of your kitchen accessories India manufactured.

Kitchen Accessories India

Bring France to Your Home with French Home Accessories

French home accessories are widely sold in stores. In most countries, their local department stores would have product listings for French decorations or accessories.

Even furniture shops have gone ahead in selling furniture made from different styles, Parisian furniture included.

Today, we live in a society whose people have a more accepting nature.

Gone are the days when different cultures opt to keep to themselves.

The extent of trade across nations has resulted in a more successful world.

Globalization has it perks as it allows an exchange of information, service, products and culture among different nations.

You can bring China in the USA, Iran in Australia and France in Malaysia in terms of culture, if you get what I mean.

French Home Accessories

To build a house in an Asian country with the likes of a French home a decade ago would have been a Herculean task.

Materials will have to be shipped all the way from France and special crafts masters will be required to make intricate designs and patterns on posts, ceilings and others.

It is a very costly project and back then, only the rich people can afford to do it.

However, what once would have been impossible for average earning citizens is now easy to do.
French Home Accessories

The style that French home accessories contribute to a house

The Parisian style is very simplistic.

As can be seen in French people when they deal with others, they’re very straightforward.

Foreigners who are not accustomed to their culture usually mistake this as rudeness.

However, the French personality as a whole is frank with no non-sense.

This is contrary to most English people who, as most critics would say, beat around the bush to stay polite.

This simplistic quality of the French is also evident in their fashion sense.

While France is known to be a fashion hub, their style and designs are simple and well-defined.

However, when it comes to Parisian interior decorating, the theme is romantic and intriguing.

This is the more intimate characteristic of the French people.

Parisian homes have high ceilings and intricate architectural details.

They have wrought iron railings and the famous toad windows.

French Home Accessories

But to bring France into your home, there’s no need to renovate the whole place.

You can get away with just using the right trademark colors of the French style homes.

The color palette for paint or drapery should be in rich jewel colors like royal blue, black, gold, white or crimson.

However, you can also go for light shades of brown with yellow if you intend to get the French country home style.

While the intricate carvings on furniture are a trademark, you can skip it and just accessorize the furniture with silk cloths or covers.

Since there’ll be a lot of colors going on, unify the theme with the color black.

French home accessories like a picture frame, lamp shade, vase or basket in this color will ground the rest of the rich colors used in walls, ceilings and others.

French Home Accessories

Space Saving Modular Kitchen Accessories

Modular kitchen accessories were made to match the modular interior designing but it can also be mix-and-matched with other styles of interior designs.

Modular interior design focuses on providing all needed functions while saving space.

Space is a luxury nowadays as residential real estate properties are built in smaller areas of land.

Old properties occupy wider land areas but new homes built in the past couple of years are more economical.

Real estate investors have decided that modular homes provide more houses and rake more income.

In effect, contractors and interior designers have worked out a way to provide all the luxuries of a normal house and make it fit in a smaller space.

The modular design for home are made without permanent walls inside.

Most partitions are either movable or doubling its purpose as a shelf, cabinet or something else.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

Imagine a square puzzle where you can move the pieces around while still occupying the same space.

The modular home designs are very similar that idea.

Modular homes are built with walls or panels that can be adjusted or moved to provide dynamic spaces that suits the present need.

If you’re expecting visitors for dinner, you can move the wall towards another room to create a wider space for your dining area and do the same if you need space in other rooms.

Using modular furniture

Once you’ve grasped the idea of modular designing, understanding modular furniture becomes very simple.

These are regular furniture like couches, tables, chairs, beds and others.

However, it’s unique due to its space-saving characteristics.

Modular furniture can be detached, separated or interchanged and still remain functional.

Modular dining table sets can be packed as a single unit when not in use; chairs can be arranged under the table without diminishing visual appeal of the furniture.

Couches can be arranged to make an L formation or back-to-back and then assembled together as a unit for easy storage.

The idea is to provide furniture for a small space without sacrificing style.

Very Modular Kitchen Accessories

As in a kitchen, dining tables can double as a kitchen counter when not being dined on.

And because components of modular tables can be detached and interchanged, homeowners can personalize the design while maximizing the space available.

Using modular kitchen accessories at home

Modular furniture does not necessarily mean you can only find it in modular homes.

The modular design for homes, furniture and other accessories are highly applicable to every home.

As people learn about modular designing, they begin to understand ways of saving space in their homes.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are not excluded when it comes to modular-designed items.

Mostly, these accessories are partnered with modular furniture to maximize space.

The kitchen is one of the rooms that need a lot of organizing which is why you would find modular kitchen accessories like side tables that double as food racks, pull out drawers with racks inside to store plates and cups, cabinet doors with panels to use as storage places and others.

Old Kitchen Utensils – Finding Value

Old Kitchen Utensils – You’d be surprised to know that a lot of old kitchen utensils are not completely useless in our modern kitchens.

Homemakers hold on to utensils they’ve inherited from their mothers or grandmothers for one specific reason, the quality of food made from these utensils have a personal touch to the prepared meal.

Kitchen utensils are hand-held tools that assist people in making meals.

While electronic tools are more efficient, old kitchen tools are mechanical yet very effective.

You’ll need to make a DIY Kitchen Drawer Divider so you can keep them organized.

It’s like comparing hand-kneaded pizza dough to one that was mixed with an electronic mixer.

It would taste the same but the passion in cooking lies in the effort one makes to prepare the meals.

There are a lot of kitchen utensils that can be valuable; the value of which is determined by different factors.

antique kitchen utensils

How do you tell which of the old kitchen utensils are valuable?

There’s a large population of antique fans out there however, not everything that’s aged becomes valuable.

Wine, yes, but newspapers? No.

This principle is the same when it comes to antique kitchen utensils.

Check for Uniqueness

If it is sentimental value we’re discussing then anything can be valuable depending on the person but if it’s monetary value, then it’s measured in different ways.

Unique features or style can make an item more valuable in the market.

We’re talking about items that were not manufactured in great quantities.

As an example, if a company sold egg beaters with unique handles as a collectible for their 20th anniversary, it will fetch a good price twenty years later.

Most of the products produced during their 20th anniversary would have been gone and the few left will be valued greater.

It’s the unique design that people will pay for knowing that there won’t be another one like it.

old kitchen utensils

Utensil Material

The material used for the utensil can also affect the value of the item. In the 18th century, copper was used to make kitchen utensils.

It was later on replaced by iron, steel, nickel, silver and other metals.

In the 20th century, people began using aluminium to produce majority of kitchen utensils.

When this happened, people saw less of the other metals.

Silver spoons and forks are rarely found in households which is why it fetches a good price in the market.

Another example is if a collector finds a knife made from copper, he could only assume that this was from the 18th century or some time close to that.

It’s not just valuable; it’s historical in a sense.

antique kitchen utensils

Condition of Kitchen Utensil

The kitchen utensil must be in mint condition to actually sell in the market.

No one would pay for a broken copper spoon or an ice cream scoop handle.

For a collector to even consider paying for an antique, it must be in a condition that can still be functional.

Manufacturer of Kitchen Utensil

The manufacturer of the item can also jack up the price for a kitchen tool.

This applies to specific collectors.

Collectors for Bakelite or Gilchrist brands will definitely offer better prices to complete their collection of old kitchen utensils.

Beginning Your Life with the Most Basic Kitchen Utensils

Every homemaker has a set of their own basic kitchen utensils.

However, if you’ve recently moved out of your parents’ house and is still in the process of starting from scratch, let me share the first few kitchen utensils you will need to buy.

It’s going to take quite some time before you could have a completely furnished kitchen, but knowing that you’ll be working on a very tight budget, you have to buy only the most basic utensils first.

Basic kitchen utensils you will need immediately

Basic kitchen utensil Spoons and forks

Sure, you can use disposable plastic spoons and forks but it’s more expensive in the long run, very wasteful.

You’re in the process of building a home like a real adult so throw your plastic utensils and buy a pair of eating utensils.

You won’t be expecting visitors any time soon so it’s fine to have just a pair or two.

Basic kitchen utensil Can opener

You’ll be eating food from cans so you might as well get something to open the cans safely.

Until you get hold of a few other items for your kitchen, you won’t be eating gourmet or home-cooked meals yet.

Basic kitchen utensil Knives

Very basic utensil you must have in a kitchen.

You’ll find it to be very multi-purpose.

It might surprise you how people can be so creative by using it as a can opener, garlic crusher, nutcracker, hammer and so on.

But knives are very important for cutting, peeling and slicing.

Basic kitchen utensil Slotted spoon, ladle and spatula

This is assuming you own at least one pot or frying pan and that the house you’ve moved into has a stove.

You will be cooking and will need to have a ladle for soups, a slotted spoon for stir-frying and a spatula for flipping your pancakes.

Frankly, it’s a luxury to have all three when you’re just beginning to build your home, but you will need something to mix your food and a spoon and fork just doesn’t cut it.

Things you can purchase later on

Anything else aside from the basic utensils mentioned above can come later when you have a steady income or extra budget and you’ve bought all the basic things you’ll need in your place.


Once you have this, you won’t have to settle for soggy pasta that stayed too long in hot water.

Mortar and pestle

If you’re an old-fashioned cook, this will work just fine in crushing herbs and others, although if you’re not into manual labour, a processor will work just fine.


This way you can stop using your fork to whisk or beat your eggs.

Also, if you’re a baker, this comes in very handy.

Measuring cups and spoons

In time, you’ll be cooking more meals and will require measured ingredients.

If you’re baking, this must be part of your basic items.

You can keep adding utensils as the need arises.

You want lemonade, buy a squeezer; grated cheese, buy a grater and so on.

But since you’re just starting your ‘adult life’, buy only the basic kitchen utensils.

Buying kitchen utensils online is a very good idea indeed

If you were wondering if buying kitchen utensils online is a good idea or not, then we’d be very happy to inform you that making such purchases are always a good idea.

Not only do you end up saving a lot of time and effort, you also end up with some fabulous discounts.

Listed below are some of the main advantages of shopping for kitchen utensils on the internet.

Just take a look.

The advantages of buying kitchen utensils online

Wide Selection of Kitchen Utensils Online

The internet and its resources are indeed limitless.

As a result, you end up with the widest possible selection of kitchen utensils.

You can browse through hundreds of designs, opt for a customized search if you want something specific and then make your purchase.

The internet has all the brands, all the materials and you get your utensils in a wide price range as well.

Shop for kitchen utensils online

When you shop online, you do so sitting in the comfort of your own house.

This means you do not have to move an inch.

Forget about walking around in a supermarket, going from one store to the other on a hot, humid day, or looking for a utensils store while getting soaked in the rain.

Buying the utensils online frees you from all such problems.

You can find Discounted prices for kitchen utensils online

In most cases, when you buy stuff from the internet, you get attractive designs.

So whether you are looking for serving bowls or cooking pots, you will find all the kitchen utensils and that too at much lower prices.

This definitely is one of the main advantages of shopping online.

No pesky salespersons When shopping online for kitchen utensils

How often have you been bothered by the pesky salespersons at the supermarket?

It indeed is very annoying when the salespersons follow you around and bother you to buy a specific brand.

When you shop online, you are free of all such troubles and you have all the freedom in the world to go for whichever brand you like.

Easy to find kitchen utensils online

Like mentioned above, the internet has a wide selection of kitchen utensils.

So you can find things which may not be available in your local supermarket.

Not only this, you do not have to worry about the utensils reaching you, as most online stores ship the products to your doorstep for free.

Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

So now that you know all about the advantages of buying kitchen utensils online, you can quite simply log on and do some serious dishware shopping!

The online stores, with their ease of access, wide collection and attractive discounts are waiting for you.

What are you waiting for?

Go on and buy the kitchen utensils online as it is a safe and wise thing to do.

You do not have to run around, you do not have to worry about getting cheated and you do not have to think about the shipping.

So hurry, the sale may just end soon!

Making the Switch to Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Silicone kitchen utensils are manufactured in very playful colors.

For those who are not familiar with them, these are utensils coated with silicone or made completely from silicone.

You will find It is a synthetic rubber polymer created through the combination of elements such as silicon, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements.

The element silicon is very abundant.

It can be found in sand and rocks which is why we are exposed to it on a regular basis.

Even in high quantities or long periods of time, exposure to silicon has had no bad effects to the person exposed.

It was initially used only as an ingredient to sealants and adhesives.

Later on, it was deemed safe to use in kitchen utensils and other materials.

Kitchen utensils have changed a lot since the first spoon was discovered.

In the past, kitchen utensils were manufactured from wood and metal.

Later on, rubber was used and then silicone.

Silicone utensils have become very popular and a lot of people are opting to switch to silicone utensils.

The quality it possesses has proven to be very useful in the kitchen.

Add to that the playful designs and colors, it’s a sure-win combination.

It’s easy to find these in stores.

A lot of kitchen utensils have been manufactured with this material.

This includes slotted turners, slotted spoons and whisks, ladles, mixing spoons, pasta servers, spatulas, knives, pastry brushes, tongs, masher and others.

For bakers, it is also made in measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, pans and cupcake cases.

Benefits of silicone kitchen utensils

It can withstand high heat.

When it comes to heat, silicone can withstand heat to as high as 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Depending on how it was manufactured, some can only withstand up until 400 degrees Fahrenheit but, it is still higher than what regular utensils can endure before melting.

This quality allows the person cooking to leave the utensil in the pot without worrying about it melting.

However, despite this resistance to heat, some products can not be exposed to direct heat.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Due to its non-stick quality, it can easily be cleaned.

Light scrubbing can get any sauce or stain out.

No need for dipping in warm water to soften food elements.

It is also dishwasher safe.

Although, it can be scratched and damaged by hard scrubbing, it doesn’t affect its functionality.

It adapts easily to temperature.

Silicone bake ware can be put into the freezer straight from the oven without damaging it.

It is microwave-friendly.

Silicone pans from the oven easily cool making it easier to handle.

The non-stick quality comes in very handy in baking.

It saves on butter or oil.

Batter doesn’t stick to the silicone pan after baking.

Silicone utensils are great to have in the kitchen.

Although the flexibility of most utensils can contribute to splashes, silicone kitchen utensils relatively last longer than regular utensils with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Wusthof knives review – which should you buy?

Here is an unbiased Wusthof knives review.

Wusthof is the name of the brand of knives that are made in Germany.

The Wusthof family is well noted for the quality of the knives they manufacture and they are sought after by all chefs – professional and amateur.

The company is also well known for their knives, shears and other cooking accessories and are stringent about quality control.

Let us have a discussion about the pros and cons of these knives.

As any Wusthov knives review will tell you, the knives are arguably the best and that is why they are so very popular.

If you ask people to compare between Wusthof and other brands then they tend to veer in the former’s direction and will gladly vouch for their durability and strength of the knives.

Consumer reports have also rated these knives as being top quality and superior.

Used by famous chefs all over the world, it is easy to see why Wusthof knives reviews would be positive and nothing else.

For example, top chefs who have achieved world renown such as Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver all use Wusthof knives and their reviews of the range is very positive.

Wusthof has a large range of knives of different types. Some have long wooden handles, some have steel, some also come with black handles.

The blades are of different lengths and shapes and are of the highest quality steel possible.

The blades are also razor sharp and are can slice through vegetables and meat in a clean slice.

The handles of the knives are also ergonomically which makes it very easy to use them.

The stamped and well molded , shiny blades make it a very glamorous addition to the kitchen as well.

Popular Wusthof knives reviews also say that these knives are of such high quality that their fragile edges can sustain daily use and they maintain their sharpness for a considerable period of time which is rather commendable as daily chopping, cutting and slicing is bound to fray out a knife.

The weight of the blade and the handle of the knives are also well and evenly distributed – such is the mastership of the design – so that there are few chances of the blade slipping while you cut.

The classic range of these knives are also brilliant for budget buys and they are a complete deal for those who are looking to buy quality kitchen accessories but do not want to spend a fortune at the same time.

However, there are hand crafted knives available as well of different companies which might win in the looks department, however when it comes to basic sustainability and quality, Wusthof knives are the best and there is a reason why there are so many good and positive Wusthof knives reviews.

Buy Wusthof knives without batting an eyelid if you do not have a set already and ensure that they are well taken care of because in the long run, they will last you in good stead.

Cookie Cutter Hacks

Cookie Cutter Hacks – The only criteria for using cookie cutters of any size and shape is that you can only use them to make sugar cookies which are made from a hard dough that can be rolled out easily.

You cannot use cookie cutters to make chocolate chip cookies for example,  which are made from a soft dough that is dropped on to the parchment paper and slowly spreads into a circle in the oven.

Fish cookie cutter Hacks

Fish cookie cutter is a delightful kitchen tool.

We have all seen adorable, frosted cookies sitting pretty among paper  doilies in baker shops and cold counters right?

Well with an array of cookie cutters, and a little know how on baking – and of course an oven – it is possible to create such beautiful cookies right in your own home.

A fish cookie cutter can come in all kinds of sizes.

You can buy big fish cookie cutters, or small ones which you can use to cut out fish shapes from within bigger, round cookies.

These look even more adorable than whole fish cookies.

Before we go into a detailed discussion on how to use a fish cookie cutter, it is important to stress on the fact that one must buy good quality cookie cutters.

This is because a good quality fish cookie cutter will ensure that the shape is firm and distinct.

It can be, that the cookie cutter is made of cheap metal and in that case, the shape will bend and become misshapen.

Also, cheaper cookie cutters can cut into your hand when you press down on the dough to cut out a cookie and this will prove to be a hazard in the kitchen.

Remember that a fish cookie cutter can only be used to make hard sugar cookies.

It is not possible to make chocolate chip or other soft and chewy cookies with a fish cookie cutter simply because the dough for these kinds of cookies are different.

This dough is soft and spreads during baking and therefore a fish shape will not hold its shape.

Use hard sugar cookie dough which can be rolled out and cookie cutters can then be used to cut out shapes.

Nothing is more delicious than a sugar cookie made at home and the taste is incomparable.

When you bake cookies at home it is sure that you will use only the freshest ingredients and no artificial agents.

Which cannot be said for the cookies one buys at the store, which have preservatives in them.

Making sugar cookies at home is very easy.

All you need to do is make a stiff dough using butter, flour, egg and baking powder.

Knead this to a dough with small quantities of milk and then flatten it out into a disc.

Wrap it in cling film and then chill this dough for half an hour in the fridge.

Once that time is done, preheat your oven for ten minutes.

cookie cutter Hacks

Roll out the dough on a floured counter and cut out shapes using your fish cookie cutter.

Be careful because the thin edges of fins and tails might break when you are transferring it onto the cookie sheet.

Chill the cut out shapes too for ten minutes and then bake them till the edges are golden brown.

Remove from the oven and let it cool completely before frosting them with a frosting of your choice.

Use chocolate piped around the borders or a stiff sugar glaze or even colored royal icing for this purpose.

Buy a butterfly cookie cutter

If you like to bake and do not possess a butterfly cookie cutter then you are doing great injustice to your baking skills.

This is because a baker – whether home baker or professional, will most definitely be deft at baking cookies.

There is nothing better than homemade cookies – and the best part is, these can be made in different nutritional flavors which are brilliant for children.

There is also nothing better than the smell of beautiful baked cookies floating throughout the house.

Therefore, a butterfly cookie cutter is an extremely important addition to a baker’s repertoire.

The only problem is,  you have to use cookie cutters to only make hard biscuits like sugar cookies, not soft “dropped” cookies such as choco-chip or oat cookies.

Sugar cookies are exceedingly easy to make and they can be easily cut out with a butterfly cookie cutter.

Butterfly shaped sugar cookies can then be frosted with colored icing and look very attractive thereafter.

To make them, simply knead all purpose flour with chilled and grated butter.

Then gather it together into a well formed dough, flatten into a disc, cover with cling wrap and keep it to chill in the fridge for at least half an hour.

This gives the dough time to rest and also makes it easier to roll out.

Once you have chilled the dough, roll it out into a suitable thickness on your work top and then start cutting out the cookies using your theme cutters.

Bake the cookies for 10 minutes in a preheated oven and watch to see that the edges are not browning too much and take the cookies out before they burn.

Watch the cookies carefully while they are baking to see that they don’t burn.

Let them cool completely before frosting them.

Choose chocolate frosting or different sugar glaze icings in various colors to make the butterfly cookies come alive.

Choose a butterfly cookie cutter that is pretty and large and cut out butterflies.

You can easily buy different shaped butterfly cookie cutters which look spectacular.

A butterfly cookie cutter makes for a great gift for others who like to bake as well, you can gift them to your friends and relatives.

They are very useful baking tools.

You can also use them to bake cookies to gift to people.

Fresh homemade cookies make for fabulous gifts.

Look for a butterfly cookie cutter online if you are not able to find them in local stores.

Being special themed cutters, local and everyday stores might not stock them.

Online stores will also offer you great discounts and deals and you can almost always avail of great offers and deals.

You can also buy them in single pieces or in sets.

Choose a butterfly cookie cutter that is made of good quality metal with a good grip so that you can cut out precise cookies.

If you buy cookie cutters that are not made of good quality materials then you will not be able to cut out proper cookies.

Plastic or plunger cutters are also options and plunger cutters are even better because they cut out cookies in beautiful intricate designs.

Mini cookie cutters for a baker

Mini cookie cutters are a fabulous addition to every kitchen, especially if you belong to a family that loves their home made cookies.

Store bought cookies simply do not have the same taste as freshly baked cookies which are made with the best ingredients and a lot of care and love.

Especially since they are so very easy to make,  it is essential that you possess a variety of cookie cutters at home if you love to bake.

Why should you have mini cookie cutters?

Well not only do they look extremely adorable but they can be used to make small cookies for gifting purposes, you can make cut out cookies using them as well and you can also use them to create fondant shapes for decorating cakes.

Mini cookie cutters come in various themes – you can buy the usual cookie cutter shapes of round,  square,  triangle and diamond shapes along with various other motifs of cat,  dogs,  bunny rabbits,  various flowers,  leaves etc.  – the choices are innumerable.

The best dough therefore,  to use mini cookie cutters is hard sugar cookie dough.

This dough is very easy to make.

All you need is egg,  powdered sugar,  flour and vanilla essence and chilled butter cut into cubes.

Once you have these ingredients at hand, look for any rolled sugar cookie recipe and follow the easy steps,  knead the butter and flour,  add sugar and egg and gather to form a pliable dough.

Chill this dough flattened into a disc shape and wrapped in cling film, for about half an hour and then roll it out on a lightly floured worktop.  Cut out shapes using your mini cookie cutters.

You can also use larger cookie cutters to cut out initial shapes and then use the mini cookie cutters to cut out smaller shapes within those larger cookies.

Bake them for about ten minutes in a preheated oven till the edges start to brown and then cool completely.

Enjoy these cookies plain or with frosting.

If you have cut out shapes inside larger cookies using the mini cookie cutters you can then fill those little portions with crushed hard boiled candy which will give you pretty stained glass cookies. These make fabulous gifts for every occasion.

Mini cookie cutters can be bought online where you will probably get better deals and discounts where prices are concerned.

You will be able to find a better range of products as well since you will have the convenience of ordering from any location other than your own.

You can also look for them in local stores of course so if you have not bought yourself a set yet,  do it now!
All bakers should have bow tie cookie cutters as part of their kitchen inventory.

Not only are such cookie cutters extremely adorable, they can be used to make cake decorations and also serve the purpose when you want to gift someone home made cookies in interesting shapes.

Bow tie cookie cutters can be gifted as well, to those of your friends and family who enjoy baking.

Where can you buy bow tie cookie cutters?

Well the first option would be to look for them in local stores which sell baking and kitchen products.

It might be a bit difficult getting them there because they are specially themed cookie cutters and such stores usually stock the basic cookie cutter shapes such as round, square, triangle etc.

However, you might get lucky and find them, especially if you look for stores which sell specialty baking goods.

If you cannot find cookie cutters shaped like bow ties nearby then you always have the convenient option of buying online.

Online stores have many options and a wide variety of designs and sizes of all kinds of cookie cutters, not merely bow tie cookie cutters.

However, you are sure to find them there.

Not only will you find many bow tie cookie cutter designs, but you will also be able to avail of great discounts and deals which you will not find in local stores.

Depending on how many cookie cutters you buy you will also get great bargains which will be a good decision for your pocket.

Remember that bow tie cookie cutters can only be used to make sugar cookies.

One cannot make soft chewy cookies like chocolate chip ones with cookie cutters of any shape or size.

Only hard dough that can be rolled out can be worked with and this kind of dough is used to make delectable sugar cookies with vanilla, or even sandwich cookies with cut out centers filled with jam or chocolate.

Making sugar cookies is very easy.

The ingredients are easily available and almost always there in a kitchen at any given time.

To make sugar cookie dough all you need is to cream butter and sugar together, add the egg, flour, baking powder and a scraped vanilla bean or essence to the mixture.

Gather it all together in a soft dough and flatten it into a disc.

Cover it with cling wrap and chill this dough in the fridge for half an hour till it is hard enough to roll out.

Then, flour your work surface and carefully roll out the dough into a large oval or rectangle and then use bow tie cookie cutters to cut out cookies.

If you have small bow tie cutters you can first cut out large round cookie shapes and use the cutters to cut out bow tie shapes in the middles.

These will make interesting cookies.

After you have made pretty bow tie cookies using your bow tie cookie cutters you can frost them really well with colored royal icing or simple sugar glazes.

Make sure they cool completely before you frost them so that the icing does not melt.

Bird cookie cutter

Bird cookie cutter is a delightful item to possess.

Every home baker who knows the joy of baking and serving warm cookies straight out of the oven knows how important differently shaped cookie cutters are and in that context, it is important that a bird cookie cutter be part of the baking set.

Remember that a bird cookie cutter, like all other cookie cutters, can only be used to make sugar cookies.

These are hard cookies which can then be frosted and glazed to look beautiful.

Chocolate chip cookies cannot be made using cookie cutters because the dough is soft and spreads while it is baking.

Sugar cookie dough is hard and needs to be chilled for an hour before it can be rolled out.

A bird cookie cutter can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important for you to look for as many varieties as possible if you want your cookie repertoire to grow.

Look for these cookie cutters in durable steel or other strong metals and buy those which are of good quality.

Else you will find that the cookies are not cut out in proper shapes and with time, the cutters will lose their shape.

Lesser quality metal cutters might also be a hazard to use because they often have sharp edges which might cut your hands.

If you cannot find a bird cookie cutter in your local store you can always look for it online.

You will probably find a wider variety of such themed cookie cutters and also be able to get them at fabulous deals and discounts, especially if you buy a set.

Once you have bought good quality cookie cutters you can set about making your own, frosted sugar cookies.

Making the dough is super easy.

All you have to do is to beat butter till it is soft, add sugar, eggs, flour and a bit of baking powder.

Then, gather this mixture into a pliable dough, flatten it into a disc and then cover it in plastic wrap.

Chill this disc for half an hour in the fridge and then roll it out into a larger disc.

Use your bird cookie cutter to cut out shapes and transfer the cookies onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Chill these shapes for fifteen minutes while your oven preheats. This helps the cookies retain their shapes.

After that, you can bake the cookies in the hot oven for ten minutes or slightly more, carefully watching to see that they do not burn.

Once they have browned around the edges, take them out of the oven and cool them completely.

Once the cookies have cooled, you can frost them using chocolate, sugar glaze, colored royal icing etc. to make them look like works of art.

Sugar cookies are awesome gift ideas for close friends and relatives and bird cookies frosted with beautiful colors can make them look spectacular and amazing.

Make sure to wrap them in foil and preserve them in an airtight container – they will keep for weeks.

Making sugar cookies is more fun with letter cookie cutters

Letter cookie cutters are an adorable addition to your list of baking utensils because they result in the most amazingly shaped sugar cookies which can be then frosted to your liking.

If you bake cookies at home and your kids cannot get enough of your home baked treats then you should definitely invest in quality letter cookie cutters.

These cookie cutters are extremely easy to come by.

Any store which stocks bakery items and accessories will have letter cookie cutters in stock.

Choose between quality metal or plastic cookie cutters which will easily cut through sugar cookie dough.

They will be nominally priced so do not look for cheaper alternatives because the metal might be soft and lose its shape soon.

Plastic cookie cutters are great because there are no sharp metal edges to deal with and you can easily ask little ones to help you when you are baking.

It is a great way to bond with kids and keep them busy at the same time!

You can also look online for letter cookie cutters.

Though there is not much scope for letter cookie cutters to be shaped very differently.

As heart or flower shaped cookie cutters can be – you can look for calligraphy letter cookie cutters or different sized ones etc.

Online stores are a great place to shop for these because you can buy cookie cutters in bulk and you can also get great deals and discounts.

And, if you can’t get them at a store near you, you can order them from different locations without having to get  up from your sofa!

Keep in mind that letter cookie cutters – and any cookie cutter – can only be used to make cookies from dough that can be rolled out, not soft cookie dough.

You can make cut outs from sugar cookie dough, not chocolate chip cookie dough.

The latter you can simply drop onto greased parchment paper, using a spoon, to bake.

Sugar cookie dough is soft and pliable at first but then you need to wrap it in clingfilm and chill it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or more.

Then, roll it out into a large rectangle or oval and then use your letter cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

Bake them for about 10 minutes in a preheated oven and wait for them to cool completely before icing them with royal icing frosting that has been tinted with color.

Letter cookie cutters are the best things to have around if you have a small child at home.

You can celebrate his birthday by cutting out cookies using your letter cookie cutters – and spell his name with those cookies.

You can also use these cutters when frosting a cake.

Cover the cake with a smooth ganache and then place the cutters across it, spelling out whatever you want.

Dust icing sugar over the cake and remove the cutters.

You will find the word has been spelled out uniformly.

So if you have not already bought the entire alphabet in letter cookie cutters, then go ahead, buy them right now!

Baby shower cookie cutters

Baby shower cookie cutters are adorable tools to have in the kitchen as you can never go wrong with presenting a new mom with themed cookies or other baked goods in the shape of newborn feet, a feeding bottle, a pram etc.

A baby shower is a very important event and it marks the beginning of a new journey in a woman’s life.

This is a time when guests bring gifts of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other food – savory or sweet – to the party along with other gifts for the child.

You can be a bit different and make sugar cookies using baby shower cookie cutters and frost them in different colors.

Cookie cutters are a fun baking tool and they make beautiful gifts too.

In fact, if the new mum loves to bake then a gift of a pack of baby shower cookie cutters is exactly what she would cherish.

Numerous shaped cutters are included in baby shower cookie cutters –  you can make cookies in shape of new born baby feet.

Tiny little booties, socks, rattles, tiny hands, little teddy bears, baby shaped cutters, prams in different sizes and designs, letter cookie cutters to spell out the name of the child or simply “baby” and even little feeding bottles etc.

Depending on whether the child is a boy or a girl, you can have gender themed cutters as well.

Remember that baby shower cookie cutters cannot be used to make anything other than hard sugar cookies and since these frost really well with tinted icing, they therefore make for brilliant and creative baby shower party favors.

The dough is usually very simple to make, all you need to do is beat together butter and sugar together, add a beaten egg and then sifted flour with a pinch of baking sugar.

Gather everything together to make a soft dough, knead for a minute and then wrap in cling wrap and chill in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Chilled dough is easier to roll out.

Roll out the dough to a thickness of a coin and use your baby shower cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

Chill these dough shapes for a further fifteen minutes before baking for ten minutes in a preheated oven.

Once the cookies are cooled completely, you can use royal icing or chocolate to frost them.

Royal icing can be tinted with color so this makes your cookies stand out even better.

Once the frosting has hardened, pack the cookies into plastic packs and tie with a ribbon to present at the party.

You can also use baby shower cookie cutters on fondant to decorate cake with.

Make a simple chocolate cake with a ganache icing and let it set.

Roll out fondant – colored or otherwise and cut out shapes using the cutters.

Arrange the shapes along the side of the cake or on top for a beautiful look.

You can use the cutters to spell the baby’s name or common phrases such as “It’s a boy!”

Use these cutters creatively and watch the other guests and your host be spellbound by the party favors!

Heart cookie cutter for cute cookies

Heart cookie cutter should be present in every chef’s drawer.

If you love baking your own cookies, so that the house is redolent with the smells of  vanilla, butter and sugar, you should definitely own a heart cookie cutter, and not only one, ideally you should own an entire set of them, in varying shapes and sizes.

Many stores sell heart cookie cutter molds – they are extremely cute and a welcome addition to the baking repertoire.

Anyone can use them – even children can be roped into helping during cookie  baking sessions.

A heart cookie cutter is best used for sugar cookie dough – the kind that uses only flour, egg, caster sugar and vanilla extract.

This dough is then patted into a disc shape, wrapped in cling film and then chilled in the refrigerator till it is ready to be rolled out.

Roll out a wide rectangle of this dough onto a lightly floured work surface to medium thickness.

Then, using a heart cookie cutter, cut out cookie shapes.

Make sure that you do not roll out the dough very thin because then it will be difficult for you to cut out shapes.

Once you have cut out sugar cookie dough with a heart cookie cutter, chill the cut outs of the cookies for half an hour and then bake them for about ten minutes till you see the dough turn a golden brown shade.

Be careful because sugar cookie dough can burn within seconds!

Once done, decorate the cookies you have made with your heart cookie cutter – you can frost them with royal icing, or chocolate glaze – whatever you are comfortable with.

You can pipe a border of white royal icing – made with egg whites and lemon juice and a bit of sugar – around the edges of your cookie.

Then “flood” the rest of the cookie with colored icing that has been thinned down to spread easily.

Let this icing be overnight for it takes that long for royal icing to harden properly.

You can then pack your cookies for a friend or gobble them up yourself with a cup of milky tea.

A heart cookie cutter can be a regular heart shape or it can be lopsided, either way, it looks extremely cute and sells out during love themed events around the world such as Valentine’s day.

You can buy heart shaped cutters from online stores where you will find an exquisitely wide variety.

You can also buy them from local stores that stock bakery products as they are a staple for any pastry chef.

Online stores offer the benefit of discounts and the easy availability of a wide variety of heart shapes.

You can buy them in various sizes too, which will help you make heart shaped cookies with small heart shapes cut out from the middle – the options are endless.

You can also buy these cookie cutters in bulk to save on money.

If you feel you do not need so many then you can easily gift a few to your baker friends.

Even if they already possess a heart cookie cutter, they will welcome the addition.

Leaf cookie cutter for fancy cookie baking

If you like fancy baking then a leaf cookie cutter, along with other fancy cookie cutters should be part of your baking repertoire for sure.

Cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes can be a delightful addition to your baking because cookies made in different shapes are more appealing than round or square ones.

There is scope for more variety if you are using differently shaped cookie cutters and you can easily use a leaf cookie cutter for other baking purposes as well – like for cutting out fondant shapes for cake decoration.

Remember though, that a leaf cookie cutter and indeed, any other cookie cutter cannot be used for making soft dough and chewy cookies like chocolate chip ones.

This is because the dough for such cookies is of a soft consistency and need to be merely dropped onto the parchment paper and then gradually expands while baking into a disc.

Thus even if you try to make them into shapes, they will not listen to your bidding.

A leaf cookie cutter is best used to make hard sugar cookies – the dough in this case can be rolled out and cut into shapes.

Hard sugar cookie dough is easy to make at home and sugar cookies and any other cookies baked at home have a splendid aroma and a beautiful taste, that store bought cookies cannot compare with.

Anyone who bakes cookies at home will vouch for this since only the freshest ingredients and the best methods are used.

To make sugar cookie dough, all you need is flour, eggs and sugar – as well as butter.

Gather the ingredients into a soft dough, press it into a disc  – the flattened shape will be helpful when you are rolling out the dough.

Wrap in cling film before chilling it in the fridge for half an hour at least for it to be firm enough to roll and use a leaf cookie cutter on.

Roll out the dough into a thin oblong shape and using cookie cutters – a leaf cookie cutter included – cut out shapes in the dough.

Chill these shapes in the fridge for some more time and then bake them in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes, watching carefully to see that they do not burn.

Once you see these cookies are turning brown around the edges, take them out of the oven, let them cool completely and then frost them with frosting of your choice.

A leaf shaped cookie cut out with a leaf cookie cutter must necessarily be frosted in green frosting.

Make a sugar glaze with icing sugar and water, color it with green frosting and use that to frost the cookie.

You can also use brown or orange frosting depending on what shapes your cookies are – autumn leaf cookies must be orange, of course.

You can also use a leaf cookie cutter to make fondant leaves for cake decoration.

For this reason, a plunger leaf cookie cutter would make more sense as the fine lines of the leaves can be etched out, using them.

Owl cookie cutter

An owl cookie cutter should be part of every baker’s kitchen and is an adorable yet utility item for the kitchen.

The joy of baking and serving warm cookies straight out of the oven is unparalleled and every home baker knows how cute differently shaped cookies look.

This is why, if you like baking, you should be buying all kinds of cookie cutters, especially cute ones like an owl cookie cutter.

An owl cookie cutter can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important for you to look for as many varieties as possible if you want your cookie repertoire to grow.

Look for these cookie cutters in durable steel or other strong metals and buy those which are of good quality.

Else you will find that the cookies are not cut out in proper shapes and with time, the cutters will lose their shape.

Lesser quality metal cutters might also be a hazard to use because they often have sharp edges which might cut your hands.

If you cannot find a owl cookie cutter in your local store you can always look for it online.

You will probably find a wider variety of such themed cookie cutters and also be able to get them at fabulous deals and discounts, especially if you buy a set.

Once you have bought good quality cookie cutters you can set about making your own, frosted sugar cookies.

An owl cookie cutter, like all other cookie cutters, can only be used to make sugar cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies cannot be made using cookie cutters because the dough is soft and spreads while it is baking.

Making the dough is super easy.

All you have to do is to beat butter till it is soft, add sugar, eggs, flour and a bit of baking powder.

Then, gather this mixture into a pliable dough, flatten it into a disc and then cover it in plastic wrap.

Chill this disc for half an hour in the fridge and then roll it out into a larger disc.

Use your owl cookie cutter to cut out shapes and transfer the cookies onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Chill these shapes for fifteen minutes while your oven preheats. This helps the cookies retain their shapes.

After that, you can bake the cookies in the hot oven for ten minutes or slightly more, carefully watching to see that they do not burn.

Once they have browned around the edges, take them out of the oven and cool them completely.

Then frost them, using sugar, royal icing or chocolate.

You can also use food grade food coloring from reputed companies to color your icing sugar to make the cookies look even more attractive.

Basic color for these cookies would be black or brown and white.

Sugar cookies are awesome gift ideas for close friends and relatives and owl cookies frosted with beautiful colors can make them look spectacular and amazing.

If you wrap them in foil or cling wrap and keep them in a well locked, and air tight container, they will stay fresh for weeks on end.

Deep dish pizza pan

A deep dish pizza pan is a must have for every home baker who loves pizzas.

Pizzas are the best gift Italians have bestowed on the world and this humble meal, which is essentially flat bread with toppings, was initially a poor man’s meal – though it is now served in gourmet restaurants in a completely different avatar.

Pizza is a meal by itself, and it can be extremely health too, providing you choose toppings which are good for you.

This brings us to pizzas made at home. Home made pizzas are healthy, nutritious and filling and can be made easily, providing you do a little research on the technique and you buy the freshest of ingredients.

deep dish pizza pan
Deep dish pizza pan

A key ingredient in pizza is the quality of yeast used in the bread and if that is not good then the entire pizza fails.

Buy fresh yeast or active dry yeast from a good company and make pizza dough using all purpose flour and olive oil.

Let it rise for about an hour and when it is ready to be baked, punch out the air, flatten it out and then prick it all over with a fork.

Then, all you have to do is choose whatever topping you want to have.

Usually, leftover meats, vegetables, cheese etc. go into making home made pizzas.

You can make a tomato sauce for the base, or you can make your own sauce, depending on what materials and ingredients you have at home.

deep dish pizza
deep dish pizza

Slap the sauce over the pizza base, top with vegetables and, or, meat, drizzle with olive oil and then sprinkle grated cheese over the pizza before baking till the cheese melts into a golden brown wave.

After that there is nothing to do but enjoy your own home made pizza!

However, there is one key factor that you must consider while making pizza – the dish.

Pizzas can be made in shallow rectangular tins, a deep dish pizza pan, spring form tins or simply stretched out by hand and baked on a pizza stone.

However, most people prefer a pizza baked in a deep dish pizza pan.

deep dish pizza pan2
deep dish pizza pan2

A deep dish pizza pan is used for making delectable deep dish pizzas with a soft and thick crust which can be filled with cheese or other ingredients if you so like.

The best part about deep dish pizzas are that they are very filling and better tasting than the thin crust varieties.

When buying a deep dish pizza pan ensure that it is not bent and of good quality metal to withstand the heat in the oven and is durable and therefore lasts for many days.

Choose one that is safe for the dishwasher, is non stick for easy release of your pizza and one that has a wire rim handle to keep the dish sturdy and its structure safe.

Nothing is worse than a pizza dish that is not non stick for your dough will stick and tear and if it is not one that holds its shape you will be left with misshapen pizzas.

Benefits of a maple cutting board

A maple cutting board is a necessary item of practical use and should be present in every kitchen worth its salt.

Why should you buy a maple cutting board specifically?

Well that is because it is a great item as it is durable, strong enough to withstand daily exposure to knives and looks very beautiful.

It is better you buy a cutting board that is made out of a solid chunk of maple wood because these will not warp or disintegrate like boards which are formed out of thin strips of wood which are then glued together.

maple cutting board

Such a maple cutting board will not lie flat perhaps because of the natural curve of the wood but you can easily use the other flatter side for chopping with great effect.

Buy a maple cutting board that has a customized trough cut into the side so that the juices that run from the meat and vegetables that are cut on it are collected and can be used to make stock etc.

Such a maple cutting board is reminiscent of the rustic cutting boards of the past and lend your kitchen a traditional and shabby chic feel to them.

Rubbed to a gleaming finish with olive oil and well sanded to ensure no chips or shards stick out, these cutting boards are certainly sought after.

maple cutting board1

The durable nature of a maple cutting board also makes it a good investment even if you have to pay a slightly higher price for it.

Quality after all, comes with a price.

The long life of this variety of cutting board also makes it a worthy item for gifting purposes – it is a handy and attractive addition to every kitchen.

The wood also ensures that not only does the board not suffer deep scratches etc., but it also protects the sharpness of the knives that are used.

A wood cutting board is any day a better idea than a plastic one for this very reason, not only do they protect the knives but they are also easy to clean.

The grooves in a plastic cutting board will harbor bits and pieces from the items that are cut on it and these will eventually fester and get infected and serve as a warm breeding place for germs which is not good kitchen hygiene in the least.

Wooden boards do not let germs breath in the cracks and they eventually die thanks to natural fungus and insect repellent properties of wooden cutting boards.

A wash with gentle detergent and a soft cloth wipe afterwards is enough to clean a maple cutting board but a plastic cutting board, despite of diligent scrubbing, will never be wholly clean.

maple cutting board2

You can also use your maple cutting board for purposes other than chopping and cutting.

Use it to serve food as well in an innovative and creative manner.

It can double up as a great platter for wine and cheese and you can also serve herb roast meat on it.

This manner of serving is rustic and appealing and is sure to be a hit with all guests and members of the family alike.

Custom cutting boards for the chef in you

Custom cutting boards are a must have if you love cooking.

Essentially a necessity, a cutting board can be customized and personalized to be a kitchen accessory when it is not being used for chopping and a custom cutting board can be a fantastic gift for someone you love.

Made of wood – custom cutting boards can be made according to your needs – if you are someone who does a lot of cutting and chopping – both meat and vegetables, then a standard store bought chopping board will not be useful at all.

custom cutting boards

If you are investing in custom cutting boards for yourself, opt for large blocks of wood and put your carpentry skills to test.

DIY or do it yourself projects are always fun and this way you will get exactly what you want.

Wood has always been the best choice for custom cutting boards because they do not harbor any germs for long – whereas plastic does.

Suppose you use your cutting board for meat, a wooden cutting board is less risky than a plastic one and all you need to be careful about is to scrub the surface with hot water and soap when you are done to rid it of germs etc.

Knives will make grooves and cuts on both wood and plastic chopping boards but the germs tend to thrive in the warm confines of the plastic ones, making it a health hazard of sorts, even if you are careful about washing the board after use.

On wood boards, studies have shown that the bacteria dies in a matter of three to four minutes!

custom cutting boards 1

That apart, custom cutting boards add great personality to your kitchen.

If you grill or cook meat often, why not go for a cutting board that is shaped like a cow?

Engrave your name or your family’s names on the board or add their initials to it.

Do not use it merely to chop food, use it to serve as well.

A platter of cheese and crackers, served with a bottle of wine and aesthetically appealing glasses, all prettily arranged on a large custom board will surely draw the attention of your evening guests.

Serve an array of dips along with cut vegetables or indeed, serve a juicy roast of chicken along with necessary accompaniments on a cutting board for a rustic touch to your dinner or lunch.

Some custom cutting boards also come with specially designed spaces to hold bottles and glasses.

It is quite a handy, multi-purpose addition to your kitchen!

custom cutting boards 2

The best thing about custom cutting boards is that you can also easily make them – or get them made – in different designs and patterns.

You can get them in various designs, especially if you look online – where you will get great deals and discounts as well.

Checkerboard patterns, zig-zag patterns, stripes and random waves on custom cutting boards are not uncommon.

Names, portraits and other patterns can be engraved on them, they can be carved in interesting designs or the natural grain of the wood can be left untouched save for a bit of polish, to make your cutting board one of a kind!

Buy casual dinnerware sets for informal elegance

Casual dinnerware sets are a brilliant way to increase the appeal of your dinner table as well as transform your dining experience from an everyday practical and utilitarian activity into one that is fun and enjoyable.

Casual dinnerware sets are an affordable way to personalize your kitchen and dining arrangement and come in a wide range of patterns, designs and finishes – so as to appeal to the different tastes and budgets of almost everyone.

You do not need to buy stuffy and pretentious looking dinner sets to make your dining experience and elegant one, casual dinnerware is a wonderful way to spruce up your dining table – add a few brightly colored candles in kitschy candlesticks and the look is complete.

Go online for a truly wide range of options, casual dinnerware sets can be found almost on every website catering to home and kitchen decor and there are usually brilliant deal, bargains and prices to be availed of, even if you are not buying sets.

In fact, since casual is the keyword here, you can easily create your own casual dinnerware sets by mixing and matching different crockery and cutlery to create an appealing pastiche.

casual dinnerware sets

You can also buy casual dinnerware sets at supermarkets, malls or stores which sell dining ware.

If you wish to add a vintage touch to your dining table, look for dinnerware at yard sales, antique stores etc. and you can even buy different items from different places, thus creating your own, cute and kitschy sets.

Whatever it is, do look at many options and browse through a lot of catalogs before settling on casual dinnerware sets as there is plenty to choose from and in all price ranges.

Therefore, you could find something extremely beautiful at a very cheap price, only if you spend some time researching your options!

casual dinnerware sets 1

Casual dinnerware sets usually have beautiful floral designs.

Flowers, leaves and other nature related motifs are usually the popular patterns when it comes to casual dinnerware.

Checks, polka dots and other random and contemporary designs and motifs are also popular.

casual dinnerware sets 2

These kitchen and dining items are also made of hardy porcelain, instead of brittle and fine bone china, which is more durable and enduring, and will stand the test of time, not yellow with age etc.

You can also opt for plates and other crockery in stoneware, flatware and plates and glasses made of pottery.

You can explore a wide range of colors and designs – which will be unavailable if you follow convention when it comes to dinnerware.

And casual does not mean that your dinnerware will lack elegance, in fact, if you accessorize correctly, your dining table can look extremely elegant and sophisticated.

You can choose colorful plates and tumblers as well.

Instead of the usual round design, you can buy plates that are square or even differently shaped, depending on how kitschy you want your dining table to look.

You can choose whatever color you wish – without being restricted to the convention of buying white plates with a staid pattern.

Pyrex mixing bowls for every home

Every home maker must invest in a set of Pyrex mixing bowls because they are extremely durable, hardy and long lasting.

As many women will testify, Pyrex is a brand name they swear by, simply because of the quality of their products, which is an extremely important factor when it comes to kitchenware.

pyrex mixing bowls

Pyrex, a pioneer in glassware products since 1915, has been a favorite of home-makers, professional cooks and amateur cooks for almost a century.

The new range of mixing bowl sets from Pyrex is designed to make cooking and mixing faster, easy and quick.

Pyrex mixing bowls can be bought as individual bowls or as a set.

The sets come in a variety of colors and numbers, and one can easily choose the most convenient option.

Every bowl is made from the famous and popular Pyrex glass which has a vast range of advantages.

The non-porous glass does not absorb stains or odor and ensures that it is easy to clean and store after a marathon cooking session!

As is the trademark of most Pyrex products, the glassware is see through for  easy and effective monitoring while in the oven or microwave, and also to check and identify what’s in them.

pyrex mixing bowls 1

The Pyrex mixing bowls, a fan favorite, is safe for use in pre-heated ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

The round shapes of the Pyrex mixing bowls make it perfect for full range stirring, mixing, baking and serving.

These bowls come with a range of colorful lids in vibrant colors like teal, orange, blue and red.

These lids facilitate air tight locking and are made of BPA-free plastic.

They’re particularly good for storage and look neat in the fridge!

For the lovers of most things vintage, Pyrex offers a range of vintage solid colored vintage mixing bowls and is very popular on the internet among collector and home-makers alike.

It is highly recommended that one buys the set rather than the individual sizes as they prove to be economical, useful and easy to store.

Users have waxed eloquent about the durability and sturdiness of the product and how the smaller bowls fit into the larger ones and are convenient to put away and store.

The smaller bowls are useful for making small mixes, reheats and general storage.

The larger ones are used mainly for baking and mixing salads and batters.

pyrex mixing bowls 2

The Pyrex mixing bowls are very useful for those with an interest in baking and are perfect for stirring eggs into flour or making a nice, lump-free, smooth batter.

Other uses include tossing salad, mixing veggies and a whole variety of culinary shenanigans!

Another major advantage of most Pyrex products is that they don’t break easily and last a very long time.

In addition to being a mixing bowl, it doubles up as an attractive storage container.

In conclusion, the Pyrex mixing bowls are made of the ever popular Pyrex glass, which is more popular, safer and more durable than plastic and this makes it a perfect choice for a home!

Buy a Green Star juicer and get healthy

A Green Star juicer is an important addition to your kitchen if you want to start on a fitness and health regime that perks you up right from the time you wake up – in the evenings when you want to be refreshed and at night, just before bedtime.

Why should you opt for a Green Star Juicer when there are so many other brands and varieties of juicers available?

The answer is simple really.

Green Star is a well known company that focuses a lot of attention on quality, durability and sustainability of their products and they are also priced in such a way so as to suit every pocket.

Thus, if you are looking for quality as well as a machine that looks sleek and stylish and fits right into your kitchen decor, then you know which one to opt for.

green star juicer

Fresh fruit juice is a very healthy alternative to the aerated beverages we are so used to consuming on a daily basis.

Try and opt for water and fruit juice instead of colas or sweetened sodas when you are out at a party or meeting friends, or if you are just relaxing at home.

A glass of fresh fruit juice is rejuvenating and refreshing as well as being full of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals so there is no reason really why you should not buy a juicer to quickly and effortlessly make these tall glasses of goodness.

And buy a Green Star Juicer because they are great for juicing and in the event of you needing to replace any parts that might suffer wear and tear, the said parts are easily available on their website or physical stores which stock juicers of this company.

green star juicer 1

A Green Star juicer is made with innovative technology that offers superior juicing – a patented twin gear mechanism presses down on the fruit or vegetable that you are extracting the juice from, the entire mechanism is run slowly, which means that heat does not alter the properties of the fruit or vegetable in question and the bio-degradable ceramic body also ensures that the freshness of the food is maintained.

They also come with attachments – for example, the soft fruit attachment lets you juice softer fruits like grapes, watermelon, apple or pineapple to its last drop without compromising on taste.

There are separate attachments for juicing vegetables and those for juicing fruits – do not use the attachments randomly without checking which one is for which.

green star juicer 2

A Green Star juicer can be used to extract juice from almost all vegetables and fruits.

It is usually always easy to take apart and clean and can be stored easily as well because of its ergonomic design.

It is easily portable and has a built in storage compartment for the cord to facilitate easy handling.

There is also no chance of it heating up while in use, neither does it make any noise while juicing – making it an environment friendly product.

Choose a Kitchenaid water filter for a healthy life

A Kitchenaid water filter is a must have for every household because in this day and age, the environment is rife with impurities and everything that we ingest – from food to water, is extremely prone to contamination.

One of the daily necessities of our lives is water – this life giving elixir too, however unfortunately, is the most polluted in the environment thanks to our living habits.

Hence, a Kitchenaid water filter will ensure that you are drinking water that has been well filtered to remove all impurities and contamination.

kitchenaid water filter 2

Why should you buy a Kitchenaid water filter?

Because you want the freshest and clean water possible and you do not want to compromise on quality.

Sure, there are many other brands of water filters available but you should only buy a Kitchenaid water filter for its superior quality water filtering process and the fact that the company can easily replace the parts in the event of wear and tear.

Water filters not only filter out impurities but they also soften hard water, which makes it better tasting.

This water, when used to make beverages like tea or coffee result in better brews.

Of course, the brand name holds a lot of weight as well and when people buy a Kitchenaid water filter they know that their money is not going to be wasted on a product that is of inferior quality.

You can fit them into your refrigerator and be assured that the water you will be drinking is safe and fresh.

kitchenaid water filter 1

This company also ensures that the water filters they make are long lasting and a single Kitchenaid water filter is able to filter at least 200 gallons of water and there is no need to service or change the water filters for at least six months.

An even more attractive reason to buy a Kitchenaid water filter is that they are reasonably priced and can even be bought by people who are on a budget.

The company assures its customers that they go into a lot of effort to test the water filters they make to  ensure they are of the finest quality and that they effectively filter out lead and mercury – two impurities that can cause havoc to health.

Have a look at the label that comes with each water filter which lists the contaminants that are filtered out of water by them for a better idea of the freshness of the water you will be drinking after buying a Kitchenaid water filter.

Another benefit is that these water filters can be used for all kinds of refrigerators, so it makes life easier.

kitchenaid water filter

Where can you buy a Kitchenaid water filter?

Well you can go to the stores which stock Kitchenaid products, specific Kitchenaid stores or look for them online on the company’s website.

Other online stores also sell them, but be careful when buying and ensure that you have all the papers in hand, in case you need a part replaced.

Stainless steel kitchen accessories are durable and stylish

Stainless steel kitchen accessories are a practical choice when setting up a kitchen or remodeling one.

If you want to invest in easy to store, durable, yet stylish and sleek items for your home then do have a look at the stainless steel kitchen accessories available freely everywhere, in every store, at every mall and online.

Nothing beats these accessories in terms of quality and utility.

Of course, it is of utmost importance that you buy the very best quality stainless steel kitchen accessories which are made using superior metals which will not rust, chip or wear away easily with time.

stainless steel kitchen accessories

Where can you buy stainless steel kitchen accessories? Almost everywhere.

In fact, it is quite possible that if you live with family, chances are that you already use stainless steel kitchen accessories that have been there for generations – yet are usable.

Developed not very long ago, in 1911, stainless steel is a very popular metal alloy which is used in every kitchen all over the world.

Other kitchen items that are made of glass, ceramic, porcelain or aluminum is liable to break, bend or rust over time, but stainless steel kitchen accessories are just that – virtually stainless and extremely resistant to the wear and tear inflicted by daily, rough kitchen use.

This wonderful addition to every kitchen is also relatively inexpensive to make and hence, affordable to the masses.

stainless steel kitchen accessories1

The best part about stainless steel kitchen accessories is that they can be recycled as they withstand heat very well and do not rust, thanks to the fact that this metal is chromium based.

However, if you want to preserve the life of your stainless steel kitchen accessories then you must take care of them – do not take the term ‘stainless steel’ for granted as if you leave the vessels on a high flame or don’t wash them well, then they can indeed, stain.

Stainless steel kitchen accessories have many more pros – they wont react with the food that is stored in them, they do not require much care – a good wash with soap and water is enough, and they are extremely hardy.

It’s surface is smooth and shiny, with no grooves or cracks to attract dust or grime, but yes, if you misuse them then be assured that cracks will appear, which will lead to germs  contaminating  food stored in them.

stainless steel kitchen accessories2

Stainless steel kitchen accessories usually have store stickers on them, to remove these, soak them in warm water and simply peel off the label.

Remove any glue that might remain with rubbing alcohol. Wash the utensils by hand preferably and remove all food and soap particles before giving it a final rinse.

Ideally, don’t use rough metal scourers to scrub stainless steel kitchen accessories.

From pot holders to utensils, from kitchen wall hooks to kitchen sinks, from racks, shelves, glass stands to cutlery holders – stainless steel is the best material for kitchen accessories.

So buy yourself a set – or two – and watch how your kitchen comes alive with these shiny additions.

Modern Tableware Design

Modern tableware designs are that tableware with free design.

Ones can have the simple color, elegant unique shapes, and suitable with any of dinner or breakfast, or lunch occasion.

And the other ones can have colorful look, with prints on the surface.

These ones are suitable for party, Christmas dinner, Halloween, or kid’s birthday party.

White Modern Tableware

Modern tableware design was made by various materials.

It can be porcelain like traditional tableware, steel, melamine, wooden, paper, glass, cans, bamboo, stainless steel and many more.

Modern tableware also rich in texture, the color or material use to make them may be plain with soft surfaces, but you can found that they have shaped attractively.

Many plates design with various fun shapes like fish, leafs, geometric shapes, asymmetrical shapes, or in a romantic floral shapes.

The print on the plate’s surface also made very beautiful.

And for some brand designs, the print can look both traditional and eclectic, or serve with pure classic pictures, some printed with fun animation look that will make your kids happy.

Modern Tableware

Modern tableware designs are available in a wide range of brand in the market.

Each brand has its own special character and theme.
Modern Tableware Sets
The popular brands on tableware industry are West Elm, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Echodesign, Gump’s San Francisco, Larks & Japs, Branch, Design Public, Overstock, nkuku, Haus Interior, CB2, World Market, Behrenbergglass, Gretel, Etsy, Rowen &Wren, FMC design, Gracious Style, inhabitat, and Sur La Table.

In the supermarket or stores, you may buy the plate, or glass, cup, or spoon and fork in a single piece or buy them as a whole package.

If you buy them on boutique, the chance to buy them in a package is bigger.
Modern Tableware Design
However, I suggest you buy your tableware in a package.

It is important kitchen appliances that you should have.

We always have important unintended guests, when the time comes you will not have to be confused what to serve on your dining table.

You have your formal dining tableware inside your cabinet.
Japanese Tableware Design
The Pearl 16 Dinnerware ser Sur La Table cost for $150.00, Ivory West Elm for $32.00, Fish plate package $136.00, Pure White Etsy for $220.00, Gump San Francisco Bamboo set $149.00, Naxos Blue Dinnerware CB2 for $3.95 each, Porcelain ladies in waiting dinner plate for $24 each.

Choose which tableware matches your style, needs, and preference and make your dinner time become something special.

Best Toaster Oven Hacks FAQ
Best Under Cabinet Toaster Oven To Save Counter Space

Sturdy Metal Spoons

Spoons, is the main kitchen utensils. You will at least have these types of spoon in your kitchen; slotted spoon, sturdy metal spoons, wooden spoon, and soup ladle.

Metal has been widely produced to make kitchen utensils more valuable.

Metal are a lot durable than woods, and you can use the same metal spoons for years without have to worry it will be broken or damage, of course with the proper maintenance.

Normal use of any metal kitchen utensils will make them stays for hundreds of years. It makes metal kitchen utensils become even more valuable.

Sturdy Metal Spoons

Besides very durable, sturdy metal spoons also beautiful enough use as cutleries.

You can serve them in your along with your special main course and dessert.

The sturdy metal spoon has been known as the most elegant cutleries known since the industrial era (even earlier) up until now.

And for long time, these sturdy metal cutleries have been use to show the social level and lifestyle.

Even though after the environmental movement issue and the suggestion to run healthy life by using natural material and avoiding any harder material that are consider as the non-environmental friendly material, the sturdy kitchen utensils and cutleries still become the best family chosen in the world.

Another advantage by using the sturdy metal spoons is it is known as the most convenient cooking tools.

You might have read somewhere that many people try to put metal spoons under the title not recommended for your cooking tools, and recommend you or use the wooden or silicon spoons.

But everybody can tell that there is no other cooking tools that bring such convenient in cooking like metal spoon can give, moreover nowadays, many pots coating is made such way that make your cooking process become safer even if the material use to work with it made from hard material, it can stick to the metal kitchen utensils.

The most famous advantage from the sturdy metal kitchen utensils compared to other materials are always available in low cost, easy to work with, easy to be cleaned, durable and resist to most type of damage, and easy to get.

You can purchase them almost anywhere, in any home stores and kitchen appliances store, big furniture store, or small local market.

The sturdy metal kitchen utensils are widely produced and always available in very affordable price.

However, the choice to use which material will be given back to the family.

Halloween Kitchen Utensils

Halloween Kitchen Utensils – As Halloween approaching, people start to ‘attack’ stores to hunt for their best Halloween kitchen decoration preparations.

Jack O Lanterns, candles, even spooky decorations can be your options in decorating your house.

Make sure that you decorate all parts of your house including your kitchen.

Although decorating your kitchen is not an easy task, here are some Halloween kitchen utensils for your references.

Halloween Kitchen Utensils 2012

Before you start changing your Halloween kitchen utensils, you have to determine the theme of your decorations first.

Make sure that your kitchen’s decorations do not crash with the rest of the house.

You can start with deciding the color theme and the setting theme whether it will be orange or black and white, it will be on a graveyard or a witch hut.

After that, you can start selecting your Halloween kitchen utensils.

To make your kitchen looks spooky, you can start your decoration plan with applying some Halloween eating utensils.

You can change your normal taupe or white dish towels with Halloween-inspired ones.

Choose dishes color and designs which match your Halloween theme.

Some dishes and bowl with pumpkins, webs, spiders, or bats pattern can be a good option.

Instead of a soup serving spoon and bowl, use a cauldron and ladle.

It will add the creepy sense of your kitchen.

Trade your normal drinking glasses for ones with Halloween patterns or scenes.

You can use cracked cups or mugs as accessories.

Add some small details such as: Halloween themed ceramic salt and peppers, Halloween themed treat jars, personalized spooky designed wine boxes, and other eating utensils available on stores.

Halloween Kitchen Utensils

To add the spirit of Halloween in your kitchen, you can start to change your kitchen wares into Halloween themed ones.

There are several options in the stores.

You can change your cookie cutter set with the Halloween themed ones.

Wilton has some products such as: Wilton Halloween Metal Cookie, Wilton Halloween Cookie Cutter Set 18-Piece Cutter Set, Wilton Push ‘N Print Halloween Cookie Making Set New, etc.

Kaiser Bakeware also has various kitchen utensils that can be your options in decorating your kitchen.

They are Halloween Barin Candy Eyeball Cookie Mold, Halloween Skulls Ice Cube Mold and Shot Glass Mold.

You can use those Halloween kitchen utensils to make your Halloween themed food.

They key in decorating your kitchen in to a Halloween themed one is selective.

Being selective in choosing your theme and Halloween kitchen utensils which are in line with your budget will save your Halloween themed decorations.
Halloween cookie cutters – Make your Halloween extra special by buying Halloween cookie cutters to make cute, sugar cookies with.

Halloween is a time when there will be many kids at your door, asking for their treats and instead of doling out store bought candy, you can easily make super cute Halloween themed cookies and hand them out to the little beasties.

Sugar cookies – or any hard cookie variety can be made with cookie cutters.

Do not attempt to make chocolate chip cookies with cookie cutters because the soft dough will be very messy to work with.

Sugar cookies can be made beautifully with Halloween cookie cutters and you can leave them plain or frost them with icing to make them look even more appealing to children.

Halloween cookie cutters

Spooky treats made with Halloween cookie cutters

Halloween cookie cutters come in many shapes and designs.

You can choose from bats, spooky pumpkins, creepy houses, ghosts, frightened cats, spiders, bones, acorns, witches hats, tombstones, skulls, moons, brooms– what have you!

While most local bakery stores will stock the usual designs, look online for the best variety of Halloween cookie cutters.

You will find a huge range there and you can also compare prices on different sites etc.

You can also buy these adorable cookie cutters in bulk.

So that you have enough to make lots of cookies with, and they make for fabulous gifts as well.

If you have like minded baker friends, you know what to give them for Halloween!

Once you have cut out your cookie dough in Halloween motifs, chill them on parchment paper lined trays in the refrigerator.

After half an hour, bake them in a moderately hot oven for about ten minutes, watching closely to ensure that they don’t burn.

Then, after you let them cool completely, ice them using royal icing, which can be tinted with various colors.

Thus you see, it is very easy to have yellow pumpkin sugar cookies, or a wee sugar ghost beaming at you.

Be careful when using your Halloween cookie cutters though, as the designs have intricate little bits to them and might tear if you have not floured your cookie cutter well before cutting into the sugar dough.

That is why sugar dough needs to be well chilled.

So that the cutters can slice through effortlessly.

you don’t want the hassle of lifting the cut out dough from your worktable to the baking tray, try using plunger cutters.

Plunger  Halloween cookie cutters lets you cut out your sugar cookie shapes effortlessly by releasing the cut cookie dough directly from the cutter onto the parchment paper lining the baking tray.

This way you will not risk your Halloween shapes from tearing and losing their shape while you transfer from your worktop onto the tray.

This is another reason why you must chill your cookie dough.

So that it is firm enough to be cut effortlessly.

Halloween cookie cutters are a lovely way to spruce up your table at a Halloween themed party and you can also use them to cut out mini Halloween cakes from cake dough.

Give your mind creative license and watch the Halloween themed treats be snapped up in a trice!

Halloween Kitchen Towel

Halloween can be a lot of fun and the decorations vary from cute to quite scary.

You do not need to buy new Halloween decorations if you are lacking of budget, reuse your old stuff with some easy tricks instead.

Halloween kitchen towels are one of the alternatives for your Halloween decorations.

It is easier for you to retouch your dull towels and do some magic tricks on them and make them into beautiful Halloween kitchen towels as part of your kitchen accessories.

Halloween kitchen towels are closely related to darker colors such as black, red, orange and dark brown.

You can start to collect your old towels with the matching colors you need.

Wash and dry the towel, or at least tumble it dry with a damp towel for 20 minutes.

While it’s tumbling, check the ribbon for wires.

If you find any, pull them out with pliers.

Once you get it, you can start to decide on the design of your Halloween kitchen towel.

There are lots of Halloween towel designs on the net.

Use them as references and draw the pattern on the towel.

If you are not good in drawing, you can print it and then copy it.

Choose the simpler patterns to make it easier.

You can use your old starches of fabric for the pictures or decorations on your towel.

Those fabrics can be arranged in to good mosaic pictures. You just need to sew the edges of the fabrics.

Lay out your Halloween kitchen towels and draw the pattern.

Lay the starch fabrics that you have cut according to your design on the pattern.

It is difficult to sew through the bottom so make sure your fabric ends above that.

Pin the starch of fabrics on their place.

Sew the top edge of the fabrics first, working carefully along the side seams, which will be a little bit difficult.

If you are using one piece of fabric, simply continue around the bottom and side like a “frame”.

If you are using more than one piece, you can sew the top edge of the next fabric and the bottom of the first fabric at the same time.

Do it continuously until you get your desired pattern.

If you have done your sewing, iron on the fabric pieces, removing the pin holding each piece as you do so.

Add some laces or other pattern when you feel like it but stick to the theme of your Halloween kitchen towel.

That’s it! A quick, simple and easy solution for your Halloween kitchen towel is done.

You can improvise with different colors and patterns of decorations if you want and even use the same idea on kitchen curtains.

Wooden Kitchen Set For Your Special Kids

Sometimes maybe you will need a safety wooden kitchen set in your house.

Your kids, especially for girls, a kitchen set prize could be heaven for them!

Just like cars and robots for boys, these girls also need something to play with that match with their desire.

Why should be wood material based?

Of course, wooden kitchen set for kids is more safety to use.

Kids’ harm risk could be minimized.
Wooden Kitchen Set Design

Choosing Wooden Kitchen Set

When you go to a store, there will be lots of choices for you.

Maybe you could consider the full set of wooden kitchen set that might make your kid scream happily.

Just like the real kitchen set, it consists of several shelves in upside, the sides, and also the bottom side.

It also has washbasin.
Wooden Kitchen Set
Next to it there is also stove, complete with the pan, wok.

Not only that, there is a little washing machine for clothes in the lower left side.

Under the washing machine, there is a basket for dirty clothes.

This wooden kitchen set for toddlers becomes more appealing because of the colorful paint applied on it.

Soft blue, soft red, yellow, and green, plus the light brown color of the wood looked so attractive.
Wooden Kitchen Set Ideas

Not So Expensive Wooden Kitchen Set

If the complete set feels too heavy for your pocket, maybe you could choose a simpler one.

There is no shelf, washbasin, or washing machine there; it only consists of two small stoves with some spaces to put cutting board.

This wooden kitchen set also completed with sugar and salt tube in different color.

In the front side of it, there are two flowers as ornament.

The cute one is a small mitten hung on the wall of it.

The wall is decorated with squares of soft blue plus butterflies.
Pink Wooden Kitchen Set

So, when you want to choose which one you should buy, maybe you have to look into your budget too.

It does not matter the size, it is only about your sincere heart to give a full wooden kitchen set for your beloved kids.